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The Sign of the Beaver summary The Sign of the Beaver, series The Sign of the Beaver, book The Sign of the Beaver, pdf The Sign of the Beaver, The Sign of the Beaver 72d710f42a Twelve Year Old Matt Is Left On His Own In The Maine Wilderness While His Father Leaves To Bring The Rest Of The Family To Their New Settlement When He Befriends Attean, An Indian Chief S Grandson, He Is Invited To Join The Beaver Tribe And Move North Should Matt Abandon His Hopes Of Ever Seeing His Family Again And Go On To A New Life

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    It s the time of the American Revolution and new Americans like Matt and his family are heading out to colonize areas of virgin territory.Matt and his father head to Maine territory to stake their claim, which involves declaring their land, building a home and planting crops Once they ve accomplished this, Matt s father is tasked with returning to their home town in Massachusetts to gather Ma, younger sister Sarah, and the new baby, so they may start their lives together in their new home.In order for Pa to travel to retrieve the rest of the family, he must leave behind Matt to protect their claim.And poor Matt is only 13, when he realizes that He was alone, with miles of wilderness stretching on every side.He s alone, without a good dog theirs has died , and his only gun is stolen by a sketchy trapper in one of the very first chapters.Shit.Indians are around, and they re both bitter and bemused by this lonely white boy, defending his wood and mud castle They have awful lines, like, Me no see um like white man do But there s a dog in the story owned by the Indian boy and a fox and a bear, and you can t help but cheer for young Matt, because, frankly, he s been put in a lousy position.This was a read aloud at our house, a special treat for my 10 year old without her 7 year old sister much arguing ensued , and she s an animal NUTTER, so the dog alone captured her interest.I m a dog nut myself, and I own only three, because I can t afford to feed than three the way I do organic and free range food , but I would own ten if I could No, I m not kidding, if I had money or land or staff , I d happily own 10 dogs.So the realization of how crucial it was to own a dog hit me hard in this story I can t even imagine being out in the woods with the bears and stinky humans without a loyal dog.The moral to the story a good dog is hard to find.

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    Great historical fiction novel for YAs The year is 1768 in Maine The white men are taking land from the Native Americans Thirteen year old Matt is left alone after the cabin home in the wilderness is built to grab his pregnant wife and young daughter in Massachusetts While Matt awaits for their return a sly white man steals his prized rifle When the rifle is gone, Matt realizes he will starve if he cannot shoot his meals or protect himself.While in the woods one day he gets a hankering for honey, climbing a tree with a honeycomb and many bees He has now pissed off the bees Matt dives into the water nearby nearly drowning Saknis, a Native American chief, has been taking care of this white boy through the forest and saves his life Matt and Saknis grandson, Attean, form a friendship full of respect and learning It is because of Attean s teaching that Matt can survive his circumstances He also broadens Matt s ideals with questions Matt thought, he as a white person, had rights to An uncomfortable doubt had long been troubling Matt Now, before Attean went away, he had to know This land, he said slowly, this place where my father built his cabin Did it belong to your grandfather Did he own it once How one man own ground Attean questioned Well my father owns it now He bought it I not understand Attean scowled How can man own land Land same as air Land for all people to live on For beaver and deer Does deer own land PG 116 117 White man now has homes in the low 500k LOL I wish history had been taught with truth instead of the boring half truths we received Did you know that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts paid bounty on Indian scalps And they were considered the savages Hmmm Shameful fact of American history my history teacher never told me about or I would have paid attention in class Enjoyed the story Short and to the point Teaching young kids the importance of seeing other humans no matter how different as beings worthy of respect Joseph Bruchac Introduction

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    When I read this book at a much younger age, I adored it Let s be real, I probably had an unrealistic crush on the fictional Attean Tall, dark, handsome, strong, intelligent, good with hands Alright, alright so he is 14 in this book, but I was merely a young lass enad with the idea of a gorgeous Native American boy to sweep me off my feet Now about the book itself It is an easy read for 2nd 5th graders, I would say It doesn t teach much but the plot is catching enough that young readers would devour it A young boy s father leaves him alone in a cabin surrounded by nothing but forest while he returns to Quincy, Maine to retrieve his wife and child In his absence, Matt boy meets Attean Indian and against all odds, they become friends As things progress, he is invited to join the tribe in their move West Does he abandon the cabin he s guarded for almost a year or does he wait for his family s return cue dramatic music You ll just have to read it to find out What I don t like is the inconsistent writing The author used very ridiculous speech for the Indians Me Attean We no like white man White man words bad She gives the boy s father a type of hybrid old english southern alabama accent, while Matt s is plain ol english At times, she uses modern slang such as the village was awesome and now it looks lame.

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    For this category of book Historical Fiction Mid Elementary to Middle School this is a 5 Star book It is a great book to give a child who needs reading practice but likes good stories I had my recent studentsread it aloud to me and it was perfect for that also I have read it several times and still did not get bored this time around.I would say this also qualifies as The Literature of Honor for Middle Boys which I have not put together yet.

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    I read this book years ago before I started my Goodreads account and added it to my shelves based on my long term memories of it, but I have lowered my original rating from 4 stars to 2 stars after reading several newer articles about its problematic misrepresentation of Native Americans Please reference these articles in the comments below.

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    In my book, Sign of the Beaver, Matt an English teenage settler befriends and Indian named Attean I found this book interesting because during this time the English and the Indians had a relationship that could best be described as fighting.I couldn t get over the fact that Matt seemed to be realizing slowly that he wasn t just bonding with Attean but slowly growing the relationship of a friend Once Matt started to get to know Attean, through Attean s father, the boys started to do things together Attean taught Matt to hunt and trap Matt taught Attean to speak English They bonded further when Attean invited Matt to a tribal celebration Sharing these experiences made Matt comfortable with Attean and he knew he had someone he could count on He felt less alone in the wilderness Also he had someone to rely on.I think this friendship was odd was because of their races This friendship would be crazy because Attean was an Indian It s like a white man becoming friends with a African American man during civil rights Everything going on around them was against it but neither if them let that affect them I didn t see much of that but I could tell from the first time Matt met Attean that he had never had an Indian as a best friend before In fact he never knew why That s one of the reasons I think this author did that Not just to express how strange this relationship was for this time but too also show how easy it was for people of two different cultures could become friends and be okay with it.Finally I think matt realized this friendship was different than others because he didn t end up caring that Attean was an Indian he was just concentrated on him being a friend and a good one at that I felt that Matt found the true meaning of friendship to him That s what I got from this book Someone you think is an enemy becomes a friend.

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    A quite enjoyable read for a Sunday afternoon It s simple and easy, asking relevant questions for any young kid in elementary school Historical without being too overwhelmingly detailed Heartfelt and sincere without being too sappy I feel like I read this back during my early homeschool days, but I ve no memory of it.

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    Great book for young men I liked the illustration of both sides of the story from the Native American point of view as well as the English settler I loved the continual comparison to Robinson Crusoe as well as the Bible references and similar Native American version of the story of Noah I cried when Attean and Matt had to say goodbye Great story of survival and hope.

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    This book was very detailed that almost made the book way interesting When I found out that the book was based off of an actual story well mostly I was shocked with surprise because I usually HATE with a capital H.A.T.E Historical Fiction The ending of this book took me by surprise because Ben never came back and take something else like Matt s fishing line He is such a mysterious character that the was surprise to me.

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    I thought the Sign of the Beaver was a five star book because there was so much action that made you wonder will he make it or something else We read this book during class It had so many wondering moments like Will Matts parents make it back to sleep the cabin That s why I gave this book the amazing five stars because it was one of the best books I have read.

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