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The Pursuit of Lucy Banning chapter 1 The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, meaning The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, genre The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, book cover The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, flies The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, The Pursuit of Lucy Banning 237ba16813956 Lucy Banning May Live On The Exclusive Prairie Avenue Among Chicago S Rich And Famous, But Her Heart Lies Elsewhere Expected To Marry An Up And Coming Banker From A Respected Family, Lucy Fears She Will Be Forced To Abandon Her Charity Work And The Classes She Is Secretly Taking At The Newly Opened University Of Chicago When She Meets An Unconventional Young Architect Who Is Working On Plans For The Upcoming World S Fair, Lucy Imagines A Life Lived On Her Own Terms Can She Break Away From Her Family S Expectations And Will She Ever Be Loved For Who She Truly Is Readers Will Love Being Swept Away Into A World Of Mansions, Secrets, And Romance As They Follow Lucy Through The Streets Of The Windy City During One Of The Most Exciting Times In The City S History From Opulent Upper Class Homes To The Well Worn Rooms Of An Orphanage, Olivia Newport Breathes Life And Romance Into The Pages Of History And Everyone Is Invited

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    2.5 Stars Chicago on the cusp of the 1893 World s Fair opening is a city brimming with excitement and possibility Lucy Banning, one of Chicago society s most privileged daughters, finds herself in the center of this social whirlwind, torn between familial expectations and the alluring promise of furthering her education and the chance to use her social position to make a difference Acquiescing to the family pressure to marry long time childhood friend Daniel, a banker with a promising career, Lucy agrees to the engagement but postpones definitive wedding plans, secretly attending a class at the newly opened University of Chicago and working at a local orphanage, the former a secret she s desperate to keep as higher education is viewed as a wholly unacceptable occupation for a well born lady destined for a society marriage After meeting a poor but promising young architect, and developing a most unconventional friendship with Charlotte, a new maid in the family household, Lucy realizes she can no longer even maintain the pretense of wanting the future society and her parents expect her to crave But flying in the face of convention brings unexpected risks to her doorstep risks that could threaten her dreams and everyone she holds dear.Newport s first novel in the Avenue of Dreams series paints a glittering, mutli faceted portrait of Gilded Age Chicago, an era of stark social contrast and economic and social change The history during which Lucy s story is set is the novel s strongest asset The fictional Banning family s neighbors are among the brightest and wealthiest of the time, from business entrepreneurs such as department store magnate Marshall Field to inventors such as George Pullman, whose sleeping car revolutionized rail travel In sharp contrast to the wealthy and privileged atmosphere in which Lucy was raised are the underprivileged children at the orphanage where Lucy volunteers and the closely guarded secrets members of the Banning family staff such as Charlotte hold close The set up plays perfectly into the enduring popularity of shows like Upstairs Downstairs Charlotte s story is markedly reminiscent of two season one episodes and Downton Abbey, playing into the public s timeless fascination with exploring the historically sharp divide between the haves and the have nots Unfortunately, despite the promising setup and rich historical background, Lucy s story falls short of its initial promise The novel clocks in just shy of three hundred pages and while something can be said for brevity, in this case the apparent determination to deliver a fast paced novel results in multiple plot holes and awkward transitions between scenes and time jumps One example involves a much talked of outing to an art exhibit relating to Lucy s university course the planning, the secrecy goes on for roughly the first hundred pages only to have the experience relegated to a brief recap after the action occurs Pivotal, allegedly life changing conversations are rarely, if ever, seen on the page, only joined or recapped following the tensest moments off screen Moments such as these build up the tension in the narrative, promising a critical scene or conversation that is rarely, if ever, delivered, leaving the storyline disjointed.There s also the issue of character development as regards the titular heroine While Lucy possesses an admirable desire to test social boundaries and a worthy heart for those less fortunate than herself, the means by which she seeks to accomplish otherwise worthy aims are less than admirable The level of secrecy and falsehoods she engages in as regards her educational endeavors in particular seem especially excessive, the reaction out of step in comparison with parents who prove, in the end, to be amenable to change when confronted with the truth There s also the issue of a complete lack of romantic tension regarding Lucy s budding relationship with Will, the architect Their romance is poorly developed with no real tension or development it s a foregone conclusion from the moment they first meet, despite Lucy s engagement at the time Charlotte, the new maid, is a better realized character, her past shrouded in secrecy and her attitude and response to circumstances seem in particular in step with the times I did enjoy the growth of Charlotte and Lucy s cross class friendship, and I m sufficiently invested in Charlotte s story to look forward to Newport s second Charlotte centric Avenue novel, due to release in January.With a setting replete with fascinating history and tapping into the public s fascination with stories exploring the lives of the extraordinarily wealthy and those who made a living as their servants, Newport s first Chicago set novel contains a wealth of possibilities but falls short of delivering on its promise With greater plot development and polished characterizations, the Avenue of Dreams series possesses real potential as a compelling American esque glimpse into a glittering world lost to history.

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    3.5 stars First things first, I love this cover I know that it has the typical lady in a pretty dress thing going on but I love the background Since the heroine does a lot of traveling around 19th century Chicago the gritty, bustling street scene is very appropriate and I wish romances went with covers like this one Even books that are set in cities seem to have the perfectly clean and serene covers that don t really fit the story at all so kudos to the art department and designers on this one Secondly, and importantly, the story in between the cover was good too I ve been raving about the wonderful contemporary debuts that I have been reading in the past few weeks and I m so happy to say I have found a historical worthy of the ol keeper shelf It isn t without its flaws but it is a solid debut that has me very intrigued The book takes place over a year so it isn t a fast moving, hold on to your hat, whirlwind story and there isn t really all that much romance however that doesn t mean it isn t interesting There is a HEA although I won t spoil it and say whose but I felt Lucy s story was about deciding where she wanted to go with her life and what was most important rather than focusing on the romantic part That said, if you re looking for a dreamy, take me away romance this probably won t be a book for you.I like where Ms Newport went with this story as far as making Lucy a bit of an independent without being completely radical for the time period However, as much as I liked Lucy I liked Charlotte, her maid, a whole lot At times I felt myself wanting to skip the bits where Charlotte wasn t present, not because the story wasn t interesting read above paragraph but because she was such an intriguing person I wanted to know why she was keeping the huge secret, how she came to have end up with what she was keeping secret, why she left her home etc but sadly I didn t get much closure Hopefully book two will give us some answers I m crossing my fingers because Charlotte was my favorite character and I NEED to know what s going on Finally, if you like your stories laced with Scripture you won t find it in this book I would go so far as to say that this is a clean story and not really Christian fiction I don t have a problem with it but I know sometimes books in the genre can get preachy and turn off readers just read some reviews out thereyikes The Pursuit of Lucy Banning is definitely a book I would recommend for Christian fiction newbies or to someone who hasn t read the genre before.All in all, The Pursuit of Lucy Banning was a nice first showing by Olivia Newport Judging by her Twitter page we will have plenty of stories, contemporary and historical, in which we will hopefully discover of her writing talent Available May 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for posting my review for this blog tour I was not compensated in any way.

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    In this passionate romance set against the backdrop of the 1893 Chicago Exposition, a young socialite wrestles with family expectations and social boundaries.I thoroughly enjoyed this first book I have read by new to me author, Olivia Newport Historical romance fiction is one of my favorite genres It was nice to take another look at the Chicago World s Fair through a different authors eyes even though it wasn t the main backdrop for the story I loved Lucy as a character her thoughtfulness, concern for others, her desire for knowledge, her interest in social justice, and her awareness of people no matter what their social class made her a strong character Her relationship and care for Charlotte displayed all of these characteristics It was nice to see a young woman who realized that her own desires and interests were important during a time period when the focus was on women as homemakers Will was a sweet hero who managed to keep his cool while being manipulated by Daniel after Lucy breaks off with him The short segment on mental illness was handled well and added to the storyline One problem I had with the book which kept me from giving it a 5 was Charlotte s handling of Henry when she first appears in the book Keeping a baby hidden in a carpet bag and quiet for 24 hours a day didn t seem very realistic along with the fact that dirty diapers would be accumulating etc Also I felt that the faith element could have been developed Basically it was only a few mentions of attending church FAVORITE QUOTE Her rare prayers were like wishing hard than thinking anyone was listening.

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    I often enjoy a quick weekend read when I m swamped with reviews and need to catch up quickly So while I quickly read through The Pursuit of Lucy Banning I was impressed with the intricacies of the plot that kept the story evenly paced and me always curious to see what would come next Lucy is a strong heroine She is focused on her dreams, but the world she lives in isn t ready for the storm of her motivations As a reader I couldn t help, but want to see her strike out on her own and make a way, but what I also appreciated that in her forward thinking, she was respectful of her parents slow understanding of her dreams Charlotte s story intrigued me the most and is such a unique position for the women of her time What happens to her in coming books is definitely a selling point I wanted page time with the romance between Lucy and Will I thought it was pretty quick and to the point, I wanted to watch it mature a bit Some of that could be word page count restriction or just taking time to flesh out Lucy s story I was impressed that except for a bit in the romance department the two stories of Charlotte and Lucy seamlessly came together and my investments as a reader were not overly torn An enjoyable debut novel This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers for my copy to review Available May 2012 from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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    The Pursuit of Lucy Banning was a charming, little tale of a young woman eager to learn about art, wondering how to break things off with a family friend she s supposed to marry, and confused and delighted when around a handsome man who has a humble background quite a contrast to her own It s also somewhat about the servant woman who lives in the same house, and who hides a tremendous secret But despite TPoLB s charm, it was just that, a little tale Yes, the novel was a smaller size than average, I think, but that s not the point I m getting at No, it s this even though everything wasn t always drama and excitement, I felt that the story was hurried In fact, it skipped some of the parts that may have been the most dramatic Like when Lucy s parents confront her about breaking off her engagement to the beloved Daniel, or when Will himself proposes to Lucy and even other little things I would have really liked to see how they transpired, not just understand that they had happened It was almost as if Olivia Newport was using a different style of writing than usual, and I found that I didn t really like it However, besides that, The Pursuit of Lucy Banning was still a good and entertaining novel, and I would by no means, recommend you writing it off your list.

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    Update Re read March 2016 Love the audio version of this book just as well as the paperback The narrator was quite good Oasis Audio Narrator Eleni PappageorgeBuddy Read with Caitlyn Santi October 2012

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    Interview Questions for Olivia Newport How did The Pursuit of Lucy Banning get started Historical District until a friend of mine became a docent at the Glessner House Museum on Prairie Avenue This house preserves the flavor of Chicago s gilded age when the neighborhood was full of wealthy powerhouses of industry As soon as my friend began his training, he saw the potential for the setting of a story He is not a fiction write, but he knew my interests It did not take us long to cook up story ideas about a daughter of a privileged family who engaged with the changing social climate of her time.Your book is layered with historical detail Tell us about your research process.My docent friend, Stephen Reginald, is a history buff He spits out the most interesting details sometimes, and before I know it, I am digging too We both scoured the archives of the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times for headlines and language of the era I looked for true events that serve as hooks in the stories The Internet turns up all sorts of obscure books and historical accounts One of my favorites was a first person travelogue written by someone who visited the world s fair in 1893 Stephen s work at the Glessner House Museum opened a portal into diaries and museum pieces that helped me faithfully recreate the story s setting.What impact did your research have on you personally One of the most fun research pieces I uncovered was a guide to caring for young children published in 1894 The prevailing expert advice was not to play with a baby before he or she was four months old, preferably six I love giving a copy of this book to new mothers On the other end of the spectrum was heartbreaking information about the desperate needs of orphans during that time period We may think we have sophisticated system for addressing certain social issues, but we have a long way to go.How do you see yourself in Lucy Banning s story I certainly have never been the daughter of a privileged family However, Lucy Banning and I do share an infatuation with red velvet cake More seriously, Lucy is looking for genuine meaning in her life, even if it means taking risks I d like to think I would do the same thing.While you were writing the book, do you think it mattered that you grew up near Chicago Even as an adult, I ve lived in the Chicago area for several stretches, and several siblings and their children live there Go Cubs When I was a child, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry was a wide eyed experience for me As a young mother, I took my kids there I think of it as the Museum of Wonder and Curiosity Then I discovered that the building itself was part of the 1893 world s fair, the backdrop for my series Little did I know I would grow up to write about events that took place in a building that held so much fascination for me.Will we know what happens to Lucy Banning after the end of the book Charlotte Farrow is a secondary character in The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, and she will have her own full story next The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow will release in January After that comes Sarah Cummings, who is introduced during Charlotte s story Lucy Banning and her family appear in all three books Even though the main characters will change, readers can follow the next several years of Lucy s life.Is any part of you sorry to be finished writing The Pursuit of Lucy Banning Yes I ve been living with Lucy for three years now I feel I know her well Lucy has a part in the two stories to follow, and these are still in the editorial pipeline so I ll have opportunities to visit with her again over the next few months Beyond that, I have a picture of what happened in her life and know that she found happiness and meaning And that brings me pleasure When you re working on a project, how do you keep the immensity of it from getting you down Writing a book does seen scary I break things down I don t set out to write a novel Rather, I set out to complete the next task that may become a part of the novel The task may be working out a knot in the plot, or writing the next scene, or beefing up research I focus on doing the next thing that needs doing.How do you choose between ideas you d like to write about That s a great question, because I always have ideas than time to write about them I ve had fun with the Avenue of Dreams series, which begins with The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, because I discovered a place I did not know about That surprise factor launched my imagination I m sure I ll be looking for the same experience in the future and be eager to pass it on to readers.If you have a favorite Bible verse, what is it and why have you chosen it specifically The opening to the Gospel of John is one of my favorite passages When I read it, the description of God s immense gift to us rolls over me like an ocean wave John 1 14 says, The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth I love the insight that we see God s glory and that it changes everything for the way that we live About the book This is a story of love, wealth secrets as historic Chicago prepares for 1893 World s FairLucy Banning may live on the exclusive Prairie Avenue among Chicago s rich and famous, but her heart lies elsewhere Expected to marry an up and coming banker from a respected family, Lucy fears she will be forced to abandon her charity work and the classes she is secretly taking at the newly opened University of Chicago When she meets an unconventional young architect who is working on plans for the upcoming 1893 World s Fair, Lucy imagines a life lived on her own terms Can she break away from her family s expectations And will she ever be loved for who she truly is Readers will love being swept away into a world of mansions, secrets, and romance as they follow Lucy through the streets of the Windy City during one of the most exciting times in the city s history From opulent upper class homes to the well worn rooms of an orphanage, Olivia Newport breathes life and romance into the pages of history and everyone is invited.My Thoughts I found this to be an interesting story presenting the contrasts of privileged and poverty classes in the late 1890s in Chicago During this period in American history, women were usually cared for, sheltered and protected but with no voting or business rights and privileges If not from privileged circumstances, life could be very hard.We see in The Pursuit of Lucy Banning, the contrast between Lucy and Charlotte We also see that Lucy is a lady ahead of her time and who resorts to deceiving everyone in her family and acquaintance to pursue her dreams and ideas Charlotte on the other hand is a lady of mystery and in great need She is a servant in the home of Lucy and her family Charlotte, too, has to resort to deceit to hide circumstances in her life that would prevent her employment to continue.Daniel is the long time family friend who is also the finance of Lucy We meet Will who is a talented architect and friend of Lucy s brother Do you sense the beginning of a romantic triangle Author, Olivia Newport, describes the extensive wardrobe of Lucy beautifully and gives a glimpse into the life of formal meals, parties, beautiful dresses, frequent changes of clothes during the day and evening depending on the activity, extensive settings of fine china, and dining of the privileged class She also lets us look into life in the orphanages of the time an institution that served to provide shelter and sustenance for destitute children of the time Contrasts.I recommend this book as a good read with good visualization of the period in which it is set, fine character development, and a somewhat surprise ending to the plot Available May 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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    Lucy Banning is beautiful, from one of the best families in Chicago and engaged to a perfectly suitable wealthy young man Her fiance, Daniel, is a childhood friend of her brothers and she should be thrilled that she is to marry him However, Lucy wants out of life than just being a society wife She is secretly enrolled in a class at the University of Chicago and spends her free time volunteering at an orphanage and working on the women s committee for the upcoming World s Fair Her brother Leo is somewhat sympathetic if only to be rebellious and her eccentric Aunt Violet is fully supportive but Lucy feels the need to keep her activities a secret from her fiance When she meets her brother s friend Will, an architect, she discovers a man who is kind and caring in a way her fiance is not She finds Will a good friend She feels increasing pressure from her parents and fiance to settle down and give up her hobbies but her heart doesn t want to listen.Charlotte Farrow is new in service at the Banning Household She arrived with a few forged references and a big big secret She s determined to survive this job no matter how snobby the butler When Samuel Banning notices things missing from his study, Charlotte fears she ll take the blame and then what will happen to her She carefully guards her secret until Miss Lucy discovers just what Charlotte is hiding Can Charlotte trust Lucy to help her This book is supposed to be Inspirational but it can be enjoyed by anyone of any denomination or lack thereof There s frequent references to church going and a very brief quote from the minister s sermon There is also a reference to a character s grandmother s Bible There s no real message or preaching in this book that I could tell Whatever message there is, it s too subtle to notice at 1 30 am bleary eyed and unable to put the book down I think I should hate Lucy because she s such a do gooder but I can t really She s very sweet and kind She s stubborn and tries hard to be independent at a time when women had very few rights This story unglamorizes is that a word the aristocratic world of the Gilded Age Lucy and Charlotte both face adversity This book also shows that wealthy men also faced expectations and sometimes could not hold up under the pressures of society I really liked that the story provided a realistic window into Gilded Age Chicago.The characters seem well rounded and interesting I was very interested in Charlotte s story, having guessed her secret right away Her story never fully comes to a close so the reader has to read the sequel to find out what happens to her The plot is really good until halfway through when it turns melodramatic A character becomes a creepy stalker and I could have done without that Yet, by the time I finished the book I the whole point of the plot and why it had to be so It makes the story very different from the typical Gilded Age Edwardian girl in a cage plot It s different even from Downton Abbey though Lucy and Lady Sybil are very much alike The period details are amazing The author did an incredible amount of research to create a portrait of late 19th century Chicago I loved learning who the neighbors were, the architecture of the houses, what routes Lucy traveled along and the planning of the World s Fair I learned a lot about a location I don t know much about.I recommend this book to Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs fans who don t like soap opera plots ahem Downton Abbey Season 3.

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    4.5 StarsI like the way the cover shows a beautiful girl in an exquisite dress in the midst of the dark dirty streets of Chicago It really sums up the story in a lot of ways Lucy is raised in a very upscale household and her parents hold her to a lot of the standards of their peers But Lucy puts herself out there in the midst of the other side of life in Chicago, she volunteers at an orphanage, she goes to college, and she befriends a maid in her household.The story is really about both Lucy and the maid, Charlotte Lucy has always been helping the rest of the city, but when Charlotte arrives with a secret in tow, Lucy realizes that she needs to also help those right under her own roof I would have liked to have known just a little about Charlotte, especially her back story, but I really enjoyed reading about the lifestyle of those other than the upper class.I loved how Will was a man of actions not just words He didn t have to tell Lucy what a great guy he was, he showed her He didn t even tell her he was going to help out with the orphans or all he did for them, she saw him doing it Once again, I would have loved to have known about Will and his story leading up to meeting Lucy s brother, but I still enjoyed what I did know about him It seemed like there was a lot of set up about the supporting characters, but then we didn t ever really find out their biggest secrets.A wonderful addition to anyone s inspirational fiction library I was so drawn in by the diverse characters that I wanted to know even about their stories.book sent by publisher in exchange for honest reviewreviewed for

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    The Pursuit of Lucy Banning gave me much than I expected This book includes a little romance, but is about characters There are a number of strong woman, both major and minor characters There is suspense, intrigue, and the interesting setting of 1893 Chicago and the World Fair All this attributes combine for a fun book, that I truly enjoyed reading.Lucy is a young engaged woman, who isn t sure that she wants everything her parents and fiance have planned for her She d like to live her own life She volunteers at an orphanage and, unknown to everyone except her Aunt Violet, starts taking college classes.Charlotte is the newest maid in the Banning household, but she is hiding something from everyone as well.This unlikely pair join forces and share their secrets Hopefully, working together will allow them to be who they want to be and do what they really want to do.The Christian element in the book was very light It was a clean read, and the characters did attend church however, I usually like a little The historical aspect was extremely interesting, especially the planning of the World Fair The characters were well developed and I look forward to learning about them in the rest of the Avenue of Dreams series I would definitely recommend Olivia Newport and The Pursuit of Lucy Banning.I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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