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    What is left after a man dies People engaged in computing the estate of a dead man who, only a couple of days ago, was as alive as they are now, have a peculiar look They represent victorious life, which goes its own way and has its own necessities But, victors of a pretty poor sort, their only merit consists in their having outlived the dead They remind one of looters, but looters who are sure to go scot free and who know that the rightful owner can never return and catch them Not that they are quite that, of course, but somehow they give you that feeling.An old monk died but after his death he has left not just his poor earthly belongings but also his stories His memories of being imprisoned in the place of detention in Istanbul, notoriously known as the Devil s Yard To this place there came and through it there passed, day by day all who were arrested or taken into custody in this sprawling and populous city, for offenses committed or upon suspicion of offense In some ways The Damned Yard by Ivo Andri reminds of The House of the Dead by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.Stories of misery and despair Stories of madness Stories within storiesHere were offenders both great and small, from the lad who had lifted a bunch of grapes or a fig from a counter, to swindlers and burglars the innocent were here, and the falsely accused, the weak witted and the betrayed, or people brought here by mistake from Istanbul and from all over the Empire There were men with many murders to their account and others with records of prison escapes who were therefore already in irons here, even before their trial and conviction They clanked their chains provocatively, with furious curses on all iron and on the man who first thought of fetters.And the central is the story of a lonesome young Turk who has been falsely accused of conspiracy against the Sultan.In all the nations, prisons are similar to one another In all the times, methods of the secret police remain the same.

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    Kad god itam Andri a, prva misao mi je koliko je njegov tekst rasko an svaki put mi je ba taj atribut u glavi rasko an Kao i da sam ube ena da mogu da razumem koliko promi ljanja, intelektualnog oblikovanja i bru enja stoji iza svake re enice Kao italac nikako ne mogu da se odlu im izme u njegove sposobnosti da napravi prikaz i iste naracije ini mi se da uz njega sedim pred pozornicom i lutkarom koji se nadvija nad kulisama vode i likove Andri eve likove recimo nikada ne vidim kao ive pred sobom, uvek je tu mastermind koji pomera figure A onda opet ni nema potrebe za bilo kakvim igrokazom, jer mi je sasvim dovoljno da se usredsredim samo na naraciju, da pustim re i da teku Po tome me Andri svaki put podseti na Mana Ili me Man podseti na Andri a, svejedno Poenta je da je to samo vrh ledenog brega u mno tvu onoga po emu bi se njih dvojica mogli uporediti Prokleta avlija mi je uvek bila omiljeni element Andri evog opusa Pa deset praznih mesta pa mo emo dalje da razgovaramo Valjda zbog svih slojeva skupljenih u tako malo pakovanje Ve na prvom koraku me osvoje sve te pri e unutar pri e, kao babu ke, zup anici uklopljeni u savr en mehanizam Slaba sam na besprekornu formu Naravno da me intrigira sama fabula o otu enom mladom intelektualcu koji dospeva u zatvor u Istanbulu, zbivanja izme u sultana i njegovog potisnutog brata i spona sa drugim slojevima dela Ali me daleko vi e privla i koliko je u konzervativnom tonu sadr ano suptilne ironije to je dodu e esto kod Andri a i koliko uzdr an izve taj sveden na minimum potrebnih informacija prenosi teskobu i zarobljenost na svakom mogu em nivou Jer ispod crte je svako zarobljen u onome to jeste Identitet i pripadnost za mene su najupe atljivija tema, jer su pitanja ko su i gde pripadaju zajedni ka svim likovima Likovi su uop te jednako maestralni Narator ne napu ta okvir onoga to je lik prvog pripoveda a u delu mogao da uje ili dozna, pa zato pri e u unutra njim krugovima nemaju ni uvod ni razre enje, ali u okviru toga likovi su tako ivopisno oblikovani da svaki od njih zavre uje vlastitu pri u Jedan od najupe atljivijih sporednih likova je sitna du a od valije u kom knjige, pa jo ako su na stranim jezicima, izazivaju bes i mr nju But that s just me.Za mene je Prokleta avlija vrhunac Andri evog stvarala tva i jedan od vrhunaca knji evnosti na na em jeziku Every time when reading Andri my first thought is how luxuriant his prose is I always have exactly that attribute on my mind luxuriant As well as that I believe to be able to understand all the reflection, intellectual moulding and polishing behind every sentence As a reader I never can quite decide between his ability to compose an image and pure narration With him, there is a feeling that I am sitting in front of a stage with a puppet master bending over the scenery, guiding his characters I see Andri s characters never as alive before me, there is always a mastermind moving the figures But then again there is never the need for a play, since it is then enough for me just to concentrate on the narration, to let the words flow In that way Andri always reminds me of Mann Or Mann reminds me of Andri , whatever The point is that this is only the tip of the iceberg in the multitude of elements by which the two of them could be compared Devil s Yard has always been my favourite part of Andri s work Then there is a huge gap and then we could talk further I guess it is because of the many layers brought together in such a slim package On the very first step I was enchanted by all the stories within the story, like Russian dolls or gears fitted into a perfect mechanism I am a sucker for flawless form Of course I am intrigued by the story of the alienated young intellectual who finds himself in a prison in Istanbul, by the incidents between the sultan and his suppressed brother and the connection to other levels of the prose Yet I find it by far appealing how subtle an irony is contained in the conservative tone which is quite common for Andri and how a restrained report with the minimum of necessary information communicates anxiety and captivity on every possible level Because bottom line is that everyone is captivated by what he is Identity and belonging are the most striking topics in my view, since the question of who they are and where they belong is common for all the characters.And the characters are masterful indeed The narrator does not leave the boundaries of what the first narrator of the story could have heard or found out, so that the tales in the inner circles have neither introduction nor closure But within that frame the characters are so vivid that every one of them is worthy of a story of one s own One of the most impressive supporting characters is the petty gouverneur who feels anger and hate at the sight of books, not to mention when they are in a foreign language But that s just me To me Devil s Yard is the peak of Andri s work and one of the literary climaxes of our language.

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    Ljubav od knjige Kakva mo e biti sudbina oveka koji je oduvek bio sam protiv svih Za njega nema svanuc a Ovo mi je jedan od najdra ih citata iz Proklete avlije Velika istina o velikim prijateljstvima.

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    ao mi je bilo to jednog dana ne u mo i prvi put itati Andri ev roman Valjda sam zato ostavljao nepro itanu ovu pesimisti ki nastrojenu pri u o pri anjima Roman o na im zatvorima i kao uvek kod Andri a, o interesantnim likovima Iako mo da upravo kompaktnost ini Prokletu avliju velikim delom, prosto ti je ao to likovi nisu iskori eni vi e Kara oz i amil zaslu uju svaki po svoj roman.Po to svaku dobru knjigu treba itati ponovo na svakih 10 godina , tako u itati i Andri eve romane Nakon odga anog zavr etka prvog kruga, za mene na prvom mestu ipak ostaje Gospo ica, mo da upravo zbog posve enosti jednom liku Bi e mi zanimljivo koliko u se promeniti do narednog itanja

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    Jedino od Andri a to mi se ikad svidelo.

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    But let me come straight to the point Bosnia is a wonderful country, fascinating, with nothing ordinary in the habitat or people And just as there are mineral riches under the earth in Bosnia, so undoubtedly are Bosnians rich in hidden moral values, which are rarely found in their compatriots in other Yugoslav lands But, you see, there s one thing that the people of Bosnia, at least people of your kind, must realize and never lose sight of Bosnia is a country of hatred and fear.The devastating floods which smashed through Bosnia and Serbia over the weekend shadowed my reading of these stories During the brightest of summer days these tales would depress most anyone Factoring in the present suffering overseas made them often unbearable I have only slept a single night in Bosnia but I did visit Andric s apartment in Belgrade last year I doubt if any of that informs much, but it remains interesting There are floods in this collection There is also treachery What reigns though is the supremacy and indifference of mortality The stories, except for the titular one, are set in Bosnia The Damned Yard occurs in a Turkish prison in Stamboul.What remains strange about this collection is a single omission There are priests and viziers, merchants and drunks There are artists and investigators, but there is a dearth of revolutionaries I can t help but ponder whether that mirrors or distorts any thoughts or preconditions by the masterful diplomat, Nobel Laureate and writer.

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