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    Spectacular I loved this book but I have to say it is not a light read by any means The story is intense and honestly, not all that romantic In fact, don t read this if you re looking for romance The hero is definitely of an anti hero and he doesn t change This story is too realistic to be romantic

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    The subject matter of this book is totally barbaric A woman who falls in love with all her rapists Come onthis is a very sick and twisted scenario Right up there with women who love their abusers Not to mention that she is fine with her husband s affairs and willingly brings in his illegitimate children All of it is sick.I would not recommend it to anyone.

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    Bueno otra historia que no deja indiferente, me recuerda un poco a La Hija del Diablo, la chica renuente, el marinero arrogante y mujeriego que la acosa Hace muchisimo que un libro no me atrapaba como este y eso que es parecidisimo a La Hija del Diablo, que no me encanto, es obvio que Jean Plaidy uso la historia de Jake Pennylon para la novela de Tamar, ya que muchas partes son iguales, la relacion tormentosa de los protagonistas, solo que Catherine es mas lista que Tamar, la desaparicion de Jake y su captura por los espa oles y turcos y hasta la forma en que regresa a casa Algunas referencias a la caceria de brujas que aparecen en mayor medida en La Hija No hay duda que hasta las mejores reciclan.Mas de una vez quise ahorcar a Jake por bruto pero con todo no fui capaz de dejar el libro pues es adictiva igual que toda la serie Muy recomendable.

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    I ve got to admit, when I first read this book, I hated it But it stayed with me I kept thinking about it.I STILL think about it So, I read it again Older, wiser, worldly me finally understood the heroine And the unlikely male leads in the book, as well The sea captain made me so angry so many times, I was almost frothing at the mouth My husband would laugh and say, quit reading it Which I really couldn t Usually the lead men in books have a soft side to them, a gentle side that comes out around the woman they desire or love Not the Captain Oh no He takes He s an ass, a big one But by the end of the book, you come to understand him, if not feel affection for him.

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    As she always did, Phillipa Carr triumphed along with England.If you love English history, Phillipa Carr, Victoria Holt Jean Plaidy are the one you need to read She taught me all I know of English history and mystery

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    I remember reading this entire series when I was in high school I clearly remember Book 1 as being pretty interesting, especially as it took place during the time of Henry VIII.This second in the series, well, all I can say is, What the The time is now the beginning of Queen Elizabeth s reign Cat, the daughter of Damask the heroine from the first book is bored and hanging out at her step sister s digs She wanders down to the boat dock and happens up Jake Pennlyon, who is conceited and arrogant from the get go and only gets worse.La ti dah, she resists him even though she s secretly, what, turned on By him He eventually blackmails her into becoming betrothed to him But, wait She tricks him and pretends to be ill and he sails away before they can be wed.From here, it just gets so ridiculous In fact, it s so stupid, I can t believe I didn t remember how stupid it was and skip it maybe my younger self thought it tantalizing Anyway.How a heroine of any book can fall in love with not one, but two men who rape her is beyond me And, the one she of course ultimately loves, is the one who also routinely cheats on her and brings bastard sons to live in her house.So, yeah I kept reading it only because of the brief snippets of Tudor and Stuart history which was sadly too much in the background.The next book will center on Cat s daughter and I certainly hope she has sense than her mother.

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    The Lion Triumphant is actually a sequel to Ms Carr s previous novel, The Miracle At St Bruno s, which I had enjoyed very much I was rather disappointed in the sequel as it drug on at a maddeningly slow pace at times, particularly when the heroine, Cat or Catalina, was incarcerated at the Spanish hacienda by her abductor, Felipe, who later became her husband I found it too ironic that her suitor, Jake, just happened to show up immediately after a 3 year period of trying to find her only to discover that she had already married Felipe, so Jake stabbed him violently returned Cat to Plymouth, England What I did like was how Ms Carr wove actual historical events into the plot line detailing the religious strife between Catholicism Protestantism during Queen Elizabeth s reign, with mention of the notorious Smithfield fires where Catholics were burned as heretics, the assassination plots to kill Queen Elizabeth by Mary, Queen of Scots, the clever way Queen Mary received responded to messages hidden in corked tubes inserted inside a brewer s casks of ale The novel concluded with a tidy ending after Sir Francis Drake a small fleet of English ships outwitted the powerful much larger Spanish Armada by setting fires on small ships to distract the Spanish sailors whose large fleet of ships were defeated while fighting the fires.

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    La rese a COMPLETA en el blog la primera novela de esta serie y no me gust demasiado En cambio esta novela es realmente mucho mejor que la anterior Tiene todos los ingredientes necesarios para mantener la atenci n y tensi n Por tema trabajo y hogar tuve que dejarla a un lado, pero entre la p gina 88 y hasta la palabra fin me demor un d a en leerla SPOILER Sobre las opiniones que le en algunos comentarios sobre la protagonista que se enamora de quienes la violentaron sexualmente, debo decir que hay que situarse en la poca, no digo que est bien, pero era lo que ocurr a en aquella poca de hombres machistas y mujeres sumisas, y esto ocurr a de doncellas a reinas, solo hay que leer la historia y veremos que la autora solo reflej lo que las mujeres en aquellos tiempos viv an y sent an FIN SPOILER Hist ricamente me parece que est bien documentada cronol gicamente a pesar que no es el tema principal pero los acontecimientos hist ricos como la pelea entre ingleses y espa oles,entre cat licos y anglicanos protestantes, entre Isabel y Mar a influye mucho en la trama de la novela Recomendable.

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    What a wonderful story Starts as classic pirate romance novel sailor who is ready to get what he wants and maiden who does not want the sailor Almost like The Taming the Shrew Even after the maiden is abducted, I still thought that it s all part of the sailors plan, for taming his wife to be That s when the first twist comes into the story The story is full of twist and turns, and the minute you think you know what will happen next, it might go that way or not It s a story full of love and passion, fear and grief, trust and hope It is wonderfully written, nice tempo, nice fluidity Reminds me a lot of Barbara Erskine books, or should it be the other way around, since Lion Triumphant is written almost 40 years ago and Barbara Erskine first book was published some 30 years ago But the way, how Philippa Carr mixes real historic events into her novels are very enjoyable experience.It is good change from contemporary and modern romance novels.

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    My second favorite, behind Lament. , Swashbuckling, loud, romantic, exciting, and just downright hooray for the heroine worthy I felt that Philippa Carr wrote the book in the 1500 s, she was so true to the way life was back then The Armada invasion at the end of the book was a thrilling climax and I was really swept away with the emotion of the Queens speech and the fictional characters woven in with real history You know you are reading a great book when you have a great mental picture of all the characters, right down to their breeches and velvets.

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The Lion Triumphant download The Lion Triumphant, read online The Lion Triumphant, kindle ebook The Lion Triumphant, The Lion Triumphant b88aa8f10d17 Catharine KingsmanThe Lion Triumphant Follows The Miracle At St Bruno S With Catharine, The Daughter Of Damask, Growing Up In The New Elizabethan Age One Of The Most Eventful In English History Because Of The Struggle For Power Between Two Mighty Rivals Had BegunCatharine, Smarting From The Bitter Blow Which Deprived Her Of Her Lover, Meets The Lusty Sea Captain Jake Pennlyon, Who Makes It Clear That He Allows Nothing To Come Between Him And His Desires Catharine Is The Chief Of These And The Battle Between Two Strong Willed And Tempestuous People Is Fought Out In The Shadow Of The Growing Rivalry Between Spain And England Catharine Delights In Outwitting The Man Who Would Subdue Her And Before He Can Have His Way A Mysterious Abduction Takes Place A Captive On A Spanish Galleon, Catharine Experiences The Terrors Of The Sea And Makes The Acquaintance Of The Mysterious And Dignified Don Felipe In The Hacienda She Discovers The Reason For Her Capture And What Is Demanded Of Her, Which Bears Out The Fact That Jake Pennlyon Is A Man Whose Life Is Inextricably Interwoven With Her OwnHis Symbol Is The Lion And There Is No Escape From Him And His Determination To Overcome Her Resistance He Is As Sure Of His Power To Subdue Her As He Is Of England S To Rule The Seas With Her Spanish Son Roberto And Her English Daughter Linnet, Catharine Is Torn Between Love And Loyalty In A Story Of Lusty Adventure On Land And Sea, When Those Who Lived In The Turbulent Sixteenth Century Were Caught Up In The Trmendous Events Of Their Times The Fight For Survival Is Catharine S And Jake S, Roberto S And Linnet S As Well As England S From Plymouth, The Ships Set Forth, For The Issue Will Be Decided At Sea Here Is The Most Significant Engagement Of All Times When The Little Ships Of England Drove Off The Mighty Spanish Galleons Of Spain And The Invincible Armada Was Defeated, Leaving The Lion Triumphant