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    3.5 Well this was super fun, and have a very interesting magic system.

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    So this was a delightful tome of sassy thievery Which is honestly my FAVOURITE epic fantasy topic ever so I m pleased It was ultimately a little light for me, thoughI mean, I spent far too much time hoping the stakes would grow higher but they all stayed pretty lowkey It actually felt kind of YA But with characters in their low twenties So if you re a mostly YA reader but looking for some epic fantasy bring your eyeballs here Plus there s no romance, like zero swearing, and not even that much blood Wow No wonder I m not knocked out of my chair with adoration I need way angry blood Basically it s the story of a sassy smooth talking thief who kidnaps a king And also a fabulously capable and epic female wizard who takes no nonsense from anyone Yas Two lovely things Although I confess to being disappointed that Miranda featured WAY than Eli Like I really did like her But Eli was so interesting and he basically was just slouching through the whole book making jovial quips and talking the world into letting him do whateeeever he wanted and I wanted to know about him But it was absolutely endless relief to actually have an epic fantasy feature a woman who WASN T a manic pixie dream girl, but instead an intelligent and capable warrior who needed 0% males swooning after her.Did I mention no romance Haha It was SO REFRESHING.I also really liked the world In this universe, everything has a spirit and wizards work with the spirits of the worlds to keep peace or fight or whatever It s all HUG THE TREES, YO, which is lovely Although I do have questions THere s like small spirits in things from the doors to the ink you write with.so likeare there spirits in their clothes Do they need to ask permission to wear their socks Or eat with a spoon I felt the world was a LITTLE hazy on the specifics.The plot wasn t complicated, but it was fun Actually I ll just accuse the whole book of that A DELIGHTFUL LUMP OF FUN It s not going to twist my feels see aforementioned very low stakes but it made me smile so much Except for those covers Oh someone help them please Worst covers ever.SMALL LISTS OF OTHER LOVES there s a talking wolf hellhound sort of creature whom I love Eli can literally talk a door into opening for him, LITERALLY Eli believes if you see food while you re in the middle of a job, you should still eat it Yosef is an epic sword dude there s a cute demon girl whom the world hates but she s pretty chill tbh epic magic swords Eli steals all the things I have super many questions about his backstory so HECK YES I M READING MORE BOOKS IN THIS SERIESSMALL LIST OF DISLIKES the king was dumb the villain was super dumb too much polite conversation when everyone should be killing each other it was too light lowkey for me to be truly invested the whole time it was pretty predictableALL IN ALL if you re a fan of epic fantasy con schemes and magic, try it The sass honestly had me grinning wildly and I have so many questions about Eli that I want to read mooooore I loved reading a badass female wizard too And I would like to see Eli steal literally everything from everyone I mean, c mon, the dude would steal your socks and then just smile charmingly and frolic away nice

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    So I m giving this four stars because I have read all three books in the series and so I m rating the series overall as such this far The second and third books are actually better than this first one A REALLY REALLY fun series that fantasy fans will enjoy if they like their entertainment fluffy and light, and the books get better and better, so I would definitely encourage you to check it out This is a familiar fantasy renaissance world, but where everything has a spirit , water and air and even objects like doors and signs etc The hero of the story is Eli Monpress, a dude who wants to be the most famous thief in the world, and is basically obsessed with raising the bounty on his head Eli can be kind of irritating in his egoism, but the other characters are great, I particularly love his companion characters, Nico and Josef And they get and interesting in books 2 and 3 I really REALLY like the world building here, and as the books go on the world gets and fleshed out Super fun and interesting, I love the sense of humor that a main character can TALK to a door Overall there is a very tongue in cheek attitude here that I super loved And there s no heavy romance stuff which guys might appreciate in the morass of lady fiction I m uploading If you like Diana Wynne Jones or any light fantasy like Piers Anthony etc, I think you might really like this series It is definitely written at a young adult level too, so teens would def like it.I can t wait for the next one out next summer

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    also for people who are secretly five This is a fantasy novel in which some fantasy novel things happen, mostly in the logical order The author is mostly not illiterate though there are a few baffling word choices, and seemingly no knowledge of elementary physics or anatomy Only some of the characters are insufferable Imagine a fantasy novel that has been adapted as a cartoon for very young children Or imagine someone writing Mary Sue fanfics about a fantasy setting they read once, in which characters cross over from popular contemporary TV shows so far as I know, none of these characters actually ARE hip teenagers from 21st century california putting on bad ren fair impersonations of how ye people spoketh in ye olden days and shit they just read that way And as in those fanfics, everybody is invulnerable, and if they ever look vulnerable it s only for an instant before their previously unmentioned extra super invulnerability powers come into effect This eliminates any element of narrative tension, and becomes frankly ridiculous in the anime style Final Boss Battle.I was interested and surprised to see just how similar this was to the fantasy of my youth the DD novels, the David Eddings and so forth to the point where I felt I d already met several of the characters before In fact, you ve met every element of this before, if you ve read any fantasy it s extremely derivative The big differences are the adoption of this curiously mixed semi millenial, semi fauxdieval style, and the fact that this is much shallower and less interesting than the old pulp fantasies were there s no depth to the setting in the slightest, for instance All the distinctive rough edges have been filed off in an attempt to produce something maximally unobjectionable.The plus side of that, however, is that it really is polished than they were The prose is capable than in a lot of old pulp, and likewise the grasp of pacing.However, beyond a mild and slightly surprising goodwill that I feel toward it, and the fact that it was an easy read, I can t really think of any reasons at all to recommend it there s nothing it does particularly well.Having said that, I found it pleasant enough, in a pandering way, that I will probably read the sequelFor my detailed thoughts, and many questionable analogies, see my review on my blog.

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    Actual rating 4.5I had tons of fun with this book Picked it up due to a recommendation from one of my favorite authors, Michael J Sullivan, and it turned out to be very entertaining She seems to have the same writing style, well as close as you can get, to Sullivan But she doesn t do as well at creating characters as Sullivan does Well, let s face it, I don t think anyone does My only complaint is that I didn t feel as much of a connection to many of the characters at first, but they grew on me The first 1 4 of the book was super entertaining, then it died down a bit for the next 1 4, but picks back up for an amazing ride for the last half It s got great action and a pretty neat magic system I really liked how she used spirits for her magic system and you have to learn how to control or convince spirits into working with you Or you can be an evil warlock and enslave them I did roll my eyes, at first, at how suave Eli was and how he could get just about ANY spirit to work with him But when we found out why he could, I was fine with it All in all, I would highly suggest this book if you re in search of an entertaining and fun book.

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    Too young and dumb for me, and this time I say that as an observation and a critique I don t usually rate books I don t finish, but I will have to from now on Marking this as read and rating it to circumvent the Goodreads recommendation algorithm from recommending similar books It seems that s the only way around the system.

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    This series definitely has a strong start It is a rapid paced, easy, and really fun read The world building and magic system are both intriguing, and though there are many common tropes present in the story, it is told with a flair that makes it a distinctive read I would definitely recommend this series to fans of the fantasy genre.

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    Cool magic and unbelievably funny narrative voice I loved Rachel Aaron s Paradox scifi series written as Rachel Bach , but after reading this, it s official I ll read anything she writes Eli Monpress is a charmer for sure Review to come.

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    Final rating 4 5 starsFinal rating for the whole series 4.5 5 stars First rule of thievery, Eli said, grinning, only run if you re not coming back First rule of thievery, never use the same entrance twice Miranda rolled her eyes How many first rules of thievery do you have When one mistake can mean your head on a pike, every rule s a first rule, Eli said cheerfully I just read whole series in 5 days and I want to make one review to encompass all 5 books in the series and my opinion on them To be honest, I kinda struggled with the first book But the rest of them are worth it Really worth it This is that type of series where books get better with each book For example, my ratings would be book I 4, II 4.25, III 4.5, IV 4.75 V 5 Why that way The I read, the I realized that first two books were only introduction into something much bigger the main story which happens in the last 3 books And main story is much, much better than the first two books.And now, having read all of the books, I have to say THIS SERIES IS DAMN DIFFERENT SOMEWHAT UNIQUE LATER ON And awesome With great characters and interesting story and well done everything Why 4 in this book though While I loveeeeeeeed the story, I didn t understand the characters in the beginning they felt blank But how the story went later on I understood them, especially when their pasts started revealing and when I got to see them for who they are That way I can safely say I would marry Nico and Eli, and probably kick Josef until he landed in the ocean on the other side of the world and I would do the same for Miranda They kinda deserve it But Nico and Eli are precious characters that I love, Nico is amazing girl and she and Eli both have something in common they struggle to survive be free These books are not focused on romance if that s what you are looking for In fact, there is some flirting here and there, some kisses here and there too, but it s NOT a focus and it s not about romance, but a story about doing anything to keep being free and doing everything to save people they care about WORLD BUILDING Imagine if everything around you had a soul IF you were a wizard, you would be able to hear what the door said, you would be able to contract with spirits and use them for self defense and for advices in exchange for power and obedience These people are called Spiritualists wizards There is also a force of nature that controls everything from the shadows a white lady called the Shepherdess and another force of nature, but complete opposite, a Demon who wants to devour every soul it can get it s hands on But the Demon is trapped under the mountain and he can only spread his seeds into un willing humans and make them hosts for the demon seed and the carriers of such seeds are called Demonseeds Demoonseeds are humans who terrify the spirits as soon as one is noticed all Spirits go into panic Demonseeds are hunted by the League a force led by Lord of Storm, a man of great power, who follows Shepherdess orders And lastly, across the sea there is a continent conquered by Immortal Empress Overall, the world building is great, especially later on when all comes to place STORY This is a story of a thief wizard Eli, who can make every spirit listen to him and help him His companions are Josef, a man who wants to become strongest swordsman in the world because he carries the strongest awakened sword Heart of War and a demonseed Nico The three of them are on a quest to make Eli the man with the highest bounty in the world How to do that Steal few HQ pictures here and there, steal a lot of stuff, steal a King Whatever gets on Eli s mind.But when he steals a King, he didn t count that it would throw the whole country in chaos because in the kingdom of Mellinor, wizards are not looked upon kindly, and King s brother is a wizard which got cut off from succession because of it And now he finally got the opportunity to occupy it now that his brother is kidnapped due to being a lucky target of Eli Monpress.So, a Spirtualist Miranda and her ghosthound are dispatched to capture Eli and set things right to make sure Eli doesn t ruin the reputation that wizards worked hard to get for so many years But Eli made a deal with a dangerous force and he must play by the rules he set, or else he would lose his freedom forever.On the other side, the Demon of the Dead Mountain wants to get free and he would do anything to achieve that CHARACTERS There are four absolute main characters in the series Eli Monpress is a man who wants to become the most notorious man in the world He would steal anything if it would make his bounty higher One could say he is a total Attention Whore and that wouldn t be an overstatement After all, Eli lives for making his bounty as high as possible His bounty is his everything after all, his whole future and even life depends on it Once he made a bet and that bet is the only thing allowing him to roam free in the world, and if he fails, he would have his freedom taken away and be forced to live a life which is for him worse than death Being a wizard, he can charm his way out of almost all situations, but the thing is He is a very special wizard Eli is a kind person, who over time understood what it means alive and what it means to have people who are close to you and who you can love, for which he would do anything if that would mean they could be safe What hurt me the most through the series is the fact that people have habit of misjudging him and his actions even when he is downright honest and literally begs Everyone is used to him having a plan under a plan For example, I almost cried when view spoiler Josef literally attacked Eli for asking Nico to do something dangerous for him But he didn t ask her for himself, but for his spirit And the fact that Josef thought Eli was doing it only for his own plans and purposes hurt me to no end hide spoiler

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    No rating Stopped at about 40% I think it might just have been me, but I just could not connect with any of these characters It s not poorly written and there are elements reminiscent of one of my favorite YA series, Queen s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner But it just didn t hook me and I felt I gave it enough time Again, it might have been me and bad timing for me to start a new to me series from a new to me author Especially fantasy where world building is so important and really takes a readers concentration So, don t let me put you off if you find the blurb interesting.

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The Spirit Thief summary pdf The Spirit Thief, summary chapter 2 The Spirit Thief, sparknotes The Spirit Thief, The Spirit Thief a1cb1d6 Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here Eli Monpress Is Talented He S Charming And He S A ThiefBut Not Just Any Thief He S The Greatest Thief Of The Age And He S Also A Wizard And With The Help Of His Partners A Swordsman With The Most Powerful Magic Sword In The World But No Magical Ability Of His Own, And A Demonseed Who Can Step Through Shadows And Punch Through Walls He S Going To Put His Plan Into EffectThe First Step Is To Increase The Size Of The Bounty On His Head, So He Ll Need To Steal Some Big Things But He Ll Start Small For Now He Ll Just Steal Something That No One Will Miss At Least For A WhileLike A King

  • Paperback
  • 310 pages
  • The Spirit Thief
  • Rachel Aaron
  • English
  • 05 March 2019
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