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The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree quotes The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree, litcharts The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree, symbolism The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree, summary shmoop The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree, The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree 9a4209b6 Eddie Blow Has Always Been Just An Ordinary Kid, Leading An Ordinary Life Until One Fateful Summer Night When He Meets Marty, A Green Suited, Three Foot Tall Junior Scientist Explorer From The Planet Martinea Now Eddie Has Joined Forces With Marty To Search For The Secret Power Z A Hilarious Story Of Extraterrestrial Friendship From A Caldecott Medalist

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    This book is one of a few that got me started on a 45 year science fiction spree I read it in elementary school, along with Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars etc , and have been hooked ever since.

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    When Eddie discovers his new extraterrestrial freind is the same age as he 11 and a half he exclaims, Let s be friends Marty yanks out his English dictionary factory fireplace furniture No friends What means friends Eddie tries ,with difficulty, to explain NOt much luck Eddie is a well, drawn likeable character a typical bright 11 year old But Slobodkin outdid himself with the character of Marty When we first meet Marty he is bossy somewhat suspiscious, and does not like to admit that he or the Martinean scientists might ever be wrong.He has lost his precious spool of Zurianomatichrome wire, and without the secret Power Z it can provide, his Astral Rockt Disc is going nowhere and he is stuck in rural upstate New York on Eddie s grandmother s farm So he is also moody and unhappy about that.But as the excellent advnetures continue, Marty s character grows and matures, and he becomes much of a likeable character.In the last major scence of the book, we see how much he has changed Like Boy Scout, now must tell truth He admits to Eddie he lied when he stated he was a scientist explorer from Marinea WHAT Eddie gasps Marty confesses he is only a Junior scienctist explorer And having failed in his assignment to study Earth, he will not be promoted to Full Scientist Exploroer.Eddie s response and solution to this is an inspired and top notch scene I read that scene Marty shakes hands and say Goodbye, Friend fifty years ago and it is STILL great.Lousi Slobodkin was also an illustrator of children s books if you can find a copy with his original illustrations, they really enhance the story.Very, very highly recommended for any child boy or girl, it s not just a boys book oage 7 or over For any fan of children s Sf For anyone who likes a good, touching, whimsical story.

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    The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree was one of the first maybe the very first chapter books I ever read, and the first science fiction story I ever read It was also the first book that was a must read among my peer group everyone who was anyone in Mrs Suffecool s third grade class in the fall of 1964 read the first adventure of Eddie Blow and his alien friend Marty Much of my fondness for this story comes from it occupying such a singular position in my reading history I later read the first sequel, The Space Ship Returns to the Apple Tree, and while I enjoyed it, the special magic of encountering something for the first time just wasn t there.

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    My review is highly biased as this was a favorite as a child Also, you re not likely to find the book as it s been out of print since the 70 s However, that being said, I enjoyed this little science fiction epic there are 4 books in the series and the manner in which Slobodkin kept his consistency throughout It s rare to see that today To often authors change characters on a whim, and that s not realistic.For a young person, reading this pre Space Shuttle Era, this was full of imaginative and other worldly astonishment This first book focuses on the protagonists discovery of the spaceship and it s pilot and their adventures in rural American ala 1960 s era Unfortunately, it may not have stood the test of time because, while I successfully purchased a copy of the series, my grade school daughter has no interest in reading this story.

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    This was my gateway book to science fiction My 3rd grade teacher kept pushing dreary good little girl books at me, which I wanted no part of I liked books about kids girls, boys, didn t matter who did stuff and occasionally got in trouble That s Eddie and Marty all over.There are actually five of these books, but West Park Elementary s library only had the first two Highly recommended for young readers, even though they are somewhat dated.

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    Louis Slobodkin s Under the Apple Tree series is among my fondest memories of my childhood This is science fiction for middle grade readers, and gladly recommended to them.I don t even remember how old I was when I read them, so I gave December 31, 1961 when I was eleven.

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    I enjoyed this book and its sequel very much at a time when I should have seen myself as too old for such things Very imaginative about space yet accurate about people and life, it had all the reasons why a child would love to read a book.

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    A quick read I remember this from my childhood The atmosphere reminded me of Mayberry RFD Small town sweetness I enjoyed the light feeling and the kindness to strangers that was shown Quaint.

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    Got this book years ago from my mother as a Christmas present for my sisters and l she read a chapter a night and l loved it Took a lot thinking and googling but l found the book again Very happy

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    I recently reread this book than fifty years after reading it for the first time I saw it on an old list of notable children s books, stared at the title, found an image of the original cover, read the Goodreads reviews, and knew that I had rediscovered a treat What surprises me is that Slobodkin foretold the future in some ways better than many hard science fiction authors of his day An explorer, nicknamed Marty, comes from space to study America and its ways He has a portable device like a typewriter to take notes without paper, and a dictionary with luminous pages to help him with his English In other words, he has a hand held computer In 1952, when computers were built of vacuum tubes and filled whole rooms As if that weren t enough, on Marty s home world atomic energy is pass , though on the real Earth it was barely getting started Another thing that strikes me about this book is his portrayal of Marty, who never reveals his real name or anything about his culture, but is forthcoming with details about science and technology, including secrets Marty has deep feelings but doesn t express them easily or appropriately, and he always does the right thing eventually, after Eddie persuades him Marty might make a good role model for an autistic child.

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