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The Gunslinger pdf The Gunslinger, ebook The Gunslinger, epub The Gunslinger, doc The Gunslinger, e-pub The Gunslinger, The Gunslinger e07f623c63e In The First Book Of This Brilliant Series, Stephen King Introduces Readers To One Of His Most Enigmatic Heroes, Roland Of Gilead, The Last Gunslinger He Is A Haunting Figure, A Loner On A Spellbinding Journey Into Good And Evil In His Desolate World, Which Frighteningly Mirrors Our Own, Roland Pursues The Man In Black, Encounters An Alluring Woman Named Alice, And Begins A Friendship With The Kid From Earth Called Jake Both Grippingly Realistic And Eerily Dreamlike, The Gunslinger Leaves Readers Eagerly Awaiting The Next Chapter Back Cover

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    INTRODUCTION A few things you should know before deciding how helpful this review will be for you . I think the Dark Tower series as a whole is a staggering achievement and belongs in any discussion without qualification of the Greatest Fantasy Series of All Time There are no spoilers in this review but I have read the series twice all the way through and am doing a third reading as part of a group read this month Therefore, my review is colored by my knowledge of how the rest of the series is Hence, I only give this book 4 stars because in comparison to the rest of the series, I thought this book was by far the weakest In a vacuum, I would have probably given this 5 stars due to the Chilly Palmer Josey Wales awesomeness of the character of Roland Roland Deschain is THE MAN and belongs among the truly ICONIC figures in 20th century literature and is certainly among my top ten favorite characters of all time I think this is even astounding given the Roland himself was initially patterned on the classic, iconic western gunfighter Yet, through the series, I thought he grew beyond his original programming and became a truly unique figure I have read a number of Stephen King books beyond the Dark Tower series and have really liked some The Stand, The Green Mile, The Night Shift and really disliked some Dreamcatcher, Cujo and The Dark Half I just wanted to be clear that I like Stephen King but am not a everything he writes is gold fanboy..beyond the Dark Tower series that is I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the ending of the series don t worry, no spoilers I can not think of a better way to have ended this epic series and believe that it created a much powerful memory of the journey through all 7 books I think Stephen King should be applauded for allowing the story to take on such MYTHIC importance as I think he achieved with the way he ended this series I know that MANY and I mean MANY disagree with me on this one and I can understand where they are coming from psssst however, just between us.they are all wrong and I m right but shhhhhh I have listened to all 7 books are audio the first 4 read by the late Frank Muller and the last 3 read by George Guidall I believe that anyone who has read the books and not listened to these stories on audio is REALLY MISSING SOMETHING WONDERFUL Those who have listened to the Dune series on audio can understand the incredible quality and enhancement that a superb reading of a great story can bring .As mentioned in the above introduction, this book only gets 4 stars from me In large part this is due to both the quality of the later books and also the fact that it is plagued by some inconsistencies that arose due to changes that King made in the later books I applaud King for going back and re writing this story to resolve these conflicts, but I still think this book suffers from the fact that King did not know how LARGE the story would become when he wrote this That said, this book is an absolute essential read as it introduced the world to Roland Deschain of Gilead, Son of Steven, Gunslinger, Champion of the White, Descendant of the line of Arthur Eld, Bane of the Man in Black and Seeker of the Dark Tower How best to describe Roland Physically, he was inspired by Clint Eastwood s The Man with No Name and so a younger Clint Eastwood is an excellent way to visualize him From there, you need to mix in a little MYSTICAL TEACHER WARRIOR MASTER SLOGAN DISPENSER.Add a helping of NOBLE KNIGHT LEADER And then top it off with a large triple shot of BAD ASS MOFO ..with the end result being one of the most intriguing, layered though it takes some time to peel those layers back and complex figures in all of literature in my opinion In this first installment, which is quite short compared to subsequent volumes we are introduced to Roland and the world he lives in as he is chasing the Man in Black Roland s world appears like a deranged version of the Old West but with occasional references to an older world that was much technologically advanced We are left with the impression of a very ancient world that is fading and running down As Roland describes it, his world has moved on We also come to find that Roland s world is not our world but that there are strange similarities between the two e.g., Arthur Eld the great hero of Roland s world would seem to be their version of King Arthur both world s have a version of the song Hey Jude , etc In addition, we learn that it is possible though difficult to travel between the worlds which is a fundamental aspect of the rest of the series It is in this story that Roland first meets Jake Chambers who arrives in Roland s world from a version of our New York City I will leave you to learn for yourself the circumstances surrounding Jake s appearance and the results Through a lengthy flashback in the city of JethroTull we learn of both the mad skills of Roland as a Gunslinger and the otherworldly powers of the Man in Black My takeaway, Roland can shoot the eyes out of hummingbird and 50 paces From there, the book moves ahead briskly until the inevitable final showdown between Roland and the Man in Black The details, the interesting nuggets and the time spent with Jake are best experienced fresh so I will avoid spoilers Overall, a good introduction to Roland and his world but merely an appetizer to the warm buttery goodness that is to follow and the epic tale of the Gunslinger really gets going in the next book The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed And you should follow to, all the way to the end of the story and discover the wonders of this most original journey HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION.

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    Please don t hate me I know it seems sacrilegious to give a Stephen King anything less than 4 stars, but this one was SLOOOOWWWW for the first 75% That s not to say I didn t enjoy it, but I did find this was an easy book to put down and not feel an urgency to jump back into for days at a time I ve heard many folks describe this as a nice prologue to the series and that, in a sense, the action and story doesn t become investment worthy until book 2 That, coupled with the fact that I did become very involved in the final 25% or so of this book has me itching to continue on with Roland because DEAR GOD THAT ENDING I was just coasting, coasting, coasting, and then then I had to reread the final couple of pages a few times to make sure I was following along properly All in all, I got the sense that this is a really special series and worthy of the high praise it has received for decades, and I expect my future reviews will hold gushing and fangirling than this one did PS my prim and proper mother we lovingly refer to her as Nonni is the one who initially convinced me to read this series and also invest in The Stand because she read both way back in her day Who knew Nonni was so cool and hip and in the know

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    B 68% Satisfactory Notes A discordant blend of flowery, terse and vulgar prose, difficult to follow and insufficient in explaining new concepts.

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    ENGLISH The Gunslinger ITALIANOWhen I read this novel than twenty years ago, I did not appreciate it Clearly, Roland s story did not charmed enough my distracted and teenage mind Therefore, I decided to prematurely stop the The Black Tower series A few days ago in a bookstore I stumbled on a copy of the new edition of The Gunslinger , and reading the preface I understood a couple of things FIRST not just myself, but also Stephen King was young when he wrote the same edition of The Gunslinger that I read eons ago SECOND to overcome the incomplete literary maturity possessed at that time, Stephen King thought to revise and enrich the original novel, publishing a new edition that for simplicity I will define mature In fact, in that preface King confesses that when he starts writing a novel, he has no idea where he s going with this, let alone when he stars to write a multi volume saga In this light, the rearrangement of The Gunslinger , done only after completing the last episode of The Black Tower , was necessary.The plot is simple Roland is a gunslinger and chases the man in black The deadly desert dominates on them Some meetings take place along the way, new characters come into play, while flashbacks clarify the gunslinger s past In my opinion the most beautiful parts of the novel are precisely Roland s memories, which begin to roughly make us understand the meaning of The Black Tower King give us the only hint about the time of the facts practically at the end Gunslinger, our fathers conquered the disease which rots, which we call cancer, almost conquered aging, went to the moon , indicating that we are in a vague future, far from our day The air we breathe is suggestive and desolate Making an example that only the fans of Garth Ennis will catch, the atmosphere resembles the one created by the British comic artist when describing the events of the Saint of Killers, one of the key characters of his famous graphic novel Preacher.Although some details escape me at the moment, I expect a lot from this saga I think this novel is a kind of introduction that I will fully understand after the next volumes, and probably I will return to these reflections once again in the future to update my personal judgment of The Gunslinger For now, I trust the positive reviews of the next volumes Overall I trust the positive reviews of The Black Tower series But above all I trust the author who, than anyone else, always stimulated my imagination And that s not a small thing My journey just started.Vote 7Quando lessi questo romanzo pi di vent anni fa, non ne fui entusiasta Evidentemente la vicenda di Roland non aveva colpito abbastanza la mia mente distratta e adolescente Decisi pertanto di non continuare la serie de La Torre Nera Qualche giorno fa mi sono imbattuto in libreria in una copia della nuova edizione de L Ultimo Cavaliere , e leggendone la prefazione vengo a conoscenza di un paio di cose UNO non solo il sottoscritto, ma anche il buon Stephen era giovane, molto giovane, quando scrisse l edizione dell ultimo cavaliere che lessi eoni fa DUE per ovviare alla non piena maturit letteraria posseduta all epoca, il buon Stephen ha pensato bene di rivedere ed arricchire il romanzo originale, mandando alle stampe una nuova edizione che per semplicit definisco pi matura Difatti nella suddetta prefazione King confessa che quando inizia a scrivere un romanzo, non sa con precisione dove vuole andare a parare Figuriamoci quando inizia a scrivere una saga di pi volumi In quest ottica, il rimaneggiamento de L ultimo cavaliere , fatto solo dopo aver completato l ultimo episodio de La Torre Nera , stato necessario.La trama semplice Roland un pistolero ed insegue l uomo in nero Su di loro domina il deserto, torrido e letale Lungo il cammino avvengono degli incontri, entrano in gioco nuovi personaggi, mentre flashback di ricordi chiariscono il passato del pistolero Sono proprio i ricordi di Roland le parti pi belle secondo me, sono brani che cominciano grossolanamente a farci capire il senso della Torre Nera L unico indizio sull epoca in cui avvengono i fatti lo si ottiene praticamente alla fine Pistolero, i nostri plurisnonni debellarono il morbo che fa marcire, quello che chiamavano cancro Quasi debellarono la vecchiaia, camminarono sulla luna ,ad indicare che ci troviamo in un futuro vago, lontano dai giorni nostri L aria che si respira suggestionante e desolata Per fare un esempio che coglieranno solamente i fan di Garth Ennis, l atmosfera somiglia molto a quella creata dal fumettista britannico quando descrive le vicende del Santo degli Assassini , uno dei personaggi chiave della sua graphic novel Preacher.Nonostante ci sono alcuni dettagli che mi sfuggono, mi aspetto molto da questa saga Credo che questo romanzo sia una sorta di introduzione che comprender appieno dopo i volumi successivi, ed immagino che torner in futuro su queste riflessioni per aggiornare il mio personale giudizio de L Ultimo Cavaliere Per ora mi fido delle recensioni positive dei prossimi volumi Mi fido delle recensioni positive della serie La Torre Nera nella sua interezza Ma soprattutto mi fido dell autore che pi di tutti ha sempre stimolato la mia immaginazione E scusate se poco.Il mio viaggio appena iniziato.Voto 7

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    The man in black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed Roland Deschain, the last of the Gunslingers, is on a quest for the Dark Tower, a mysterious edifice that is the axle of worlds and holds all existence together In this, the first volume, Roland pursues his nemesis across the Mohaine Desert He follows the man in black s trail to a little town called Tull, then through desert, encountering a boy named Jake from our world, and then into the mountains Will Roland finally catch his arch nemesis after years of pursuing him And what means will he go to to achieve his goal When I first picked up this book, I had no idea it would shoot to the top of my favorites list I wolfed down the first four books in three weeks, then entered an agonizing period of waiting for the last three to be published I think I ve read the first four books five or six times each The whole Dark Tower series, while on the surface a fantasy western, is really the story of one man s obsession In this volume, we get a hint of what Roland will do to get to the Dark Tower.The writing is great and it warmed me up to Stephen King Roland s world is unique Part fantasy, part western, part post apocalypse While it s the first book in a series, it s quite satisfying to read on its own.If your looking with fantasy with a different flavor, look no further.Additional Thoughts from the April 2011 re read Some of the additions in the revised edition of this book were much needed and brought the first book into synch with the later ones Others seemed a little ham fisted and took away a bit of Roland s mystique view spoiler I like the idea a certain curmudgeonly Kansan reviewer proposed that the first edition of The Gunslinger and this one are from different cycles in Roland s quest I think it s a testament to Stephen King s skill as a writer that even on my sixth or seventh go round, I was still hoping Roland wouldn t let Jake fall hide spoiler

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    An intriguing book, it draws the reader in little by little It is fantastic, imaginative but inconsistent Amid moments of brilliance there are also islands of abstraction so murky, almost Kafkaesque in absurdity, that I could not follow But it is interesting enough that I will probably read the sequels Of course that is another detraction, this book does not stand alone but leaves the reader with many questions unanswered Fun questions that lead the reader to seek further, but a work of literature should be able to be read alone with obvious, but genius exceptions The ideas of alternate realities and worlds within worlds are very interesting and King may be uniquely qualified, as a literary descendant of Lovecraft, Matheson and Blackwood to pull it off 2015 amendment The man in black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed The iconic opening lines have stayed with me for a couple of years and I find myself thinking about this series, and specifically, what have I missed Hundreds of thousands of people love this series and I am left on the outside looking in I think when I first read this I was put off by the purely fantastic setting, but now, maybe three years after I read the first, I am ready to return and give this another try 2018 This series brings out so many mixed emotions from me When I first read this, I thought I d missed the boat and was going to be on the outside looking in Years later I started the rest of the series, but I take these books slow I like love dislike his writing here, but keep coming back I just started Wizard and Glass, the fourth in the series, almost nine years after reading this one So I m reading on the pace of how he published these

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    Great world building and atmosphere Definitely different from anything I ve read before It felt very scattered, like King didn t really have any idea what the next paragraph would hold I m sure that probably made it a blast to write, but it could ve been better if it wasn t quite so disjointed The dialogue between characters is Star Wars Episode II level bad, unfortunately I really enjoyed the world building though, which makes me think that the series may be worth continuing.

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    All I could think throughout this book was what the hell am I reading This western fantasy has to be the most confusing book I ve read in a long time Some parts were interesting than others but overall I was very disappointed After hearing everyone rave about this series I have a hard time understanding why I don t believe it would be this popular if it wasn t for Stephen King s name on it There I said it I didn t like the story very much nor the writing.I had been warned that the first book wasn t as great as the others but I m currently not in a rush to continue.

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    Beaware that the movie s following the Ending of the Last Book But in the first book, I suffered the Hard, Dry, Boring read of following a Man in Black you don t know, in a weird hot dry desert in hot August for one reason,To reach a Dark Tower you don t know where..or why..detailed in too much adverbs and ambiguity.That didn t help much to start the following 2 books I already boughtBook one was a true disappointment for me, I never thought it d be from you, Mr King..I believe in Old Gods of King Salem s Lot and the new Under the Dome..but this really I hated..May be just mebut here s a confession that clear my doubts. Stephen King, on the foreword The younger man who dared to write this book had been exposed to far too many writing seminars, and had grown far too used to the ideas those seminars promulgate that one is writing for other people rather than one s self that language is important than story that ambiguity is to be preferred over clarity and simplicity, which are usually signs of a thick and literal mind As a result, I was not surprised to find a high degree of pretension in Roland s debut appearance not to mention what seemed like thousands of unnecessary adverbs I removed as much of this hollow blather as I could, Yes, that s why I hate most new authors work, but really young King here followed the rules very hard..And it doesn t seem as if he really removed much.The ambiguity here was in the character of the Gunslinger, who by half of the book you d get to know some glimpse of his childhood past and coming of age.He kills, he travel for totally unknown reason till the end of this volume Following another ambiguous Man in Black who s ambiguity evil and the reason he killed a whole small town.Meeting ambiguity Boy killed in our real world and somehow he s alive in this ambitious worldwhich is even not the Gunslinger s original world.A world with wired Mutants, men with birds heads, while the Gunslinger world is even weirder.Do you have an even small explanation on anything No Stephen King, on the foreword Although I ve spent an inordinate amount of time writing these books in the thirty three years between 1970 and 2003, comparatively few people have read them. No wonder, simply because this book defy the rules of First Book of a Series..Too ambiguousdry dry lines for a supposed epic fantasy..I don t believe anyone felt liking Ronald, The Gunslinger nor being okay with travelling with a dead boy Jack , or would get tense that something bad may befall himhe s already dead for God s sakes..brutal death as it is.It s hard to love the characters if you don t understand them well enough I m not a fan of extreme fantasy, I love ASOIAF and Harry Pottet cause both real than extreme fantasy, But till now I can t force myself reading Lord of the Rings..I loved the movies, And I loved the short Hobbit novel, it s short and the writing style is amazing but that s all.Here s extreme strange ambiguous world and charactersin dry 19 years old writing by the rules of how to be Shakespeare , with all the strange old and weird language and the 238 pages felt like 832 pages.I find myself fast reading many lines, still I got it all..it s not too much stuff happening anyway When now I have read the Wikipedia to write the review I find out the Summary ia totally enough, read it instead of this book and you re done with it Stephen King, on the foreword The Gunslinger did not even sound like the later books it was, frankly, rather difficult to read All too often I heard myself apologizing for it, and telling people that if they persevered, they would find the story really found its voice in The Drawing of the Three. Well, Only 4 pages by the last chapter can gives u a glimpse of this tower request it evolves God, religion, technology, creation, sinceetc.That s what I most cared forthat s the best scene of all the book..Alas, The Man in Black doesn t know much anyway, so is The Gunslinger..So do I, so do you if you only get yourself finishing this book.I believe this book could have been way better if was just half the pages, and included in book two as 2 parts in one book.It was 5 short stories once published separatedGod that d have been awful. Only the last one though making a bit good promise to an interesting adventure to come If this last one The Gunslinger and the Dark Man came second in order of chapters that may have been at least better improvement.I ve read the preview of Book Two that included here..it was 12 pages of same prolonged one man tedious walk..till the mysterious door appears and that s when everything may change for way better adventure set in our real world..I may love it I guess., may be when I read the next 2 books but they re in detention till next February, the Movie release may be then I d appreciate this first book .So, till next February then.Mohammed ArabeyFrom 5 Aug 2016To 8 Aug 2016Next King Stop, The Stand

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    I don t like people They fuck me up Roland Deschain, the last of the Gunslingers, is after the Man in Black Along the way he meets a young boy named Jake, who appears to be from a world that is different to Roland s.Ah, Roland I had forgotten how difficult it was to like you in The Gunslinger Some of your decisions are questionable, but that is the price of obsession.The Gunslinger is so unlike King s usual style of writing the prose is beautifully poetic as we are introduced to a world that is starkly different to ours, yet some similarities remain The differences in language and terms used, as well as the general workings of this world, are a bit jarring on the first read, but a reread is really so satisfying and rewarding The Gunslinger works perfectly as a prologue to the series itself It s an introduction to this other world, and Roland himself we get glimpses into his past, his present, and even a few subtle hints into what his future may hold Roland is initially portrayed as the strong silent Clint Eastwood type thinking of Tony Soprano here LOL , but over the course of the series he becomes so much than this, and evolves into one of the most complex characters I ve ever encountered in literature Thank you, King, for such a fantastic character.I will never cease to be amazed and intrigued by the world that the Dark Tower series is set in And although I feel like The Gunslinger works as a pretty great prologue and sets the scene for the series, there are still a huge number of parts that are iconic to the story itself We have Roland s past in Gilead with his mother and friends, we also have an epic demonstration of his gunslinging abilities in Tull, and of course, our introduction to Jake Chambers and his journey with Roland through the mountains, which is eventful in itself And then the book culminates with the Man in Black having a palaver with Roland, where he is told his future This part in particular is so enjoyable on a reread, picking up on the different predictions mades and ALLLL the foreshadowing It s fantastic.On my first journey to the Dark Tower, and also on this one, I read the revised edition of The Gunslinger, as King went back to the original and made some some amendments to make it both an easier read and to fix some consistencies I really want to get my hands on a copy of the original version so that I can compare Such incredible world building and I feel like King intrigues you enough to make you want to pick up the next book right away But I won t be as I am waiting until February like the good readalong host that I am Yes I deserve some credit I m giving this rating only because I know what is yet to come can t wait to carry on with my reread of my most favourite book series 4 stars.

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