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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Secret Staircase
  • Jill Barklem
  • English
  • 18 October 2019
  • 9780689830907

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    In 1980, an English author and artist named Jill Barklem released four miniature picture books about a close knit community of hedgerow mice, all living, working and celebrating together The four titles, one for each of the seasons Spring Story , Summer Story , Autumn Story , and Winter Story were an immediate hit, with their charmingly detailed illustrations and engaging characters and stories, and won a devoted coterie of fans Three years later, in 1983, Barklem released this fifth title, in which Primrose Woodmouse and Wilfred Toadflax discover a secret and long forgotten apartment at the top of Old Oak Palace, while searching for a place to rehearse for the recital they are to give for the great Midwinter Ball.How I wish I had discovered these books and especially The Secret Staircase as a young girl I would have adored them, and most likely would have read them over and over again How thrilling, to find a hidden staircase How delightful the hidden apartment, with all its promise of secret play, would have seemed How I would have loved the costumes that Primrose and Wilfred discover, the settings for their adventures, and the entire cozy world being depicted The great baronial hall would have been a particular treat, I think Even encountering these Brambly Hedge books for the first time as an adult, I am still charmed Highly recommended to younger readers with a taste for animal fantasy, as well as to anyone who enjoyed the earlier books about this adorable murine community

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    The best thing about Jill Barklem s books is the illustrations You could spend hours poring over the immense detail of the little houses, the apartment complexes etc In this particular story I did notice that the scale of the plants used to decorate for the Midwinter celebration is necessarily off a fieldmouse can hide in ivy, it would be enormous by comparison But that s Barklem s magic, she makes you believe it, see it and experience it.I love that the mice never do anything without they take snacks Highly recommended for reading with a child you love, or the child within.

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    If I could live anywhere, I think I might choose Old Oak Palace.

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    Recommendation on Beyond the Pages BookTube Channel 12 17 2017

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    I don t know how I missed this author when our kids were little but I m glad to have stumbled upon it Now I want to read the first four books, about the four seasons Jill s gorgeous illustrations remind me of Beatrice Potter s and Tasha Tudor s The story is lovely too A good book to read on a cold winter s night.

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    I m still waiting for the Spring Brambly Hedge book, so I read this one I did not enjoy it as much as the Summer, Autumn, and Winter books The illustrations weren t quite as intricate or beautiful, and these books are all about the illustrations The stories don t do that much for me the illustrations are outstanding This is also a season book as the events take place at midwinter I ve loved miniature items my whole life, especially as a kid, so the paintings are wonderful I thought I might like this story better than in those other 3 books because of the title The Secret Staircase is reminiscent of Nancy Drew s The Hidden Staircase or even The Secret of the Old Clock, and it piqued my interest, but I just didn t feel it was that compelling It was ok though and given that I m not a picture book age person, it would perhaps appeal to young children than to me Also, most kids love huge things or as in these books tiny things.

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    I forgot how charming this little tale is But what is truly captivating are the intricate illustrations, even an adult can get lost in them and fill with childlike wonder just looking at them A true classic from my childhood, so happy to have found it again.

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    Adorable Very similar to Beatrix Potter I would recommend the whole series.

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    Another charming book in the Brambly Hedge series, with the illustrations that make this series such a treat to read.

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    For the story, think Beatrix Potter s Peter Rabbit stories with mice and without the sometimes surprising lapses into violence that forcibly remind you that Potter wrote in a different cultural context In Potter s world, Mr MacGregor has a distressing habit of stalking through the pages taking potshots at the cast with his shotgun That sort of thing doesn t happen in the Brambly Hedge.So a charming story, but it was the illustrations with their incredibly rich detail that won my heart Small wonder each drawing took Jill Barklem three months to complete Each book in the series is the product of two years effort My favorites are the ones that dissect the trees where the mice make their homes I could spend hours staring at all the little rooms the mice have carved out of the tree, complete with tiny furnishings, winding staircases, and halls The Four Year Old, on the other hand, would prefer to spend those hours staring at the illustration of the room at the top of the Secret Staircase, with its spider webs, columns, detailed tapestries, mice statues, and especially the little suit of mouse armor standing guard on the side For a longer review of this series, visit my blog Caterpickles.com or see my review of the Complete Brambly Hedge here on Goodreads.

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The Secret Staircasecharacters The Secret Staircase, audiobook The Secret Staircase, files book The Secret Staircase, today The Secret Staircase, The Secret Staircase b10c2 It Was Midwinter S Eve And The Mice Of Brambly Hedge Were Very Busy That Evening, After Dark, They Would All Be Gathering Round A Blazing Fire For The Traditional Midwinter Celebrations A Grand Entertainment Was Planned, And Primrose And Wilfred Had Chosen To Recite A Poem They Went Up To The Attics To Rehearse In Peace And Quiet, But There Were So Many Things To Look At And Places To Explore, It Was Hard To Concentrate And When They Stumbled Upon A Dusty Staircase, All Thoughts Of Practicing Were Put Aside

About the Author: Jill Barklem

Jill Barklem 1951 November 15, 2017 was a British writer and illustrator of children s books Her most famous work is the Brambly Hedge series.After an accident when she was thirteen, Jill was unable to take part in PE or games at school and instead developed her talent for drawing and art On leaving school, she studied illustration at St Martin s in London Jill is now a full time illustrator,