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    David and his son Billy go out to get grocery store to get supplies after a bad storm has hit town Before leaving David had noticed a thick mist forming, and started to feel an apprehension building Figuring it was nothing David and Billy went for supplies but end up sequestered inside the grocery store after someone comes in screaming about the things in the mist The town is near a military base, where rumor has it nuclear testing is being conducted, and everyone in the store becomes unsure about how to proceed Wondering about whether or not someone is coming to save them, decisions have to be made about the best course of action I recently read The Thing and hated it but this one went over much better The suspense was built up much better here and I got pretty on edge waiting to see if they would all make it I haven t seen any of the TV or movie adaptions of this though so I came in this without any idea about the plot line I also did like how it left off but someone told me the movie ending is a lot better I just sometimes feel like Stephen King seems to really take his time when writing and maybe he should try to cut down on the details not related to the scary shit happening which is what I want to read about you know.

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    My 100th read book this year And also, a damn good one King surely knows how to write characters you want to strangle, and then feel happy about it Even though I really liked the book I need to say one thing Since I ve seen the movie before I read the book, I gotta say that, even though ending of the book was interesting, ending of the movie was done so much better and it literally left me speechless.But never mind that, I couldn t give this book any less than 5 stars, because I honestly think that it deserves every single star From page 1 it grabbed my attention and it didn t let go till I turned the last page King is the king ha ha at writing stories that you can t stop reading, and with every book of his that I read, I gain respect for the man.

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    A very unusual freak storm hits a small Maine town causing a lot of damage In its aftermath, many of the townsfolk head to the local grocery store to stock up on supplies and food While there, a thick enveloping heavy mist like no one has ever seen settles around the store Soon the people discover that something is out there in the mist But what exactly could it be This was an extremely entertaining horror story I really enjoyed the vivid cast of characters and the different ways they reacted to their situation while stranded in the storenerves wearing thin, arguments, choosing sides The story itself was very atmospheric, with such a sense of foreboding, and I loved the grocery store setting And what was out there in the mist was pretty wild Creepy, scary, and a lot of fun It held my attention throughout.

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    I don t know, I liked the movie than the book on this one Although, when I had the book on tape a million years ago it about scared me to death with all of the sound effects I think I would like to get a narrated version of it again It s been a really long time since I saw the movie but I just remember that it freaked me clean out and the book not so much I m not sure if it was because the things in the mist were surreal seeing them than imagining them I don t know, who cares I still love Mr King s books Well, most of them I also remember after this I never wanted to go out in the fog again

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    4.5 stars.Just another example of King s mesmerizing storytelling ability Got me gripped from page 1 until the final sentence Although being the size of a novella and originally published as a short story, this book has enough to spooke you with all the creeps and chills.The way King builds up the atmosphere for this is brilliant The book wastes no time setting itself up and diving into the story, and also doesn t spend too much time exploring the whys and the whats, it just gets into it all, which is fantastic.While The Mist is terrifying with its creatures seeking human flesh in the grayness, its real fear comes from the gray of human nature It revolves around how people react to the terror and each other That s the real horror here.My only complain would be that there isn t much explanation about why the mist has suddenly appeared Also there is a totally unnecessary sex scene in the book A lot of people don t like the ending, but I quite like it.Overall, The Mist is a pretty damn good short, quick read if you are interested, and has monster horror to keep you going It knows what it is and it goes for it, no mincing about It is well written and barrels along, definitely worth the read.

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    I used to fantasize about a zombie apocalypse after watching The Walking Dead I used to fantasize about winning the Hunger Games after watching the movies reading the books I used to fantasize about alien invasions after watching alien movies Now I m glad none of that happened because I wouldn t have survived even an hour Thanks, but no thanks Though I can t deny, the novel has a certain appeal What would I do So I fantasized again I imagined myself being there, alone or with certain people The supermarket had or had not supplies of certain stuff In every scenario I knew how to fire a gun, because doh , why would I daydream myself in an apocalyptic scenario not knowing how to do fire a gun

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    3.5 StarsOne of my friend s Dad used to throw a number of inspirational quotes all around to provide us with insight and direction to life and stuff One of his favorites was Don t be afraid to go into the mist, be excited because you don t know where you will end up.Clearly, he never had a chance to read The Mist In the dream I could hear the rending crack and splinter of breaking trees as God stamped the woods into the shape of His footsteps He was circling the lake, coming toward the Bridgton side, toward us, and all the houses and cottages and summer places were bursting into purple white flame like lightning, and soon the smoke covered everything The smoke covered everything like a mist This dream belongs to David, our narrator family man who finds himself living in his own dreadful nightmare It all began after a destructive storm and when a thick unnatural mist started rolling in David and his young son Billy were in a crowded supermarket when the mist enveloped the building, effectively creating a prison for the people inside the market, guarded by things no man has ever seen How bad is it Let s just say stepping out to the mist is equivalent to signing your own death sentence The Mist is an interesting novella with a very creepy premise King plays with the horror of the unknown in the opening act and gradually raises the curtain to reveal the main attraction throughout the narration It s a classic horror structure, and King does it quite well.Unfortunately, I had watched the 2007 movie adaptation of the story many times while I was in uni It was one of gang s favorite movie and we always had conversations which went like Dude, remember The Mist s ending That was crazy. For me, the movie is the reason I m rating this lower While The Mist has a Hitchcock style ending Not my words , the movie had a definite one, and in this case, I ll take the definite one.Yet, The Mist is the glorious source material and it is really well written One another thing King nails here is the mob mentality and the way people act under the pressure of horrors If you re looking for a short SK story, this is the one to pick AfterthoughtFor some reason, I kept on thinking a scenario where The Mist finds its way to Derry during the reign of IT Imagine you re running, and BOOM, IT comes out of the damn smoke.That would be a killer tale.

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    This slip cased hardcover book is numbered 458 of 500 and is signed by artist Herbert Brandmeier on the title page.Nebel is the German word for fog This is the First World Hard cover separate edition of the book, which I purchased at Forbidden Planet book shop, while on a business trip to London, England in 1986 Shortly after publication, Mr King had customs officials destroy most copies for copyright infringement It was first published as the first and longest story of the 1980 horror anthology Dark Forces A slightly edited version was included in King s 1985 collection Skeleton Crew.

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    3.5 Misty StarsThe Mist was my first read by Stephen King Well I loved the writing It keeps you read it uninterrupted Even though the idea of it wasn t new, it was something that I watched on movies, but the writing is in such a a way that I couldn t get enough of it but I hated its ending I really didn t expect the author ends it like that And by that I meant so open The story is about a man, named David, that after a hurricane with his son and his neighbor goes to a supermarket and leaves his wife at home But when they are at the supermarket, there is a weird fog everywhere Something is wrong with this fog Something really creepy and scary The story is told in David s POV, 1st person It s well written and fast paced It s a stand alone novel All in all, I enjoyed it except the ending hope you like it than me

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    Starting off this year s October horror month with a classic author for when you want to shiver Stephen King.I already know the story because I watched the movie adaptation many moons ago so I knew I would like it.The story is that after a massive storm the titular mist closes in on a community in Maine, but it is no ordinary mist and with it come unspeakable horrors, trapping a number of people in a supermarket.Stephen King managed to make the supermarket very chilly and claustrophic, giving this novella a wonderfully haunting atmosphere The characters were somewhat authentic I say somewhat because a certain yellow clad old lady was almost too over the top on the other hand, I ve seen some American preachers in tents and weird congregations that would be utterly unthinkable here so maybe my European mind just doesn t allow to take it seriously And as usual, the story is an exploration of the human mind and heart than it is a story about monsters unless we call the humans monsters, then we d be right.What didn t sit right with me at all was view spoiler that David had sex with Amanda I get that they were both emotional and stressed and all, but I will simply not excuse their behaviour they were both married hide spoiler

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