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  • 22 June 2019

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    4 starsWow This book left me feeling emotionally exhausted but satisfied The Fulfillment is a poignant read that transports the reader back to the hardships and struggles the American farmstead faced during the early twentieth century It also had me experiencing an array of conflicting emotions due to the books storyline I m not one for reading infidelity plotlines but this one was unique in it s delivery Jonathan, who is sterile due to a childhood illness and is the books secondary hero, asks his wife, Mary, the heroine, and his younger brother, Aaron, who is a bachelor and the story s main hero, to sleep together in hopes of producing a child he can raise as his own I guess you could call it rationalization on my part, because cheating is cheating no matter how you slice it, but, still, I overlooked much when it came to this book hence the emotional conflict I felt the author gave a very realistic and heartbreaking portrayal of the inherent consequences and turmoil this type of unorthodox decision creates for all involved In addition, I found myself genuinely liking, and rooting for, these imperfect characters so for Mary and Aaron than for Jonathan and hoping somehow they all could achieve their happily ever after I also appreciated that the few love scenes between Mary and Aaron were sensual and passionate, while remaining tastefully done That said, there were times I found myself becoming bored and even skimming a few pages during the extensive and tedious details given to the hardships and struggles that running a farm and maintaining the homestead would have entailed The Fulfillment is a well written, emotional, and thought provoking book with a very satisfying, yet somewhat bittersweet ending How could it not be

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    I was looking forward to reading this because the last, and only, book I read of LaVyrle Spencer s, Morning Glory, I absolutely loved The premise for this book sounded intriguing, if a little predictable because, really, there s only one way there could be an HEA I didn t like it, though.I didn t find any of the characters particularly likable, though Jonathan wasn t that bad and I actually kind of found him to be okay I do believe that he wanted Mary to have a child with Aaron because he wanted her to experience motherhood, something she was deprived of because of his inability to sire He was a little strange with his fascination and connection to Vinnie, but I felt he was genuine and liked him nonetheless Even though Mary and Aaron thought he was just putting them into this position because he wanted an heir of his own, I choose to believe that wasn t the case I found him to be rather endearing, actually, with his ability to connect to animals rather than humans I think that if he only wanted an heir, he could easily have left that up to Aaron and his eventual children.Aaron and Mary, I didn t like at all I found them to be incredibly selfish and annoying I thought I might eventually grow to like Aaron, but it never happened Right from the beginning I was put out with him and his treatment of Priscilla He did her wrong because he led her on he knew what he was doing and he did it anyway because he s selfish Priscilla thought he wouldn t propose marriage because he thought she was cheap for having slept with him before a proposal or marriage but he tells her that s not that case but she doesn t really believe it SO, she tells him she won t sleep with him again and if he wants her favors, she demands marriage in return.What does he say Meaning to hurt her, he backed a step away, bowed slightly, and said with quiet sarcasm, Ah, yes, if favors they could be called What a fucking asshole.Then, later, he tries to apologize but finds that she s gone to the dance without him He s irked but feels that maybe he deserved it Maybe Maybe he deserved it after what he said Anyway So, at the dance he approaches her again but she tells him she s decided not to wait around for him Why should I put all my apples in one basket Maybe I ll pass a few around I completely agree He s the one who said he wasn t going to proposeso why should she put all her apples in one basket Well, Aaron doesn t agree with this sentiment and says Passing your apples around already he couldn t help taunting Look out, Priscilla, too many passes and you ll be applesauce Aaron was the one that told her he wasn t going to propose because he s just not ready for it yet, even though they ve pretty much been seeing one another exclusively for a year and have slept together He s an immature asshole who, after being denied, turned into an even bigger ass He s the one who told her that he s going to step aside and leave and make way for somebody who ll think of marriage first and haylofts second and that, with him aside, other fellows might feel welcome around here He s the one who told her that, although he still wants her, wanting and marrying are two different things to a man So, when she decides to pursue other avenues and does what he suggests, he s a bitter asshole.He s seriously one of those guys who tells you you re pretty but is quick to call you a whore when he doesn t get what he wants.I didn t like Mary, either I wasn t feeling her from the start because the author took every opportunity to liken her to a child She s said to look like a child, act like a child, speak like a child She s described as being a childlike woman, having a child woman s body, a schoolgirl She s like a child and that she has a childlike face child s face and she s as enchanting as a schoolgirl That is literally what is said.She looked as enchanting as a schoolgirl.I honestly felt like putting the book down simply for that because I was so disgusted with the constant comparison to a child This infantilization of her is seriously vomit inducingly repulsive.Moving on, I didn t find the relationship between Aaron and Mary to be at all believable When Jonathan first introduces the idea, they re both understandably against it They become awkward as a trio but there are no introductions or awakenings of other feelings Aaron and Mary s resistance towards the idea continues for two months afterwards However, Aaron then becomes aware of her because she looks pretty after having decided to dress up for the dance A week later, Jonathan leaves for Minneapolis They go from this awareness to sleeping together, and then being comfortable with having done it, physical affection and romance way too quickly.Jonathan leaves on Sunday after Church and they sleep together that night They re affectionate the next day and then Aaron is wining and dining her with wine and flowers that night The next day, they re trying on his parent s wedding clothes and he expresses wanting her as his bride and they exchange I Love Yous And then Jonathan returns that day Tuesday It made absolutely no sense and was absolutely unbelievable.The spent seven years together as in laws and, other than brotherly sisterly, they had no other feelings towards one another Then, abruptly, they re exchanging I Love Yous within two days nights of sleeping together When they first sleep together, there s absolutely no awkwardness between them and they are, instead, bantering and joking about wenches and dragons I expected there to be some acclimation to their new circumstance becausewell, hello You just slept with your brother sister in law. Instead, there s an immediate settlement into domestic bliss He gets her into his mother s wedding dress and is telling her that she will always be his beautiful bride When she tells Aaron that she s pregnant, he tries to convince her to run away with him because he thinks that this changes everything That, again, makes absolutely no sense because the reason Jonathan asked them to sleep together in the first place was in order to conceive a child And now he thinks that it changes everything and they, him and Mary, should pack up and go elsewhere and leave Jonathan Mary is no better in the selfishness department This is another reason that I didn t like her She s upset that, upon Jonathan s return, he shows no outward jealousy the reader is told Jonathan feels a hollowness upon realizing that Aaron and Mary have, indeed, slept together She wants his love in order to get through this pregnancy and I just couldn t help disliking her She wants him to love her and be jealous that she d slept with his brother and they conceived a childeven though she loves Aaron She wants him to show his jealousy as a sign that he cares, even though it s his brother she loves, it s his brother s child she carries, it s his brother who she wants to sleep with How selfish can you be to be demand that And then to be angry when you don t get it

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    Another nice read from Ms Spencer Together they worked the land.Together they loved one woman.Mary was little than a restless, impressionable young girl when she left Chicago for the wheat fields of a Minnesota farm, where she would become the wife of Jonathan s younger brother Aaron, she was a respected, trusted friend But after seven frustrating childless years, the foundations of a strong and happy union have started to show signs of strain And Jonathan turns to his brother Aaron, to ask of him what he could ask no other man. I really loved Aaron and Mary Jonathan I could take or leave him It really was tough for these farming people to try and survive and live off the land The brothers were polar opposites I kinda saw what was coming I mean, it had to happen, didn t it

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    An old favorite of mine Quite angsty Don t read this if you have any cheating hot buttons Which really I normally do, but somehow this one didn t push those buttons that hard for me, don t know why Do know that they made this into the most abysmal TV movie and changed the ending which made the whole thing suck buckets of suck Book is real good though.

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    Feels like a cop out to me And weirdly to me focused on the land a lot than the characters.rating

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    Just as Fulfilling the Second Time AroundI read The Fulfillment by LaVyrle Spencer almost 20 years ago and randomly found it again searching for historical romances I picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and it was even better than I remembered I am not one to read a romance with an infidelity plotline at all, but the way Ms Spencer handles this topic is mastery She makes it believable and she makes it so hard to judge any character in the book for what occurs She takes what could have been a contrived and cliche plotline into an extraordinary book with a refreshing feel.Jonathan and Mary Gray live on a farm in Minnesota in the early 1900s Aaron, Jonathan s brother, lives with them and works the farm Both brothers are tied to the land they work Jonathan and Mary have been trying to have a baby for seven years and haven t been able to conceive Jonathan suspects he is sterile and asks Aaron to sire the child he cannot This sets in motion a chain of event which change all of the characters lives forever The book is written in third person, but the reader is able to get the POV from all three main characters I have to say it is rare for an author to convey so much emotion in a reader for all of her characters Ms Spencer executes this flawlessly You can relate and understand each character s motives I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster and I was so engrossed with the character s themselves that I, too, cried when they did and laughed when they were happy.One thing I love about Ms Spencer s historical romances is that they are truly authentic She makes me feel like I m there She adds details to the time period, like the endless and hard work which occurred on a farm, the fellowship enjoyed on Sunday at church, the gossip that occurred when one went to town to shop and pick up supplies and the period dress of the time I always feel like I m transported back in time in her books.This is such a wonderful book about love, family, willfulness, and what and how one decision can change the lives of a family forever I have to say this is one of my favorite historical romances and I m so glad I reread it It was so worth the emotions and the healing at the end.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this American historical with a forbidden love theme Aaron was a man I adored such integrity and selflessness but his passion and love were unending Mary was likeable and naive in all senses Aaron awakened her as a woman, a person in a way her husband could not LaVyrle Spencer is a new to me author but one that has been recommended to me a few times Her writing has a natural simplicity that aids your escape into her characters worlds There was an element of predictability to this tale but it didn t diminish the enjoyment I am really excited to read from this author.

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    I read this book about five years ago, and it s still one of my favorites I fell in love with all of the characters, which just made it heartbreaking Even though its not very explicit, its still a very sensual book.

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    Mary and Jonathan live on a farm but the house is owned by Jonathan s brother, Aaron Jonathan knows he is sterile so he proposes that Aaron sleep with Mary so she gets the baby she wants and Jonathan gets an heir and the child is still a Gray and no one will be the wiser What he doesn t count on is the close friendship that Aaron and Mary have and how his request affects them I probably read this years ago when I believed that there were happy endings and I probably would have given it 5 stars then Now I am older and wiser and see that Jonathan was really kind of one dimensional He wanted an heir and cared about his Black Angus stud bull than he did Mary The ending was kind of bittersweet but I think it was kind of predictable.

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    Based on the synopsis alone, I would never have considered reading this book After a beloved friend s gift and my recent love of the author, I decided to finally be brave I devoured this in less than 24 hours I ve never felt so invested to a rural MN farm town at the turn of the century Spencer has the amazing ability to take unassuming, ordinary lives and create the most gut wrenching and beautiful love stories Aaron is an absolute dream and I enjoyed his and Mary s journey.

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