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Le Petit Prince chapter 1 Le Petit Prince, meaning Le Petit Prince, genre Le Petit Prince, book cover Le Petit Prince, flies Le Petit Prince, Le Petit Prince 3ef81846c1c46 Moral Allegory And Spiritual Autobiography, The Little Prince Is The Most Translated Book In The French Language With A Timeless Charm It Tells The Story Of A Little Boy Who Leaves The Safety Of His Own Tiny Planet To Travel The Universe, Learning The Vagaries Of Adult Behaviour Through A Series Of Extraordinary Encounters His Personal Odyssey Culminates In A Voyage To Earth And Further Adventures

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    For those who somehow have no idea about what happens in The Little Prince or cannot figure it out at a reasonable spot in the book, here is a warning THERE WILL BE, as much as I hate applying this term to this incredibly famous classic that does not rely on Aha moments to keep the readers attention, SPOILERS You do understand that the Little Prince died my mother asked as carefully and gently as only adults who know that loss of innocence can be crushing but is brutally necessary can do No, he didn t He went back to his home planet and that stupid rose It says so right here, I replied with the comforting stubbornness of an eight year old.Later that night, I quietly reread the book and the sad truth clicked, and so did the belated thought that for all the gentle berating of adults in it, this strange and beautiful book was written by one of them and definitely for them, and not for me, and by luring me in with the beautiful pictures it pushed me just a bit further on the inevitable road to adulthood.Or so I see now.Back then, I decided to read the author s biography instead as a distraction from the thoughts that were trying to be a bit grown up than my heart cared for I was the odd kid of a literature teacher mother, after all just to learn that just after writing this book, Antoine de Saint Exupery died when flying his plane in a war to liberate his country, killed by adults who played a game of war, too dangerous and cruel And that finally made me cry And then I went back to the simple security of childhood.Then I grew up, inevitably, like most of us do I learned to do my fair share of matters of consequence I learned the painful understanding of why certain vain but naive roses can hold such sad power over our hearts I learned the comfort and longing of nostalgia, the fear of the crushing burden of loneliness, the understanding of fragile beauty of the world that can be so easily taken away at any moment I became a grown up, and I have to learn to reconcile my inner child with my outer age In the course of this life I have had a great many encounters with a great many people who have been concerned with matters of consequence I have lived a great deal among grown ups I have seen them intimately, close at hand And that hasn t much improved my opinion of them Now, reading this intensely lyrical and mesmerizing book written by an ailing middle aged adult far away from the country he loved in the middle of war torn years, I am confronted with emotions that ruthlessly hurt, hidden in the deceiving simplicity of a supposedly children s story just like an elephant was hidden inside a boa constrictor or was it simply a hat all along in the opening paragraphs of this book I sigh and tear up, and try to resist the urge to pick up the golden haired child that never stopped until he got answers to his questions and carry him away into safety But I can t Because if I do so, there will never be 500 billion bells in the stars, and we will never wonder whether the rose is still alive and it needs to be, because we are responsible for those we have tamed But I was not reassured I remembered the fox One runs the risk of weeping a little, if one lets himself be tamed This is not a book for children It s for adults who remember being children and feel nostalgia for the simple comfort of childhood innocence but know they can never go back to it Because they have met their Roses, and Foxes, and drank from a well with a rusty handle in the desert, and learned that a few thorns may not stand against the claws of a tiger Unlike the Little Prince, they can no longer go back but they can look at the night starry sky and laugh, and imagine that they hear an answering clear laughter In certain important details I shall make mistakes, also But that is something that will not be my fault My friend never explained anything to me He thought, perhaps, that I was like himself But I, alas, do not know how to see sheep through t he walls of boxes Perhaps I am a little like the grown ups I have had to grow old What makes the desert beautiful, said the little prince, is that somewhere it hides a well

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    The next asteroid the Little Prince came to was inhabited by a Quiz Addict He sat hunched in front of his laptop, and barely looked up when the Little Prince greeted him There was nowhere else to sit, since the whole asteroid was covered in books Good morning said the Little Prince I m sorry, I don t have time to talk to you, said the Quiz Addict I am very busy Wait In Twilight, what color was Edward s car I don t know, said the Little Prince I have never read this book Twilight I think it was blue, said the man Damn I was wrong Silver In Twilight, who joined the Cullen family first I told you, said the Little Prince, that I haven t read this book But it must be an interesting book if you answer questions about it all day long I would very much like to read it It is the stupidest book ever written said the man Then why do you answer questions about it all day long asked the Little Prince Because if I don t, sighed the man, then my friend on asteroid B451 will get ahead of me He has read the whole series Luckily, he hasn t read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows When you have finished the Quiz, asked the Little Prince, I hope you will be able to read some of these books you have around you I notice that you have had Atonement on your to read list for the last six months It is a Never Ending Quiz, answered the man In Twilight, what color was Edward s car I believe you said silver answered the Little Prince politely Thank you, muttered the man Yes You were right I should have known that I m sorry, I must be going, said the Little Prince And he went on his way, thinking that grown ups were very, very, very strange.

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    We are all children in adult bodies Yes we are, don t think we aren t for one moment The fact that we WERE, indeed, children, is a huge part of each of us It is possible to shed a few appreciative tears on every page of this book if you entertain the thought that the pilot IS The Little Prince Maybe you won t think that maybe you ll have your own take on the book that s the magic about it This book is translated to English from French If you understand and or appreciate French, the deliciousness of that fact can affect you in addition to the sweet storyline itself The book won t even take you a whole day to read Consider honoring the Little You that still remains, and resides within you, and read this salute to childhood, to innocence, and to you It just takes a Little imagination and bravery.

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    574 Le Petit Prince The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exup ryThe Little Prince French Le Petit Prince , first published in 1943, is a novella, the most famous work of French aristocrat, writer, poet, and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint Exup ry The Little Prince is a poetic tale, with watercolour illustrations by the author, in which a pilot stranded in the desert meets a young prince visiting Earth from a tiny asteroid The story is philosophical and includes social criticism of the adult world It was written during a period when Saint Exup ry fled to North America subsequent to the Fall of France during the Second World War, witnessed first hand by the author and captured in his memoir Flight to Arras The adult fable, according to one review, is actually an allegory of Saint Exup ry s own life his search for childhood certainties and interior peace, his mysticism, his belief in human courage and brotherhood, and his deep love for his wife Consuelo but also an allusion to the tortured nature of their relationship 1982 1994 2001 2006 100 154 136 119 96 127 54 99 113 117 106 103 316 127 101 96 120 140 160 87 112 110 112 120 119 120 128 112 105 148 120 104 104 96 192 170 51 102 96 103 164 120 128 120 136 152 189 136 128 98 116 152 104 176 112 131 120 143 184 111 96 96 120 88 72 220 142 112 54 112 99 120 148 103 58 12 97 1373 _ _ _ _ _

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    Great observations, but personally I think it s overrated It practically begs the reader to come to the conclusion that if you don t get it it s your own fault because you re a grown up, and only kids can see what matters It s heavy handed, clumsily executed observations on what s important in life It s not wrong by any means, but it s kind of pseudo intellectualist.I m going to go with a literal interpretation of the plot, because it s fun that way A man crashes his plane in the desert, hallucinates a small alien boy that teaches him philosophical lessons, invents a history for him, finds a well just in time to stave off dehydration, as he re hydrates, his hallucinated alien friend kills himself and disappears, he fixes his plane and flies home and is sad about it, but feels blessed for the experience as it has changed him.Ready for the moral It s really simple It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important Or in other words, spend your time developing relationships, don t worry so much about the things, they re not important, it s the time you spend and how you spend it that is.That s a nice philosophy, I get it.

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    one sees clearly only with the heart sometimes i fall into a mood where i am simply tired of life where i just want to crawl under the duvet with a cup of tea, hug a book and never let go the little prince is that book for me its a truly special treasure its precious its my rose ___________________________________ on ne voit bien qu avec le c ur parfois, je deviens fatigu de la vie et je veux ramper sous la couette avec une tasse de th , embrasser un livre et ne jamais l cher le petit prince est ce livre pour moi c est un tr sor sp cial c est pr cieux c est ma rose 5 stars

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    So amazing I can see many rereads of this in the years to come.

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    574 The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exup ryThe Little Prince French Le Petit Prince , first published in April 1943, is a novella, the most famous work of French aristocrat, writer, poet, and pioneering aviator Antoine de Saint Exup ry 1982 1994 2001 2006 .

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    A Daddy Daughter nighttime reading hour reviewThis was a toughy for me to review I wasn t sure of the best perspective from which to provide comments so as to be of assistance to my fellow readers since this is a children s book rather than YA which would be reviewed purely on its own merits After a short session of what should I do, I bravely decided to punt, figuring that there are already than enough excellent reviews of this without my clogging up the cyber arteries with another one Therefore, I decided simply to share my experience of reading listening to the book with my daughter along with a couple of thoughts on the concepts discussed in the story and hope that you can take something useful from it So as part of our nightly routine, my youngest daughter, Sydney, and I have daddy princess read time The other night, she and I listened to the audio version of The Little Prince while we read along with a copy of the book As usual, it was an AMAZING experience I am convinced that I learn about the stories we read from her and her reactions to the narrative than she does from meand I love it It s only a two hour audio 86 pages and yet the two of us spent close to 4 hours listening and talking about the various chapters in the story plus a brief 15 minute break for Mom to give her a bath while Dad helped big sister Kenzie with her math homework Sydney had all kinds of questions some just hysterically funny in how much sense they made from a kid centric view of the world We would stop the story after each planet or character to talk about what she thought the story meant and what messages the story was trying to deliver For those of you with children, you know how wonderful this can be and I was on the ninth cloud watching my little girl ponder over the book From this perspective, the story was perfect and deserves an easy 5 stars However, since it s not very helpful to rate a book based on that kind of non transferable experience, I didn t want to rely solely on that for its final rating After explaining to Syd the goodreads star system, she would give this 4 stars as she really liked the British accent of the narrator and the crazy adventures the Prince experiences on the various planets BTW, from Sydney s point of view, 4 stars is the absolute ceiling for any book dealing with ickies like boys and this would easily earn 5 stars had the story been called the The Little Princess Princes are still second class citizens at this stage in her lifeand Dad is oh, oh, OH so perfectly fine with that.For me, looking at this sans Sydney, I liked it but was not smitten with it enough to go higher than 3 stars The story is well written and has something to say about the human condition and how people spend too much of their lives focusing on the wrong things and not enough time enjoying where they are A nice message and one I was happy to expose Sydney to, but I was not always enad with the path the author took to get there Overall, a good read on its own and a potentially a great experience if shared with your childrenas most things in life are 3.5 stars.

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    It is only with the heart that one can see rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye I remember, when I was little, I had this round CD case and it contained an audiobook Now as a child I loved audiobooks, or someone reading stories to me Still do today, actually Anyway, the audiobook was titled The Little Prince, and I listened to it quite often That, however, was at least 10 years ago, possibly So I decided that it was time for a reread I m sorry to say that I cannot find the CD anywhere Maybe my mom gave it away Rereading this brought up nostalgia and melancholia This is a very cute, very sad book, and I don t like the ending very much I don t understand why the Prince couldn t just fly back to his planet view spoiler You know, instead of dying Or did he die Didn t he I think he just left his body behind and returned anyway But stillwhy make it so sad when it was already sad enough hide spoiler

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