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The Spring Cleaning Murders quotes The Spring Cleaning Murders, litcharts The Spring Cleaning Murders, symbolism The Spring Cleaning Murders, summary shmoop The Spring Cleaning Murders, The Spring Cleaning Murders de7a4244 Ellie Haskell Swaps Scrubbing For Sleuthing When Yet Another Member Of The Chitterton Fells Charwomen S Association Bites The Dust Someone Has Than Dust Bunnies And Dirty Dishes To Hide Ellie Is Helped By Handsome Husband Bentley, Feckless Cousin Freddy, And Caustic Home Helper Mrs Malloy

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    This is a series and Ellie Haskell is a mother of twins She loses her cleaning lady, Mrs Malloy when she has to leave for London to babysit her grandbaby and Ellie needs to replace her due to spring cleaning Ellie finds a new cleaning lady , but unfortunately she is soon found Murdered and Ellie finds herself playing detective More murders to come, let s see if Ellie can solve this case This was a light and witty murder mystery and I enjoyed the spring cleaning theme.

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    This is a reprint of a book originally published in 1998 It is a good read of a cozy mystery that takes place in a small town outside of London England This is the seventh book in this series.Ellie Haskell found a book containing recipes for making your own cleaning products that was written by one of her ancestors She decides to make and try some of the products and this begins a thorough Spring Cleaning Ellie is also the mother of young twins and never seems to be able to finish anything When Mrs Malloy, her cleaning woman quits to go to London to take care of her grandchild, Ellie hires one of her associates to take over the cleaning When Ellie goes to a meeting at someone else s house, she stumbles upon her replacement cleaning lady dead after a fall off a ladder Was the death an accident or was it murder Ellie has a feeling it was foul play, and she sets out to prove it When another death occurs, she is sure there is something going on There are many things happening in this story Her husband s restaurant is being picketed, her gardener handyman is getting older and his health is declining The twins are clambering for attention and Mrs Malloy is acting strange, not answering any calls One of her friends is trying to get her husband back and is involved with a married man and every time she hires someone to clean, something seems to happen to them With all this going on, will Ellie figure out who the killer is and the motive Will she be able to find out who the killer is before anyone else dies The characters in this story are what you would expect from an English mystery They are quirky, especially the group of cleaning women, and fun The list of suspects includes just about everyone except Ellie and her family The plot moved slowly in some spots and quickly in others I had suspects in mind along the way and changed my mind as often as Ellie did The ending was a bit of a surprise, but fit in nicely Each chapter began with a cleaning tip from the past and it was fun to read them I am glad I live now though A cute mystery for cozy mystery lovers The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

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    This is seventh book in the Ellie Haskell series and the first time I have read this author I found an excellent story that the writing flow smoothly and was easy to read It is a hard book to rate and review as much was happening It takes place in a small town off the coast of England and occurred before computers and cell phones It is true to the conditions of the time IEllie is married and the Mother of twins Mrs Malloy, her long time cleaner gives her notice informing her that she moving to London to help take care of granddaughter Her replacement, Mrs Large is found dead What is Mrs Malloy s problem and was Mrs Large s death an accident or MURDER The antic of the twin was amusing and added much to the story The health of Jonas and the love the family felt for their line up gardener was another theme that I feel followers to series like If course the home made household remedies that were included were interesting.I feel that had I read the earlier books I would be attracted to the characters and the many subplots The latter were merged together nicely I would recommend reading this series in order but this book worked well as a standalone I will read of this series as time allows.Disclosure I received a free copy from Alibi through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book.The opinions expressed are my own.

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    Ellie Haskell loves to clean she is in spring cleaning fever when Mrs Roxie Malloy her Charwomen decides to turn in her resignation so she can move to London to help out her Son and his Wife Vanessa who is Ellie s cousin with the new baby So she hires a new Charwomen from the Chatterton Falls Charwomen Assc She hires Mrs Gertrude Large but for fewer hours than Mrs Malloy When Mrs Large falls from a ladder in the home of a new Chitterton Falls resident and dies Ellie is once again in a spot Even worse it seems the Charwomen are being murdered Mrs Malloy is unreachable So Ellie and Ben her Husband plus cousin Freddy go under cover as new cleaners in the hopes of finding clues in the homes of their clients to help the police solve these murders

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    The Spring Cleaning Murders by Dorothy Cannell is the 7th book in the Ellie Haskell mystery series, and is written as perfectly as the first 6 were The Ellie Haskell stories are a personal favorite of mine, having first read The Thin Woman book one over 25 years ago Ellie has found true love with her husband Ben and their 3 year old twins Tam Grantham and Abbey Abigail , and is happily living at Merlin s Court with them and Jonas the caretaker and Freddy her cousin Everything is going smoothly in Chitterton Fells until members of the CFCWA Chitterton Fells Charwomans Association start dying and getting murdered and Mrs Malloy disappears It s up to Ellie, Ben, and Freddy to discover who the murdering villain is Ms Cannell has such a gift with the written word, and this story is a perfect example Witty, clever and fast paced, and it left me a little misty eyed at the end Bravo

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    Title The Spring Cleaning Murders Ellie Haskell Mystery Book 7Author Dorothy CannellPublisher Random House Publishing GroupPublished 5 9 2017Pages 238Genre Mystery ThrillerSub Genre Suspense, Women s Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Amateur Sleuth,ISBN 9780399180392ASIN B01KE61LTIReviewed For NetGalley and Random House Publishing GroupReviewer DelAnneRating 4.25 StarsWhen the ever scrupulous and ever caustic Mrs Roxie Malloy leaves her employ in tears, Ellie Haskell busy mother of twins is forced to find another cleaning person As she searches for someone who can at least aspire to taking Mrs Malloy s place, Ellie turns the household topsy turvy, overcome with spring cleaning fever But when members of the Chitterton Fells Charwomen s Association C.F.C.W.A start biting the dust, Ellie swaps scrubbing for sleuthing to find out what dark secrets have been swept under the rug.With the help of her husband, Ben, her feckless cousin Freddy, and an assortment of homemade cleaning solutions, Ellie joins the C.F.C.W.A s roster and embarks on a brief stint as a mercenary maid just long enough to snoop through her neighbors things and find out which one has than dust bunnies and dirty dishes to hide.Ellie, the mother of twins, decides it is time for a through Spring cleaning and wants to use some of the recipes for cleaning supplies she has found in an old book of one of her ancestors With Mrs Mallory announcing she is moving to London Ellie hires one of Mrs Mallory s associates When the woman dies from a fall Ellie thinks it was foul play, then another second char woman turns up dead Ellie races to find a killer and the reason behind the killings before another body is found This is the seventh in the series, but can be read as a stand alone Filled with a cast of characters that are diversified and interesting personalities Well written plot with scenes move smoothly one to another A quick fun read.My rating of The Spring Cleaning Murders Ellie Haskell Mystery Book 7 is 4.25 out of 5 stars. Link Link Link Play Link Link Link Link Reading Room Link Link

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    A great plot We are transported to a small town in England, with magnificent houses filled with history and charm The characters are unique, some eccentric to the extreme, some pompous and irritant and some just filled with insecurities.In this installment, Mrs H is set on spring cleaning her house, but her long time help Mrs M puts her notice and moves to London to take care of her newborn granddaughter Help is needed so in comes Mrs Large, a formidable woman in every way Suddenly strange things start to happen and not short of time so does murder, the question is who is the culprit and who maybe next.Note I received an ARC for review and an unbiased opinion.

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    Maids and MurderThis story takes place in a small town in England, but makes up In size by killer hunting maids out of season Can the rest of thelady s solve the well kept secrets and solve the mystery or willThey too meet their fate by the killers hands Read the who doneit mystery and solve the case.Debra H.

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    This is only the second book I have read in the series but I enjoyed it.The characters have grown on me and the whodunit was well written.I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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    This is a cute cozy mystery I have read another in this series and they are quite good They are entertaining and somewhat complicated without being confusing I really like the main characters I listened to this as text to speech on my kindle on my way to New Jersey from New Hampshire and was so engaged that I continued to read it once I arrived I had started it earlier in the week, but I got to that point where you just have to know how it all wraps up I definitely didn t predict the ending, which always speaks highly of a good mystery If you like to be entertained with a fun mystery, I definitely recommend this.

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