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The Magic of Herbs pdf The Magic of Herbs, ebook The Magic of Herbs, epub The Magic of Herbs, doc The Magic of Herbs, e-pub The Magic of Herbs, The Magic of Herbs d7777595697 The Early Tribesman Thought That Some Magic Power Rested With The Medicine Man And Soon His Advice Was Sought On All Matter Of Subjects Some Of Them Far Removed From Curing Of Bodily Ills If A Tribesman Sought To Overcome A Personal Enemy, He Went To The Medicine Man Who Perhaps Prescribed An Herb Which Made The Offender Violently Ill Sometimes He Even Gave Portions Of Poison Brew To Entirely Eliminate The Undesirable One Thus A Form Of Witchcraft And Sorcery Was Established Which, After Many Generations, Became A Part Of The Religion Of These Aboriginal Tribes

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