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The Detectives Assistant chapter 1 The Detectives Assistant , meaning The Detectives Assistant , genre The Detectives Assistant , book cover The Detectives Assistant , flies The Detectives Assistant , The Detectives Assistant 020b35e172726 The Incredible Tale Of America S First Ever Female Detective And Her Spirited Niece Eleven Year Old Nell Warne Arrives On Her Aunt S Doorstep Lugging A Heavy Sack Of Sorrows If Her Aunt Kate Rejects Her, It S The Miserable Home For The FriendlessLuckily, Canny Nell Makes Herself Indispensable To Aunt Kateand Not Just By Helping Out With Household Chores For Aunt Kate Is The First Ever Female Detective Employed By The Legendary Pinkerton Detective Agency And Nell Has A Knack For The Kind Of Close Listening And Bold Action That Made Pinkerton Detectives Famous In Civil War Era America With Huge, Nation Changing Events Simmering In The Background, Nell Uses Skills New And Old To Uncover Truths About Her Past And Solve Mysteries In The PresentBased On The Extraordinary True Story Of Kate Warne, This Fast Paced Adventure Recounts Feats Of Daring And Dangerincluding Saving The Life Of Abraham Lincoln

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    When young Cornelia loses her last immediate relative in New York, a local minister hunts down her deceased uncle s wife, Aunt Kitty, who is working for Pinkerton s Detective Agency in Chicago Kitty who now goes by Kate is not happy to see Cornie, whom she rechristens Nell, because she reminds the aunt strongly of Nell s father, who was responsible for the death of his brother, her husband Since Kate can t find any organization who will take Nell, she lets her move in to her room in a boarding house Nell manages to keep the landlady happy by helping out with shopping and other chores She also manages to get sucked in to many of Kate s cases, where she makes herself invaluable, playing with the children of people Kate needs to interview, and keeping her eyes and ears open for information The two manage to break several cases, and get to travel to Philadelphia and other cities, much to Nell s delight They meet the rich and famous, including a young presidential candidate named Abraham Lincoln Nell continues to correspond with her friend, Jemma, whose family had to leave quickly for Canada They were free African Americans, but ran the risk of being shipped to the south Jemma s father is still in the States, and when Nell hunts him down, she learns some secrets about her own family that make Kate feel a little warmly towards her While Nell starts the book as a rough and tumble, rather unlikeable character, we quickly see that she has had to raise herself, and her built in survival defenses serve her well while Kate is trying to find somewhere else to put her Once Nell knows that Kate won t abandon her as well, she is able to become pleasant, and show her intelligent, enterprising side Kate also thaws a bit, and both evidence the difficulties that women must have had at the time when left to care for themselves, which was not an easy task The incidental characters in the various mysteries are amusing and add a lot of flavor to the stories.While much of the book revolves around the cases that Kate takes on, the biggest mystery is the one that Nell has to solve concerning her friend Jemma and her family This was a fascinating treatment of the issue of slavery, and my only objection was that the story seemed somewhat skimmed over because of the in depth descriptions of the cases I wanted to know a lot about Jemma, and would have liked to see her in than Nell s letters Hannigan has clearly done her research, and uncovered a fascinating woman in Kate Warne, who really did work for Pinkerton Nell is a fabrication, but a good way to interest younger readers in this period of time The two characters are an excellent way to meet the rich and famous of the day, and the details of ordinary life are finely drawn The fact that there is plenty of action and adventure will lure readers who are not usually drawn to historical fiction, and delight those who are Fans of Chibbaro s historical mystery Deadly, as well as readers who enjoy action packed mysteries such as Beil s Red Blazer Girls or Runholt s Kari and Lucas books, will find plenty of clues to follow and mysteries to solve with Kate and Nell The 150th anniversary of Lincoln s assassination will no doubt be covered in a wide variety of books for young people about this famous president s career, but this engaging mystery offers a refreshing perspective of the time period before the Civil War Not a lot is written about Pinkerton s Detective Agency, and the fact that Hannigan introduces readers to this unique business with a healthy dose of girl power makes this a fresh and engaging historical novel.

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    Loved this story of an orphan finding refuge and employment w her last living relative Not quite the story I thought I was going to readthis was exciting intense With mysteries to unravel, including the biggest one about her uncle s death, 13 year old Nell learns the ins and outs of being a female detective by helping her Aunt Kitty solve several cases I would recommend to some 3rds older Also, I need to do some investigating of my own learn about Nell s aunt , who was based on real life, 19th century female detective, Kate Warne.

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    There are any number of reasons a book ends up on your to be read stack In the case of one of my most recently read titles, a middle grade novel, it was first a reference made on social media about the illustrator creating the artwork for the dust jacket and interior images This particular illustrator, John Hendrix, is respected for his signature depictions of history His interpretations and details direct our attention to the most fascinating aspects When mystery, history, Chicago, and two spirited female characters are words used to describe the story, the intrigue heightened.A copy, ordered in February, of The Detective s Assistant Little, Brown And Company, April 7, 2015 written by Kate Hannigan arrived shortly after the release Weeks went by with the cover and promise of a marvelous tale calling to me I finally ordered another copy in audio format so every time I drove my car, I could follow the adventures of the characters At this point I have to admit, I did, than once, sit in my driveway and garage unable to stop listening My full recommendation

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    This book was okay It was cool that it was based on a true story s about spying I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in true story s.

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    Excellent middle grade historical fiction great audio Based on the real life Kate Warne, the first female detective at Pinkerton, with the added bonus of a fictional niece who is a master of disguise and detection Plot lines tie to 1860s abolition, the Lincoln presidency and an assassination attempt the Balti Plot.

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    I liked it because it was back then and everyone was once real but Nell There was a lot of action which I really liked because those are my favorite types of genres And I loved how they were in different places and wrote letters to each other.

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    This is really like a 3.5, as the plot characters are very strong, but the mysteries cyphers themselves are incredibly weak There is not enough challenge rearranging letters , and there is certainly some stretch to credulity that adults would put children at risk, as they do here, for the sake of justice But perhaps that is what is meant to be questioned do the ends justify the means To that end, I am also struck by the cruelty of continuing to use the child for solving cases, all while threatening to remove her to an orphan asylum Given that Nell is an unexpected arrival, I suppose there is some room for Aunt Kate to be discombobulated and unsure of wanting this child around And adults often give kids mixed signals, so why should this be different Here, the adult characters physically endanger and psychologically terrorize Nell I was a little frustrated that this was not named, as it felt irresponsible I suppose that is a contemporary criticism, given that children were working in factories, losing limbs and burning to death, at this time in history.In any case, I appreciated the historic context of the novel and that it presented the relationship aunt niece that is a new one to me in YA fiction.

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    Quick witted orphan, Nell, helps her Aunt Kate, a Pinkerton Detective solve cases and capture evil doers Based on the real female detective, Kate Warne, this is well researched historical fiction that tells a compelling story set in Balti and Philadelphia at the time of Lincoln s election The story thread about the Underground Railroad as well as the mention of the Booth brothers add much to the historical backdrop to Nell s adventures as well as give a thoughtful foreshadowing of events to come.

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    11 year old Cornelia Warne of Chemung County, New York has been unceremoniously dumped on her Aunt Kitty in Chicago Cornelia, now the only living member of her family, really wants to stay with her aunt by marriage but Aunt Kitty she prefers Kate seems to dislike Cornelia Ever since the night Cornelia s Daddy shot his brother, Kitty s husband, Kitty has had no contact with the Warne family and wants nothing to do with raising a child She would prefer to dump Cornelia, now renamed Nell, on some asylum or home for the friendless Nell is determined to stay with Aunt Kitty and sets out to discover exactly what happened that night After attempts to rehome Nell fail which may or may not have something to do with Nell withholding the mail , Aunt Kitty has no choice but to take Nell on an adventure Aunt Kitty has a secret life as a Pinkerton detective She s the first female detective and determined to prove women make just as good if not better detectives than men Nell is eager to help but her enthusiasm and impetuosity sometimes get in the way How can she convince her aunt to let her be a detective if Aunt Kitty persists on thinking Nell a nuisance This story had so much potential I wanted to love it because it features my favorite elements a strong female character and a spunky tween orphan girl However, the execution was a little lacking for me The set up took a really really long time If I hadn t read the dust jacket blurb I would have given up You would never know Mrs Kate Warne was a Pinkerton detective until chapter 5 which is too long in an audio book The plot becomes episodic after that and only tied together by Nell s private investigation The first three cases were solved too easily the source material may be to blame or maybe criminals were stupid in the antebellum period and the third, most important job, was a bit confusing since Nell doesn t puzzle it out until late I, as an adult and historian of this time period, I knew the story behind this part of the novel Knowing the story makes it a bit less suspenseful I did like the subplot about Jemma s daddy and trying to puzzle out the ciphers and clues the girls leave each other.There are really only two major characters in this novel Nell is a spunky, tomboyish orphan She s not so much a tomboy as a farm girl She was forced out of childhood at a young age and by 10 she was running the family farm on her own A girl s gotta do what a girl s gotta do to survive Nell has plenty of grit and determination She has a good heart and having her actually want to stay with Aunt Kitty makes a nice change from unhappy orphans Nell misses her family and clings to the only relative she has Aunt Kitty aka The Pickled Onion is strong willed to put it mildly She also unfairly blames Nell for the sins of her father Everytime Kitty looks at Nell she sees Cornelius, the man who killed her beloved husband Kate s single mindedness and determination make her a good detective but sometimes she fails to see the larger picture, especially the human side of things like Nell is just a little girl longing to be loved and in need of a loving home The two women don t exactly see eye to eye but everytime Nell tries to please her aunt she seems to fail Yes there are times when she deserves Kate s displeasure but Kate never seems to remember Nell is only young and she hasn t been trained as an official detective Kate is not quick to forgive and that makes her difficult to like I was expecting her story would force her to make a choice between doing what it legally right or what is morally right but that never came to be It s only said she and her husband didn t know what Nell s daddy was doing that night Minor characters are also few Nell s best friend Jemma lives far away in Canada but the friends communicate through letters Jemma too misses her daddy The Maple Tree who is far away I guessed her secrets right from the very beginning It s 1859 and anyone with knowledge of what was happening will know but it s a fun guessing game to figure out where The Maple Tree is and what he s doing for those who don t know Nell seems surprisingly ignorant of what happened for someone who reads the newspaper Mr Webster is another detective and a fun and funny man He seems like he could serve as an uncle to Nell Mrs Wigginbottom, the landlady is awful She runs a third rate boarding house and puts in a minimum of effort Her size implies she has had ample food to eat in her life but doesn t share it with her boarders She can t shop, climb stairs easily or cook a decent meal Mrs Wigginbottom is all about money If her boarder wants better service or extra services like keeping an orphaned niece , her boarder has to pay A variety of criminal types and assorted family members pass through Nell s life but none is worse than Flora Maroney A suspect s child, Flora is a spoiled little tyrant and bully of the worst sort She s cruel to our heroine and to animals She deserves a spanking and a one way ticket to a girl s finishing school I wouldn t put it past her to grow up to be a criminal She certainly has the cunning to commit crimes As for the audio, the reader s voice is pleasing but she really really got all the accents wrong Nell has a country twang almost southern and she s from upstate New York Jemma sounds like she s from the south yet her family has been farming in Chemung County as long as the Warnes Jemma s mother apparently comes from Georgia but Jemma has never lived there and shouldn t sound like she does Mr Pinkerton was Scottish and the narrator does an Irish accent for him Otherwise I think she does a fine job of reading this book I like her spunky tween girl voice a lot and would listen to spunky tween girl books read by this narrator.

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    This is an empowering tale of a young teen and her aunt, inspired by the real Kate Warne, Pinkerton s first female detective, in the tumultuous days leading up to President Lincoln s inauguration Hannigan deftly weaves in interesting facts about America s history when it was still young enough to have only 33 states I loved spying those unique details, and the crafty adventures of sleuthing kept the action high and fun.

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