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    The sixth book in the Inspector Morse series is, indeed, a riddle The author, Colin Dexter, also had a passion for crossword puzzles, and he s created here an intricate puzzle that ultimately borders on the convoluted The case involves an Oxford don named Browne Smith, a bachelor, who goes mysteriously missing after being lured to London by the promise of exotic sex Shortly thereafter, a body is pulled from a river The corpse is wearing a suit that belonged to Browne Smith, but it s missing its head, arms and legs Is it really Browne Smith The case falls to Inspector Morse of Oxford Homicide, assisted, as always, by his trusty sergeant, Lewis Morse is a confirmed bachelor who loves the challenge of his job, along with his beer and attractive women As the investigation proceeds, Morse discovers that bitter rivalries played out in the hallowed halls of Oxford academia, leading in turn, to some very complicated maneuverings Soon, other bodies are falling and sorting it all out is going to be a very challenging task, even for someone as brilliant as Inspector Morse.This book was first published in 1983, and is an excellent example of the puzzle mysteries that were so popular in British crime fiction at that time As a practical matter, there s no way that the reader can figure out who done it you can only hang on and go along for the ride It s always fun to watch Morse in action, but as is the case in a few of these books, the plot gets a little too complex for its own good and there are maybe one or two totally unanticipated and unnecessary twists at the end But fans of the series are sure to enjoy it.

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    The Riddle of the Third Mile is the sixth book in Colin Dexter s Inspector Morse series It dates from 1983, and is not, I fear, one that will linger in the memory It is chiefly interesting for the back story it reveals about Morse himself, who is now 52 Most of chapter seven is devoted to Morse reminiscing, and an explanation is given following up hints from previous novels Yes, Morse had attended Oxford as a student He was an exemplary student and gained a first in Classical Moderations At that time he had a bright future ahead of him two further years to read Greats History, Logic and Philosophy However a whirlwind romance took up all his thoughts and time The girl, a fellow student, had her own family problems She felt she had to return to her parents home and cut off the relationship fearing she was causing havoc with Morse s studies Most poignantly, Morse had no money for a train fare to go to see her and sort out the mess He failed his exams, was summarily ejected from the University, and had to pay back his Exhibition an extra monetary award exclusive to Oxbridge His father suggested that he might be able to find a niche in the police force, and the rest, as they say, is history The yearning Morse still feels for his lost love also accounts for his difficulties in sustaining any romantic relationship We also learn of another influence An old tutor of Morse s, Professor Browne Smith, who is integral to the plot had profoundly impressed the young student Morse s obsession with accuracy in all matters to do with grammar, spelling and punctuation all date from then These part of the novel make for interesting reading for anyone who has read a few of the novels, or watched a few of the TV adaptations.The novel is nicely balanced between Morse and Lewis, and has a pleasing construction It is divided into three books or miles a reference to a verse from the Bible And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain Matthew, V 41 It is also possible that the third mile could also be a reference to a particularly elaborate scheme used in the book to lure three of the college staff to London In fact three is a significant number altogether There are three books, three brothers fighting at El Alamein and three tutors at Lonsdale University Lonsdale is a fabrication, incidentally The college depicted is imaginary, although in the TV series it is Brasenose College which was used Brasenose is a college I know well, since most days I would socialise with my husband and his friends, who were young undergraduates there many years ago Each chapter again is headed with a sentence, a stylistic device Dexter has used before This time though it is not a satisfying literary quotation, but merely a sentence telling the reader what happens in the following chapter, much as earlier novelists such as Dickens would employ.The first chapter is a flashback to the Second World War and a tragic experience at El Alamein The next four chapters are set in Soho, and the events described are unremittingly sleazy and sordid Morse s appearance on the scene in chapter six is a welcome relief Given that the character of Morse fits very well into this kind of setting, is frequently foul mouthed, disreputable, and often viewing women solely as objects of desire, it is indeed surprising that he can be seen as a welcome contrast to the scenario so far.However, much of the novel from then on is rather humdrum There is an interesting letter for Morse to decipher Both he and the author always seem to enjoy that The reader suspects throughout that there may be switches of character we have been told at the start that there are brothers, and twins Dexter has enjoyed deceiving the reader with substitutes and switching characters before on at least two occasions, so we are getting wise to this Toward the end of the novel we suddenly get a flurry of inexplicable extra murders, and by the end we have 5 bodies in total Dexter explains the circumstances through his mouthpiece, Morse This character suggests his thoughts on what must have happened to Lewis, as nobody is still alive to corroborate the facts Or as the chapter heading says Morse almost completes his narrative of the main events with a little help from his imaginative faculties This part is fiendishly complicated Yes, it fits together logically, but is barely credible in psychological terms In fact one character even has to have a brain tumour to make the reader go along with it It would have been much satisfactory if at least some of the events had been hinted at a little earlier, rather than have such a Hamlet style bloodbath at the end.A bit of an also ran, all in all But as one critic has said, Morse is the most prickly, conceited, and genuinely brilliant detective since Hercule Poirot The New York Times Book Review So maybe worth a read, just for this.

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    5 hours 40 mins Read by Michael Pennington Description A dismembered body is fished out of the Oxford Canal only the torso remains and Morse and Sergeant Lewis are up to the challenge As if often the case, Oxford University is involved A don has disappeared, leaving about a plethora of clues It s the long and winding road down the halls of academe for the Thames Valley police and the trail bounces back and forth to London and some of its seedier spots The scenario seems set with an opening scene out of World War II, when the Gilbert brothers local boys from the Oxford area face the horrors of the battle of El Alamein, the youngest of the three dieing The company commander, a Lt Browne Smith just happens now to be a don in question at Oxford. What a hoot this was, Dexter was well on form, he seems to have had fun playing around with some snappy repartee Long may it continue.Anyway, for quick reference, this is the one with matching tooth aches and removal men.4 Last Bus to Woodstock Inspector Morse, 1 3 Last Seen Wearing Inspector Morse, 2 3 The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Inspector Morse, 3 3 Service of All the Dead Inspector Morse, 4 3 The Dead of Jericho Inspector Morse, 5 4 The Riddle of the Third Mile Inspector Morse, 6 3 The Wench Is Dead Inspector Morse, 8 3 Morse s Greatest Mystery and Other Stories

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    Story wise this was probably a 3.5 as Dexter has written better but bumped up to 4 simply because it s Morse These are slow paced beautifully crafted books that are just wonderful I can hear John Thaw and Kevin Wheatley as I read adding another dimension to the story I love a detective story which can t rely on DNA and other modern technologies They have to rely on an intelligent story line that makes the reader think I didn t suss out the story no shame there when written by Dexter but I did enjoy it Morse and Lewis are put to the test when a body is fished out of the canal, missing its head, arms and legs Bluff and double bluff need to be negotiated if Morse and Lewis are to solve this complicated case.

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    This is my favorite Morse novel yet My book club is reading them in order and I think they have been getting better and better This one was a tricky one involving 4 different men and it was incredibly difficult to keep the men straight for me and Morse I didn t see the ending coming which is good in a mystery book I recommend it for Morse fans.

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    The sixth book in the Inspector Morse series turns out to be a real puzzler and I suspect with Colin Dexter s penchant for crosswords, he might have designed this one to be a mystery as convoluted as a crossword from Will Shortz The story is divided by three mile markers, each defined by some turning point within the plot To begin with we see a dismembered body found in the canal and Morse suspects a local college don to be the victim Though what seems to be a sure shot resolution to the mystery turns out to be just the tip of bizarre, with bodies piling up, different character stories getting muddled up and amidst all, the duo of pondering Morse and honest Lewis, sifting through the clues The final resolution is at once both an aha moment for the readers and also one which would leave readers filled with a strange pathos for the petty reasons we humans commit violence just for the sake of it My Rating 5 5

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    An intricate plot with almost no relationship to real crime or human behaviour, a skilled exercise in puzzle and pattern.

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    A clever mystery but Dexter spends too much time directly telling the reader the guts of the plot rather than leaving clues so the reader can figure it out on his own.

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    This one is so complex, you might have to read it twice My favorite quote can be found at the beginning of chapter 35 During the few minutes that Lewis was away, Morse was acutely conscious of the truth of the proposition that the wider the circle of knowledge, the greater the circumference of ignorance Turns out to be a most elegant adaptation of Albert Einstein s As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

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    3 1 2 stars I really enjoyed this 6th book in the Inspector Morse series, not just for the mystery but also because we get a bit background on Morse and Sgt Lewis has a much bigger role than in any of the previous books.

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