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The Catastrophic History of You and Me chapter 1 The Catastrophic History of You and Me, meaning The Catastrophic History of You and Me, genre The Catastrophic History of You and Me, book cover The Catastrophic History of You and Me, flies The Catastrophic History of You and Me, The Catastrophic History of You and Me 21418e8946707 Dying Of A Broken Heart Is Just The Beginning Welcome To Forever Brie S Life Ends At Sixteen Her Boyfriend Tells Her He Doesn T Love Her, And The News Breaks Her Heart Literally But Now That She S DG Dead And Gone , Brie Is About To Discover That Love Is Way Complicated Than She Ever Imagined Back In Half Moon Bay, Her Family Has Begun To Unravel Her Best Friend Has Been Keeping A Secret About Jacob, The Boy She Loved And Lost And The Truth Behind His Shattering Betrayal And Then There S Patrick, Brie S Mysterious New Guide And Resident Lost Soul Who Just Might Hold The Key To Her Forever After With Patrick S Help, Brie Will Have To Pass Through The Five Stages Of Grief Before She S Ready To Move On But How Do You Begin Again, When Your Heart Is Still In Pieces

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    Confession time I was pretty sure I would love this book even before it showed up in my mailbox I loved the title, I liked the cover, and the description sounded really interesting What I didn t know, however, was that I wasn t just signing up for a fun read, I was signing up for heartbreak and some really huge, eye opening lessons Don t get me wrong The Catastrophic History of You and Me is often laugh out loud funny, but that s not nearly all it is Brie Eagan s life was perfect she had a great family, her three best friends and the most wonderful boyfriend a girl could wish for At least that s what she thought But days before her sweet sixteen, her boyfriend Jacob uttered four horrible words that killed Brie on the spot I don t love you It would seem that a young and perfectly healthy person really can die of a broken heart It didn t matter that Brie s father is a famous cardiologist It didn t matter that she had so many other things to be happy about The shock and the hurt of Jacob s words were too much for Brie s heart to handle At the beginning of our story, Brie opens her eyes to discover that she s indeed dead, and currently existing in her own version of afterlife, which just happens to be her family s favorite pizza place Her company is even surprising, especially the boy dressed exactly like Tom Cruise in Top Gun His name is Patrick and he immediately jumps at the chance to be Brie s guide through afterlife, or at least this part of it He is kind, thoughtful and the closest thing to an angel Brie is likely to meet As the two of them go back to observe the aftermath of her death, Brie is forced to accept that her life wasn t nearly as perfect as she thought it was and slowly fight her way through five stages of grief Here s just a small taste of denial This is all just a bad dream, I told myself I m totally in bed, totally safe, totally snuggled Hamloaf s next to me Jack s down the hall Everything is okay.But still, why the crazy nightmare I must have eaten something funky Or maybe I have a history test coming up Or I d forgotten to floss.In my experience, books that strike me the most are the ones that successfully mix humor and tragedy One of the recent stellar examples is Looking for Alaska Jess Rothenberg does this extraordinarily well She knows when to lighten the mood with a joke, and when to stop with the humor entirely She knows exactly how much tragedy her reader can take and when it s time to water it down with one of Patrick s nicknames for Brie or something similar It is a valuable skill, and one that pretty much guarantees that I ll read her next novel, and the one after that.Here s another thing I should mention, one I m pretty sure some of my friends will appreciate I won t be naming names, though Seeing as Patrick had died in the 80s and he s dressed according to the fashion of 1983 or so, every chapter is titled after a song, a huge part of them from the 80s, and there is a four page long playlist at the end of the book I played most of them while reading this book and felt like a lost time traveler most of the time but in a very good way An advanced copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher, Puffin Razorbill UK for review purposes.For this review and , please visit The Nocturnal Library

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    I ll go straight to the point Despite some reviews that say this is corny and melodramatic, I loved it, loved absolutely every word from the very beginning up to the very last word of the Acknowledgement REVENGE MAY BE SWEET, BUT BOOK DEALS ARE DEFINITELY SWEETER To me, it s a beautiful and quirky two adjectives you don t see together often novel about heartbreak in all its possible meanings It s mysterious, fantastical, very intriguing, romantic, seriously funny certainly had dozens and dozens of lol moments like R to the I to the P and utterly heartbreaking the friends ritual at the beach had me choking on this huge lump in my throat , IT REALLY IS UNIQUELY CATASTROPHIC and IN A GOOD WAY All the elements perfectly blend in from the narrative method, tone and everything else I loved that it reads like a fantasy book than anything else and that s why I completely enjoyed it I enjoyed all those pop references Friends reference for the win I sing smelly cat all too like all the time Lol and I adore the song titles for every chapter I keep guessing what a chapter is about based on the song title Sorry about this useless review if it could even be called that You re just going to have to read the book to know what I m gushing about here A late birthday review present to Gi do check out her review here Hope you re doing great, my dear friend 3

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    The trouble is, sometimes words are like arrows Once you shoot them, there s no going back I love books that make me feel than one emotion. I love it when my chest feels tight and achey for a moment, and then it gets all sweet and giggly when I want to cry and smile at the same time when I feel like I can t get enough from the story and I would like to keep reading about the characters until the end of time.This goes for this story, this goes for Brie and Patrick, for a heart which continues to beat, even though it has been broken in two.The story is really heartwarming from the very beginning Brie s heart breaks literally and figuratively and now in the afterlife she needs to find a way to let go, to move on to the other side She finds herself in a tasty version of Heaven her favorite pizza place where she used to go with her family and it is not her Heaven alone There are kids like herself in there, but there is only one that gets her full attention, one that might have the power to make her feel alive again don t be anxious I ll get to that in just a moment What I liked about this story is the fact that it was not as predictable as I thought it would be.There were some twists that I didn t see coming, and they really got to change the course of things I will leave to you the pleasure to find all about them, still I will say a few words about some of the characters Brie It was easy to care for her lost, alone, wanting her life back, angry with the whole damn universe but having a big heart oh well, broken but still big and full of emotions You can easily relate to her pain and struggle, and even though she is a bit of a brat at times, you get to care for her with every page.There are these steps a dead person goes through in order to move on, and I could see her change from one stage to the other, and important I could understand why.It was hard for her not to be with the people she loved, but it was even harder for her to witness how all their lives have changed after her death.Somehow everything seemed to go terribly wrong and she would have given everything to make them right again If at the beginning all she wanted was to find out why , and it was all about finding the missing pieces from this puzzle called life without Brie , at the end she just needed to find out how to put back together those broken pieces Turns out, hell s not so much a burning, scalding pit of fire and misery It s actually much, much worse than that Hell is when the people you love the most reach right into your soul and rip it out of you And they do it because they can Patrick Dressed like someone from the 80s and apparently having nothing better to do than to annoy Brie, Patrick is the one that will help her find her way, the one that will give her advices when she needs one, the one to hold her in his arms when she feels broken and lonely than ever, he is the one to cheer her up yeah, you are right, he could be the one But things are complicated catastrophic at times , and if they are not, Brie will take care of that.There are some things I really liked about his relation with Brie the way he tried to help her, even when she didn t want him to the cheese y nicknames he picked the way he called her Angel, and how much affection he put into that simple word Also the fights they had were amazingly cute and they made me laugh on so many times Brie s friends When Brie was alive, she had 3 best friends and a lovely boyfriend You would think that she has lost them the moment she died, but the truth is that she will lose them all over again in her after life There are things that come back to her to haunt her, there are secrets that could have changed everything, and there are things that are not what you think they are You can obsess and obsess over how things ended what you did wrong or could have done differently but there s not much of a point It s not like it ll change anything So really, why worry I also loved all the musical references because they got straight to my heart.Maybe it is because these are some of the songs I used to listen to in high school, so I felt somehow closer to the character this way take for example It must have been love I so remember singing away my pain the first time my heart broke from too much loving and too little being loved I hope you ll enjoy them all as well.Now there were some things that bugged me that s why the 4stars rating but they won t make sense for you if you haven t read the book so please skip them, as they are a bit spoilery too The interaction with the real world view spoiler not only moving some things and opening windows, but also hiding objects Now, really hide spoiler

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    Catastrophic, indeed.I love how the titles of each chapter were lyrics from songs like the titles of the notes I write.I love the twists and turns of the story.I love how the initials of the four besties spell B rie E mma S adie T ess.I love Brie s cheese nicknames I love Patrick s jacket I love the BEST s charm necklaces I LOVE JACK and HAMLOAFI love the way LOVE gave everyone peace How it freed Brie, Patrick, Eagan family, Jacob, and BEST even Larkin.I love how the story literally tore me apart and fixed me up again.I liked the idea that the heart can literally break because of relationships.This is a first from Jess Rothenberg And I think that she s really someone to watch out for The writing style is impressive.

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    My heart didn t fail, someone failed my heart Brie s boyfriend tells her he doesn t love her, and the news breaks her heart literally.If this happens in real life, I think 50% of the world s population would go down Humans would go extinct And Delirium comes in There would be a cure for love to prevent heartbreak Lol.This was definitely a very great book At first, I thought it was about angels and afterlife and heaven, that kind of stuff But I was wrong This book is about moving on, forgiving, accepting, and most importantly, loving again This book made me sad, teary, happy, laugh, smile, and of course, it left me awwww ing at the end Truly, love is the best part of any story taken from Stephenie Meyer s dedication in her book, The Host I almost cried when Brie saw her family and how she reacted It s so relateable, since I m 15, too, and I would hate it if my bestfriend steals my boyfriend I would cry and scream and be sad and angry I fell in love with the characters, especially sweet old Patrick Darling I love his humor Even though he s old, he s hilarious and super duper sweet Anyway, after thinking it through, I ve decided to give this book 4 stars because a I didn t like how Brie acted towards sweet Patrick at the end, and b Brie died because of a stupid reason, she should have heard Jacob out first before dying, c Jacob said the crappiest break up line ever, d I don t buy the reincarnation stuff Notable quotes No matter how much you think you know a person no matter how pretty they act, or how popular they seem, you can never know what their lives are really like The problem is there s absolutely nothing fun about falling in love Nope Mostly it just makes you feel sick and crazy and anxious and nervous that it s going to end miserably and ruin your whole life And guess what Then it does Time doesn t necessarily heal all wounds Sometimes, it just makes the wound worse Hell is when the people you love the most reach right into your soul and rip it out of you And they do it because they can.

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    Every time I read a book by an author I haven t encountered yet, It fascinates me because It does surprise me really good,especially when I don t really know what to expect And I m glad I ve read this one cause this is something different..something you would call an amazingly unique story From the cover,the concept,the heartbreak,the romance,the humor,the drama,and particularly from the 80 s pop songs that the author used as the titles of each chapter made this book incredibly adorable and memorable This is a story of a 15 year old girl turning sixteen BRIE,who literally died of a broken heart when her boyfriend Jacob told her he doesn t love her But when she died,it was actually just the beginning of her journey and adventures embarking on the 5 stages of grief.I did adore this book and the characters,especially Brie s bff s Tess, Emma and Sadie.But who I did love most was HAMLOAF I also love an ending where there s a shocking twists and turns,especially when I ve discovered Jacob and Patrick s secrets Boy,I didn t really see it coming And though I did like Brie,I found her to be annoying because she was a bit mean and was so vengeful,that made me give this book a 4 star rating Overall,this was an enjoyable read and I would definitely read of Jess Rothenberg,and I would recommend this book to everyone Thank you so much to my friend, PEARL who inspired me to read this book and who is now celebrating her birthday Please do check her lovely review on this one,too. HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR PEARLY SHELL I LOVE YOU Enjoy your day,okay God bless

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    The Catastrophic History of You and Me is every girl s worst nightmare Brie is dating this awesome guy and they go out to dinner and BAM he tells her he doesn t love her Next thing she knows, she s dead That s right, she literally DIED of a broken heart And her dad is a cardiologist so he starts digging into this notion that one can die of a broken heart But Brie has to go through the stages of grief before she can move on to a better place.This book is definitely cute It was lighthearted and fun while dealing with this theme of death Brie sees how her various family members and friends handle her death and grieve for her loss Everyone deals with her death in their own way and it was interesting to see how Brie, herself, dealt with her death 16 is definitely too young to die I m sure everyone would agree with that statement.I was really enjoying this book up until about 80% of the way through the book It took this weird turn that I was confused about It made a good story and really came full circle for Brie s counterpart, Patrick, but I was confused on why how the book got to that point It s not that I didn t like it, it just seemed to come out of nowhere If you ve read the book, tell me your thoughts in the comments.Definitely a solid debut and I really enjoyed Jess s writing Looking forward to seeing what she comes out with next

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    Ik ben dan wel een stoere mannelijke boekendraak, maar DIT BOEK WOW Een hartverscheurend en indrukwekkend verhaal, lees hier mijn recensie

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    Fifteen is altogether way too young to die Especially to die of a broken heart So when sweet, funny, charming Brie is cut down in the prime of her teenage years, what do we get Angst A heart warming Disney movie Well, perhaps not what you expect It s than either The Catastrophic History of You and Me is brimming with humour and charm and tempered with a perfect balance of heartbreak Shortly before her sixteenth birthday, Brie Eagan s boyfriend tells her he doesn t love her and she dies of a broken heart No, not figuratively Her heart literally breaks in two within her chest True story Well, the great pizza parlour in the sky NOT where she thought she d wind up And if she thought her afterlife couldn t get much weirder than sitting in a vinyl booth eating slices and drinking Sprite, her tour guide to the afterlife is resident Lost Soul, Patrick an irritating and slightly gorgeous mind reading boy straight out of the eighties, complete with cheesy jokes and Top Gun style bomber jacket Yup Dying of a broken heart Just the beginning If Brie wants to find her happily ever after life she has to tackle the five stages of grief head on and let go of the life she s not quite ready to leave behind.The Catastrophic History of You and Me feels like a contemporary and I suppose it is, despite its paranormal twist But we re not talking about vampires and werewolves and supernatural beings we re talking about a normal girl, a normal world, and how on earth you come to terms with waking up dead Brie Like the Cheese I liked Brie immediately I loved her humor, her go to your mom jokes when she s lost for a comeback, her chatty, hyper voice and her constant Disney references She s a character you d have to try hard not to like She s layered and she has her own personality, her own dreams, her own aspirations She has real, deep attachments to the people in her life her family, her dog, her incredibly close and beautiful circle of best friends It s watching her lose these, seeing them fall apart with her gone, then move on, and all along knowing Brie must let go that is so, so heart breaking to watch.This is her story, make no mistake Her navigating denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance and shining throughout It s wonderful to see a bright, vibrant character as the star of their own show Whether Brie s learning to wish wishes are just a matter of willpower in her heaven , learning to zoom from her new plane to our own, or plotting ghostly revenge against one time loved ones Even when she s lost to her anger, or making terrible, terrible choices in bargaining regardless of how selfless her motivations she s an amazing character She s compelling.Deeper Down The Rabbit HoleThe Catastrophic History of You and Me is a surprisingly complex story It flies effortlessly from Brie s longing for her old life, to the grief of her family and friends left behind, to the strange mechanics of the amazing, magical purgatory she finds herself in On a few occasions I caught glimpses of the amazing magic of Dead Like Me, or Annie s storyline in Being Human The detail, the heartbreak, the intensity, and the fun all rang true.The depth of the world and the secondary characters is extraordinary Each and every person in Brie s world is real and layered and explored in surprising detail Black and white villains become flawed characters I loved, and forgave along with Brie Characters one in particular I was deeply in love with were hiding secrets subtly hinted at, yet so artfully concealed and unravelled, my unsuspecting heart cracked open and bled at their revelation So many minute, tiny details come together to create a vividly imagined world coexisting in, beside, and just beyond our own.VerdictSweet, funny, charming, and just a little bit heartbreaking, The Catastrophic History of You and Me sucked me in and, like it s protagonist, stubbornly refused to let me go I strongly recommend having a box of tissues and a cuddly, furry animal on standby while you read.Jess Rothenberg creates a magical, quirky and beautiful world Despite the many tears I shed over the course of the book, it s certainly not a sad book It s brimming with hope and joy, and light moments shining through the darkness It s about coming to terms with loss, but also about learning to treasure the past while embracing the future About learning to let go and live the journey Because, well, to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

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    Review originally posted in love the girl s purple dress , the sky background and the upside down bridge I can feel as if the girl is flying there in the sky and the cover gives off this heaven and calm feeling Story There s a girl called Brie She died because of a broken heart Her heart LITERALLY broke in halfdon t you forget about me I don t think I ll even bother writing my own synopsis for this book What I ll do instead is put some of the chapter titles of the book along with my review I had high expectations for The Catastrophic History of You and Me, considering all the positive reviews I ve been reading about this book and how so many people love it The Catastrophic History of You and Me is beyond my expectations This book was so awesome and amazing The idea of someone who died because their heart literally broke in half like really broke in half is so unique what becomes of the broken hearted It must have been really painful for Brie when her heart broke in half when she died Before I even read the story, the way the pages of the book are set and the chapter titles made me fall in love with this book excuse me while I kiss the skyYES This book is so touching, and well written It is filled with so many emotions It s fun, it s sad, it s beautiful, it s hilarious and it gives you this warm fuzzy feeling when you read the book The book is split into 5 parts and I love the stories in each part Not only that, I LOVE THE CHAPTER TITLES They are from song lyrics and they re PERFECT This book touched me in ways I never thought of I love it It s amazing The ending is perfect.permanently black and blue, permanently blue, for you Characters somewhere over the rainbowThere is Patrick He s a Darling Hey, no pun intended He is Patrick Darling Yes, Darling is his surname He is adorable, he s amazing, he s awesome and I fall in love with him I d willingly break my heart in half if it means I can see him He s the coolest character ever He wears leather brown jacket, and rides motorcycle He is sweet, charming and oh, what I d do to make him smile only the good die youngPatrick is nearly 18 when he died 17 years is not enough to see the beauty of the world and to feel love.the cheese stands aloneBrie stands for Aubrie Brie is the name of a cheese and yes, she stands alone She is such a fun character to read about I connected with her in every ways and understand her pain of being told that her own boyfriend that he did not love her and the pain of not being able to live in the world any longer 1,2,3,4, tell me that you love me I love Brie and Patrick s relationship They are so perfect for each other There is an attraction from the very first moment they saw each other but they came to love each other after the time they spent together who will save your soul if you won t save your own I loved the other characters such as Brie s family and friends Brie s BFFs totally rocks They are friends that stay with you forever, no matter what happens Jacob, Brie s boyfriend who broke her heart was a character that completely surprised me I wanted to know why he broke up with her, seeing how he and Brie were so lovey dovey in their relationship and when I found out what the reason was, I wanted to hug him to die by your side, is such a heavenly way to dieI love the characters They make me filled with so many beautiful emotions I want to hold on to Overall The Catastrophic History of You and Me is a book that will fill you with so many beautiful emotions you want to hold on to forever The darling Patrick and the cute Brie will take you on a journey to find out what it s like when your heart literally broke in half, what it means to be in denial, to be angry, to bargain, to feel sadness and to accept death This is one my favourite 2012 debut novels And I ll close my review with one chapter title all you need is loveThank you Penguin Australia for the review copy

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