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The Regulators summary The Regulators, series The Regulators, book The Regulators, pdf The Regulators, The Regulators 2cbf1d755a There S A Place In Wentworth, Ohio, Where Summer Is In Full Swing It S Called Poplar Street Up Until Now It S Been A Nice Place To Live The Idling Red Van Around The Corner Is About To Change All That Let The Battle Against Evil Begin Here ComeThe Regulators

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    4.5 stars rounded up To the residents of Poplar Street, in suburban Wentworth, Ohio, July 15, 1996 seems like any other summer day The paperboy is dutifully tending his route, the Reed twins are entertaining young ladies and the corner store is functioning like a well oiled machine.Not one of them suspects that the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan.The Regulators are coming to Poplar Street and they re coming for blood It s hard to imagine a 475 page novel, taking place in one afternoon, on one suburban street, making you sweat in anticipation but this one certainly does We follow this cast of characters from the minute The Regulators arrive until the bitter end Some we love, some we hate but in the end, no one escapes their fate.You may wonder, yeah, but what s it all about Trust me when I say, it s best to go into this knowing as little as possible, but for those of you who are just going to insist on knowing , I will give you this one small clue view spoiler A supernatural hitchhiker named Tak from a mine just outside of Desperation, Nevada, has invaded the mind of one of the young residents of Poplar Street You may know Tak from a little story aptly named Desperation by Stephen King hide spoiler

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    Desperation ..

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    3.5 Stars. It s a summer afternoon in Wentworth, Ohio, and on Poplar Street everything s normal The paperboy is making his rounds the Carver kids are bickering at the corner convenience store a Frisbee is flying on the Reed s lawn Gary Soderson is firing up the backyard barbeque The only thing that doesn t quite fit is the red van idling just up the hill Oh boy, what a perfect book cover.and shocking beginning There is much to like and fear in THE REGULATORS.the summertime atmosphere is so nice.the trip to the open pit mine in DESPERATION so creepy.young Seth and his drawings such a joy, and we have a wonderfully spirited ending, BUT. For Me , the silly dialogue and asinine behavior of some of the characters during times of death and destruction disrupted the flow of the true horror of the story.the convoy of bad dudes with guns.burning houses.power outages.creatures that materialize out of the mist.and all in the middle of a thunderstorm.It just kind of diminished the fear factor And, other than Seth and Audrey, I really never made much of a connection to the players Very surprising for me in any KING BACHMAN novel.Anyway, there is some good stuff here, just found it a bit out of whack and not the super creepy evil filled experience I had with DESPERATION.

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    Wentworth, Ohio Desperation, Nevada 2000 miles between I Googled it Sort of, cause these two places don t really exist until you open the pages of this book, where the weird becomes scary, the scary gets weird, and an ancient evil entity by the name of Tak takes over a once ordinary residential street But what I like most about reading Stephen King is the thing that was semi missing here my complete investment in the characters he creates by the way and I think most know this , Richard Bachman and Stephen King are the same person And they are not Two sides Two distinct personalities Kind of like these towns, and these two books written by each man As far apart as the towns are, and as different they appear, they are linked and things do cross over So what happened with those characters and the love for them I usually feel I don t know, except to say that there were a lot of them in the beginning anyway, cause boy do things get violent in a hurry, and people start dropping like flies I wanted to know two of the main characters on that deeper level I have become accustomed to when reading King i.e Desperation Not to say that this book doesn t have its moments A story is still in there It s just different from the norm with much of it being action over characterization Hmm, maybe that s Bachman.What were the best parts for me The parts linking this book to Desperation Through this the story is given its reason And I also enjoyed getting to know Audrey and Seth those main characters I mentioned Seth is the conduit to Desperation, and to Tak Bachman lays down this narrative with intermittent back stories, mostly through the diary of Audrey Wyler Seth s aunt These back stories are easily the most haunting parts and in my opinion the heart of the whole thing But then at one late point in the book, there is this long letter written by an Allen Symes from the China Pit Mine in Desperation, NV Like reading a short story within the big one, it was this very cool reveal laid out that serves to enhance the summation.Final note I read Desperation 13 years ago, and therefore have forgotten most of it cause that s what I do Final final note Don t be like me.

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    Reading the Regulators after 20 years was like reverting back to my childhood I absolutely remember why I adore this book Things get crazy and you re left wondering what in the hell is actually happening and things start happening right at the get go As I was reading, I was like yep, yep, yep. I remember that and THAT but what about THIS Oh yeah, that s Desperation Haha I do like it when books incorporate different types of reads such as articles, journal entries, drawings, etc and this one definitely does that, giving us a bigger picture of how everything evolves I feel like King Bachman has a tendency to like things that lay dormant and come out with a vengeance.It s not until the last few scenes where things go up a factor of craziness and we get an idea of what finally is going on and why that it really pulls me in and ups my feelings for the book Poor Seth Poor Audrey POOR EVERYONE And that final page Love.Now on to read Desperation and see if I still feel the same about that one too Either way, I m so happy to be revisiting this completely insane world.

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    I would go out on a limb and say that King fans that do not actively love this book have forgotten the face of their father At the very least they ve completely forgotten the joys of being young and imaginative And I suppose it depends on how you view the necessity of maturity whether or not you believe that s an insult How I intend those statements do not matter It s how you perceive them that counts, and that is out of my hands.The Regulators is one of King s best books It showcases all of King s strengths in one tight package character development, pacing, oddities, supernatural horror, and a willingness to take chances that is so lacking in his peers While other authors who have seen King s level of success have devolved into formulaic word mills who re predictable than the sunrise, King constantly attempts new things Whether or not he succeeds is left up to the individual, but at least he has the will to challenge his readership, instead of pandering to them.That King is able to pack so much character development into a book that never lets up is remarkable I m truly in awe of how unique each character felt, how each one had their own voice and likes and dislikes We have children, teens, and adults, and all of them feel like their age group You hear complaints about young characters feeling too aged for their, well, for their age, and older people acting like children, and yes sometimes that complaint is warranted, but here everyone stayed true to their personalities, and that s the first rule of character development your characters must remain consistent This has always been King s strong point.The Regulators is far superior to its twinner novel, Desperation, on several points, but the best point is the significant lack of religious material dues ex machina The Christian God is an overused trope in horror He cures everything All praise the man jesus Yet endings that rely on this overused overrated deity always get a frown from me It s silly, like believing a burning bush can talk, or that 40 days and 40 nights was enough to flood the world when it s been raining in some parts of the world for 200 days That aspect has always nuked my enjoyment for Desperation, and the lack of all of that goofy shit makes me enjoy The Regulators all the .Don t get me wrong, this book is full of goofy shit, but it s a good goofy, because it s mostly original and not regurgitated biblical nonsense I was talking to my buddy Gregor Xane about the issues people have with this book, and he mentioned that it s likely simply because the novel is too weird for the general public I d agree with that Which brings me back to the statements I used in the opening of this review Children rarely call fiction unbelievable You might know kids who do, but I ve never encountered them I worked with children in a hospital setting, and I have two of my own My wife is a teacher, both online and homeschool The both of us have helped to raise kids that were not our own, too Kids accept just about anything in a story Except for maybe a favorite character animal dying, but that s understandable So maybe it does all come down to how much each individual reader has grown up How much they reside in the real world instead of their own heads certainly affects things, especially when dealing with this book.Finally, there s much discussion about whether or not this book feels like a Bachman book There s plenty who feel that this should have been a King book instead, and I can dig it, but my one argument would be the ending I think Seth s fate cements this novel as a Bachman book, but I d love to hear your opinion In summation This book is big fun and I can t imagine why any Stephen King fan would dislike itthen again I don t understand how anyone could molest a child or be a Nazi or drop a bag of puppies in a dumpster but that shit happens The existence of something does not depend on me understanding it, which I m sure someone will argue is the argument for religion in general My point is, these things simply are And while people who don t like this book might have logical reasonings as to why they don t like it, I simply do not understand Maybe explain yourselves smoochesFinal Judgment One of King s best, and without a doubt the best of the Bachman books.The Dark Tower Kingverse connections Please assume there to be spoilers for all of King s books, as there are too many to mention here and I m lazy view spoiler The Desatoya Mountains are mentioned in The Little Sisters of Eluria as well as The Regulators and Desperation Tak the Outsider is mentioned in a Stephen King desk calendar, so I m connecting this book to The Outsider.Pennywise It, Mr Gray Dreamcatcher , and Tak Desperation The Regulators , and the Outsider The Outsider all have similar traits Pennywise and Tak are both beings of light Tak is red lights, and Pennywise is white deadlights Mr Gray and Tak can both overtake people and lock them away inside their heads The Outsider and Mr Gray can both spawn alien weasel things They all feed off fear and or pain.A character is said to have gone off the beam This turn of phrase is used in Misery and Dolores Claiborne, as well as a few other King books.The novel occurs on Bear Street and has vans with radar dishes on their roofs In The Waste Lands there s a giant bear with a radar dish on its head As we found out in Wolves of the Calla, Mid World mashes story elements together, like the Wolves are a amalgamation of Doctor Doom and Harry Potter, as well as other elements from popular fiction According to stephenking.com, the Regulators are Can toi who serve the Crimson King It s also stated that the Big Coffin Hunters from Wizard and Glass are referred to as Regulators , but I think this was simply a generic Western genre term that King adopted and not an actual hard connect between the Motokops Regulators and the Big Coffin Hunters.Have I missed anything I d love to hear from you hide spoiler

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    Actual 3.5Maybe if I had read this before I read Desperation I would have liked it That seems to be the consensus from many of the other reviews I read Anyway, having read Desperation prior to The Regulators, I was not able to enjoy this book nearly as much We re pretty much dealing with the same bad guy, and the same characters, only told from a different place and from a different perspective It s not that I don t like cross overs or stories that tie in together I actually love it, and King is a master at it My problem was the actions and dialogue among some of the characters during the course of the story I think if it had been presented with a little seriousness and drama that it would have made a much greater impression In numerous scenarios among terrifying and tragic moments there were flippant jokes, giggling and downright laughter taking place This unrealistic actions distracted me from the seriousness of the moments that had built up.All in all this was still a pretty good book Definitely filled with enough action to keep the reader from getting bored Now I m off to finish my Spaghettios while watching a re run of Bonanza TAK

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    In the end this book picked up and is worth three stars I think This and the companion piece Desperation is not among the King s triumphant achievements though First, I m having real troubles understanding the idea with a Bachman tie in to a King book at this late date Even if even the late Bachman must be allowed to write out of usual style, The Regulators is a very far cry yes, even considering Thinner from his other stuff More to the point, the mythos presented herein was probably enough for one book and a focus on that story may have paid off better than stretching it out to two similar, but definitely different, stories of the same with definite differences, though evil force Another not so well working take was to use many of the same characters but also them not exactly the same in two books, disregarding some of what we learned about them in the first and definitely what happened to them In this book, where characterization is not as strong as most often, this is a setback even the ones you thought you knew are not precisely the ones you thought After the initial kind of cool feeling of unreality and trying to grasp an understanding that lurks just out of reach, pretty soon the re use of characters and the parallel story line boils down to just making you wonder why.Still, I found this to be a better and certainly fun read than Desperation, enough depth are given to the characters to make them interesting to follow and the explanation for the incredibly violent Regulators , wrecking havoc on a calm neighborhood is quite tickling of the imagination Ancient evil lurking in mines, however, makes me think of Entombed and I think it may be time for a re read of that one Recommended And a quick one at than 1000 pages less than this pair

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    This book made me feel like I was reading King for the first time and falling in love with his writing all over again I know this is a Bachman story but it just reeks of King to me This story pulled me in right from the start, the non stop action hooked me and I couldn t get enough of it It was just constant go go go and I couldn t turn the pages fast enough to find out what grisly event would happen next I adored the whole concept of Tak and the Regulators I thought it was such an interesting and unique idea and I fell head over heels in love with this book I think this just might have cracked into my top ten favourite Kings, I haven t felt this way while reading one of his stories in a long time

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    It s been a while since I read this book I had some pretty fond memories of it, and it s always been my favorite of two companion books that King Bachman published together They are alternate realities, kind of mirror images, of each other But The Regulators is also a link to the Dark Tower universe as well We have the same characters plus some new , but in different roles and with different perspectives and personas than we saw in Desperation We have a different setting, suburban Ohio rather than BFE, Nevada, but Desperation, NV makes a cameo appearance so that Tak s presence is explained Because Tak is again our villain here, but in a very different manner than he was in Desperation.It seems to me that The Regulators should be read 2nd, if one is to read them back to back It seems to make sense that way You d have a fuller understanding of the capabilities of Tak, and of the characters themselves, even though their lives in each book are incredibly different But than that, it s always seemed to me that the characters that we meet in The Regulators are the real versions of the characters These are the characters as they really exist, and the characters that we met in Desperation, Nevada are selfishly warped caricatures of themselves With the exception of the two outsiders from each book, which are the same Steve and Cynthia These characters remain almost exactly the same Their situations have changed, yes, but THEY have not The basic story is the same in each book a group of mostly the same people have been chosen and attacked by an ancient evil being called Tak , and they must fight for their survival Desperation has a kind of gritty, realistic feel, with fantastic elements regarding what Tak is and is capable of, and the divine intervention of God to help the group The Regulators, however, is almost cartoonishly fantastic regarding the events that happen, but real in that there is nothing to help the group but themselves and their intuition and wits I love the characters in The Regulators much than those who appear in Desperation They are just normal people, in a friendly neighborhood, who see the insane pop into their lives and cope as best as they can There s no sense of the resentment or anger that Desperation had, because people here aren t being called on for help by a God that was cruel enough to take everything and then some and then demand help It s easier for me to accept chaotic craziness of random events than a divine plan of misery and loss and suffering leading up to a sacrifice of everything Anyway, my point is that I like these characters because not only do they feel truer to me, I can identify with their confusion and reactions as they are similar to my what my own would be than what Desperation s characters showed.Another plus for this book is that the statement questions hardly made any appearances at all Maybe this was because there wasn t that guiding hand of God bending people s intuitions toward a specific goal, but I much prefer when questions are just questions and statements are just statements and guesses are just guesses I always enjoy this book, but I have to say that having read of King s books now, especially the Dark Tower books, than I had the last time I read it, I enjoyed this even than the last time There will be spoilers for both The Regulators and the last Dark Tower book, so stop reading now if you don t want to be spoiled Last warning Ok If you re still reading, so be it The last bit of The Regulators is a letter from a newlywed woman staying at the resort where Audrey s recreated safe place is based on She writes to a friend of hers who is a sucker for ghost stories that as of June 19, 1986, the resort has been haunted for four years by a mother and son, who are obviously supposed to be Audrey and Seth The letter intimates that there are alternate planes of existence, and that the letter writer does not feel that they are ghosts, but rather that they are just on a different plane Go then, there are other worlds than these Right However, what s really creepy and weird is if you notice the date, it s 13 years to the day before the accident that almost killed King 13 years to the day before his life is saved by Jake Chambers and Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower So, with the alternate plane reference, and the characters dying and coming back to a different time and place, and the letter s date, we have definite links to the world of the Dark Tower But Stephen King had NOT had his accident when he wrote The Regulators The accident would have been 3 years in the future Crazy.

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