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    I loved it Harper McClain is a crime reporter living in Savannah, Georgia When she was twelve years old, her mother was brutally murdered Her Mother s murderer was never found This has been a driving force for Harper and one of the reasons she became a crime reporter She has built a solid reputation for herself as a journalist and formed relationships with police officers over the years One of the police officers serves as a father figure to her as she is estranged from her father Harper owns a police scanner and shows up at crime scenes to report on them for her employer But one day she arrives at a crime scene which seems eerily similar to the crime scene when her Mother s was murdered Could her Mother and this woman have been killed by the same person Are there connections between the two cases These questions will nag at her She is driven to know the truth and desperately tries to find answers to all her unanswered questions.Harper is a very strong and likable female character She has flaws and makes some bad judgement calls and I appreciate her motivations for doing so She found her Mother s body and has always wanted justice Her Mother s killer was never found She wants the truth Her desire and search for the truth is believable and understandable I found this book to be fast paced, riveting, and well written I cared about the characters and wanted to know what was going to happen next I had a hunch who the killer was half way through and although I was correct, I still did not have all the dots connected I thought this was a great whodunit The plot unfolded beautifully nothing felt rushed The relationships in this book felt believable This book also had a little bit of everything police investigation, journalist investigation, romance, suspense, mystery and left the reader with a sense of anticipation.I am also left anticipating the next book in this series I Highly recommend I received a copy of this book from St Martin s Press Minotaur books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.See of my reviews at www.openbookpost.com

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    4.5 stop the presses stars .5 if it bleeds it leadsThis was a newspaper reporter procedural, is that a thing Well it should be.This is the first book in the Harper McClain series and let me tell you the series is off to a fantastic start.Harper was born to be a crime reporter she puts her everything into her job it s personal it s her calling so when she starts investigating a murder that is eerily similar to the murder of her mother over 15 years ago she will stop at nothing to find out the truth.Harper was such a likable and relatable character yes she was damaged, but that didn t define her she had friends, she had a love interest yes there is Romance in this book she was the kind of girl you would want to go out to lunch with this was very refreshing so many times with female damaged characters they have such an edge to them you find them a bit prickly and hard to like Harper was very much likable The secondary characters were all very likable as well especially her love interest Luke, he was quite the good guy.The mystery Investigation in this book was done very well i m not always a huge fan of police procedurals, however I might be a huge fan of newspaper reporter procedurals I liked how Harper went about her investigation I enjoyed all her rule breaking The outcome was realistic, but definitely surprise me, did not see that coming also really appreciated the aftermath of the investigation it was quite interesting and gave you some closure and understanding very much looking forward to the next book in this series.I would absolutely recommend this to lovers of mystery suspense but keep in mind it leans a little towards romantic suspense in case that is an issue but I do want to clarify for my friends with an aversion to romance, I don t think this is eye rolling worthy romance thank you so much to the publisher for a copy of this book

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    This wasn t a grab you by the seat of the pants kind of mystery It was slow to build and I m not good at practicing patience BUT, once it got moving, the story took off the runway.A recent murder of a woman appears to echo that of one that took place 20 years ago One whose daughter is now a reporter and recognizes the similarities of the death that took her mother from her at the age of 12 Investigating it however, comes at a great cost Her safety, her job and her relationships all teeter on edge as she continues to delve in risking it all to unbury the truth If you like a mystery that ends in a mystery, you ll enjoy this one However, I like things tidy with a bow on it preferably, and for me, this one fell short I just didn t make a personal connection with the character 3.5

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    Harper might come across as a tad morbid to some Murders didn t bother Harper They fascinated herMurder had long ago left it s fingerprints in her DNA Fifteen years earlier, she had come home from school to discover her mother brutally murdered in their kitchen Now, she s 27 and is a crime reporter for a Savannah newspaper She s audacious, maybe even foolhardy At one point she asks a friend if she could be considered self destructive I chose this because it was located in Savannah But this isn t the Savannah that the tourists see Daugherty does a great job of painting Savannah so it s almost a character in its own right even if several of her locales are invented There s a nice camaraderie between Harper and the other reporters, as well as the police The dialog is the kind of warm talk you associate with people who enjoy working together It felt real And Daugherty provides just enough background and detail on the other characters so you get a feel for them as real people And then a murder occurs and mirrors the murder of her mother, a crime that was never solved Harper feels the police aren t doing enough and undertakes her own investigation, trying to prove a link between the two murders I had a pretty good inkling who the murderer was early on and I was right And there s an obvious mis step that Harper makes in her investigation that a reporter never would have Of course, if she had done it, the book would have been a lot shorter and less suspenseful This is a good solid mystery Not earth shattering, but enjoyable A solid B effort There s a bit of a cliffhanger at the end that leads me to believe there will be a book 2 My thanks to netgalley and Minotaur Books for an advance copy of this novel.

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    Harper McClain s world is like a Venti Double Shot On Ice from Starbuck s.Maximum jolt with an icy thrill.But it s June in Savannah and the soothing drawls suddenly pay heed to what s happening on those tree lined streets Harper, a crime reporter for the Daily News, hears the loud buzz on her police scanner She and her photographer, Miles Jackson, set off to get an edge on a gang shooting not far away As shots ring out, she and Miles are pinned down behind an abandoned vehicle The police arrive with backup and the dynamic duo are fortunate not to have been hit.And this is a typical day for Harper..steadfast and driven into the ground like a bolt of lightning She pushes boundaries both in her professional and in her personal life When the body of a woman who works for the university is found by her young daughter, Harper is reeling with the memory of her own mother s murder It was Harper who found her mother dead on the kitchen floor when she was 12 years old Similarities between the two cases sends Harper into areas in which she should never tread Her headstrong nature has left her on probation almost blowing up her career She now lives in a town called Alienation No longer professionally connected with nary a friend in sight.The Echo Killing has been a welcoming read after I ve slugged my way through some heavy duty psychological thrillers lately The character of Harper McClain is refreshing and with just the dose of snappy and witty like the whipped cream on a favorite latte The chapters are short and action filled with plenty of humor and zingers in the dialogue I think that Harper is working far above her pay scale and should maybe seek out private investigating on her own Can t wait for the next one.I received a copy of The Echo Killing through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to St Martin s Press and to Christi Daugherty for the opportunity.

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    Jam packed suspense A seasoned crime reporter Cold case mystery with a personal stake a recent murder and an intriguing setting in Savannah Crime reporter Harper McClain will stop at nothing to find the killer behind these murders Her mother s unsolved murder 15 years ago echoes the circumstances of a recent crime scene and rocks Harper s world She becomes obsessed with solving the case Could the murderer be the same person How could she ignore the similarities of both crimes The killer left no DNA, no evidence and no clues Harper will risk everything to go behind the scenes to try and bring justice to not only herself and her mother, but also another young girl who will be haunted by her mother s murder just as Harper was many years before The tension builds as the mystery unfolds and Harper gets closer to learning about the murders, but someone is watching I was able to predict the ending, but still a good one.I m anxiously awaiting the next in this series and want Harper Thanks to the publisher for providing my advanced copy.

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    Unpopular opinion time When Harper McClain was 12 years old she returned home from school to find her mother had been stabbed to death in their kitchen Fast forward to the future and Harper is now a crime reporter in Savannah, Ga When Harper hears that there has been a murder of a woman she rushes to the crime scene and breaks in through the back door, while the entire police force is present rolls eyes , only to discover that the scene is almost an exact replica to her mother s murder From here we follow Harper into her own personal investigation in which she breaks multiple rules and does such unbelievable things that should have put her ass in jail but of course it never does because then this story wouldn t exist I never warmed to Harper s character at all Her character was written a bit too over the top Too tough Too sassy to the point of being almost comical I was also a little disappointed that the first 70 pages or so is about Harper being at the scene of a gang bang shooting only to have that never return to the story line What was the point of that Why not just jump right into the murder that this story is supposed to be about It just seemed like this book had a lot of fluff and filler that was useless to the story line and caused me to skim a great deal It also drove me crazy that her best friend constantly referred to her as Harperlicious.again eye roll Okay, now I m just being petty, ignore that Of course a romance is included He s an undercover cop and she s a crime reporter which is all very taboo So we have chapters in which these two are constantly we should be together, we shouldn t, we will, we won t I can t help you with this, I will help you with this, I shouldn t help you with this yadda yadda yadda This became very tedious Guess who guessed the killer about 100 pages in This lady At least when it was revealed I had the satisfaction of saying I KNEW IT Apparently there will be a book 2 which is obvious by the way it ended however I m going to hop off the train now and say farewell to you Ms McClain All in all this was a miss for me but I am clearly an outlier Of my friends that have read this they all gave it 4 and 5 stars If it sounds like something you d like then by all means read it I would like to thank St Martin s Press Minotaur Books for sending me an ARC of this book.

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    The Echo Killing by Christi Daugherty is the first book in the thrilling Harper McClain series Harper is a crime reporter that lives life on the edge following the latest story giving the series and action packed ride from start to finish This also felt to be just on the edge of being romantic suspense with a bit of a relationship forming too.The story begins with Harper and her photographer, Miles Jackson, following the police scanner as the call comes in for a shooting As they are investigating what is going on at the scene the pair find themselves following as the suspects are being chased When heading into a sketchy area with back up no where around Harper and Miles end up pinned down by gunfire by the suspects.The explosive beginning shows readers just how involved in finding her story and finding justice that Harper is Fifteen years before Harper had walked in on her mother s body in their kitchen after a gruesome murder and growing up around law enforcement since that moment Harper is no stranger to crime.But as Harper goes after the headlines for her paper she finds herself walking in on another scene that brings back the memories of her mother s death With the same set up as that crime fifteen years before Harper can t help but feel the pull to find out what happened to this latest victim and maybe, just maybe, finally get justice for her mother.This was a great beginning to what looks to be a very promising series featuring an investigative journalist With the ties the main character has to law enforcement it makes the story even better as she will have advantages to use as she investigates And as tough and determined as Harper was she also showed a softer, human side in getting involved with a love interest who helps with her investigating With such a fast paced and thrilling ride in this first book of the series I definitely will be interested in seeing where the story goes from here with a bit of a cliffhanger ending leaving room for so much to come.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit

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    Savannah is beautiful and fairly safe and picturesque when you stick to the side the tourists are on There is a bleaker side of the city, where the houses aren t so picture perfect and the criminals run rampant Harper is in her element when things are a bit scary and dangerous, and she spends a lot of her time there She s a newspaper reporter who covers crime in the city, and if it bleeds, it leads She s always ready to dash off with her photographer to the latest crime scene, and they put out compelling stories together The scene that she visits one afternoon is both unusual and eerily familiar at the same time It s not in any of the usual areas, but Harper immediately notices similarities to a day she ll never forget A mother lying naked in the kitchen, her body filled with stab wounds A young girl being led away, traumatized Just like Harper one day was, many years ago Just like how her own mother met her brutal end Despite the years separating the crimes, Harper is convinced the man who murdered Marie Whitney and her mother are one and the same She has a hard time convincing anyone else It doesn t matter if she has help or not on this one She s determined to figure it out, convinced she s the only one who can find justice for the two murdered women.The book is very atmospheric it made me feel like I was right in Savannah, even though I ve never even been close I do wish The Library bar in the story was a real thing, because I d want to go The story is full of very likable and memorable characters, and it s a great start to a promising series The story was hard to predict when it came to the mystery, and very well written The romance came across to me as a little too cliche, but I m a bit jaded when it comes to romance and I know a lot of readers will really love those parts It s a great dark combination of wit and mystery There s light moments between Harper and her longtime best friend that will make you laugh, and scary moments that will give you a chill That s just the combination I love I m looking forward to the next one Minotaur Books kindly sent me an ARC of this book, thank you My review is honest and unbiased.

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    Very entertaining I stayed up into the wee hours to finish Even though I kind of had a feeling how this would end it was still very well thought out and really well paced I never got bored Great characters and an ending that left enough questions to keep me hooked into reading the next novel Really looking forward to seeing where this series goes 4.5 stars.

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The Echo Killing download The Echo Killing, read online The Echo Killing, kindle ebook The Echo Killing, The Echo Killing 39946f7ae9d1 When A Murder Echoing A Fifteen Year Old Cold Case Rocks The Southern Town Of Savannah, Crime Reporter Harper McClain Risks Everything To Find The Identity Of This Calculated KillerA City Of Antebellum Architecture, Picturesque Parks, And Cobblestone Streets, Savannah Moves At A Graceful Pace But For Harper McClain, The Timeless Beauty And Culture That Distinguishes Her Home S Southern Heritage Vanishes During The Dark And Dangerous Nights She Wouldn T Have It Any Other Way Not Even Finding Her Mother Brutally Murdered In Their Home When She Was Twelve Has Made Her Love Savannah Any LessHer Mother S Killer Was Never Found, And That Unsolved Murder Left Harper With An Obsession That Drove Her To Become One Of The Best Crime Reporters In The State Of Georgia She Spends Her Nights With The Police, Searching For Criminals Her Latest Investigation Takes Her To The Scene Of A Homicide Where The Details Are Hauntingly Familiar A Young Girl Being Led From The Scene By A Detective, A Female Victim Naked And Stabbed Multiple Times In The Kitchen, And No Traces Of Any Evidence Pointing Towards A SuspectHarper Has Seen All Of This Before In Her Own Life The Similarities Between The Murder Of Marie Whitney And Her Own Mother S Death Lead Her To Believe They Re Both Victims Of The Same Killer At Last, She Has The Chance To Find The Murderer Who S Eluded Justice For Fifteen Years And Make Sure Another Little Girl Isn T Forever Haunted By A Senseless Act Of Violence Even If It Puts Harper In The Killer S Cross Hairs