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The Case of the Blue Violet (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #3.5) chapter 1 The Case of the Blue Violet (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #3.5) , meaning The Case of the Blue Violet (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #3.5) , genre The Case of the Blue Violet (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #3.5) , book cover The Case of the Blue Violet (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #3.5) , flies The Case of the Blue Violet (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #3.5) , The Case of the Blue Violet (Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries, #3.5) 46d83425d77ea I Am The Honourable Daisy Wells, President Of The Detective Society, One Of The Greatest Detectives Ever Known And Also A Fourth Former At Deepdean School For Girls Violet Darby One Of The Big Girls Recently Asked Me To Solve A Most Puzzling Romantic Mystery I Knew I D Be Able To Crack The Case, And I Did, In Just A Day And A Half It Was One Of My Greatest Triumphs Hazel Wong, My Vice President And Best Friend, Is Telling Me That This Is Boasting, But It Is Also The Truth Hazel Didn T Believe I Would Have The Patience To Write The Account Of It, But Of Course, She Was Wrong I Did Write It Down, And It Came Out Very Well I Now, Therefore, Present To You The Case Of The Blue Violet

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    It was so great to hear from Daisy s point of view Only wish it was longer

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    Ten Second Synopsis Daisy and Hazel attempt to solve a mystery surrounding the love interest of one of the older Deepdean girls.This novella can be knocked over in under half an hour if you re quick and is the perfect teaser for when you are in between the novels There s no murder in this one, but instead a mystery relating to the love interest of an older girl at Deepdean I won t say much about the plot because, this being such a short story, I would give too much away, but the puzzle is just as satisfying to solve as the complex ones found in the novels Keen eyed readers may have an inkling as to which way the wind is blowing here, but the brevity of the story means it s loaded with fun and the pace is quick I d definitely recommend this as a perfect pick for when you need a brain break, or as a great taster for the series as a whole.

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    I love this series soooooooo much, and this little mystery did not disappoint Oh, I do love Daisy and it s so lovely to hear something from her point of view I solved the mystery, but it was so short it didn t really matter

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    Cute little novella about something other than murder Its only 26 pages, and doesn t take much time Its not necessary to the story, but I think it adds a little something extra to Daisy and Hazel.

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    A fun little mystery I loved seeing the story from Daisy s point of view.

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    Review Taken from The Pewter Wolf as part of Murder Month 2016Daisy Wells, President of the Detective Society, writes this tale where one of the Big Girls in their school Deepdean School for Girls asked Daisy and Vice President of the Detective Society, Hazel Wong, to help over a very puzzling romantic mystery Which should be easy Daisy and Hazel have solved three murders, after allI have to admit that this is quite short and is a filler for the series this takes place between the third and fourth books in the series, First Class Murder and Jolly Foul Play So fans of the series will like this a lot as it s a quick teaser to fill the time between books.What fans will like about this short is that, while the mystery is gentle and perfect for younger readers and after all the very adult heavy crime I have been reading this was hugely refreshing , but this tale is told from Daisy s point of view, and her voice is hugely different from Hazel, who writes the novels She s much lighter compared to Hazel, less serious and is impulsive I can see what Robin Stevens wrote this short over mysterious love letters from Daisy s point of view, rather than Hazel s, who is suited for the seriousness of murder Daisy s voice would be far too jarring.This is probably a good taster for new fans who want to try and see if they like this series And this is very much a fan story.However, if you are an older reader, you might find this far too light and fluffy But you might want to check out the series as this does tackle murder and the plots are fiendishly clever I have two to read and I can t wait to get start.

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    I love the Wells and Wong series so I wasn t surprised to fall in love with this too It was really nice to hear from Daisy s POV I could read this series for ever and ever and not get bored More please

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    Another delightful detective mystery from Daisy and Hazel I love Daisy s matter of factnessand her embellishments.

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    Questa volta Daisy a raccontare la risoluzione del caso stata ingaggiata da Violet, una studentessa, per risolvere un mistero dopo aver passato l estate con il figlio dei vicini, quando gli scrive dopo il ritorno a scuola, lui le risponde di non sapere chi lei sia Come possibile La risoluzione piuttosto semplice, e preferisco di gran lunga lo stile di Hazel People never really do see what s in front of them It s terribly lucky it means that I can do almost anything I like.

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    Very predictable short story I guess Stevens wanted to try out a new narrative voice, but Wells isn t as engaging as Wong At least we weren t subjected to deciphering handwriting on lined paper this time round Any reader with any experience reading whodunits will have figured out the whole plot by the time the car turns into the drive the first time.

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