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    I d give this 7 stars if allowed Great stuff It s indeed a little book, and organized around 250 tips to help you run farther, faster, consistently, injury free, and a miscellaneous section , so you d think that each would be basically a bumper sticker aphorism a la train don t strain But actually, Scott Douglas is such a great writer that he packs a convincing, concise essay into each tip Some are well known points use a running log strive for even pace in races , some perhaps less well known but not likely controversial treadmills are good for hill repeats get up as early as you need to in order to run before a plane trip , others contrarian run with the wind at your back in first half you don t need to replace shoes after fixed number of miles ignore 10% rule for weekly mileage increase , but all are informed by the author s 30 years as a dedicated runner and his exceptional career as a running journalist and author.Like all of the author s books, chapters, blog entries, etc., there s a lot of humor here on the edgy, sarcastic side, not the yuk yuk isn t that word fartlek funny to say side , but also sincerity and passion I m a middle aged paper pusher who s been running since age 14, and have a lot in common with the author though I was never nearly as fast we even know several of the same people pretty well so maybe his views resonate with me than they might with everyone, but if you have any interest in running and especially performance running trying to race as well as you can, whatever that level may be , I d encourage you to read this one.My personal favorite tip 245 nobody likes a martyr the quickest way to get others to not take interest in your running is to always be bitching about it Yes, sometimes it s tiring, or the weather s bad, or you re slower than you were a few years ago.sorry, but almost nobody caresRunning is a gift we give ourselves because we realize it makes our lives better Try to be a good presenter of that gift.

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    I love running But I have four kids, and I don t get to go running nearly as often as I like This book is highly motivating, fun, and very easy to read I can barely get through three pages before I m lacing up my sneakers and going out with renewed vigor Now, keep in mind that I am an extreme amateur on about a thousand different levels, and this book has been very helpful for helping me to understand advanced running terms and running techniques If when I were advanced, I think I would get even out of this book It s worth owning I can tell I m going to refer to it as my running improves.

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    The Little Red Book of Running is a fantastic reference book for experienced and novice runners, alike The book is divided into five distinct sections, offering tips on everything from running faster to remaining injury free, and just about everything in between Because of the way the book is formatted 250 paragraph to page long tips , it s easy to pick up and set down without having to remember where you left off And since it is such a great reference tool, it s definitely one you ll find yourself picking up again and again, whether it s to locate a favorite quote or just to remind yourself of all the reasons you love to run.

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    must read for every runner

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    in the first half of the race, don t be an idiot In the second half of the race, don t be a wimp 92Best book ever Will be buying it and rereading at regular intervals.

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    This book is full of great tips to improve your training and outlook for running.

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    Advice, lots of advice And surprisingly, none that I really disagreed with It consists of a thousand or so short essays on different aspects of running, from when and where and how often And in almost every case, his conclusion is this it doesn t matter Do what works for you, try not to get into a rut, and enjoy yourself.Here s an example Always be open to new running experiences Who knows what aspects of the sport will appeal to you at different times in your running career After all, have you always like the same kind of music, watched the same kind of movies, eaten the same foods, read the same kind of books And so on Although it has a lot of tips of the how to of running, this is primarily a book about the feel how of running On the how to side he has an amusing note about why you shouldn t run to your medical checkup appointment hard running causes short term changes that could be taken as signs of disease and he gives a few concrete examples of this.Now that I look back at it, this will be a useful book to keep around and re read a time or two get some inspiration pick up the points I missed I recommend it, but with this warning the articles are very, very short Some of them could have been five times as long.

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    It was a quick read of myriads of short tips for running You can tell the writer s passion for running as he runs through all seasons and all kinds of inclement weather conditions The tips are wide ranging, from analyzing running injuries to running consistently That fact that they are pithy and short tips means that you need to do a little research on the topics that most interest you to have a better understanding of the issue at hand Finally, the series of tips titled Transferable Running Virtues Strike a cord in me because they truly explain why running improves my life in general What makes the book fall short of a even comprehensive version of itself is the less than adequate discussion of the mental side of running, such as focus, will power and so on.

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    Everything you d expect from a running book solid advice in bite size pieces.

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    Learned alotAs a new runner i learned a ton of information on running i will apply to my running Trial and error.

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