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    I liked it.lots of fish.lots of mermaid.prince marry mermaid.tells all girls all around the globe to do anything to marry a man they want to marry.Not good childrenfamily friendlyGUUD REVIEW10 10OWEN JIN

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    Loved it in a bitter sweet way Disney has made us see the little mermaid story in the prince loves the princess sort of way While the original story is a tad bit realistic Not all plans are successful Not all prince charming fall for the right girl Following the prince isn t always the right way Life should have goals other than marrying the stupid prince charming i am personally upset from him for not picking up the foundling Love can be unrequited But love in itself is beautiful ah this did make me cry, and confused me, as i am unable to select my favorite between the two, the disney s happy ending or the authors version of the slightly bitter ending

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    Never really loved the story of little mermaid, as it s tragic and I m kind of afraid of mermaidsBut this one is the disney version, so at least it got a happy ending

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    I loved all these Disney books when I was a little kid and today I woke up and said to myself why not reread them I will always stand by my opinion that you re never too old for kid s books Only one tiny thing is a bit disturbing here the instant love factor maybe we shouldn t teach kids to marry someone after knowing them for four days

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    This was my first Disney s favorite movie I had to read the book and loved it

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    Review I gave it 4 stars because I do believe that the book could have detail with text and how things play out I think some students wouldn t like it because of the good vs bad sea creatures it does help with their imagination because the little mermaid turns into a human by adding in their magical powers I think the pictures could have action to it Summary The little Mermaid lives under the sea with her father Sea King and her friend Flounder Her and Flounder go to see their friend Scuttle the Seagull to learn about humans objects that they find at the bottom of the sea The Sea King does not want Ariel with a human But when she sees a boat upon her a man falls into the water from a storm Ariel sweeps him up and takes him onto the beach were she sang to him Before he woke up she disappeared so he won t see her as a mermaid She is so in love with him that she makes a deal with the Sea Witch so she can be human and go see him she has three days without a voice to kiss him before she turns back into a mermaid He is in love too but then the Sea witch shows up as a maiden with Ariel s voice inside her So he thinks she is the one who saved him Right before they get married Scuttle swoops in and saves the day Ariel gets her voice back, Sea witch dies and Ariels dad turns her into a human so she can get married to the prince.

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    This Disney tale is about a young mermaid named Ariel Ariel longs to be with the human world She wants to do everything that humans do As she is daydreaming about the world above the water, she rescues the handsome prince Eric She thinks of him often and her sea creature friends bring a statue of him to her secret cave of human things Ariel s father, the King of mermaids, finds out about her cave and destroys it This leads to Ariel making a deal with the sea witch, Ursula, who steals her voice Ariel and Eric slowly start falling in love and Ursula does not like this She magically changes herself to be a beautiful young maiden But she does not stay this way for long and Ariel and Eric must defeat her to help Ariel s father and to save the mermaid kingdom They defeat Ursula Ariel and Eric get Ariel s father s blessing They get married and live happily ever after.

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    This is a story about a young mermaid who constantly hoped of escaping her world She desparately wanted legs to be able to walk and see the human world A see witch lured her into a cave and offered her a deal, she would be granted legs in exchange for her beautiful voice Once on land, she was found by a prince and taken to the castle She was learning about new human tools and ways of life The sea witch transformed herself into a pretty girl and tried to trick the prince into marrying her so she could be the queen of both the sea and land The little mermaid s friend seagull spoiled the evil witch s plan, exposing her for who she was, a witch The prince whom was in love with Ariel, married her and they both lived happily ever after, on land, with legs.

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    This is a friction book , The little mermaid want to go on shore and she find Ursula and Ursula said she must get prince Eric s heart if not she will turn into bubble and she will be forever gone so Ariel went on shore and saved Eric and Eric thanked her and let her go inside the palace and let her live there but there come a bad princess and said that she was he one who saved Prince Eric so at last Ariels friend go and helped Ariel and she did not became vanished and lived happily ever after with Eric

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  • Hardcover
  • 24 pages
  • The Little Mermaid (Little Golden Storybook)
  • Michael Teitelbaum
  • English
  • 01 March 2019
  • 9780307162342

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Michael Teitelbaum is the author of several books for children He lives in an 18th century home with his family in New York.