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    My cholesterol jumped to 300 , which sent me to my family doctor for advice After we agreed that I am not keen to start medication, she promptly recommended the DASH Diet So far, so good This is not an easy diet It is very restrictive low fat, low sugar, hardly anything processed , so you have to be willing to cut out a lot of convenient foods And the diet requires that you have the skills and time to shop and cook most of your meals Some people complain that it is an expensive diet, but I think cutting out the cost of the junk food than compensates for the expense of fresh food items I purchased a food journal with this book, and that has been very helpful In the journal, I use the margins to label foods first fruit of the day F1 third grain of the day G3, etc This helps me keep on track And, I m making small changes as I learn the diet revamping my breakfasts to be DASH specific, and once I ve mastered that I will start to really change lunch and or dinner This is an easy book to read The author is sensible about American eating habits, and gives useful suggestions It is an easy book to skim as needed, or to read cover to cover.

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    I don t agree with their recommendations for drinking fruit juice and Wheaties I think that this is for someone who is beginning to consider their diet and exercise to lower their blood pressure I would rather eat a whole foods diet, with no processed foods.

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    Eating healthy in my house is can be a struggle We try and sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail We ve got my daughter starting to try new foods and now it s time for Mom and Dad to catch up I ve heard the about the DASH diet and was interested in learning about it We are looking to find a diet that is easy to follow I hate number crunching , nutritious with food that the picky eaters in my house will eat, contains various health benefits I am not dietitians or nutritionists so I can t speak on the actual medical benefits, but I will review the book based on it s content.The book was very easy to understand After a quick introduction you are given a sample menu to show you what your meals should be looking likeand I can say, this is not a starvation diet I m a picky eater and I would say that I would eat the majority of recommended items.There is a collection of wonderful recipes in the back of the book, including chili, stir frys, beans and potato fries The recipes are easy to follow and contained ingredients that could be found in almost any pantry We tried the Caribbean Chicken and it was delicious.The book also contains a chapter on reading nutrition labels This is an area that I always struggle with and the DASH Diet Action Plan book help clarify some of the things like nutrient composition that I have never really understood The book offers ideas on how to stock up your pantry with DASH foods, recommends how to add exercise and make other lifestyle changes to not only lower your blood pressure but improve you health in general.Overall I found this book really helpful and full of practical common sense information that should help you lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health.Disclosure I received the products mentioned above for this review No monetary compensation was received by me This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.

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    I admit to just skimming this book Also, I had to return it to the library, it was overdo I have other DASH books to look at I ve seen tons of other diet books and I didn t read enough of the book to find out how it differs from other diet books The one main and most important reason I m interested in the whole DASH diet thing is because my doctor recommended it Forget all the fad diets she said and go with this one, it s the most tried and tested and sound and maybe that s why it sounds so familiar and so basic It s the most sound one The one thing I question is the use of margarine over butter A nutritionist said to avoid margarine so have butter in small quantities Moderation I skimmed through the meals it recommends and I felt myself shrivel sandwiches with no mayo, nectarines I only like raw apples, pears and mandarin oranges I can t deal with all the fruit it recommends and the yogurt too I think it s going to come down to how bad do I want to lose weight Unfortunately I think at some time I m going to have to eat fruit and yogurt and skip the mayo I love mayo but I haven t gotten there yet Best to take what I can manage now and implement it and work at the harder stuff.I recommend this book because my doctor did and I trust her I also recommend you look over the other DASH books out there or which there are at least several.

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    Everything in this book is common sense If you eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains plus skip junk food, your blood pressure cholesterol levels will improve.

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    This is a great guide for those looking to reduce their blood pressure via the DASH diet It has everything you need such as specific nutrients with detail and even provides meal plans and recipes to help get you started I would highly recommend this book for my clients looking to reduce their risk of heart disease.One thing I would recommend changing is when calculating your calories on page 77, using this specific equation, you should subtract 1000 calories to see results for most people Most of the time 500 is not enough However, the section for weight loss strategies overall is great information.

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    This author didn t invent the diet, but she s done a great deal to popularize it I was curious, as it s been decreed the 1 diet in the United States for something like 6 years running What s it all about Fruits, vegetables, lean protein, dairy, and move around Nothing new here, slight tweaks of the nutritional exchanges that have been in use by dietitians and diabetics for years, same quantities as illustrated by the USDA pyramid and recommended by the American Heart Association.A quick read, it provides good structure, recordkeeping forms, and links to other sources one of which is Miriam Nelson, whose Strong Women series dates back over 20 years and who has advocated a similar eating plan Same stuff in a new package just look at all the happy smiling faces on the cover Every reader hopes to be one of them.For all the derogatory press, Susan Powter gave good advice and had a sensible tag line You ve got to eat, you ve got to breathe, you ve got to move Stop the insanity All true, there is no magic bullet , just the same product in an updated, shinier package Still worth a look, though, if you need a fresh start with something that feels different.

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    Having just been diagnosed with both, this book offered an easy approach to addressing my issues without resorting to medicine right away I like the low key approach to making this a lifestyle rather than a diet, and here menu plans and explanations were straightforward It did feel a bit dated in that it doesn t address the tropical superfood categories like quinoa and coconut oils that are currently being touted Fortunately with some research I was able to supplement that information on my own Overall, this is a great start for anyone who is diagnosed with hypertension and high cholesterol.

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    This book is short and quick to read Much of the basic information is found in than one place in the book, making it easy to review and remember I felt that just when I had a question, the subject was addressed in the next paragraph There are menus for 28 days, along with many recipes The menus are very easy to use because the author has information for those who are aiming for 2000 calories a day for health, or 1600 or 1200 calories for health and weight loss The author includes enough of the reasons behind the plan to keep me engaged.

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    The author took her nutritional advice right out of the 80 s It seems a waste to write an entire diet book using outdated concepts like don t eat fat , don t eat salt , or don t eat cholesterol Any book that tells you to eat margarine over butter has serious problems As a side note, the audio book format was not appropriate for the chapters that outlined several weeks of daily suggested menus There was a later chapter that read out a great many recipes that also got cumbersome to hear.

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