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The Little Drummer Girl quotes The Little Drummer Girl, litcharts The Little Drummer Girl, symbolism The Little Drummer Girl, summary shmoop The Little Drummer Girl, The Little Drummer Girl efcd4888 John Le Carre S Classic Novels Deftly Navigate Readers Through The Intricate Shadow Worlds Of International Espionage With Unsurpassed Skill And Knowledge, And Have Earned Him Unprecedented Worldwide AcclaimIn This Thrilling And Thought Provoking Novel Of Middle Eastern Intrigue, Charlie, A Brilliant And Beautiful Young English Actress, Is Lured Into The Theatre Of The Real By An Israeli Intelligence Officer Forced To Play Her Ultimate Role, She Is Plunged Into A Deceptive And Delicate Trap Set To Ensnare An Elusive Palestinian Terrorist

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    What would it be like really and absolutely to believe To know, really and absolutely know, that there s a Divine Being not set in time or space who reads your thoughts better than you ever did, and probably before you even have them To believe that God sends you to war, God bends the path of bullets, decides which of his children will die, or have their legs blown off, or make a few hundred million on Wall Street, depending on today s Grand Design Joseph proved to be than just a fan with flowers.Charlie is an English actress who has been reasonably successful on the stage and is one good role away from becoming an established actress when she meets a man on a beach in Greece He isn t like any other man she has ever met before He has scars, unusual scars, scars that denote the violence that has been done to him, and because he was still alive she could assume that he had perpetrated violence, effectively, against his enemies That Joseph was Jewish she had not doubted since her abortive interrogation of him on the beach But Israel was a confused abstraction to her, engaging both her protectiveness and her hostility She had never supposed for one second that it would ever get up and come to face her in the flesh Charlie s head is full of half formed radical left wing ideas about politics and social issues She is promiscuous, always needing a man in her bed, and pretty enough to never have to look far for candidates She thinks she understands what men want, but Joseph is an enigma who runs hot and cold He keeps her emotions rising and falling like a stock market beset by outside forces beyond her understanding He wants than sex from her He wants her life Joseph is an Israeli spy and his job is to reel Charlie in for his boss Martin Kurtz Martin is known by many names He keeps several identities carefully separated in different files in his mind He is a sword for the cause of Israel He will use anyone or anything to protect his country He has hand selected Charlie for a very specific task You are definitely bastards Wouldn t you say so She was still looking at her skirt, really interested in the way it filled and turned And you are the biggest bastard of them all actually aren t you Because you are the biggest bastard of them all actually, aren t you Because you get it both ways One minute our bleeding heart, the next our red toothed warrior Whereas all you really are when it comes down to it is a bloodthirsty, landgrabbing little Jew Notorious with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.The relationship between Joseph and Charlie reminded me strongly of the Alfred Hitchcock movie from 1946 Notoriouswhich is one of my favorite Hitchcock films T R Devlin Cary Grant plays a government agent who is tasked with recruiting Alicia Huberman Ingrid Bergman to infiltrate a Nazi organization Alicia falls in love with Devlin and he with her, but the job takes precedence over any personal feelings he might have for her He has difficulties fully trusting her very evident feelings for him because of her promiscuous past and he certainly doesn t trust his own feelings for her either There are some poignant scenes with rich, weighted dialogue where if either one would be completely honest with the other the personal would override the professional charade of their relationship Alicia wants to be saved, but she also wants to please Devlin by doing what he wants Joseph and Charlie find themselves in a very similar circumstances Joseph would betray his country by saving her and Charlie would disappoint Joseph by refusing to go forward They interrogate Charlie, breaking down her past, her beliefs, and her personality to better weave her own life with the fabricated life they want her to assume John Le Carre s writing is simply brilliant in these scenes It is painful to see Charlie having to face the reality of her own life and then having it wrenched and transfigured into a new reality that will best allow her to use her acting skills to convince an elusive Palestinian Bomber that she was once in love with his brother She was holding back her tears with a courage they must surely admire How could she take it they must be wondering either then or now The silence was like a pause between screams Through it all she was praying that Joseph would stop them She hoped he would be her savior, her protector, and shelter her from the violent world they were asking her to be a part of Like T R Devlin in Notorious Joseph remains silent Joseph emerged He came to the foot of the steps and looked up at her, and at first it was like staring into her own face, because she could see exactly the same things in him that she hated in herself So a sort of exchange of character occurred, where she assumed his role of killer and pimp, and he, presumably, hers of decoy, whore, and traitor The Master Spy Novelist, John Le Carre.John Le Carre transcends the genre with this book This is not just a spy book Readers who struggle with this book are expecting a page turning thriller along the lines of a Robert Ludlum book, but this is so much This is literary espionage that challenges the reader with intricate details including the thoughts of the interrogator and the thoughts of the one being interrogated moment by soul wrenching moment The book also explores the deeper human elements of what it really means to die for an idea, for a cause As the plot advances Charlie also experiences the changing alliances that can happen as one becomes intimate with people you once perceived as enemies Walking in the shoes of those you don t understand blurs the lines of who is right and who is wrong and the black and white world in your head becomes a paler shade of both There is a 1984 movie starring Diane Keaton where Charlie is changed from an American actress instead of an English one I have not seen the movie, but intend to very soon This is not an entertainment, but a marvelous piece of literary writing along the lines of Fyodor Dostoevsky or the very best of Graham Greene I ve read a lot of spy novels, and intend to read many , but I must say without any reservation this is the best espionage spy novel I ve ever read and among one of the best books I ve read from any genre.If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    When spy novelist John le Carr broke off from George Smiley s complex world long enough to pen this terrifying thriller in 1979, it announced a New World of Terror.So said The Guardian in October of last year they pronounced this the one book that predicted our present paranoia.Be that as it may, for me it was the stimulus that drove me to bury myself safely in a grey world of existential psychology For the world was too much with me Yes, with this novel the insularity of my little world was vanishing, and, like Wordsworth the real world suddenly lay too heavily on my shoulders.But my concurrent reading suggested there was another escape the subterranean thinking of an Underground Man Dostoyevsky s so often misunderstood modern Everyman.Like Sartre, in whose dense circumlocutions I began to take refuge.For though I was now an affluent home owner, I was uncomfortable in this too in your face world of breaking news But never as off balance as this book now made me feel I remember a long, bitter ride home on the crowded commuter bus into our new suburb.The faces of all the strangers around me were as wrapped up as I was in the private anxieties of their office crises, the daily papers, or thrillers mirroring exactly the faceless dread of a new world of terror which this novel, which I was holding, was describing.I read enough to squirm noticeably and VERY uncomfortably in my bus seat, and discarded it half way through I ll give it the four stars it surely merits, though If existential burrowing into human psychology was to be my next big reading escape from reality, it was not the last But bestselling suspense novels were now on hold.Political thrillers, like THIS one, had now, on that day, become like the Nazi dentist in Marathon Man, drilling right into my nerves.Goodbye to all that So I said back then but in reality I was just covering up my problem You see, my real problem was my need for escape from life s ever variable anxiety.And THAT was Symptomatic of a MUCH deeper problem common to so many of us.The workplace was driving me to despair.As a junior manager, I was finding myself constantly HOUNDED badgered and berated by privileged senior executives I felt cornered.And isn t this the same for us ALL, even if your job is not exactly like mine was Office bullying is the name of the game and a part of its power.And there are Always Bigger Fish in the Sea of Life than us You know, God s word and Man s Law are essentially immutable and there seems to be no respite for so many of us so called victims unies Grace and Mercy rules your world.But our moods and emotions are like quicksilver chameleons We re so easily caught out over a detail and then dead to rights Easy prey for trickier people than us.T.S Eliot says it is a case of the Boarhound hounding the Boar it s all over the world, and there are fewer and fewer escapes But then, God speaks to us, us hopeless victims, in a still, quiet voiceForgive them ALL.As many times as it takes Over and over again So often He says itWhy, In the name of all that s right So that when the day finally dawns when we find the strength to FORGIVE ALL our oppressors, the whole Master Slave dichotomy will COLLAPSE Just like that at least in OUR OWN PSYCHESAnd we ll see the Big Picture Has it happened to you yet It s something I just discovered recently, in my old age and it has helped me enormously.For if God is immutable and doesn t play favourites who are WE to judge We have to forgive Our whining little case can t help but collapse.And can you believe this it s a GREAT feeling For at last we can talk about a level playing field THIS is true freedom The END of anxiety.May it happen for you, too.For on the day when that Freedom dawns, you ll hearupon the sodden floorBelow, the Boarhound and the BoarPursue their pattern as beforeBut RECONCILED among the stars.

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    W e want to offer you a job An acting job The biggest part you ever had in your life, the most demanding, the most difficult, surely the most dangerous, and surely the most important And I don t mean money You can have money galore, no problem, name your figure The part we have in view for you combines your talents, Charlie, human and professional Your wit Your excellent memory Your intelligence Your courage But also that extra human quality to which I already referred Your warmth We chose you, Charlie We cast you We looked at a big field, many candidates from many countries We came up with you and that s why you re here Martin Kurtz, in John Le Carr s The Little Drummer Girl The spy novel is a very particular genre with a very particular audience Generally, I don t count myself a fan When my book club read Alan Furst s Spies of the Balkans, everyone loved it As in, really loved it They talked about it for hours And I just sat in the corner with a fake smile on my face, wondering What the hell did I miss There is nothing wrong with spy novels For the most part, there is nothing wrong with me It s just not my thing Thankfully, John Le Carr s The Little Drummer Girl is far than a spy novel Oh, to be sure, there is espionage galore But it is also a morality play, an exploration of belief, and a serious glimpse at both sides of the seemingly endless conflict between Israelis and Palestinians This is a novel that hooks you from the first lines and never lets go It was the Bad Godesberg incident that gave the proof, though the German authorities had no earthly means of knowing this Before Bad Godesberg, there had been growing suspicion a lot of it But the high quality of the planning, as against the poor quality of the bomb, turned the suspicion to certainty Sooner or later, they say in the trade, a man will sign his name That man is Khalil, blamed for a series of bombings, including the one in Bonn that opens the proceedings Hot on Khalil s trail is Kurtz, an Israeli operative who cooks up a plan to find him Kurtz is a very familiar character, the ultra smart and utterly dedicated spinner of webs, entirely confident in every action he takes Yet Le Carr draws him indelibly, so that though he feels an archetype, he is also inimitable Everywhere Kurtz went, he had been squaring things and checking out results, gathering help, persuading people, feeding them cover stories and half truths, overriding the reluctant with his extraordinary restless energy and the sheer volume and reach of his advance planning, even when sometimes he repeated himself, or forgot a small instruction he had issued We live for such a short time, he liked to tell you with a twinkle, and we are far too long dead That was the nearest he ever came to an apology, and his personal solution was to relinquish sleep In Jerusalem, they liked to say, Kurtz slept as fast as he labored Which was fast Kurtz, they would explain to you, was the master of the aggressive European ploy Kurtz cut the impossible path, Kurtz made the desert bloom Kurtz wheeled and dealed and lied even in his prayers, but he forced good luck than the Jews had had for two thousand years.The plan Kurtz devises, with the help of a younger prot g named Joseph, is to recruit an actress into the theatre of the real That actress, a young Englishwoman named Charlie, will be convinced to portray the girlfriend of Khalil s brother, Salim The Israelis will then use her to get close to their prey To tell you would be well, it would be a couple things First, a spoiler Second, impossible The plot here is dense, multilayered, a maze overlaid on another maze.Twists and turns are all well and good What makes the unraveling worthwhile, though, is the characters No matter how farfetched things get, no matter the number of crosses and double crosses, Le Carr grounds everything in his creations Kurtz, of course, is unforgettable, but it is Charlie that must bear The Little Drummer Girl s moral weight She begins as a stereotype, a flighty actress with superficial left wing politics When the Israelis quiz her on her worldview, she has only glib responses with which to answer As she sinks deeper into her role, however, she comes to see the Middle Eastern struggle firsthand This is what separates the good from the great this is what makes The Little Drummer Girl an enduring book, a relevant book, 35 years after it was first published On its face, Le Carr s story is boilerplate heroic Israelis track down mad Arab bomber And to be frank, Le Carr stacks the deck in favor of his Israeli characters, especially the charismatic Kurtz, who gets the most reasonable speeches Despite this, Le Carr works hard to present the Palestinian viewpoint as well To give some insight into their plight, their worldview, their reality In one sequence, Charlie goes to a refugee camp to train There is a terrible, yet pastoral peace that comes from living for a long time among the world s real victims In the camp, Charlie experienced at last the sympathy that life till now had denied her Waiting, she joined the ranks of those who had waited all their lives Sharing their captivity, she dreamed that she had extricated herself from her own Loving them, she imagined that she was receiving their forgiveness for the many duplicities that had brought her here.The farther she goes in impersonating Salim s girlfriend, the harder it becomes for her to distinguish the simple binaries she had been taught Who is right Who is wrong She becomes mired in a Dimmesdale like quandary, losing track of her two faces, bewildered as to which may be true It is worth noting that Le Carr was friends with the American freelance journalist Janet Lee Stevens She was sympathetic to the plight of Palestinian refugees, and visited the camps with Le Carr at her side She was known, in the camps, as the little drummer girl, because of her passion for their cause Stevens wrote powerfully about the massacre of the Sabra and Shatilla camps, perpetrated by Christian militias while the IDF looked on Le Carr certainly makes an effort with The Little Drummer Girl to show both sides of a bloody coin If he doesn t find a perfect balance, it might be that that balance is not attainable There is a place in this world for the trashy novel, the guilty pleasure, the beach read This is something I truly believe As Kurtz would say, life is short and death is long, so you should enjoy it where you can But it s worth mentioning and celebrating the rare novel that can do both A novel that can entertain and teach that allows you to escape into false worlds, but also understand this one a little better.

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    I found this novel extremely disturbing, and the movie version starring Diane Keaton even so Perhaps it s because I m half Jewish, and family discussions regularly circle back to Israeli Palestinian politics The basic scenario in the book is that Mossad are concerned about a successful series of bombings carried out against Israeli targets by a Palestinian terrorist group They want to infiltrate the organization, and recruit a young actress to help them There are two scenes near the beginning that I quite often think of.In the first, the Mossad agent who later becomes Charlie s controller is making the initial approach She s in the middle of filming a drink commercial she s sitting under a beach umbrella with a handsome young guy, smiling and laughing as they sip from their glasses When she s done, he comes up and congratulates her on her performance She replies breezily Oh, it s easy You just have to think that the wine s making you want to fuck I ve never been able to watch a drink commercial the same way since.The second scene isn t as amusing She s been recruited, and the controller is coaching her for her role She has to be able to look plausibly passionate about the horrors inflicted on Palestinians He tells her a story from 1948, where Israeli tanks were used to destroy a Palestinian village He goes into detail about the blood, the deaths, the suffering, the appalling injustice She s quite shaken Then she asks him how he knows all these details He must have been somehow involved personally And he replies, I was in one of the tanks.

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    An amazing novel I was a le Carre fan coming in, but this book s explorations of identity and morality blew my mind while simultaneously blowing up lots of other stuff It s a story about Zionists, Palestinians, and bombs And love and identity and morality It s complex as hell the identity stuff is on a PK Dick level, but goes there without drugs The morality issue may be closer to common, as we are given Palestinians and Zionists and why they are who they are, but le Carre never overtly politicizes Part of the point here is the complexity of the politics, but a greater point is how it affects people And that s what this story comes down to people Fucked up beyond belief, often to a large extent by choice because once you ve chosen a political side and taken it to a certain point, you have no other choice.The characters are fully drawn, developing as the story goes to the point that they develop the story, but they do it in the context of an intricately written plot.This is a masterpiece No Smiley, but the disappointment of his absence didn t last long It s a beautifully written book, wry and harrowing.

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    John le Carr s The Little Drummer Girl is much than a spy novel At its heart is a compelling relationship which just happens to be between an agent and her agent runner or case officer amid a fascinating plot to stop a terrorist bomber But it s the genius and complexity of the relationship that raises The Little Drummer Girl to heights far above the limits of the spy genre An intricate fiction is planned in order to infiltrate the bomber s network and bring him down Michel, the bomber s deceased brother, will be used as the access point Charlie, struggling English actress and ideological seeker, is recruited somewhat against her will to play the part of Michel s grieving lover But fabricating a history between the two won t be easy Not only must the bomber be convinced of the fictitious love affair, but also Charlie needs to be able to draw upon her memories of Michel and her feelings for him as if they are real.Words have power, and in this tale we see the power of the spoken word, sound and breath, to summon, to establish memory where there is none Meet Joseph battle scarred Israeli hero and all that a girl adrift could wish for in her savior He s an enigma, a conjuror, both warrior and poet Standing in for Michel, he manipulates Charlie, even as he s drawn to her He walks her through scripted scenes of her imaginary life with Michel, making her go through the motions and say the lines he s written for her At first Michel appears only as a cutout, a hallucination But through the power of words, fiction becomes truth And Charlie s lover becomes a chimera Joseph and Michel superimposed one over the other, shifting in and out of sync, their outlines indistinct At the conclusion of the novel we re so invested in this relationship that we want We want to continue beyond the final page, to see Charlie and Joseph heal and come into focus The Little Drummer Girl deserves a wider audience I think many readers who don t enjoy the spy genre probably just overlook it And a note don t expect it to be about politics le Carr deftly avoids politics and manages beautifully to embrace characters on both sides of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

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    , , , BBC story.

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    I have a vague memory of a column by George Will, back when I used to read him, about this 1983 novel If memory serves, Will was upset that le Carr depicts the Palestinians as having a point of view, or maybe of just acknowledging that they exist He likened the book to a Harlequin romance He hated the dust jacket, and the typeface I don t like any of the choices we re given in the Middle East choose one side or another, or say a plague on both your houses, or ignore it altogether Le Carr doesn t like them either, and offers no answers, easy or otherwise He sees the big picture so well I wonder how well he sleeps.Having only just read this novel, I m surprised that it was so controversial It could probably be published today without creating a ripple Unfortunately, though, it would not feel dated.I also remember not liking the movie with Diane Keaton It seemed bowled over by its own premise Wow, an actress, prone to fabulation, playing a part in real life A and forgetting that she s acting Imagine that But it s been a long time, and maybe I should give it another shot As usual, though, as a novelist le Carr rocks His gift for creating complex characters, for showing the small but telling gesture, his sense of humor, and his sympathy for his people it s all here Sometimes I liked his characters, sometimes not, which I think is what was intended Also, one of JLC s less labyrinthine plots He can make real drama out of a situation that a lesser writer most of us, I m afraid would milk for just action or melodrama.His 1993 introduction relates some of the footwork he did to research this novel I hope he s got a memoir in the works.He is conceivably our George Orwell Can I be the first to say that Probably not He also reminds me of Joseph Conrad.As I ve said before, I found him too subtle and patience trying in my younger days but now I m happily working my way through the catalog Glad to have 7 or 8 unread JLC novels still ahead of me If any of them too pissed off George Will, then so much the better.A few quotes and bits of business, typed out in the spirit of learning by doing, for the Aspiring Novelist s Working Writer s Toolkit All Americans unsettled him and most scared him, either by their knowledge or their ignorance, or both.He had the answers children long for deep down, like most rebels, she was only looking for a better conformity Do you think we do not understand that your politics are the externalisation of a search for dimensions and responses not supplied to you when you most needed them she herself, that tiny gyroscopic creature deep inside that always managed to stay upright, tiptoed gratefully to the wings to watch You ve read Frantz Fanon Violence is a cleansing force, remember It frees us from our inferiority complexes, it makes us fearless and restores our self respect Briefly, they both smiled, though not at each other.To resort to violence was to throw all their hard earned goodwill out of the window Besides, as professionals they deplored the very thought.Under the compulsion of his presence, she had consigned her convictions to the dross of an earlier existence She wanted none of them, unless he did Our village was famous for its figs and grapes, for its fighters, and for its women, as beautiful and obedient as you are The pogroms are about to begin, he said I asked him I, the smallest, who knew nothing Father, what is a pogrom He replied, What the Westerners did to the Jews, so the Zionists now do to us They have won a great victory and they could afford to be generous But their virtue is not to be found in their politics he was in the mood of a child who is criticising authority only in order to be reassured of its embrace.He would set a straight course, only to look back and marvel at his degree of error.If you have ever watched one, you know that an empty car is a truly stupid thing to stare at, and Litvak had watched a lot of them With time, just by holding it in focus, you find yourself remembering what a fatuous thing a car really is without man to give it meaning And what a fatuous thing man is to have invented cars in the first place After a couple of hours it is the worst piece of junk you have ever seen in your life You start to dream of horses or a world of pedestrians Of getting away from the scrap metal of life, and returning to the flesh Of your kibbutz and its orange groves Of the day when the whole world finally learns the risks of spilling Jewish blood What we call an unconscious agent there were enough armed men in different uniforms to begin their own war.When he had finished, they asked her a number of grave questions about the chastity of Western women, of which they had heard disgraceful but not wholly uninteresting things.I see this every day I am a hardnosed Western journalist describing deprivation to those who have everything and are miserable.Kurtz had asked a question Minkel, who renounced all barriers to knowledge as unacceptable, proposed to answer it from now on Khalil requires that there always be two things two plans, two signs, in everything a second system in case the first fails a second bullet in case the world is still alive.She heard a woman s wail rising to a clenched, beseeching sob then a man s urgent shout Helga and Mario were advancing the revolution without her assistance.The answer was in everything she had seen since the night she had signed on with the theatre of the real For Palestine, it ran For Israel For God For my sacred destiny To do back to the bastards what the bastards did to me To redress injustice With injustice Until all the just are blown to smithereens, and justice is finally free to pick herself out of the rubble and walk the unpopulated streets.

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    I do not want to rate this book because I ve given up on reading it and I know this author is greatly admired and read all over the world I just could not get into the book and am moving on.

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    What happens when a woman loves two righteous men Two feuding nations A woman who is struggling with both her inner and outer world her inner and outer dialogue The Little Drummer Girl is the second best spy novel I ve ever read, but I NEVER give first prizes Charlie is a woman who incubates in the womb of her mind the warring ideals and pitiful trails of two imperfect people s We all have both angels and devils in our nature and the irony is that when we try to invent one, we end up becoming the other I love William F Buckley s take The Little Drummer Girl is about spies as Madame Bovary is about adultery or Crime and Punishment about crime Mr le Carr easily establishes that he is not beholden to the form he elects to use This book will permanently raise him out of the espionage league, narrowly viewed.

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