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Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion pdf Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion, ebook Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion, epub Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion, doc Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion, e-pub Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion, Trixie Belden and the Secret of the Mansion c43fde05fa3 Trixie S Summer Is Going To Be Sooo Boring With Her Two Older Brothers Away At Camp But Then A Millionaire S Daughter Moves Into The Next Door Mansion, An Old Miser Hides A Fortune In His Decrepit House, And A Runaway Kid Starts Hiding Out In Sleepyside

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    Trixie Belden was not perfect She got into trouble, she got dirty, she argued and lost, and she got kidnapped Truly, if you cut her, did she not bleed yes My Mom bought me two Trixie Belden books to take on a family vacation to Florida the summer after 2nd grade I think I had finished them before we hit the Florida state line much to my mom s dismay I immediately re read them I spent the next two years buying them as fast as my allowance would allow Until 1986 when they went out of print Aigh Then I spent the next few years buying the remaining new ones off of bookshelves, scouring garage sales and flea markets, and crawling through the stacks of used book shelves Can you guess how much I loved the advent of internet shopping I now have multiple copies of most of the books in the different editions and covers I do actually have a complete set, but I have never read 39 I refuse to read 39, because if I read it then it will be over If I read the last Trixie Belden book, there will never be another Bob White adventure I prefer to go on knowing that there is one out there waiting to be read Read Trixie Belden She rocks.

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    4 Trixie Belden Oh, Moms, Trixie moaned, running her hands through her short, sandy curls I ll just die if I don t have a horse I was first introduced to Trixie Belden in the 1970 s While I was a fan of Nancy Drew and I m sure I ll shelve her here down the road a bit it was for Trixie and the Bob Whites of the Glen that I reserved my most committed and unconditional adoration.Trixie reminded me of me Also a tom boy, I skied and sledded and was involved in winter sports My family mirrored hers, with a garden crazy stay at home mom and a dad who worked outside the home mine was a doctor, not a banker, but still But Trixie had older brothers, something I lacked, but that I longed for, and her best friend, Honey, the poor little rich girl had a stable full of horses.I spent years reading Trixie I belonged to some kind of a mail order book club, and one of them would arrive at my house every month They were poorly made book club editions, with hideous covers, a school library edition of some kind, not a hard back, but not a soft cover either.I read them into tatters When I left home for college, I left them in a box and at some point they were water damaged When I returned home for the summer after my first year of law school, my personal life had completely self destructed I had performed well academically, but my marriage had fallen apart I dug these out and read them, covers falling off, pages disintegrating in my hands, smelling of mildew I credit Trixie, in a small way, with the survival of my sense of self after the failure that was my first marriage.When the books were re released for a new generation of readers, I bought them, ostensibly for my daughter She has shown no interest, and is off to college, so that ship has likely sailed I, on the other hand, will still reread them from time to time I put them in a stack on the end table, and can read from the top of the stack to the bottom in a matter of hours Reuniting with Trixie and Honey and Di, and Jim Frayne, my original book boyfriend, and Brian and the irritating Mart, is like becoming myself all over again.Sometimes I think that people are the most themselves when they are around ten years old, before peer pressure weighs them down, and they start to question what they love, to edit themselves for an audience When I was ten, I loved Trixie Belden When I read Trixie Belden, I am ten Again.Read about this review project on my review of The Real Mother Goose If you re interested in of this project, you will be able to find the full project collected at my blog Books Do Furnish A MindBook 3 The Anna PapersBook 5 The Shell Seekers

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    Trixie Belden enjoys a glorious summer exploring and hanging out with her friends I can see why children enjoy this series Trixie and friends experience lots of fun activities and their adventures bring back fond memories of fearless summer escapades in my own youth.I didn t read these as a child, but the characters are certainly very relatable and realistic they are definitely in line with the type of childhood I had Each one has a different personality and upbringing and their differences show one another that people are different yet still the same The only aspect that didn t match my own childhood was that these kids knew everything from how to handle a snake bite to rigging up an outdoor shower Neither I, nor my friends, had that kind of practical knowledge Trixie and her friends were all resourceful, level headed, and brave in distressing situations and helpful, caring young people in calm everyday matters This first book in the series was adventure story than mystery and I am interested to see how the series develops.

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    A formulaic series, but what a formula I read probably 95% of the Trixie Belden series growing up and can t wait for Amanda to get into them.Trixie is a girl detective, much like Nancy Drew, only I think much better and I did like Nancy.To avoid diluting my goodreads list, I ll spare rating them individually, but know that I recommend them all whole heartedly.

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    When I was in upper elementary grades 4 6 , my local library was liquidating their old books My mom knew I loved Nancy Drew and picked these books up for me First published in 1948, Trixie Belden was one of those precocious characters that everyone was always getting angry at but I couldn t help loving Thank goodness Trixie had a nose for getting in trouble or this series wouldn t have been half as interesting.So Trixie is the only girl with three brothers Brian, Bobby and she befriends the new neighbor in town, Honey Wheeler The girls quickly become friends and catch some activity at an abandoned house They meet a teen who s hiding out there named Jim and he s got a fairly scary story involving an evil stepfather Just as the girls might be able to help Jim, he runs away and we re left with a cliffhanger.These books as I said are just pure fun and really easy to read It s hard to believe how much of the storyline I actually recall off the top of my head Originally read in 1993 Goodreads review published 25 08 19

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    I adored the Trixie Belden series and read all of them for years I truly credit this series, along with a few others, with fostering my voracious love of reading, and also with sowing the seeds of love of the Adventure Quest novel Trixie is a spunky, smart heroine, and I really wanted to be her when I was a girl Can t wait to share with my daughter one day.

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    I picked this up because Beth is re reading the series and I needed something light It s been years since I read the Trixie Belden books and I was surprised they held up at all But I found this first one charming and way better written than Nancy Drew I read the Nancy Drew books when I was eight or nine and Trixie Belden at twelve, and I feel those are good ages for each even though Nancy is a few years older than Trixie So, impressions 1 My parents bought me the Whitman reprints, the first 16, that were published starting in 1970 I had no idea this book was written in 1948 Trixie is way older than I thought, and that explains a lot about some of the details Like, in one of the later books, Moms what is up with that name takes Trixie clothes shopping and insists on buying her a girdle even though Trixie is maybe 13 Anyway, the point is, despite the age of the book happy 70th birthday, Trixie Belden it comes across as fairly timeless because2 The characters are really well fleshed out Though the series went the way of Nancy Drew after book 6, when the writing was taken over by a series of writers under the pseudonym Kathryn Kenny, the first six were written by one woman, and she didn t just toss these off They aren t perfect in some ways they re still very old fashioned to modern readers But Trixie comes off as a realistic, slightly tomboyish adolescent, her friend Honey is realistically timid based on her background, Jim is a great mix of tough and tender, and the adults are all a lot of fun My favorite of the side characters was always Regan, the Wheelers groom, but they really all do come across as interesting, if not the kind of realistic we expect in contemporary YA fiction.3 The story is a fun mix of serious, lighthearted, and ridiculous Serious, because Jim s story is fairly tragic lighthearted, because Trixie and Honey get into some funny troubles ridiculous, because there are aspects of the plot that simply couldn t happen even in 1948 My memory is that I did not read this one first, I read the sequel first, so I already knew the details of how the mystery worked out view spoiler Seriously, guys, you didn t think to check the mattress hide spoiler

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    When I was in elementary school, there were several girls book series that I avoided because I thought they sounded so insipid For example, the Betsy Tacy books What kind of a dumb name was Betsy Tacy Another series that I gave the stink eye to when I saw it on the shelves was Trixie Belden What kind of a name was Trixie Trixie sounded like the sugar cereal with the rabbit mascot that I knew from TV commercials, not like the name of a girl who solved mysteries Two years ago I finally read a Betsy Tacy book and felt like a big dope when I discovered how sweet and adorable it was and realized how much I would have loved it as a kid Last week, while impatiently waiting for the next Sammy Keyes book to come out, I decided maybe I should give Trixie Belden a chance too When I opened the first Trixie Belden book, The Secret of the Mansion, to the first page and read the first sentence, I felt very smug All my suspicions were confirmed Oh, Moms, Trixie moaned, running her hands through her short, sandy curls I ll just die if I don t have a horse Ha ha I knew it Trixie Belden was an idiot All my revulsion had been legitimate But then I kept reading, and I discovered that Trixie Belden was a little complicated than she first appeared For example, Trixie s dad comes home a few pages later and informs Trixie and her mother that he found their elderly neighbor collapsed in his driveway and drove him to the hospital, where the doctors predicted that he would have little chance of survival Trixie s response Serves him right, Trixie said, wiping her grimy hands on her rolled up blue jeans The mean old miser You should have left him lying in the driveway, Dad HA HA HA I never expected a girl s mystery hero from the late 1940s to say something like that Should have left him lying in the driveway Hee hee hee Also, did you notice that her hands were grimy And that she s wearing blue jeans As it turns out, Trixie s a pretty badass tomboy She s impulsive, determined, a little selfish, and not afraid to get dirty or explore creepy places I HAD NO IDEA That said, the book s tone is reflective of what was considered acceptable fare for minors in its time The plot works out in the same magical, unrealistic way a Nancy Drew plot works out The good guys are good and the bad guys are bad Trixie and her friend Honey appear to be unaware of sex for example, they continually daydream about their parents adopting the hot teenage boy down the road so he can be their brother because they like him so much what And it s hard not to hear Haley Mills s voice from The Parent Trap film coming out of Trixie and Honey s mouths when they speak Gosh, Honey breathed Golly Golly Golly .It s interesting how 1950s and 60s children s book wholesomeness meshes and jars with Trixie being an intensely strong willed character Trixie is a little too complicated, a little too independent for the world she lives in, but at the same time she doesn t have the experience necessary to always make good decisions And isn t that the same tension that lies at the very heart of the complexity of being a teen Long story short the first Trixie Belden book is a fun read featuring a reasonably strong female character And since the first book ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, I guess I ll just have to read the next one.

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    The book that started my lifetime obsession with serialized Girl detective books I had already read Nancy Drew when I discovered Trixie Trix was far appealing to me as she was younger and accessible than Nancy who was elusively glamorous, poised, wore smart suits and drove a car Trixie was a farm girl in dungarees who ride a bike or her horse as her mode of transport.Trixie, 13, exits in that fleeting period between childhood and teenagerdom, when girls and boys still co exist as friends and are not ready to be adults Trixie is 100% a kid and a completely average in every way except for in her ability to solves mysteries She s short and sturdy, clumsy, bright but a bad student, quick tempered, fiercely loyal, resourceful and happy Trixie and her family which includes 3 brothers, live in a farmhouse called Crabapple Farm , in a fictional town delightfully called Sleepyside on the Hudson in upstate New York She and her friends and brothers form a detective club called the Bob Whites of the Glen One of her friends whom I particularly obsessed with is Di, the newly rich, Elizabeth Taylor esque beauty with black hair and flashing violet eyes.I discovered Secret of the Mansion in an antique store when I was 11 The story is simple and perfectly formulated for pre teen readers After unsuccessfully begging for a horse her own from Moms , Trix spies a horse trailer outside a nearby empty mansion The new tenants, the Wheeler are a rich and glamorous family from NYC with a pretty daughter Trixie s age Trixie quickly labels Honey a priss for riding in fancy breeches but soon learns she has been sickly and sheltered, having been raised by her loyal governess Miss Trask Honey and Trixie soon become best friends Upon exploring breaking into an old miser s spooky mansion, the girls discover a teenage boy name Jim Frayne asleep on a mattress on the floor It turns out Jim is the old man s grandnephew who had run away from his abusive stepfather Local legend is Jim s miserly uncle hid a fortune in the mansion but it has never been found The half a million dollars is eventually discovered to be stuffed in the old mattress that jim had been sleeping Trite but satisfying.I would recommend the Trixie Belden series to any young girl Put down that Twilight book, read Trixie instead.

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    I first read this book when I was about 9, same as my son My first Trixie Belden was No 4, a gift from my aunt I became a huge fan and read than 30 of them over the course of about 6 years I ve been keen to read one to my son, hoping he would like it despite the female main character He did He was captivated and never wanted me to stop reading Cliff hanger y chapters didn t help They read really well out loud, despite the 40s 50s language A bit old fashioned, lots of goshes and gollies and swells But the vocabulary is quite advanced and the themes challenging The story is gripping and action packed I m very pleased that it held up to my recollection of these books My son definitely wants to continue the series.

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