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10 thoughts on “The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)

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    Samantha and Nellie are traveling to Europe, and the blue star is on the ship they are traveling on The blue star is a valuable jewel that is on its way to a museum The jewel is very important to history When the blue star goes missing, everyone is accusing Nellie and Samantha s tutor who is helping them learn french Samantha and Nellie have to prove that she didn t do it and who did This is just a short little review because I don t want to give anything away I loved the suspense in this mystery I am looking forward to reading of the American Girl mysteries Definitely a five star book

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    A pretty decent locked room mystery Samantha was always my favorite American Girl I got my interest in history from Meet Samantha An American Girl but I hadn t quite realized how complicated her storyline had gotten until some poor author has to summarize it in two paragraphs.

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    French lessons, a monkey, and a missing sapphire turn Samantha s trip across the Atlantic into a test of her detective skills The sisterhood between Samantha and Nellie is sweet and definitely realistic even close sisters keep secrets, but they ve always got each other s backs The actual theft was pulled off in a very clever fashion, and the girls were smart to put the clues together, leading to the thief s capture and the jewel s return.

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    Great Mystery Also goes to show that sometimes the person that you least expect could be the culprit

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    I read this for my 10 year old daughter She read it 2 times and said it was SO good, I just had to try it So, I read it It is your basic mystery, I did not love it, but it was fine When I told my daughter I finished it, she said, Did you like it I said, yes She said, Wasn t it so good It just gave me the shivers Lol So, even though my adult view was not overly impressed with this book, it deserves 4 stars because it gives the intended audience a great read

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    This was a very suspenseful mystery and I appreciated the mini mystery between Samantha and Nellie within the larger plot It really highlights how special their relationship is and fits well with the larger message of not looking down on others who have less or have had a difficult past The mystery itself was very clever and the setting adds a fun element.

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    I absolutely loved this mystery historical novel piece, this truly reflects some parts of the world now I thought the character intricacies were quite intriguing, the overall plot is very well planned Samantha Parkington is a strong, curious young women which I believe will set as an example for many kids in the future.

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    This mystery starts off slow, but then picks up There s a lot of filler and red herrings I really can t stand the unsavory family But I love boats and travel so this was fun to read and not easy to figure out

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    This book was really quick to read, and I was very surprised about who turned out to be the thief in the end.

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    This was a fun mystery to read with my daughter A yes under girl s who done it type thing.

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