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    5 Battle Stars There are few books that will impact you physically as well as mentally This is one of them I sit drained and awe inspired Hornfischer will take you into the heart of this final major sea battle off the coast of the Philippine Islands, a battle that should have been a slaughter of American ships by a vastly powerful Japanese force But a small force of destroyers destroyer escorts and swirling naval air attacked, and attacked, and attacked until the Japanese force finally withdrew The writing is so intense, I had to take breaks Even after the battle, the American survivors fight to survive for 3 nights and 2 days when the rescue forces go to the wrong location This surface battle and the naval air battle overhead filled me with awe at the sheer courage displayed I can t think of another battle history that exceeds the power of this story All time best book

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    What do you do when you re a relatively small group of light aircraft carriers, destroyers, and destroyer escorts and you re suddenly faced with the biggest ships in the Japanese Navy Japanese ships that are faster, sturdier, and have guns that can fire long before you ll be in range to fire back You can A Curse Admiral Halsey for chasing a decoy group of Japanese ships and leaving your flank exposed B Accept the fact that you are probably going to die C Charge the Japanese line anyway, even if all your plane has are depth charges because you were on anti submarine patrol or if all your ship has are guns that will bounce off the larger ship s armor D Somehow pull off a miraculous victory through one of history s most impressive shows of courage, determination, and sacrifice E All of the above As you can guess, the men of the group Taffy 3 did all of the above American planes swarmed the Japanese cruisers, destroyers, and battleships, sometimes even when they didn t have any weapons, because it might make the ships swerve and slow them down The destroyers and destroyer escorts attacked even though the Japanese ships were far powerful, hoping to give the aircraft carriers six of them a chance to escape And in the end, the Japanese turned around without annihilating Taffy 3 and without attacking recently landed US ground forces under MacArthur If you want to know how they managed it, you ll have to read the book I ve read a few books dealing at least in part with the war in the Philippines, but this is the first one I ve read about the naval action in October 1944 and I enjoyed reading about something new Hornfischer did an excellent job showing the readers the horrors of naval combat without being gory He also did a good job explaining things so that readers without a naval background like me could understand the events, but I never felt he was hitting me over the head with information I already knew The men of Taffy 3 were true heroes The book starts off a teeny bit slow, but it quickly becomes absorbing Highly recommended.

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    This should be required reading for all those who serve in the Navy on or above the sea It is the story of Taffy 3, a WWII force of America s smallest ships Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts Tasked with protecting the carriers that were part of MacArthur s return to the Philippines, they ended up the front line against Japan s largest collection of battleships and the island nation s last gasp to turn the tides of WWII No one expected these tiny ships therein lies the name, tin cans to face down Japan s massive force of light cruisers, heavy cruisers and carriers In fact, one of the Destroyer captains said, This will be a fight against overwhelming odds, from which survival cannot be expected We will do what damage we can And damage they did They flitted in, their tiny guns booming and flashing When they had no torpedoes each only carried 10 , they charged anyway, shooting their small caliber deck mounted guns Wave after wave of aircraft buzzed the Japanese ships, American pilots continuing to attack even when their bombs ran out, hoping to frazzle and frighten the enemy Despite the bravado, the sailors knew they had no chance to stop such a superior force They could do little but pray for the best, understanding if the enemy got past them, they would get to the carriers But this isn t as much an historic account of the Battle of Leyte Gulf that can be found in other books as it is the story of the men who fought, their all American roots, their unquestioning commitment to fight the good fight, their bottomless courage They joined the war in response to Pearl Harbor, giving their brains and muscle to defend what was most important to them, and ended up giving their lives Hermon Wouk wrote of this battle, The vision of Sprague s the commander of Taffy 3 three destroyers the Johnston, the Hoel, and the Heermann charging out of the smoke and the rain straight toward the main batteries of Kurita s battleships and cruisers, can endure as a picture of the way Americans fight when they don t have superiority Our schoolchildren should know about that incident, and our enemies should ponder it When the battle ended, Japan lost almost 10,000 men while America lost 800 brave sailors, three of the tin cans and only one of our carriers the only American carrier ever sunk in a naval battle When the tiny ships sank and the sailors tredded water, fought off the sharks who smelled their blood, one incident stood out A Japanese heavy cruiser approached The stranded sailors didn t know if they d be killed or captured Instead, as the ship sailed by, the Japanese lined the side and saluted the bravery of their enemy.If you are an American soldier or the parent of one, read this to see what will be expected of him or her If you are our enemy, read this and beware.

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    The history of the U S Navy contains many stories of great valor from Stephen Decatur burning the frigate PHILADELPHIA in the harbor at Tripoli, through David Dixon Porter running the gauntlet of Confederate batteries at Vicksburg, to the attack of Torpedo Squadron 8 at Midway but few compare to the actions of USS JOHNSTON and USS HOEL off Samar in 1944 Commander Ernest E Evans demonstrated the conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity worthy of his posthumous Medal of Honor The sea battles known collectively as The Battle of Leyte Gulf may have been the U.S Navy s finest hour There should always be a USS JOHNSTON, USS HOEL and a USS ERNEST E EVANS at sea under the flag of the United States Jim Hornfischer s book does honor to all the Tin Can sailors It is genuine Five Star material.

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    Exceptional story of courageMy father served in the Navy in World War II Reading this gave me an idea of what he faced as a 17 year old shipped out to the Pacific Well worth the time to read and appreciate

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    My grandfather was in this battle, on the USS Hoel He was a survivor I ve had the HONOR and OPPORTUNITY in meeting these brave men who fought along side him on these Tin Cans at Leyte Gulf and have heard the most amazing stories from them Sam Lucas, Bill Mercer, Glenn Parkin, and others This is a great book on their accounts Also, my family and I attended the monument dedication in San Diego in 1996, and its an amazing site If you re a history buff like myself, you wont be disappointed., pick it up.

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    As a former crew member of the HOEL DDG 13 the history surrounding the desperate battle at Samar is of great interest This book captures the extreme peril that was accepted and overcome by the fearless Captains and their crews Makes one realize that we owe a great debt to the greatest generation that we may never be able to repay.

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    What a powerful piece of our history An event that is slowly being forgotten as time goes by This story covers the details of the Naval battle in Samar during the conquest to retake the Philippines from the Japanese in which, against overwhelming odds, a small group of ships under Admiral Sprague defeated a massive Japanese imperial fleet It was from this battle that Herman Wouk used for his classic, War and Remembrance.I served in the Navy, so obviously this hits home for me I can relate to the surroundings, having served aboard a ship, the USS Jouett CG 29, and toured in the Philippines, but I was never in a conflict such as the battle at Samar Very few have and because of todays technology we may never see another naval battle of its kind A great piece of military history.

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    Military history that is as compelling a read as the best novel you ve ever read This book is at once a detailed telling of a part of the larger battle of Leyte Gulf and an excellent tribute to the naval service and to a small segment of the Greatest Generation.

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    As a WW II history buff, I had read long ago about the part played by Taffy 3 in the overall Battle of Leyte Gulf Even a mundane report of the incredible heroics sent chills up the spine, and brought tears and this wonderfully researched account is far, far beyond mundane As a writer, I know how difficult it is to move smoothly between viewpoints when the action is widespread and changing fast, and author Hornfischer does a fine job That s one of the many strengths of this book An added bonus, for me, was the author s nuanced description of the pressures that plagued the Japanese commander, Vice Admiral Takeo Kurita Many accounts paint Kurita as a boob or a coward however unlikely that seems given his fine record earlier in the war Hornfischer s balanced explanation makes Kurita s decision to withdraw much understandable.My only slight quibble is with the search and rescue efforts after the battle That began to feel somewhat repetitious, and might been tightened up a bit Of course, having interviewed these men, and basically lived with them for awhile, he no doubt wanted to give each his due The closing chapters, where he shows what happened to many of these men after the war, were also wonderful It provides perspective as to who these men really were ordinary guys who rose to extraordinary heights of valor and determination.

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The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy's Finest Hour download The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy's Finest Hour, read online The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy's Finest Hour, kindle ebook The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy's Finest Hour, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors: The Extraordinary World War II Story of the U.S. Navy's Finest Hour df9f8729cb79 This Will Be A Fight Against Overwhelming Odds From Which Survival Cannot Be Expected We Will Do What Damage We Can With These Words, Lieutenant Commander Robert W Copeland Addressed The Crew Of The Destroyer Escort USS Samuel B Roberts On The Morning Of October Off The Philippine Island Of Samar On The Horizon Loomed The Mightiest Ships Of The Japanese Navy, A Massive Fleet That Represented The Last Hope Of A Staggering Empire All That Stood Between It And Douglas MacArthur S Vulnerable Invasion Force Were The Roberts And The Other Small Ships Of A Tiny American Flotilla Poised To Charge Into HistoryIn The Tradition Of The New York Times Bestseller Flags Of Our Fathers, James D Hornfischer Paints An Unprecedented Portrait Of The Battle Of Samar, A Naval Engagement Unlike Any Other In US History And Captures With Unforgettable Intensity The Men, The Strategies, And The Sacrifices That Turned Certain Defeat Into A Legendary Victory From The Hardcover Edition