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    This was a great book We cannot surely know for sure which the end of the universe will be yet, but Paul Davies does a great job explaining the possible scenarios and describing the processes behind them Of course, by reading so many science books, some ideas were repeated, for exemple a great deal of stuff explained by Stephen Hawking n his books, but the book is well structured and follows a good path n logic The author manages to explain very well some quantum principles Heisenberg uncertainity principle, quantum tunnelling, etc , elementary black hole theory for ex Hawking radiation , or baby universes Maybe all we can hope for is that our ancestors will get to know the meaning of the Universe before the end of the last three minutes.

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    This book repeats several familiar cosmological themes there was no time before the Big Bang, the Big Bang is the origin of space, space stretches through time, and this stretching continues through eternity, or until it begins to collapse back on itself through gravitational attraction Big Crunch For the lay person, understanding is feeble, even though there is great appreciation for all the cosmic mystery and majesty, and many key questions are left unclear For example, the author says that energy light has mass and therefore has gravitational attraction, but there s also a hint that space, constituted by mass, is subject to gravitational pull, and that light is curved because it rides through on space as opposed to light itself having mass that is subject to gravitational pull.Somehow in this zillion year cosmological history, Davies offers the possibility of human survival, which strikes the reader as a secular aspiration for eternal life than as reasoned conjecture Davies also shuts down any question about whether time and space existed prior to the Big Bang At an intuitive level, one gets his point, but the question still seems so, so legitimate The most disappointing part of this book is his discussion of the tension between order and disorder entropy , with the latter the ultimate victor in cosmic time Order he says is information as if the meaning is self evident Typically, information is understood as the meaning an organic body takes from its environment Whether an exchange of meaning occurs between inorganic bodies e.g., via electromagnetic forces, gravitons when they influence each other is left unclear It s not easy for a layperson to venture into cosmology.

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    A wonderful anecdote to the tedious gushing and over exuberance of today s science groupies Dash of cold water in their faces For us realists, this is a book designed to satisfy What is all this lust for gadgetry and technology lately In this unique book, the straight dope is dispensed our planet will one day die our sun and moon will one day collapse The Milky Way galaxy too, has a lifespan So do all the stars The universe itself in no way, lasts forever there is no eternity And there s nothing anyone can do about this.Everything comes to an end somehow This book steps way up above it all to look down at the universe with a cold, candid, unafraid eye and tells us no sugar coating where everything is ultimately headed Death.Its well written and engaging also succinct Each aspect of the manner in which galaxies, solar systems, space, time, energy, matter the universe itself EVERYTHING must at some point, dwindle and expire is described with dexterity.And its great Freeing Knowledge is power its better to know than to not know Can really put you at ease and at peace the way I see it, the moral of the story here is to party it up

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    There is one small chapter missing about the possible last three minutes of our world Here goes So What I lied, you mentally deranged dotard the short plump guy laughed balefully You maniac little rocketman Prepare for fire and fury, screamed angrily the taller and plumper man ele le le le le ulu lulu lu You And then both of them reached for the red button on their tables simultaneously Jokes apart, this book is really as good as any other Paul Davies book goes It always fascinates me to read the words blackhole and proton in the same sentence or talks about what would happen in the millionth of second after trillion trillion years Mere extent of scale boggles the mind Predicting future is a favorite activity of students of astrology and astronomy alike Does the universe end with a big crunch or freeze itself to death Is there a purpose to this life or life is meaningless or the meaning of life could be never found out before it ends Hope that these questions don t come up to your mind when you are sitting alone on the banks of a big serene river, lest it would make you depressed Loved the concluding remarks by Davies If there is a purpose to the universe, and it achieves that purpose, then the universe must end, for its continued existence would be gratuitous and pointless Conversely, if the universe endures forever, it is hard to imagine that there is any ultimate purpose to the universe at all So cosmic death may be the price that has to be paid for cosmic success Perhaps the most that we can hope for is that the purpose of the universe becomes known to our descendants before the end of the last three minutes

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    I like reading science books, and I like reading about cosmology, but this book missed the target with me The intro was engaging, and I somehow thought that the author would focus on the possible demises for the Earth, but he moved to bigger things as the title promised, and it was dry I did find some explanations and arguments convincing and interesting and accessible even to laymen, but the scientific story of the end of the universe did not cohere in this rendition On the other hand, I liked how the authot addressed the questions of futility of our existence and offered a ray of hope when he introduced the concept of multiverse Mostl likely I would have given this book a 4 star review if I had not been listening to it while driving Then it is truly mea culpa.

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    Un cl sico en su campo, el de la escatolog a f sica Tiene las virtudes de los libros de Davies, es legible, interesante y aporta ideas interesantes El repaso de escenarios sobre el futuro del universo es bastante completo incluso para el momento en que fue escrito, pero tiene el inconveniente de que no tiene en cuenta escenarios asociados con una expansi n acelerada con una constante cosmol gica, al menos con cierto detalle No obstante, los avances cient ficos lo han dejado como una obra incompleta en contenidos, pero no desfasada Y eso dice mucho de este libro Por lo dem s, es relativamente breve teniendo en cuenta la materia que trata, y apto para todos los p blicos.

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