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    We all do what we can, and it has to be good enough, and if it isn t good enough, it has to do Who else but Christopher Walken could play Johnny Smith in the highly praised David Cronenberg film Johnny Smith is a rookie teacher with 8 in his pocket, just enough money to take his best girl Sarah, also a new teacher, to the local county fair Sarah is coming off a couple of recent relationships that were exciting with aggressive, unpredictable men Johnny is a step in a new direction, maybe a responsible direction not driven as much by physical attraction as by mental stimulation She has no idea who Johnny is, but that can t be helped because Johnny doesn t really know who he is either We get our first inkling that something is different about Johnny as they are leaving the fair The Wheel of Fortune guy running a crude version of the roulette wheel tempts Johnny over to try his luck with his last few remaining dollars Johnny starts by betting on black or red and wins As his confidence grows, he starts picking exact numbers and keeps winning A crowd is drawn to this run of luck But is it luck He turns his meager money into three months pay Sarah becomes sick from a bad hot dog Johnny quits the game to take her home Since they came in her car, he takes a taxi back to his apartment There is an accident, and Johnny goes through the windshield.He doesn t wake up for four and half years His mother, never a stable person before, becomes frantically religious She throws herself at every new religious concept, even going so far at one point to joining a commune who are waiting for alien space ships to come pick them up to take them to God With each new religious venture she brings the Smith s closer to bankruptcy Religious zealotry is always so scary to me They believe it, whatever it is, so fervently that any rational thought is wrestled to the ground and pinned by unquestioning faith When Johnny comes out of his coma, he has the ability curse of being able to touch someone or something owned by that person psychometry and see pieces of their future Some key elements always seem to be missing, and those murky parts Johnny calls The Dead Zone An ability like this Wellit scares people The nurses were lined up against the glass of the nurses station, staring at him Suddenly they reminded him of crows on a telephone line, crows staring down at something bright and shiny, something to be pecked at and pulled apart That does seem to be our nature to fear what we don t understand, quickly followed by the need to destroy what we fear Anyone different, whether they have a unconventional sexual orientation or a disfigurement or just see the world differently, will feel the constant pressure to conform ordisappear It is only logical of course that if Johnny knows about a fire before it happens that he must have been involved in setting that fire The possibility of clairvoyance is too unique, too extraordinary for others to comprehend Johnny is ridiculed, exposed as a charlatan He is fine with that It might mean he has a chance to find a normal life He is doing well until a small town Sheriff can t catch the Raincoat Serial Killer A handshake can be so revealing And yes that is Martin Sheen playing Greg Stillson.As Johnny is finding himself back in the spotlight, there is another man, a Bible salesman by the name of Greg Stillson, who is starting to have big thoughts, dreams of power than any lunatic should ever have Stephen King is setting up a collision course between the two men, both unusual, both psychotic, but on opposite sides of the same scale When Johnny shakes Stillson s hand, he sees a future that can not be allowed to happen If you could build a time machine and go back to 1932 and kill Adolf Hitler, would you do it It seems logical that you would save millions of lives, which I can t even calculate the number of descendants of those saved lives The implications of lives that never existed in our timeline suddenly being thrust into our era are staggering The reshuffling of the DNA deck is mind boggling On a micro level it could change your own personal history significantly Your grandfather might marry someone different or your mother might meet someone before your father that didn t exist before You could wink out of existence before you can even fire up the time machine to return to 2015 Knowing the historical results of Hitler being alive, even though there is always the risk that someway, somehow by altering history you might make our present worse, I would still have to vote that I would gladly assassinate Hitler On top of being a monster, Adolf was also monstrously annoying I might even take a short detour and take out Joseph Stalin as well I m already rolling the dice, so why not cast them out there one time I d chalk up another couple of million lives saved Alter another gazillion time lines of history Good lord, the enormity of it and the logic and the illogicalness of it all start to circle back around until it becomes very easy to talk oneself out of such a risky decision Nobody wants to destroy the world while trying to save it Johnny goes through the same thought processes Logically, he should find a way to stop Stillson, but there is the nagging worry that he could just make things worse This is not a horror book It is a psychological thriller written by a writer near the top of his game While working in the book business, I have always puzzled over why Stephen King was read by so many people Of course, then I didn t read him I didn t need to read him because there were already plenty of people queuing up to buy and read his next book My job, of course, was to read people like Cormac McCarthy or Alan Furst, or writers like John Williams and try to bring them to a wider audience I have tried a couple of newer King offerings, but have found them to be bloated, overwritten, and ponderous I read The Shining, fairly recently, and realized that the King s gold is in the dusty trunks of his early writings The book spawned a movie, which spawned a popular TV show starring Anthony Michael Hall.King even made a playful reference to his book Carrie in this novel which made me laugh out loud It was a bit of tongue in cheek referring to his own celebrity This book also fits very nicely into my 1970s nostalgic tour of horror books even though technically I can t call this horror Here are the other books that I ve read on this quest The Exorcist ReviewThe Shining ReviewJaws ReviewThe Omen ReviewHarvest Home ReviewIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    WOW No horror or gore here, just bits of well done paranormal and one hell of an excellent story Meet John Smith, he is a good guy.you ll like him He has a great sense of humor, loves his parents including his lunatic mother and Sarah Even after life deals him a devastating blow with recurring consequences and difficult challenges, Johnny still perseveres.Visit a carnival and spin the wheel of fortune, see inside the mind of a sick serial killer, and watch a dangerously radical politician hopeful in action with his deadly threats and evil intentions.Oh, and don t despair, The Wheel of Fortune, The Laughing Tiger, and Notes from The Dead Zone are all stories related to Johnny, just different phases of his life, as he experiences The Dead Zone.For those leery of KING reads, don t befor those opposed to animal cruelty, there is a quick incident, but just wait till you see what happens to the evildoer and find out his identity, ANDfor those who like song lyrics and current events of the time interspersed with their stories, you ll find that here too THE DEAD ZONEa 2016 super favorite

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    Johnny Smith is one bad luck bastard.He starts off well enough as a nice guy with a talent for teaching and is in the early stages of what looks to be a very promising relationship with Sarah However, a car accident leaves Johnny in a coma which nobody thinks he ll recover from Miraculously, he wakes up 4 years later, but he finds that Sarah has married someone else, his mother has turned into a religious lunatic, he s got a long and painful rehab to endure, and he faces a mountain of debt from his hospital bills Oh, and he now has psychic ability to learn details about a person by touching them or personal objects as well as sometimes seeing their futures This might seem like a gift, but as Johnny quickly learns it s really a curse that eventually puts him on a collision course with a dangerous politician named Greg Stillson.I ve always thought this was one of King s better books but hadn t read it for years A new audio version with James Franco narrating and doing a pretty good job of it got me motivated, and I m pleased to find that it mostly lives up to my memory of it.The elephant in the room on this one is that even though it was published in 1979 the Stillson plot is about a populist demagogue who manages to rise in politics despite being a crazy and corrupt piece of shit just because he has talent for making rubes think that he s a maverick who tells it like it is even as they willfully ignore the obvious warning signs So it d be easy to say that King is a prophet these days Yeah, he hit the mark with that one, but on the other hand there s plenty of writers who have done stories about shady politicians.What I found interesting here is what King did with Johnny s mother, Vera She starts out as someone with strong fundamental religious beliefs, but Johnny s accident sends her over the high side and into the realm where she starts believing tabloid stories about Jesus living underground at the South Pole She s completely immune to facts and logic, and she d rather rely on prayer than medication to handle her high blood pressure.It s fascinating to read a character like this in the 70s setting where tabloids and poorly printed tracts are how Vera gets her crackpot theories, and how even then she uses them to create her own view of the world because reality doesn t suit her Fast forward to the 21st century where some people pick their news web sites based on how it conforms to what they want to believe as they spread rumors on Facebook about child sex rings in the basement of pizza restaurants that don t even have a basement, and you realize that King had tapped into something that was on the rise even then Leaving aside the eerie similarities to America today, what sets this apart from his other novels is the way that King focused on John Smith and made his story a genuine tragedy Johnny just wanting to try and resume some kind of normal life, but unable to stop himself from using his power to help people and put himself in a media spotlight is incredibly compelling Uncle Stevie takes his sweet time with this so that it comes across as a slow burn, and it s not really a horror novel although it can be creepy at times You can see where the bigger plot involving Johnny and Stillson is headed for a good long while although King still makes the journey there worth the trip, and Johnny is one of his characters who haunts me the most.

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    This was my second time in The Dead Zone I remember the first time fondly as this is only one of two Stephen King books I read in one sitting the other being Pet Sematary The first time was in the late 1990s at an all night coffee shop in Cincinnati I read until the sun came up fueled on caffeine and the enthralling words of the Master of Horror himself I suppose knowing that I read it in one sitting says a lot about what I thought about it I LOVED IT It blew me away It was creepy, heart wrenching, introspective, speculative, terrifying, thought provoking and on and on and on I just knew I had to read it again now to see if I still felt the same And, I do I definitely do I think many people recommend Carrie or The Shining to people just starting King I rarely hear The Dead Zone But, to me, this would be a fantastic place to start It is not too long to be daunting like It or The Stand It does not involve the potential commitment of a series like The Dark Tower or Hodges Trilogy I think the story is fairly straight forward and would be easily accessible to many Also, hoping that I am not saying too much, I think this story is particularly terrifying in the world s current political climate.This time around I did the audio I was skeptical at first because it was James Franco and he usually seems kind of silly to me most of my memories of him are Seth Rogan stoner movies I am guessing he may have been invited to do this audio version because of his involvement in King s 11 22 63 mini series which I still need to watch I think he did a great job narrating this book and I will gladly do other books in the future narrated by him.You ask me what King book I recommend this is it You haven t read it yet Why not

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    . 10 We all do what we can and it has to be good enough..nothing is ever lost. johnny choose good for others..and finally knew that everything thing happens for a reason..A novel about faithgoodnessand sacrificingJust brilliant

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    The Dead Zone is a brilliant book It has practically no filler It s criminally underrated It was a fun read from beginning to the end In a way, Johnny Smith reminded me of myself The bare bones of the plot are not important I thought that a human life should always be considered with dignity That sometimes doesn t happen with our hero I use the term hero in the Greek sense of tragedy.Please read this book if you haven t yet It s far better than recent King books I tried, on another site to ask for underrated King books The Dead Zone was part of this recommendation Everyone knew except for me So, yeah.

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    In my own personal opinion, this is the best story Stephen King has ever written Not the most frightening, not the most thrilling, no but this novel has true literary merit And a tragic hero not a mere protagonist, mind you who really qualifies for the title.John Smith his name immediately marks him out as the common man is blessed and cursed with second sight It began as a minor ability due to a skating accident in his childhood but when he wins big time at the roulette wheel in a village carnival, this gift proves to be his undoing Because while coming home late from the carnival, the taxi John is travelling in meets with a horrific accident, and he is precipitated into a four year coma.While he is asleep, John loses his career, girlfriend, everything He wakes up a pauper in material terms, but endowed with the full fledged version of his latent childhood gift.And thus begins the career of John Smith, the clairvoyant.As he moves from discovery to horrific discovery, the amount of darkness he unearths in human souls pushes John further and further down into a sort of spiritual abyss There seems to no purpose to his tragic life, until he meets Greg Stillson, prospective presidential candidate A casual handshake allows John Smith a look into the cesspit that is the soul of the future president of the USA and suddenly, he finds that there is something he has to do Finish of Stillson, before he finishes of civilisation as we know it There is horror in this novel But it is not supernatural, oh no John s supernatural power is benign The horror is in what that power unearths Yes, Greg Stillson is the boogeyman in this story One must pay homage to Stephen King s gift of seeing into the future At the time the novel was written, people would have laughed at the idea that a secular democracy would elect a blackguard like Stillson into office I would humbly suggest that events of the past two decades have convinced me otherwise.This is one of the most meticulously crafted books that I have read John s and Greg s careers start simultaneously, sure to meet at some point of time yet King weaves the narrative so expertly that when the meeting finally takes place, there is no sense of the let down of predestination And the denouement like in 11.22.63 is totally unexpected.The last chapter, Notes from the Dead Zone , is one of the most beautiful passages of prose in my experience Stephen King rises almost to the level of a poet here, the way the words flow.Five stars, all the way.

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    Fantastic book Sixth sense Teacher in an accident Visions of the future Great film too starring Christopher Walken Loved the scene in the film when Christopher Walken is talking to Herbert Lom, his doctor.He asks him, being that he is a Jew, if he could go back in time and get close to Adolf HitlerWould he kill him Herbert Lom replies that he is a doctor and his job is to save livesAnd finished by saying he would kill the son of a bitch Classic Stephen King Imagine if you could go back in time like, 11 22 63 his other book, and take out a despot, or foil an assassination The repercussions today would beAnyhow, the world would be a different place today Even just one simple thing, changed in the past would have such an impact today Ripples in the pond of time.

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    Johnny Smith wakes from a coma with the psychic ability to read a person when he touches them Will he use this ability for good or for selfish reasons And what s the deal with this Greg Stillson character that s swiftly becoming a heavy hitter in the political realm Sometime in early 2013, I resolved to read some of the Stephen King books I missed during my binge around the turn of the century Along with The Shining and It, the Dead Zone is something I m surprised I hadn t read years ago.The Dead Zone has a simple enough premise Johnny Smith returns from a coma with clairvoyance What King does is turn it into a story of a man deciding how to use those abilities, whether or not to play God And he does it fairly well.Some of Stephen King s books are so overwritten that I think if I was in an elevator with Stephen King and asked him what time it was, he would tell me how to build a clock Not so with the Dead Zone This is King at his leanest and meanest, when he was still trying to be Richard Matheson and John D MacDonald rather than the author no editor could tame It reads like a crime book than King s later works.From reading On Writing, I thought this book would focus on Johnny Smith vs Stillson, but that only happens in the last 20% of the book It s not a trial version of 11 22 63 like I originally thought Mostly, it s a man trying to play with the hand he s been dealt.It s a pretty gripping read but it s not one of my favorite King books I like the story but the only characters I felt any kind of attachment to were Johnny and his father I was surprised by the ending, though, but I guess I shouldn t have Stephen King was just getting started tearing the guts out of his readers at this point.One thing I m not sure if I liked or not One of the characters references a book called Carrie In the context of the Dark Tower series, does this mean The Dead Zone takes place in the Keystone world where Stephen King is writing the saga I think it does On the other hand, it also mentions Castle Rock Does Carrie not take place in the universe as most of King s other books Things to ponderThe Dead Zone is a good early Stephen King book and probably the best book I ve ever read that was turned into a movie starring Christopher Walken That s about all I have to say about that 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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    Okay here we go Mr John Smith I know you have this strange ability to see into the future but did you see this review coming Well, did ya You feeling lucky John Cause I sure as hell am after reading this I m not as sad to finish it as I was the dark tower series because i poured so much emotion into finishing those damn books but this was quite an enjoyable read one I could really sink my teeth into when given a full day to do so The development of John, his relationship with his family and Sarah and the progression of his ability the perception of his ability by others, was the driving force of this novel In fact, it was entertaining than the ultimate climax of the text, which dealt with the question of if you could stop Hitler before he rose to power would ya John felt an inordinate amount of pressure from his gift, which I thought serviced this book well Rather than making him a superhero, his gift became a question of mankind and morality Just another lovely King book that makes him the legendary author he is.

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