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The House on Hope Street chapter 1 The House on Hope Street , meaning The House on Hope Street , genre The House on Hope Street , book cover The House on Hope Street , flies The House on Hope Street , The House on Hope Street 03700795eacd6 Four Cassettes,HoursLife Was Good For Liz And Jack Sutherland InYears Of Marriage, They Had Built A Family, A Successful Law Practice, And A Warm, Happy Home Near San Francisco, In A House On Hope Street Then, In An Instant, It All Fell Apart It Began Like Any Other Christmas Morning, With Joy And Children S Laughter But For Jack Sutherland, A Five Minute Errand Ends In Tragedy And Suddenly, Liz Is Alone, Facing Painful Questions In The Wake Of An Unbearable LossHow Can She Go On Without Her Husband, Her Partner, Her Best Friend How Can She Grieve When She Must Console Five Devastated Children, Including One With Special Needs Of His Own Powered By Her Children S Love, Liz Finds The Strength To Return To Work, To Become Both Mother And Daddy , Coaching Her Youngest Son For The Special Olympics And One By One The Holidays Come And Go Before Her Eyes Valentine S Day Without Flowers And Without JackEasterJuly ThThen, Just Weeks Before Labor Day, A Devastating Accident Sends Her Oldest Son To The Hospital And Brings A Doctor Named Bill Webster Into Her Life Bill Becomes A Friend To Liz As He Slowly Heals Her Shattered SonAnd As Long As The Days Of Summer Blend Into Fall, A New Relationship Offers New Hope, And Liz Reflects On What She Has, On What She S Lost, On The Little Blessings That Give Strength When Nothing Else Is Left Then, With The First Anniversary Of Her Husband S Death Approaching, And With It Another Christmas In The House On Hope Street, Liz Will Face One Crisis Before She Can Look Back At A Year Of Mourning And Change And Ahead To The Beginning Of A New Life

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    When I started reading books and ended up losing some of my to be read, I always ask my friends for recommendation and usually they give me author s names I begin collecting Danielle Steel s novels when I was in high school but never have the chance to open them or read them Although I only read two of her works and I was amazed how fast I can finish her book but not contented in the end So I keep searching for authors and collect their works that I nearly forgot that I still have books in my to be read shelves.So one of mislead authors on my shelf was Danielle Steel that hoping that I can garnish all her works this summer vacation and so far I only read one I think there are books that you really enjoyed reading when you were young but when you get old your taste differ so do what I feel with her books It was so disappointing that I find her works replication of her older novels and she just put some minor changes in the book In the other hand, she deals with family problem, marriage, relationship and friendship.For 18 years, Liz and Jack were happily married, both work as a lawyer defending families that are at stake They have five sons and daughters that are nice and perfect As if, they are living in a perfect world, everything is in order, neat, happy as if the world and their family is coordinated to each other But one day, when one of their client s enemy visit and call Jack, everything got upside down He was killed and shot in his office drifting blood on the floor, looking for help.For Liz and the children, it was one of their worst nightmare and most unforgettable day of their lives Living without their dad in a very young age and celebrating Christmas without him Liz, must do her job as a mother and as a father for the children At first it was hard for her to accomplish two person job and in the end, everything was in right condition When her oldest son accident, another problem came and her life dug her soul seven deep under.Then she met Bill, a neurologist and the doctor of his son that soon recovered Her relationship with Bill is getting deeper and everything falls under his spell Can her family accept Bill or her life will be another pages of miserable tale For a mother and as a woman, she struggles to commit things for her children but this time her children should understand her needs to be happy woman, a mother and as a wife again.It was an easy read, everything flows and it was like talking to a Grade one student or a kid narrating a short novel for you The sentences are short and words that can be easily comprehend by the readers An effortless but worth reading book, recommended for those people who are busy and looking for something heartwarming and to fall your tears again Does Hope Street really exist I don t have any idea but looking at the book s cover the painted house and garden was a great example of a soft young female artist s work.Rating The House on Hope Street by Danielle Steel, 2 Sweets and another year of happiness I can still remember myself picking her books from booksale store and the cashier keep asking me questions, why I always buy Danielle Steel s books Until now, I don t have the guts to answer her question Well, I m happy nobody know my secret why I bought her books besides reading them Challenges Book 67 for 2011 Book 41 for Off the Shelf

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    Loved it

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    A good, light read that gets you seated in the characters perspective It was very fast paced.

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    I read heart beat by daielle steel befor I read this one and I was happy then I get interest about her work and I pic this one to read but I ve been shoked I was excited at the very begening of novel then I get really bored of it and I can t finish it , and until now its still on my shelfs uncompleted soo I don t know what happened to all the glory I got at first time but magically its all goneto be honest I will try to read another novel to her before judge on her

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    Amazing Of course it made me cry but I loved it so much It is always like this when I finished any of Danielle s books , I feel good and happy It make me believe that there will always be hope Even in the darkest moment every thing is going to be ok Really such a great book you have to read it Thanks Danielle Steel for being such a great author Really You inspire me

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    I read the book twice within 2 weeks.cried cried This story tells about how deep her love to her late husband to take care 5 young children.Shes a strong lady facing up all the challenges and cope with her future life

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    Almost every time I read Danielle Steele, I m amazed that her books sell as well as they do Her writing is very unsophisticated almost juvenile , punctuation is horrible, etc With as many books as she sells, you d think she d have a decent editor Anyway this was a decent enough story, if somewhat predictable I was bothered by the fact that Liz could fall so in love so quickly with the first guy she meets after her husband s death I wanted to warn her about that The book ended rather arbitrarily, so one can only assume that all goes well from that point on.

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    I read it around 7 8 years ago.I remember it made me cry like a baby.

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    Mais exactamente 3,5 um livro k nos afecta bastante e achei mt doloroso p um livro t o pequeno e c uma hist ria c passa a correr.

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