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    I saw this book in an e mail with discounted books and something about the cover grabbed my attention and for only 0.99 I decided to give this book a try I am really glad I picked it up as this is exactly the type of MG books that I enjoy A strong storyline, great characters and I really enjoyed the mystery part too I had a lot of fun reading this book and I hope the author decides to make it a series or write books like this.There is some focus on science due to science fair projects they worked on and a lesson they get in class where food comes from Kids who read this book will probably learn some new things, but it s smoothly incorporated into the story and everything that happens has a role in the story It all felt very natural and realistically written, ofcourse the part with how the kids solve everything is a bit unbelievable, but I thought it was handled well and made believable for the most part The book is very story focused with the focus being on the events and what they would do next The pace is very steady, with not a dull or rushed moment.The story focused on two main plot lines namely the science fair that s at their school soon and the kids work on their science fair projects and besides that there is the mystery concerning the cafeteria food The mystery was really well done, the kids handled the problem very maturely and when they decided to investigate themselves they made logical steps The mystery also kept me guessing as I wasn t sure who or what was behind the bad food And I really liked how they eventually found out who was behind it and how everything got wrapped up I also liked how almost everything that happened in the book had a function or played a role or tied into something else eventually, it was very well done.The book mostly focuses on the three main characters, Willow and her two younger brothers Elon and Linden The want to build a drone for the science fair and they all have their own role in the project I liked seeing their relationship with each other and how each of their personalities shone through There are some fun typically kids scenes like an imaginary light saber fight and an imaginary friend Or how they got excited about the drone they were building They added an air of authenticity to the characters Willows was very committed to solving the mystery as one of her best friends got sick, and while her brothers were less invested they still went along and helped her.Besides the two main character we also meet a few side characters, but they play a less big part in the story There are two friend sin Willow her class who do another project for the science fair and we see how that turns out I also liked that we get to see the actual science fair at the end The only thing that s a bit weird is how the parents of Willows and her brothers are so okay with what the kids do and we hardly see them, but as the focus of this book is on the kids I didn t mind too much and it didn t diminish my enjoyment of the book.To summarize I had a lot of fun reading this book It had an interesting plot that kept my attention, three fun main characters and an exciting mystery for them to solve I really liked how they solved the mystery and how the actions they took all seemed very logically The mystery kept me guessing and it all got wrapped up nicely at the end Ofcourse it is a tad unbelievable the kids solve this mystery, but overall I thought it was realistically written, except for maybe how their parent were a tad too easy going, but that didn t diminish my enjoyment of this book I enjoyed the three characters and how they acted and interacted with each other and seeing them try and solve this mystery All in all this was a fun MG mystery book and I hope the author decides to write of them

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    I Love this book so much It is a very good mystery.

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    THE CASE OF THE WILTED BROCCOLI is a pleasant mystery for 7 to 12 year old readers The annual school science fair is coming up and Willow gets talked into helping her younger twin brothers with a joint project They want to build a quadcopter that can fly itself But the third graders need their fifth grade sister s computer skills to program it Another project being worked on by Willow s friends is a rope made of hair but this is mostly for comic relief The real mystery is what is happening in the cafeteria At first the sickness is written off as a stomach flu that is making the rounds, but quickly Willow and her brothers are convinced there is something going on with the food chain that starts at the farm field and ends at the school Along the way there are some though provoking details about how food gets onto our plates and all the steps that get it there The story is fun and there are a couple of gross out scenes certain to entertain the intended audience While the characters have no real depth, there is enough personality brought forth to make them interesting I feel WILTED BROCCOLI will be an enjoyable read for the kids and it makes a fine introduction into other school related adventures I won this book through Goodreads.

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    This is a good older Kids book I am guessing 7 13 about a science fair project When students start getting sick they have to find out does it have something to do with the school lunches My daughter just happens to want a drone copter so I will pass this book to her She is 11 and I bet she will lie it then me

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    Great, light hearted read for kidsThis was good fun with a fast moving plot so children won t get bored Even though it s set in USA, I m sure children of many nationalities could relate to the characters.

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    I thought this was an interesting childrens mystery book I liked the plot and found that this was an overall good read.

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    This is a fun fast paced book for middle grade readers It starts with ideas for the science fair but quickly moves to using the science fair project to solve a mystery

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    Great YA book which deals up fast paced action, modern technology, and a geeky heroine I wish quad copters had been around in my science fair days.

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    A fabulous children s story, showcasing science to brilliant result.

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    great exciting novel it was very thrilling

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