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    My favorite book of all time To me, it is just the perfect epic hero s journey story I love that it takes place in the early 80s I love the grittiness and ugliness of what happens to Jack as he travels back and forth between this world and The Territories, and I LOVE the character of Wolf The first few chapters are a little slow and not very exciting, but they are important and hold crucial story points that will come into play later, so to anyone reading this for the first time, I recommend sticking it out and reading onbecause it quickly turns to great once the story gets going I could not put it down the first time I read it, which was in 6th grade This is the only book, besides Catcher in the Rye, that I can pick up and just read a few chapters here and there when I feel like it I don t need to read the whole book front to back any, but I do love just getting that taste every so often I know I am paid to be a writer for my day job, but here s the thing It s hard for me to write reviews, since I don t always know how to describe what makes a book good in a way that is eloquent and persuasive Despite that, I do just want to make it known that this is, indeed, a VERY GOOD book Read it I m open to discussing it with anyone.

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    Weird book.The great thing about us residents of the country of READING is that we are a diverse, eclectic bunch We like and dislike all sorts of different books and for different reasons Sometimes a few of us will like a book or writer, but for completely different motivations and coming from different perspectives altogether It had great action There was wonderful characterization and dialogue It was a clever allegory and well written Etc etc.And so we come to Stephen King s 1984 collaboration with Peter Straub, The Talisman Published a couple of years after King began the The Dark Tower series with The Gunslinger, readers will be drawn to King s unique style of fantasy contemporary without too much gothic and or mythical elements There are horrific undertones but almost absurdist in its originality.Like The Dark Tower books, and Insomnia and It, and 11 22 63 and several others of his works, this is about a multiverse where different worlds are connected together by a thin membrane of a boundary, easily crossed.This is about a child and a journey and inspiration was taken from Mark Twain, this is a great American fantasy that may still hold attraction to any of King s or Straub s fans around this world There were villains and monsters and magic and heroes.Our protagonist, Jack Sawyer, goes on a long quest to find the talisman and save his mother Along the way he finds friends and makes enemies and struggles and cries and almost dies and comes through to confront the bad guys and do what must be done.This was WAY WAY too damn long.I know that is a ubiquitous complaint of mine, and maybe its true I have a truncated attention span but King and Straub took a long time to get to where they were going I did end up liking it, but almost put it down and by the end was than ready for this to wrap up A hundred pages less, hell even cutting it in half, would have made it enjoyable.I can see where other citizens of our country of READING will like this a lot than I did, even notice some reviewers who list this among their favorites And while I did ultimately at least become interested and like it and finish it, this was not one my favorites of his many great books.

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    Twelve year old Jack Sawyer s mother is dying of cancer and the only thing that can save her is The Talisman Can Jack cross America and The Territories to claim it and save his mother I first read The Talisman while waiting for the last three Dark Tower books to be published Thanks to the magic of getting older, I forgot 95% of what happened When the ebook fell into my lap, I was ready for a reread.Brief Side Bar This book fell into my lap because Goodreads offered me an ebook of my choice in order to share my notes and highlights At first, this seemed like a pain in the ass but it wound up being pretty useful when formulating my review Also, it beat carrying the massive hard cover around like a cave man.The Talisman is a coming of age tale and also a quest story Jack Sawyer s mom has cancer and the only thing that can save her is The Talisman, a mysterious McGuffin housed in a haunted hotel all the way over on the opposite side of the country Fortunately, Jack can cross over into The Territories, a fantasy pseudo western that exists alongside earth Still with me Co written with Peter Straub at the beginning of the 1980s, The Talisman simultaneously feels like a dry run for the Dark Tower and a collection of Stephen King s greatest hits up to that point Jack s trek across the country is not that unlike the ka tet s journey to the Dark Tower and the Talisman is referred to as the axle of all worlds on several occasions, just like a certain Tower King flirted with the concept of twinners in other books, though not by name I have to believe Jack Sawyer is linked to Jake Chambers in some way Maybe King didn t think he d ever finish the Dark Tower so he worked as many ideas from it into The Talisman as he could.The greatest hits notion I mentioned Specific scenes seemed like they were almost lifted from other king books The talk Speedy gives Jack is a lot like the talk Danny Torrance gets from Scatman Cruthers I know that s not his name but I can t think of it at the moment in The Shining You also get King staples like the spooky tunnel There were echoes of other, earlier King books in the mix that I ve already forgotten Not only that, there were some future echoes as well The Alhambra hotel, anyone Also, there were numerous things that would be revisited during various points of The Dark Tower.So where is Peter Straub in all this Honestly, I can t say since I ve never read any Straub solo books However, there are a few times in the text where the writing lacks a certain Kingliness I ll chalk those up to Straub There was some backtracking I didn t care for that I ll also blame on Straub.For a kitten squisher of this size, there wasn t a whole lot in The Talisman that felt like it could be pruned It takes a long time to hoof and thumb across America and The Territories and Jack Sawyer goes through several hells on the way Oatley and Sunlight Gardener s boys home were the worst, in my opinion Give me a railroad trip over a radioactive wasteland over those two places any day.A co worker of mine said King is at his best when writing about kids I didn t agree with him at the time but I saw where he was coming from some ways into this book While I thought Jack, and later Richie, talked like seventeen year olds than twelve year olds, what twelve year old doesn t want to go on an adventure I d visit the Territories now, as a 40 year old kid I felt for Jack s companions at times but I would also be frustrated trying to travel with Wolf More than once, I would have left Richie behind, though When Jack finally reached the Agincourt, I had the put the book down so I could finish it at home rather than sneak read the rest in my cube The big showdown at the end reminded me a lot of something that happened in The Wastelands I was also really glad of how the ending turned out, the ending of Cujo still fresh in my mind.The second time through The Talisman was just as enjoyable as the first time thanks to the magic of forgetting Trial run of the Dark Tower or no, The Talisman is an enjoyable epic and a taste of things yet to come from Stephen King Four out of five stars.

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    Everything goes away, Jack Sawyer, like the moon Everything comes back, like the moon Only the Talisman will save young Jack Sawyer s dying mother and he must embark on a quest across America and into another world in order to obtain it.I had been anticipating The Talisman since forever, I can t even put my finger on why, I just had the feeling it would be a book I would fall in love with And if I m completely honest, it just wasn t what I had hyped it up to be in my head I still REALLY enjoyed it and think it s a fantastic book, but it s not a new favourite sad face Jack Sawyer is a great character, he reminds me so much of Jake Chambers, and this perhaps is the problem he s not Jake Chambers This book also gave me intense Dark Tower vibes but once again, this is not the Dark Tower I think part of the problem is that I was comparing it to the Dark Tower, and it was never gonna come close to surpassing King s magnum opus, and my favourite book series of all time I have a feeling that if I had read this first, I d perhaps have loved it a lot .Now this opening to my review feels harsh, because I did LOVE aspects of this book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it Wolf quickly became a new favourite King character what a sweet soul Right here and now I really could have done with even Wolf I also loved the concept of the Territories and Twinners etc, although it did get slightly confusing at times, especially because some of the Twinners had names that were very similar which is intentional, of course , but sometimes my brain had to connect the dots and work out who was who The story also dragged at parts for me and I wish we had spent time in the Territories, because normal earth is just boring in comparison, and I wanted to know about this different world The Talisman is fraught with emotion Jack is a very emotional child, who felt very real to me, and his quest to save his mother is so damn brave and admirable It s really something special to watch his growth and development as he travels across America The collaboration between King and Straub felt pretty seamless I honestly just felt like I was reading a King book, I ve yet to read any Straub so can t really comment if it felt like Straub s writing, but King was definitely stamped all over this one.I m honestly so upset that I didn t LOVE this one, I just didn t connect with it in the same way I thought I would I did really enjoy it though, and am looking forward to reading Black House soon

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    4.5 Stars Can t classify this one as horror, but THE TALISMAN is one wild and woolly action packed fantasy ride Traveling Jack Sawyer is a good kid and 12 years old when he and his mother flee Los Angeles for New York ultimately ending up in an empty, creepy hotel in New Hampshire and while Jack questions the moves, he knows deep down his mother is not well.As the days pass and his mother s rest periods become frequent, a worrisome Jack explores a closed amusement park nearby and is soon befriended by a gnarly old black janitorLester Speedy Parker who tells him incredible stories of a parallel world and a magic juice that can transport him to a place where he can acquire the secrets of THE TALISMAN and hopefully save his mother.His danger infested quest from east coast to west with flips from a world of evil doings and enslavement to one with bizarre creatures beyond your imagination has an unlikely friendship for Jack with a 6 5 Wolf that will break your heart..it did mine.For me, THE TALISMAN brought back memories of King s Dark Towers series, and while a chunkster at 700 pages, entices me to re read it in the form of a graphic novel so I can see the creeping tree roots, the evil abusive bar owner, the camp school from hell, and visually experience the train ride through the blasted land as a scared, but brave young Jack Sawyer grows up fast to save his friends and mother and complete his mission.Entertaining and fun read with a young adult feel to it.

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    Tricksy ReviewThere is so much that happens in this novel, that any thoughts I can cram into one review will always be woefully inadequate Don t you sometimes think there s to life than order Don t you want just a little magic It is perhaps a good thing to read this book three decades down the line, separated from the hype that so weighed it down when it was first published 50% Horror 50% Dark Fantasy 50% Straub 50% King, and yet not anything you would have expected from either The quotes from Mark Twain, that open and close the story, make me think that Jack Sawyer s surname isn t coincidental, although I reckon The Talisman is Huckleberry Finn than Tom Sawyer There was too much death, the world was half made of death.The novel requires a flexible mind, and is based on the assumption that other worlds exist just below the surface of the one we all live in Normally this kind of thing would only appeal to me in a purely Science Fiction setting, what with parallel worlds and all that However, the authors manage to keep things tight, and steer clear of over indulgence It s a story about the fantastical, but it s also a chilling tale of fear and the macabre This is not Narnia He went down the stairs on all fours, silent as oiled smoke, eyes as red as brake lights.As befits any good supernatural Horror story, there are some fearsome critters to be found here Not all are inherently evil, though, and I suppose anyone who reads this will love the character of Wolf There was madness here, and walking death, and gibbering irrationality.The transformation of Traveling Jack, from Jack Sawyer to Jack Sawyer, is handled masterfully It represents one of the most palpable feats of character development I have ever read There were some sequences that I felt didn t positively influence the general feel of the novel, but that is my personal opinion Also, towards the end things get a bit messy the final, climaxing scenes are interminably drawn out for no apparent reason This is the only reason I m not giving it five stars It s a story that will probably resonate with me for a while, and I might have to say on the issue, but not right here and now.

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    Dave s Quick Judgement THE DEFENSE Book is so cohesive, it feels like it was written by one author instead of two Horror and fantasy elements are blended together perfectly Story is astonishingly original and unpredictable Prose is lush and magical Events are very exciting particularly the climax THE PROSECUTION Gruesome moments are not for gentle readers Of course, chances are gentle readers avoid any book with the words STEPHEN KING on the cover anyway Plot inconsistencies can be frustrating at times THE VERDICT The Talisman never ceased to amaze, surprise, or excite me A truly breathtaking book FULL REVIEW TO COME

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    Recently, a good GR friend agreed that the word magical is a great way of describing The Talisman In turn, she shared a quote by Markus Zusak Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months after you ve finished just to stay near it Only now can I not only fully agree, but appreciate the sentiment behind Zusak s words. although it s uncertain if he was referring to this particular novel It s incredibly profound, and they describe my feelings toward The Talisman perfectly Thank you, once again, Michelle Yet there s to it than mere magical elements Much At the heart of the story is 12 year old Jack Sawyer, whose sold purpose seems to be his ailing mother s salvation In order to acquire that, however, he must venture east. and beyond In the days leading to his departure, Jack meets the truly invaluable Speedy Parker Insodoing, King Straub expertly introduces the Constant Reader to him, as well The duo transports you there, right alongside them They are long lost friends, indeed This being my 3rd reading, they took me on a roller coaster of a journey which surpassed my considerably high expectations With that admission, I have another valid confession I tend to be a very analytical reader, especially compared to my previous experiences with the book One scene, in particular, stands out as slightly unrealistic our protagonist s leave taking I seriously do not recall having this reaction Perhaps with age and maturity, we perceive things differently, thus reacting in various ways, I really don t know Part II The Road of Trials, is easily a favorite section of mine As the title suggests, it chronicles the genesis of Jack s epic journey It s life altering, as his adventures help form the man he is to become This is precisely why I love the section so very much.Another light perhaps eight blocks down changed to green before a high dingy many windowed building that looked a mental hospital, and so was probably the high school. The words conveyed to describe the bleak beauty of Oatley are utterly amazing and awe inspiring..as I believe is evident in the previous passage The character of Wolf is very memorable I haven t forgotten him since my first reading, in 1999 He s beloved, and so masterfully crafted that you can t help the urge to run toward him with a warm embrace In times of sorrow, joy, or imminent danger, your heart goes out to him it breaks your heart, really Well, it did mine, anyway As the journey continues, the reader is treated with an attribute rarely given by the so called latest and greatest writers of today In Jack, for instance, we learn much about his personal character as opposed to the superficial, to the point that it almost feels like an invasion of his privacy King Straub delve deep, exposing cherished memories, childhood fears, and the like Most interestingly, the mind set of the characters The juxtaposition between Jack and Richard Sloat still astonishes me One thought plagued me, relentlessly, and that is, How is it possible for two individuals who are polar opposite of one another to be so incredibly close It hardly seems plausible, even now, yet it s true Brilliant work, King and Straub I d never experienced this before, but at a certain point, I had a genuine Eureka moment, which commenced with the realization that this duo were clearly influenced by C.S Lewis s Chronicles of Narnia and, to an extent, Ray Bradbury s Fahrenheit 451 P.491..The coats and suits are gone, the floor is gone, but it isn t crisp white snow underfoot it s stinking black dirt which is apparently the birthing ground for these unpleasant black jumping insects this place is by no stretch of the imagination Narnia 492 And later that day, he takes all of his storybooks The Little Golden Books, the pop up books, the I Can Read books, the Dr Seuss books, the Green Fairy Book for Young Folks, and he puts them in a carton, and he puts the carton down in the basement, and he thinks I would not care if an earthquake came now and opened a crack in the floor and swallowed up every one of those books In fact, it would be such a relief that I would probably laugh all day and most of the weekend. By the fourth and final section, aptly entitled The Talisman, I absolutely loved every word I though that it couldn t possibly get any better, but I was mistaken by far From the Blasted Lands to the very end of their adventures, and virtually everything in between, this one has it all Excluding the spectacular conclusion, I really enjoyed and have much respect for the chapter centered around Richard s past, and ultimately how he deals with it On a side note, Jack s mother, Lily Cavanaugh, felt very distant throughout most of the novel I had the impression that she was, in a way, detached from reality And aside from her debilitating illness, I barely felt anything for her at all That is, until the end This development impacted me greatly If I had a critique to give, I d comment on the novels wordiness And it can be a bit long winded in places, but its innate visual enhancements make them almost necessary Hardly a critique at all, eh Up next, Black House I haven t read it since the initial HC publication, circa 2001 I remember practically nothing of the text, so as you can probably imagine, I am very much looking forward to this one

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    One of the things that I love the absolute best about Stephen King s books most of them is that they are immensely re readable, and depending on where is in one s life, or how many of King s other books one has read, the experience could be completely different each time I have loved this book for a long time It s a quest, it s a great story with great characters, but than that, it s almost like a prototype of where The Dark Tower series would eventually go An alt universe mini microcosm of Roland s quest for the Tower There s so much to love in this book except Peter Straub s involvement anyway, which is something that I usually try to forget It is no secret that I m not a fan of Straub s writing I ve tried, and failed miserably, at reading two of his books now, and I ve decided that his writing is just not for me Whatever his involvement was in these books, Stephen King made it palatable to me He blurred the lines and blended the edges so that it seems seamless and painless for me to read Anyway This read through I loved it just as much as the last time I read it, but I also felt like I had a better understanding of some of the characters Jack has always been one of my favorite characters, but this time through, I felt much empathy toward Richard This poor kid has gotten the shit end of the stick from life His father is a dick, he has no mother took off dead Nobody knows She s not even mentioned , and his only protection from the insanity of the life his father imagines for him is to delude himself into complete, 10000000%, no exceptions Reality with a capital R The poor kid doesn t even like fantasy books Yet, he and Jack had very similar experiences Both have fathers who could travel to the Territories, and both boys watched their fathers disappear and reappear in very different areas than where they left The only difference is that while Jack s father left him and went to experience and learn from The Territories, Richard s father went to exploit it And so their kids individual experiences of the Territories they couldn t understand were miles apart in terms of experience, and it s all down to their fathers ideas of what the Territories should be He had fantasy related PTSD before he could even read That s got to be traumatizing I loved Richard s growth though Even though he refuted and rejected every possibility of what was happening for 90% of his time in the story, the way that he eventually came to terms and acceptance was impressive I don t know many 12 year olds who could create those kinds of life changing coping mechanisms, and then break them down in a matter of days So the fact that he started to forget what happened is either massively unfair to him, to work through everything for nothing, or incredibly just and compassionate If you were to ask Richard, I think he d choose the latter I also felt slightly that Jack was a bit cruel and selfish this time through His treatment of Wolf and Richard at times was thoughtless for their needs, and it really broke my heart at times I get that in the greater scheme of the quest and its goals, sometimes one must do things that are cruel, and make hard decisions But it was the little things, like Jack thinking that Wolf would enjoy a double feature in a movie theater when he knows that loud noises scare him, and he s never even heard of a movie in his life Can you imagine how terrifying that would be Poor Wolf It s just a small example of how twelve year olds just haven t developed their full sense of empathy yet Speaking of Wolf I really hated how he was read for the audio of this book I loved, LOVED Frank Muller s reading for the first three Dark Tower books, but this one was just all wrong Everything was so gruff and growly, and Wolf was even so It just had the complete wrong feel for me I m glad that I only listened to a little bit of the book on audio Anyway overall love this book Totally recommend it It s awesome Go read it D

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    Heartwarming journey of self discovery and triumph Travelling Jack is on a quest to save his ailing mother through worlds within worlds The story s playing within worlds reminds me of dr Seuss Horton hears a who movie, where actions in one world have repercussions in the other Jack meets familiar faces and both worlds fate have an effect on each other He is only 12 years old and he starts to embark on experiences that are painful and heartwarming that mold him into someone unique He bonds with two particular characters that makes this one of the best buddy tales I have read in a while, one unique character Wolf you feel to cry and laugh for This is an unforgettable tale of Jack on a quest to save one person he loves than himself his Mother something we all relate to, and you find yourself rooting for his triumph to find the cure for her decline in health The balance of life and death is in the hands of one boy and his retrieving The Talisman.Took me a week to read I will move on to The Black House and see how Jack s story continues Near the middle of December in the year 1981, a boy named Jack Sawyer stood where the water and the land came together, hands in the pockets of his jeans, looking out at the steady Pacific He was twelve years old and extraordinarily beautiful for his age His brown hair was long probably too long but the sea breeze swept it back from a fine, clear brow He stood thinking of his mother, who was dying, and of friends, both absent and present, and worlds within worlds, turning in their courses June 2011 updateThere was going to be a mini tv series of this but due to funding the studio dropped it They is possibility of movie we will have to see and the story would really look good on the big screen Jack from artwork of the novel Movie trailer here

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The Talisman download The Talisman, read online The Talisman, kindle ebook The Talisman, The Talisman c48899e3f832 On A Brisk Autumn Day, A Twelve Year Old Boy Stands On The Shores Of The Gray Atlantic, Near A Silent Amusement Park And A Fading Ocean Resort Called The Alhambra The Past Has Driven Jack Sawyer Here His Father Is Gone, His Mother Is Dying, And The World No Longer Makes Sense But For Jack Everything Is About To Change For He Has Been Chosen To Make A Journey Back Across America And Into Another RealmOne Of The Most Influential And Heralded Works Of Fantasy Ever Written, The Talisman Is An Extraordinary Novel Of Loyalty, Awakening, Terror, And Mystery Jack Sawyer, On A Desperate Quest To Save His Mother S Life, Must Search For A Prize Across An Epic Landscape Of Innocents And Monsters, Of Incredible Dangers And Even Incredible Truths The Prize Is Essential, But The Journey Means Even Let The Quest Begin