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The Rivals txt The Rivals, text ebook The Rivals, adobe reader The Rivals, chapter 2 The Rivals, The Rivals 89a52f When Alex Patrick Was Assaulted By Another Student Last Year, Her Elite Boarding School Wouldn T Do Anything About It This Year Alex Is Head Of The Mockingbirds, A Secret Society Of Students Who Police And Protect The Student Body While She Desperately Wants To Live Up To The Legacy That S Been Given To Her, She S Now Dealing With A Case Unlike Any The Mockingbirds Have Seen BeforeIt Isn T Rape It Isn T Bullying It Isn T Hate Speech A Far Reaching Prescription Drug Ring Has Sprung Up, And Students Are Using The Drugs To Cheat But How Do You Try A Case With No Obvious Victim Especially When The Facts Don T Add Up, And Each New Clue Drives A Wedge Between Alex And The People She Loves Most Her Friends, Her Boyfriend, And Her Fellow MockingbirdsAs Alex Unravels The Layers Of Deceit Within The School, The Administration, And Even The Student Body The Mockingbirds Protect, Her Struggle To Navigate The Murky Waters Of Vigilante Justice May Reveal About Herself Than She Ever Expected

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    I MAY have gotten a copy of this to pass on to a charity, and I MAY have peeked inside just to see if it s as awesome as THE MOCKINGBIRDS I MAY have finished the whole thing in about an hour and a half despite having lots of other things to do and despite the fact that it doesn t belong to me.Officially, I did not read this book But if I had, I would be telling you how AWESOME it is YOU NEED TO READ IT.I need to read it too Because I didn t Really I swear.

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    And in trying again, I know who I am and I know who I m not.Because even though they took away the thing I love, I will not give in I am than just the thing I love I am a friend I am a girlfriend I am a keeper of secrets I am the girl with the blue streak I am the one who confronted Ms Merritt I am someone who asks for help I am the person who didn t cheat on her boyfriend I am a one handed pianist I am the audience I am a fire eater.I am a survivor.I am a Mockingbird, and I will not look the other way, and I will definitely not go quietly.I will fight I fell go love with this residents and damn I want I don t what the hell it d be about but I just want .

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    Daisy Whitney did something magical with The Rivals she managed to craft a sequel I loved even than The Mockingbirds, which was one of my favorite books of 2010 Riveting and intense, The Rivals is everything I was looking for in a sequel.It had been awhile since I read The Mockingbirds, but within the first three pages of the book Daisy Whitney made me fall back in love with the world she has created with The Rivals It was at this point, I was completely hooked and the only point in which I put it down was to go eat dinner It was a book worthy of being carried with me as I walked around, rode the T, and anywhere else I needed to go.I loved that the plot was hard to guess it was a bit of a mystery trying to figure out who was behind what The Rivals is a whole new ball game after what happened in The Mockingbirds, and I really wasn t expecting any of it I love the scenes between Martin and Alex they are so adorable together.The cast of characters I grew to love in The Mockingbirds was only expanded in The Rivals Not only do you get to know the characters from The Mockingbirds better, but a few new characters who are pretty fabulous are introduced.The Rivals by Daisy Whitney is a book to add to your must read pile I am a complete and utter idiot for waiting 2 months after its release to read it, as it was just so incredible Daisy Whitney is such a talented author, and I cannot wait to read the next character s story she chooses to share with us.

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    Alex is one of those characters it s impossible to dislike She has a good heart, a good head, and she s trying to do the right thing It s obvious from that start that she doesn t know how to handle her new role as the head of The Mockingbirds, and people take advantage of that left and right.What I liked the most about her, however, was the fact that everything that happened in The Mockingbirds wasn t erased It still mattered Alex was still recovering, rebuilding, and working towards breaking through her rape Add that to the fact that the details of the event were known throughout the school because of the case, and it s understandable why her hesitations as a leader got in her own way.Daisy Whitney does a remarkable job of building things up If there s one thing that stands out about her writing, it s that the smallest conflicts in the book which aren t so small, you find in the end create so much tension and frustration that you almost can t believe it was something that insignificant It s not just with the bad kind of tension either, though The sexual tension in this book is nicely done Alex and Martin are working on balancing who they were, who they are, and who they want to be, and you can feel it in their scenes together There is one scene, with Alex playing at the piano and Martin behind her, and the beautiful tension that builds between them, that I still haven t gotten out of my mind.The idea of a prescription drug ring might not capture your interest at first, if that s not something you re into Like most of my favorite young adult books, that s not even the beginning You find out that there are some shady goings on at the school as usual , and at one point, I can guarantee that your stomach will drop, just as Alex s does It might happen again and again, depending on how quickly you pick up the subtext and clues.Daisy Whitney writes with a strength and power that has been overlooked The voice is strong, her descriptions are spot on, and her characters are real They are angry, they are frustrated, they are confused and disoriented, they are teenagers But make no mistake, they are not stupid They are smart and powerful These are not your bubblegum chewing, grunting airheads from the movies.

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    3.75 starsHey ho, whaddaya know It s Michelle and Andi here In a small freakish moment in nature she and I happened to unexpected read the same book at the same time Fortunately for you that means you get to hear us gab about it We have thoughts people, very serious thoughts Check out what they MichelleWhat did you think about the story overall I have to say I liked The Mockingbirds better I felt like this book while good wasn t a necessary extension of the first Having said that I quite enjoyed catching up with Alex and liked seeing her growth since what happened with Carter The story itself made sense to me, that there would be a cadre of people who rebel against the Mockingbirds even if I saw the plot points and progressions pretty early on and that there were some who still didn t believe Alex I m still on the fence about the school administration though It felt a bit too over the top, that any school administrator would be so blatant about turning a blind eye or that those that were aware of The Mockingbirds wouldn t do about it.AndiFor me this book was close to being excellent, but something made it a little off from the greatness of The Mockingbirds I tried to figure out if it was the case, the new people, the slight shift in Alex s personality, but it wasn t any of that I actually liked how Alex was always on the line of deceptive and straight forward It worked, and so did the new people It was the administration that bothered me It was too much of a plot point to make the head master be that turn a blind eye to win an award like It was very contrived and it took away from what Alex and The Mockingbirds were up against and made everything they did whether good or bad okay because the administration was the bad guys in the long run.MichelleYes I felt like the award thing was way too convenient Particularly given the fact that the precedent had been set in the previous book that the administrator never paid much attention to goings on Also, I think the focus on that element took away from the strength of The Mockingbirds As a group it felt far public in this book where as in the last they were covert and at least tried to fly under the radar It felt like vigilantism was being flaunted as opposed to being a means to an end.What are your thoughts on the case that was being investigated I was kind of torn I liked that Whitney spoke to a relevant topic on a much grander scale cheating but part of me felt like one of the best things about The Mockingbirds was that they gave a voice to an individual who was wronged Rivals took away from that some for me It lost some of it s emotion and urgency because there wasn t one single person being focused on BUT, I don t think this book was as much about The Mockingbirds as it was a continuation of Alex s story.AndiLike you I was torn too I got that it was used as a way to justify the means, to show that not everything was so black and white and clear cut I liked that aspect of it But I had trouble believing that a high school senior, even someone like Alex, would go that hardcore against a cheating ring There was something about the case that just didn t work for me Was the mystery aspect of who was behind it good Absolutely But I couldn t help but think it would be even better if the case was individualized I just couldn t see a kid caring about cheating if it really wasn t affecting them and I struggled with that.MichelleAgain, I agree In my high school it was pretty much keep your nose down and stay out of it Now, this doesn t necessarily mean that such things are always that way I can see where it could be this way But it seems far less plausible to me Did you feel like it was a mystery Because I knew what was going on pretty early on There were a few places where things worked out differently than I expected but it wasn t overwhelmingly surprising overall.AndiOh, definitely not a surprise to me I saw the writing on the wall from the get go, but the attempt at a mystery was there for sure Whitney wanted to keep you guessing, but for two amazing astute readers like ourselves come on now What did you think of Alex and Martin s relationship Their relationship was the one aspect I 100% loved The growth and love from what they were in The Mockingbirds was pretty amazingly done in my eyes It was the part of the story that I just found very real The problems they had, the insecurities, that is all typical high school, if not just relationship stuff that couples go through Sure their was the added pressure of working together and not always agreeing on the course of action to take, but their relationship was totally relatable and added to the book instead of just being there to add some romance.MichelleI was drawn to their relationship in the first than this one She was a bit unkind to him understandably so in some respects I enjoyed that he handled it well I do like that their relationship was portrayed realistically She was distant and he was hurt There was some spitefulness and childishness No Dawson s Creek action here where they were far to wise and introspective for their own good I liked that a lot.What did you think about her attraction to the other boy I m forgetting his name, UGH.AndiJones Oh Jones I guess I was annoyed with Jones then her attraction to him I kind of understood the attraction because he was completely separate from everything else that was going on He wasn t in The Mockingbirds and he wasn t in the circle of friends that she wasn t trusting any He was her Jones, her soft place, her music guy But personally I thought Jones was pretentious and full of himself and that is what bothered me He really acted like he was above all things Mockingbirds and I couldn t figure out why he felt so entitled.MichelleYes, Jones Thank you See that s one of the problems for me is that we didn t have all that much time with him To really get to know him outside of the peripheral That made it harder to understand why she would be so inclined to give up what she had with Martin for Jones I do get the inclination to gravitate towards him for the reasons you mention but why allude to potential romance You can get that connection through friendship, you know I agree that he had arrogance about him and I wonder if it was intended to be felt as aloof than anything else I didn t much mind about his personality just because I knew his purpose was to be conflict for she and Martin.Speaking of which, I didn t feel like that was a necessary focus for the story There was already so much conflict in the plot already that there wasn t a need to have a third party element to the romance.AndiMaybe that s the problem that I was thinking of him from both books, like I couldn t separate the two I guess I m just not a Jones fan LOL But I totally get what you are saying The extra conflict was just that extra There was plenty immerse yourself in without it Was it supposed to show the strength of Alex and Martin or what Kind of pointless is right.MichelleI think so Also, I think it went to show that Alex was healing from the rape That she could open herself up to the idea of dating not just one man but potentially someone else as well In that way I think it worked well She had far interaction with boys in this book and I found that aspect was handled really well.What did you think of Alex s character development from book one AndiNow that part I honestly thought was really well done From book one to The Rivals you could notice the change in Alex Like she said in the book, as much as she wanted to be that same girl from before the rape, the one that went under the radar she couldn t She was different and I think Whitney showed that really well I loved even in just The Rivals how at the beginning Alex was afraid to face Natalie, who I can t stand by the way, and then at the end she refused to let her bully her She found who she was and how being raped made her able to withstand things the old Alex never would have Once she stopped running from her past she was no longer her past, she was the girl that did something about it and took control back of her life You know MichelleI do What I liked best about it was that her progress was slow and thoughtful It wasn t this huge grand sweeping change that happens in 2.5 seconds so that the story can be conveniently done She was still traumatized by the rape and had appropriate reactions when seeing Carter at different times I also liked that she was able to continue to move forward with Martin and that she opened herself up to multiple possibilities where romance and intimacy were concerned Not sure I m on board with her getting to sexy times with him as quickly as she did I would have imagined it taking longer given where she was in the first book But that s just me Did it feel too fast for that to you AndiI can see how people would think it was very fast that she was okay to sleep with Martin But I can also see why it was important for Alex to actually let herself be with someone like that It was , to me anyway, to show that the rape didn t define her and that she was in a safe place with Martin Martin made her feel like the Alex of old so it was natural that she would be okay to be intimate with him Fast, maybe a little, but I think it was a way for Alex to grow and for the rape to have been something that happened to her, not who she was.MichelleThis is true, it s difficult not to let something like that define you so plowing ahead to try and make positive changes is definitely an encouraging message.Any final thoughts to share AndiAll in all I really enjoyed the book It was nice to see some character growth There were things I would have lied to have been different, but in the end I think it all worked as a whole I do get the feeling of a possible third part, but time will tell I know I m excited for whatever Ms Whitney has for us next.Did you read it What did you think Add your thoughts to the comment.

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    Originally posted here SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH Scrivere una recensione su libri a sfondo sovrannaturale mi riesce pi facile, lo ammetto, perch tendo a mettere un po di distanza tra me e il libro Quando invece mi trovo davanti libri come The Rivals impossibile non fermarsi a riflettere su tematiche un po pi profonde, anche se lontane dal nostro ambito culturale.Di Daisy Whitney avevo gi letto The Mockingbirds, il cui tema principale era lo stupro, un argomento a me molto caro la mia recensione potete trovarla QUI passato qualche mese e ho deciso di tornare a fare visita ad Alex, la protagonista, sempre alle prese con la politica del mettere la testa sotto la sabbia della prestigiosa scuola che frequenta Ora lei a capo del gruppo segreto che si occupa di far rispettare la disciplina nel campus, visto che la loro preside non in grado di affrontare i problemi, ma deve vedersela con problemi quali lo spaccio di sostanze stupefacenti per migliorare le prestazioni scolastiche e le sue amicizie e la sua stessa storia d a ne risentiranno.Non tanto la storia in s che mi piaciuta, quanto piuttosto la credibilit di Alex e la sua forza Alex rimasta marchiata per sempre dallo stupro che ha subito e non sar facile per lei dimenticarlo Non perfetta, fa moltissimi errori, si pente ed piena di dubbi Sia come capo dei Mockingbirds che come amica, Alex si mette continuamente in gioco, si fa mille domande, ma alla fine il suo scopo solo quello di cercare di fare del suo meglio Ho apprezzato veramente il percorso di crescita di questo personaggio Alex ben lontana dai clich delle classiche protagoniste young adult, ed sicuramente per questo che facile identificarsi in lei Un discorso analogo vale anche per tutti gli altri personaggi, dal suo ragazzo Martin all amica Maia, dal ballerino Theo all amico Jones Sono personaggi molto reali, molto imperfetti e molto umani, ognuno alle prese con la propria personale strada alla ricerca di se stesso e di un posto nel mondo Anche le situazioni e le relazioni sono molto veritiere non ci sono improbabili amori ultraterreni, ma ragazzi e ragazze che cercando di far funzionare a e amicizia pur con tutti i problemi che la vita pone davanti.Narrato in prima persona dal punto di vista di Alex, la storia ha un buon ritmo, sebbene possa risultare lenta a tratti La sua bellezza sta per nel modo in cui affronta certe tematiche e negli spunti di riflessione proposti Gli argomenti trattati nel libro sono molteplici e profondi l importanza di affrontare le conseguenze delle proprie azioni, i problemi che derivano dall avere il potere, la vendetta, la crescita personale potrei andare avanti ancora per ore senza riuscire a fargli giustizia, ma di sicuro questo libro piacer a chi cerca qualcosa pi di una semplice storiella per passare il tempo La frase che mi ha colpito Some decisions are hard, some are easy, but either way it s our choices that matter Who we chose to align with What we choose to give in to What we choose to resist And most of all, who we choose to be Because it is always our choice We are what we love We are the things, the people, the ideas we spend our days with They center us, they drive us, they define us to our very core.Without them, we are empty Il libro attualmente inedito in Italia.ENGLISHI have to say that writing a review about paranormal books seems to be so much easier for me, because I tend to put some distance between the book and myself When I m confronted with books like The Rivals I find it difficult not to stop and ponder about the important issues the novel deals with and I find myself deeply engaged in the discussion.I had already read and loved The Mockingbirds, which dealt with date rape, an issue that is very important for me After some months I decided it was time to go back to prestigious Themis and visit Alex, still dealing with the school permissive policy Now she s in charge of the Mockingbirds, the secret group who enforces discipline on campus since the dean and the school board do not do anything to face the real problems This time Alex has to deal with a cheating ring, trafficking of illegal meds to improve school performance and her friendship and her love story will pay a high price for this.I liked the story but what really impressed me was Alex s credibility, her strength and how much she grows during the novel She s been marked by rape and she knows she won t forget it She s not perfect, she makes tons of mistakes, she regrets things and has many doubts Both as the head of the Mockingbird and as a friend, she constantly challenges and doubts herself but in the end her main purpose is to do her best for everybody I really appreciated how this character developed through the novel Alex is far from the clich d young adult protagonists and that s why you can easily identify with her Same thing goes for all the other characters, from her boyfriend Martin to her friend Maia, from the broken dancer Theo to her friend Jones They are very real, very imperfect and very much human, each of them dealing with their own journey, searching for their identity and for a place in this world Also, the situations and the relationships are totally believable and realistic there are no impossible loves and preternatural creatures, there are just boys and girls trying to make things work even with the challenges life gives us.With a first person s POV, the story Alex tells us has a good pace, even if at times can be a bit slow Its beauty and deep meaning, though, can be found in the way the novel approaches certain issues and gives us food for thought There are many issues, each of them very important and controversial how to deal with the consequences of actions, the problems arising with having power, revenge, personal growth I could go on for hours but I can t seem to make this book justice.If you like a book that will give you than a few pleasant hours, Daisy Whitney s novels are your choice.My favourite quote Some decisions are hard, some are easy, but either way it s our choices that matter Who we chose to align with What we choose to give in to What we choose to resist And most of all, who we choose to be Because it is always our choice We are what we love We are the things, the people, the ideas we spend our days with They center us, they drive us, they define us to our very core.Without them, we are empty.

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    First I d like to clarify that I m very much a bell curve grader for books For me 3 stars is an okay book that I enjoyed, but didn t really like or love I rarely give a book 5 stars so a 3 star book is pretty good and not necessarily a critical review.Having said that, I enjoyed The Rivals, but not nearly as much as I liked the first book in this series, The Mockingbirds.Overall, however, I do enjoy Ms Whitney s writing style and I think she creates very real, believable teenage characters, which is not common in much of today s YA literature I will definitely continue to read whatever Ms Whitney writes.The Rivals picks up just after the Mockingbirds left off It is a new school year, and after winning her Mockingbirds date rape trial against Carter, Alex is now the leader of the Mockingbirds and sits on the board, along with her new boyfriend, Martin.The major case in this book is not a typical Mockingbirds type case as there is no clear victim It is a ADHD drug cheating ring linked to the debate team I actually like the ambiguity this case introduces and Alex s struggles between what is right and wrong when everything is a shade of grey, I just question the actual premise Yes, using ADHD drugs can give oe focused energy, but it isn t necessarily going to make someone win debates They don t make people smarter, just focused.While I don t mind Alex s struggles, and I do appreciate that the book deals with challenges that I expect are very real for today s teens, I did feel that the book dragged a bit.I had two major issues with the story The first is the adult involvement I appreciate that the story actually addresses that the faculty, specifically the headmistress, look a blind eye to what is going on and given that this is a boarding school, the lack of parental involvement makes sense However, I do find it odd that none of these kids think to involve their parents We do get some back story that some of the parents would not be good support systems, but surely among all of these kids, one of them has a decent parent who would get involved view spoiler The second issue is the violent incident in the end This is completely unbelievable to me that everyone would turn a blind eye to this If I were Alex, you d better believe I would be on the phone with my parents and lawyering up had someone done to me what was done to her I find her complacent reaction pretty lame and the one thing in this story that was very unbelievable I assume that Ms Whitney was going for shock value, and she did achieve it, but I just did not like this turn of events hide spoiler

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    It has been a while since I read The Mockingbirds, but I got quickly up to speed in The Rivals The students seem a little older in this series, so much so that I thought they were in college Though they seem grown up, they make some bad decisions, which is where the Mockingbirds come in The latest case is a tricky one for the vigilante group due to the relationship of the accused to members of the Mockingbirds, and that this time the victim is the entire student body The Mockingbirds go on a wild goose chase to find the real culprit behind the cheating ring.There are some growing pains for the Mockingbirds as they get used to their new group dynamic and their evolving role in the school I think it makes sense that the group would be under scrutiny, when you have a small court making decisions for the whole school Their role is interesting to me and I like that they have taken the responsibility of making student offenders accountable when the faculty is not doing their job It did seem like too much for the students to take on though I wouldn t want my child to go to a school that doesn t protect them.Solving the crime is part of the fun in The Rivals Every time I thought I had it figured out, there would be something new to shed doubt on another character New as well as familiar characters at Themis Academy are under the microscope in the latest scandal Alex has to make hard choices in her leadership role with all the conflicting evidence She has grown a lot as a character even though she is realistically still dealing with the after effects of the date rape, and everything doesn t go perfectly for her in her first case.I like how Daisy Whitney incorporates the arts into the series through the characters interest in literature, music, dance and drama The new characters fit in well, as there are new villains and allies in Alex s world In addition to the Mockingbirds and Alex s road to Julliard, the romance story also heats up And the introduction of a potential rival for Alex s affections also caught my interest.I liked the way this book got me excited to read about these characters In a way, both books in the series work well as standalone s but The Rivals takes the drama to the next level and heightened my interest in the series I don t know if there is a third book but there are a few juicy storylines that I m interested to see how they play out If you like older YA books with ethical dilemmas or just enjoy a good mystery, give this series a try.

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    THESE BOOKS MY BRAIN I just have opinions on ALL the opinions What a crazy complex, difficult, important look at ethics, and so different one book to the next People read these Think things Expand your brain box.Anyway, with MOCKINGBIRDS I opined that I couldn t buy into read couldn t stomach buying into the idea that any set of intelligent adults in charge of the daily welfare of teens would so WILLFULLY ignore such horrid behavior all for plaques and accolades Well WELL Feel free, Alex Patrick prove me wrong Watch my intestines choke themselves in horror at watching that behavior firsthand as you try so desperately to shove responsibility back into the rightful administrative hands Because your hands are busy BECAUSE THEY ARE BROKEN.tl dr UGH DEAN LADY You Are The Worst.However, the writing tops The friendships rivalries everything else so believable The lurrrrrrrrv tingly nerve wracking frustrating age emotion perfect And Jones Man I mean, I love Martin and all, he s clearly an awesome boyfriend, but JONES Mmmm Would I had been in high school with him And Alex I agreed with her and I didn t I believed what she did and I didn t I thought she made the right decisions, and wished she would have made others Thing is, she wasn t right, not 100% of the time Even when she was rethinking if SHE thought she was right And I am not right It is so graaaaaaaay Gray gray gray And GREAT for being so.Again, anyway, I liked Alex the first time around plenty, but if I preferred her here, it was because her tangent y daydreams occur far less frequently, and because she has had some time to move on and show her steel after the horror show of a junior year she ended up having And she makes mistakes, which is so important mistakes that are good intentioned and reasonable and so so cringe worthy because we as readers can almost universally see them coming, in great part due to our own my own, at least memories of how it felt to be a senior and trying to make easily less ethically fraught tough decisions for the first time in life.MAN I have so much to say about these books, but this isn t really the place The right place High school classrooms College classrooms Teen book clubs Places people with growing brains can stretch their own code of ethics and disagree with others safely.Without breaking someone else s hands.

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    After reading The Mockingbirds, I was excited to pick up The Rivals While The Mockingbirds could have ended where it did, I loved the characters and story, and I was a very happy reader with book two sitting next to me, especially with how different it proved to be from book one While I enjoyed book one, it would be boring to read the same formula in a different setting with a new case The Mockingbirds dealt with date rape In book two, some students are using prescription drugs to cheat plus, the Mockingbirds find rivals in another student group of vigilantes.While the story picks up where book one left off, book two is different in that there is intrigue there is a case, but we don t know who is at fault and must figure it out along with the characters, who show some amazing development once again Alex struggles with leading the Mockingbirds While the idea of a student vigilante group sounds amazing, it is hard to maintain Alex doesn t have a clear set of moral guidelines to follow, and she doesn t know when to be a friend, a student, or the head of a student vigilante group.At the same time, Alex is still suffering from the same experiences that haunted her during book one, and her experiences prove an obstacle to forming new relationships She and the other main characters ethics are tested they fail, they admit their mistakes, and they grow I loved them the better for their human weaknesses The culprits, on the other hand, are characters that you love to hate.While there is not as much action as book one, The Rivals also confronts ethical issues that makes us consider what we would do in the characters situations, and it is a great followup to The Mockingbirds Whether or not you ve read book one, The Rivals is a book that I would definitely recommend and if you haven t read book one already, I highly suggest you get your hands on a copy Original posted at Imaginary Reads

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