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The Nightmare Garden summary The Nightmare Garden, series The Nightmare Garden, book The Nightmare Garden, pdf The Nightmare Garden, The Nightmare Garden fa96685dbd Everything Aoife Thought She Knew About The World Was A Lie Her Brother Isn T At Ravenhouse Her Best Friend Isn T Who She Thought He Was And There S No Such Thing As The Necrovirus Her Mother Didn T Go Mad From A Dormant Strain, She S Simply Allergic To Iron As Is Aoife Because Aoife Is No Ordinary Girl Like Her Brother, Conrad, She Is Half Human And Half Fae, From The Land Of ThornAnd Now She S A Fugitive, And Beginning To Realize That The Destruction Of The Lovecraft Engine Was Only The Start Of A CataclysmHer World Is Falling Apart When The Dreams Begin Dreams Of A Mysterious Figure Telling Her To Go North, To The Frozen Wastelands Of The Arctic Circle And Find The Brotherhood Of Iron The Brotherhood Holds The Secret That Can Put The World Right Again A Device Known As The Nightmare Clock, Which Can Be Reached Only In Dreams But Can It Actually Fix What Aoife Has Destroyed Or Is Someone Using Her To Remake The World According To Their Own Sinister Visions The Only Way For Aoife To Find Out Is To Embark On A Journey That Would Surely Be The End Of Any Average Girl And To Complete It Before The Land She Calls Home Poisons Her Mind Just As It Did Her Mother S

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    1.5 stars I so desperately want to like this book, I want so desperately for the story to improve, but what I get from Caitlin Kittredge is a big fat Screw You and a middle finger.How sad, how frustrating Oh, I m always willing to give any Lovecraftian novels movies anime manga the benefit of doubt, I m than willing to be patient with any Lovecraft related material, but sometime, enough is enough.Note I read the Chinese translation of this book, so I don t know how good how bad the original writing is, things can get lost in translation and I would be none the wiser.The Good 1 the Lovecraftian references but there are fewer and fewer of them in the narration of the story 2 the idea that a girl with super awesome power for destruction, and she uses it for her own reason, and for most parts not feeling guilty about it 3 the adventure not among the best, but it s agreeable.The Bad 1 The romance glad to know the love triangle is now broken off, but the main couple.they are just..meh at best, annoying and shallow at worst 2 The poorly written characters the only emotion they can show seems to be anger, said emotion being expressed through yelling at each other, being impatient to one and other, characters losing their temper at the drop of a hat, etc 3 The poorly written heroine i Throughout two books, mysterious figures show up here and there and tell her to do this thing and that thing, and she just listens to what those mysterious figures creatures says and does what they want her to do anyway ii Did I mention the heroine has awesome destructive power and she uses it So did I also mention she used it with all the wrong and poorly constructed reasons view spoiler e.g a fae told her to open the Gate between human world and the world of faes She did it, and at least half of a city had been destructed A mysterious figure in her dream told her to look for a Nightmare Clock, she looked for it and as a result she released the Older Ones, enabling them to return and fuck up both the human world and world of faes some .She lets the Older Ones in to fuck up the worlds, just in order to get her mother back.What a selfish cow.I mean, I don t mind a heroine who sets out to destroy the world, but I want her to have a better, thoughtfully constructed reason to do this I have a strong feeling she will do something equally senseless and foolish in exchange for her dead boyfriend to come back to life, in the third book hide spoiler

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    Totally awesome Though, it wasn t as good as the first.Just sayin.Before I start this review, I just wanted to clear something first As excited as I was to finally read this book I totally loved The Iron Thorn , I sort of had a hard time reading it But that wasn t the books fault not entirely Mostly it was because I ve been in a reading slump for the past week I don t know why Guess it could be because of all the school work, or I maybe it was because I was having a crappy week So it really effected how I read this book, and the experience wasn t too pleasant This book, like the first one, is heavy in the details, so it might not be a great idea to read it while you re stressed But I m going to try to review this book without all the crappy feelings I went through in the past week.Ok, enough of me and my weird problems.The Good I kind of liked how we were never sure who the bad guys really are Not every situation is black and white Each group of people had their own reason for wanting the Gates to be opened or closed This would make me really confused in other books, but here, it just made sense With that much power, there would be many people who want to manipulate it Loved the adventure It was so much fun following Aoife into these other worlds The Mists, Innsmouth, and The Bone Sepulcher One of my favourite parts had to be in The Mists, it was just so creepy The ending was so kick ass Best part of the whole book Oh man, it was SO shocking The Bad The plot was a littledisoriented I mean, at first I wasn t even sure where the story was going I thought it would be clearer later on, but it was even confusing It wasn t until the last part when there was finally some clue Also, the way Aoife kept getting captured and escaping got boring after a while The romance had basically NO development Which sucked because Aoife and Dean have so much chemistry to gether.The In Betweens Not a lot of development of the secondary characters, though I could see why, since the story was about Aoife.The Characters Aoife s dark side comes out And was she ever scary I notice this happens a lot to the main female characters in YA Paranormal novels, how around the second book they become and mad and scary Anyways, Aoife did some really dumb things and boy, does she know it , yet I loved her determination to ten what she made wrong into a right That takes guts Especially of you re dealing with the Fae folk Dean was Dean Awesome as always Always by Aoife s sideeven when she s bitchy Yay for Conrad I was really looking forward to getting to know him in this book And yeah, he was a jerk And he didn t hide it But I liked him His and Dean s arguments were hiiiilarious Aaaaaand then there were the bad guys Tremaine cleverly creepy Grey Draven EVILand kind of crazy I wish Cal and Bethina had bigger roles, but oh well Their relationship also needs to develop soon Reccommended I wouldn t say this series is for everyone heck, I didn t even think that I would like it but if you were able to get through the first book, then you ll like The Nightmare Garden.And now, with an ending like that, I desperately need the third book GAH.

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    2.5 stars I dunno what happened within a year, but I just wasn t feeling this book I got so bored, that by the end I could barely tell you what had happened in the book The main character just really vexed me And I have no idea what she accomplished in this book I went about fifty percent of the way, not sure of where the book was going And by the end she hadn t even accomplished anything, she just managed to make things worse So on the whole plot facet of this book, I just couldn t like it As for the writing, I did quite understand why it was written the way it was To me the setting felt like it was at least fifty years before now, but the writing sure didn t show it Other than the say, stone and sun , there was barely an indication of the way they spoke Rather it seemed like they were speaking as if they were from the 21st century, given the slang they were using As for the characters, the main character irritated me to no end I just couldn t buy what she was selling Just, arghhhh.

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    This is the second book in the Iron Codex series by Kittredge This third book is supposed to be titled, The Mirrored Shard, and from what I could find is scheduled for a late 2012 early 2013 release I absolutely loved the first book and couldn t wait to read the second In this book we venture into the Mists and get to meet the secret Brotherhood that Aoife s father was part of I love the world and the characters created in this series although I was a little disappointed that Aoife kept making the same mistakes over and over again.Aoife has destroyed the Great Engine, unintentionally loosing the monsters of the Thorn faerie lands into the Iron lands our world She is forced to flee into the Mists with her brother, Cal, Dean, and Bethina Eventually Aoife meets up with her father back in the Iron land She finally decides that rather than slowly go insane in the Iron land waiting for her father to do something, she is going to take matters into her own hands and try to find the Nightmare Clock With the Nightmare Clock she should be able to turn back time and mend the world.I know a lot of people are upset that Aoife makes the same huge mistakes in the second book that she does in the first In a way though I kind of liked this, it made the story ironic and makes Aoife a perfect tragic heroine of sorts I love Aoife s blend of toughness, rashness, tenderness, and vulnerability This blend makes her a very realistic character The fact that she makes her decisions out of a well intentioned need to protect those she loves makes the whole story all that gothic and tragic I continue to absolutely love this world In this book we get to venture deeper into the Mists and deeper into the land of Thorn We also join the characters on a trip to the Brotherhood s icy and distant headquarters The worlds are beautifully described and absolutely came alive for me I was sucked into these worlds and really want to read about them.I enjoyed most of the characters as well There are no simple characters in this story they all have tragic backgrounds and complicated motives Dean is another favorite of mine he continues to be supportive and respective of Aoife in a way that makes me just love him Cal also continues to be a wonderful addition to the story.I will say that the story starts to a get a little ambiguous at parts Especially as Aoife begins to teeter on the edge of insanity again, sometimes it is hard to tell her dreams from her real actions Some readers may not enjoy this, but I thought it was cleverly done and gives the reader an excellent feel for what Aoife is going through.The end of the book is heart rending and ends on a super horrible cliffhanger It had me dying to know what happens in the final book, The Mirrored Shard Overall I absolutely adored this book I love the dark and gothic steampunk world that the story takes place in I love Aoife s realistic personality and how she is a tragically flawed heroine I love the supporting characters I love the strange and unpredictable shifts in the plot and I love the new worlds we get to explore in this book I highly recommend this book to steampunk and fantasy fans of all ages.

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    I listened to the first book after my retina surgery I m really glad I did because I know how to correctly pronounce Aoife Anyway, that was a couple of years ago and I didn t remember tons from the last book Kittredge does an excellent job of summing up the previous book For a couple of chapters, we read Aoife s journal which reminds us what has happened Kittredge did such a good job that you could probably just skip the whole first book, not that I would recommend that Like the first book, there s a strange mix of steampunk, magic, fae, and ghouls I think this installment rambles less than the previous one It has a concise storyline I appreciated that However, I kept wishing for character development It seems like none of the characters have progressed since the last book Once again, I enjoyed the theme of the danger of extremes and the blurring of the lines between good and evil the most 3.5 stars, but rounding up to a super solid 4.5 stars because of the last action scene I need to get my hands on the last book now

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    Fantastic, fantastic sequel to The Iron Thorn If you like dark YA fantasy, definitely check out this series.

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    I have a mad girl crush on Aoife For serious.

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick Dirty An improvement on the first installment, creepy and fast paced, but our heroine is still whiney and I m still not impressed with anything but the world building.Opening Sentence In my dream, I am alone.The Review If you read the synopsis, you ve already spoiled yourself for The Iron Codex, but reading this review will make it worse If you haven t read book one, you don t need to read this review yet SPOILERS AHEAD.This sequel picks up where The Iron Thorn left off, with Conrad swooping in with the People of the Mist to rescue our Fantastic Four Cal, Aoife, Dean, and Bethina, from the Winter Folk Except, no one with Fae blood is welcome with the Mist people and Aoife s new found blood ties to the Land of Thorn mean they have to run A fugitive in the Mists which lie between the Land of Thorn and the Iron Land, Aoife wants to return home, save her mother, and fix basically everything she did in The Iron Thorn Destroying the Lovecraft Machine has ruined everything, destroyed everything Aoife cared about But Grey Draven, who wants Aoife s father Archibald Grayson the way Voldemort wanted Harry, and Tremaine are still hunting them To set everything right, Aoife needs to find the Nightmare Clock, which has plagued her dreams and lead her to the Artic Circle.Hands down, my favorite thing about Kittredge s series is the world building We have the Protectors, the Brotherhood, The Crimson Guard, the Crimson Guard someone want to explain to me how Germans always end up on the wrong side of literary wars The Kindly Folk, the Erlkin and so on and so forth I thought The Iron Codex was intense, but clearly Kittredge has been saving some great backstory It s creepy and beautiful and everything fantastical comes out sounding organic Everything feels real We get to ride on a submarine in this novel It s got much better pacing than book one.There are, however, things I hated Like Archibald Grayson s reason for abandoning his children and wife Like Aiofe s whining and general lack of concern for the consequences Her brother s a total jerk though I think that s just a character aspect, he and Dean have some hysterical arguments Dean stood by Aoife even when she made really stupid decisions and I do mean stood by Their relationship took a hiatus in this novel, as its focus is mostly on Aoife Still, majorly disappointing for all us shippers who wanted some steamy scenes Bethina s character didn t develop at all, despite the lovely romance we have blooming between her and Cal.But the worst was the plot While The Mightmare Garden skips over Middle Book Syndrome, I was thrown by where the story headed Capture, escape, capture, escape I need than that from a plotline It wasn t until the very end it came together and made sense to me while I could guess what the ending would be, I had nothing to base that on but past novels I ve read It s a cliffhanger that totally got me excited for book three Hopefully, the final novel in the Iron Codex Trilogy will have some maturity development for Aoife, who s now annoyed me in both novels Kittredge s writing style is very heavy on the details in a lot of places it felt over edited and over done I love the creeptastic Mist scenes and how dark the fantasy steampunk aspects are, but for the most part I found myself skimming over the exposition and description infodumps.If you got through The Iron Thorn, you ll probably like this sequel even , but it s not a series I go out of my way to recommend.Notable Scene You have a choice, Erlkin, Draven s voice purred It s an easy one Give me Aoife Grayson or I blow that floating scrap heap out of the sky I backed toward the door, desperate to get away from Draven s voice and the view of his great dark shadow of an airship If I couldn t see or hear him, I could pretend this wasn t happening Shard wasn t paying attention to me now She was screaming orders, and her crew was scrambling to obey I guess you ve made your choice, Draven said Too bad With that, tracers of orange fire streaked across the distance between the zeppelin and Windhaven One shell shot through the glass of the pilothouse and embedded itself in the far wall Wind screamed through the opening, and cracks like spiderwebs spread from the hole Windhaven appeared to be well ard, but Draven s gunners had been lucky, and the glass fell away in jagged slices as the negative pressure fought with the bullet holes Return fire Shard bellowed Don t let them get another shot like that I bumped into the hatch and reached behind me to spin the wheel My heart was hammering in time with the rounds from the Gatling guns on Draven s airship.FTC Advisory Delacorte Books for Young Readers Random House provided me with a copy of The Nightmare Garden No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review.

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    First Thoughts Now that I ve taken a few moments to pull myself together I can finally write this review there was a moment where I had to stop reading and grab a tissue, I seriously couldn t believe I found myself crying for a fictional character, but there I was blubbering like an idiot crying over something as trivial as a book but I guess some books can do that to you and it s such a new and interesting experience This book was so much different than The Iron Thorn , for one it definitely was emotional, so much happened good and bad There was literally so much going on in this book, there really wasn t a slow moment and when there was it wasn t what you and I would consider slow, it was of okay let me just think for a moment about it and poof You re on to the next scene I guess books like this one take an avid reader I literally found myself re reading scenes because I couldn t take in all the information The concept of the story is very complex in this book it took it to another level, I found myself brought to whole new concepts, it took me awhile to accept, I mean it almost contradicted all the ideas I had of things and forced me to see it a different way I liked it As for the characters themselves, I definitely saw transformations of them, especially Conrad, I didn t think I d see the day where he would become this whole new character and as for Dean he changed in a way that wasn t noticeably different but there was some tweaking going on there As for Aoife she did change, like I mean a lot and at times I did kind of find her annoying in the end I fell in love with her personality all over again You have to be a strong person to go through all she does, and as always the characters were lively a bit too realistic, kind of freaked me out The feel of the book was darker than the first book if that s even possible As for the plot it was well played out, I thought the author did a great job at creating all the elements required to make a satisfying novel, and though there is going to be another book in the series she has a way with ending the book to where you re satisfied for all that happened in that book you re definitely left with questions but at least they are ones that can wait to be answered The writing style is just as beautiful as always, she has a way of describing ugly things and making them awesome to read As for the description in the book it was definitely detailed, she didn t leave a scene unpainted but though I found it at times a little overwhelming I ended up enjoying it in the end This book will definitely leave you stunned by the end at least that s how I found it to be by the last word.Goodreads summary Everything Aoife thought she knew about the world was a lie There is no Necrovirus And Aoife isn t going to succumb to madness because of a latent strain she will lose her faculties because she is allergic to iron Aoife isn t human She is a changeling half human and half from the land of Thorn And time is running out for her.When Aoife destroyed the Lovecraft engine she released the monsters from the Thorn Lands into the Iron Lands and now she must find a way to seal the gates and reverse the destruction she s ravaged on the world that s about to poison her.Last Thoughts I would recommend this to people who enjoyed the first one, you ll definitely learn about the characters themselves and ideas in this book and I ll rest assure you that you ll want to know the ending to this one I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy and dystopian type stories it definitely deals a lot in those genres I would also recommend this to anyone who is a lover of books that mess with your mind it definitely digs deep into the subconscious I wouldn t recommend this if you don t like to read detailed writing and don t enjoy having to actively read the entire book but it s so worth it when you put forth the effort And though I found the beginning lacking spark it did pick up later on I m still reeling from this book and as far as stories go I d give it 4 stars, it did have potential to be 5 if only I could have grasped onto some of the ideas better but I can t wait for this story to continue, it s definitely one I ll keep an eye out for.

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    In the first book The Iron Thorn, Aoife destroyed the Lovecraft engine, setting war about all the lands The gates that have always been closed, have been opened and creatures have set an all out war amongst each other Aoife is taken to the Mist lands to stay safe from the danger with her brother and friends, But soon finds that even they are not welcomed there The the portals are opened, the easier the Proctors can find them Aoife cannot fall into the hands of the Proctors because it just may mean death for her, her friends and her family.Aoife knows that she is the only one that can save their world By setting all the things right, but everybody is advising Aoife that what is done is done, they must fight and make due with what has happened When Aoife gets the opportunity to be with her father again, she is unhappy than ever and has to be true to herself The Proctors soon get to her, and use her for their own advantage, with threat of killing her boyfriend and keeping him jailed until she completes her tasks But all Aoife can think about is finding her mother, and to see if the the rumors of the Clock are true And to do that, she must betray her father, her family and head out on her own.What we have come to know about Aoife in The Iron Thorn is challenged a bit in the beginning of The Nightmare Garden The once strong, determined and very stubborn Aoife becomes timid when confronted by her father A man she has not seen since she was a child Fighting with those emotions of being abandoned by him and his newly formed authority over her But this doesn t last for long, Aoife could not get as far as she does in her travels, and battling both Fae and Proctor, and even Pirate without the tenacity that we have come to know and love in her.Aoife has to experience a lot of sad and hardened times in this novel It is heartbreak after heartbreak and each time she is having to force through another blockade she grows stronger and harder than ever She is one of my absolute favorite heroines A girl that doesn t know what it s like to have it easy Her whole life knowing that she is going to become crazy or contract her weird as they refer to it in this book But unlike the stories of the weird she has heard about She overcomes and learns to wield it, magically She becomes stronger and pushes harder.There is a lot of traveling in this series But each new land brings a whole new dark, mystical adventure The descriptions of the mists ether open starry skied lands Each setting completely mind blowing and visually engrossing A highly flawed main character that has to deal with her weird, and staying away from the poisonous iron must overcome so much and travels so far To complete so much, yet to still have so much to learn I loved every minute It s going to get you thinking, especially that ending What kind of repercussions the actions of one world can have on all the others, completely mind blowing I cannot wait to read the next installment.

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