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The Titled Americans: Three American Sisters and the British Aristocratic World into Which They Married files The Titled Americans: Three American Sisters and the British Aristocratic World into Which They Married, read online The Titled Americans: Three American Sisters and the British Aristocratic World into Which They Married, free The Titled Americans: Three American Sisters and the British Aristocratic World into Which They Married, free The Titled Americans: Three American Sisters and the British Aristocratic World into Which They Married, The Titled Americans: Three American Sisters and the British Aristocratic World into Which They Married 18c936a7d The Titled Americans Is A Family Saga Spanning Three Generations, Chronicling The Glamorous Lives Of Leonard Jerome, His Daughters, And Their Children Raven Haired Jennie The Beautiful Married Randolph Churchill, Younger Son Of The Duke Of Marlborough And Was Winston S Mother Dreamy, Blonde Clara The Good Was Romanced By The Dashing Moreton Frewen, A Penniless Younger Son Who Unsuccessfully But Relentlessly Tried To Parlay His Immense Charm Into A Fortune Even Though, One After The Other, All His Speculations Failed, While Quiet Leonie The Witty Married Into The Leslies, A Distinguished Irish Family Who Were Disappointed By Their Son S Bride Although Full Of Princely Lovers, Balls, And Diamond Broaches, The Story S Heart Is The Intensely Supportive And Laughter Filled Relationship Between The Sisters Waves Of Grave Financial Hardship Afflicted Them All, But They Always Rallied To Rescue One Another Beginning In S America And Ending In The Middle Of World War II When Britain Was Under The Leadership Of Jennie S Son, Winston Churchill, The Titled Americans Is An Epic Story Of Family And Fortune Encompassing Both The Apogee And The Twilight Of The British Empire

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    As the book says, Leonard Jerome was born in 1818 on a farm at Pompey Hill, near Syracuse in Western New York State That farm is around the corner from the house where I grew up Many times I rode my bike past the Jerome house on Jerome Road Because of that, I like to think of all the Jeromes as local kids who done good That is really stretching the connection, though, because once Leonard left the farm, he never looked back He went to New York City and made a few million in the stock market, not enough to be fabulously wealthy, just enough to launch his three daughters into society This book is about those three daughters, Clara, Jennie, and Leonie, and how it worked out for them Which is, not quite like they had hoped.The girls were intended to marry wealthy dukes and earls, emphasis on wealthy Instead they all fell in love with men from noble families, but seriously strapped for cash In most cases the love fizzled, too The three sisters shared a life of balls, parties, gowns, servants, vacations on the continent, and visits with princes, without ever knowing how they were going to pay for it.Clara s marriage was the most pathetic, as her husband Moreton Frewen nicknamed Mortal Ruin poured every penny he could scrounge into get rich quick schemes, all of which failed him Leonie s life was the most stable, but that stability included having an estate in Ireland during a time of political upheaval, when English landowners were being murdered and their houses burned, a fate which she escaped Jennie was the most famous, a society darling, famed for beauty and wit But her husband, Lord Randolph Churchill, contracted syphilis, which ended their sex life, and made him impossible to live with as his behavior became erratic and abusive.The author admires all three women for always making the best of things, and always helping each other And indeed the sisters were models of pluck and dignity, and devotion to each other, but I admire them a little less than the author, because there seems an element of shallowness in their determination to keep up the appearances of wealth, no matter the circumstances In fact, one of the things that amazes me is that out of this self indulgent lifestyle would emerge Jennie s son Winston Churchill, a great thinker, a great writer, a great leader How did that happen But if the lives of the Jerome sisters were shallow, it is not entirely the fault of the three women, but of the British Aristocratic World into Which They Married to quote the subtitle.At at time and place where getting a job was just not done, how were people, especially women, to find meaning in life Jennie tried valiantly She organized successfully a hospital ship, wrote a play, and not quite so successfully edited a literary magazine But if her accomplishments mostly fell in the realm of planning dances and decorating houses, well, that s what was available It was fun to read about the balls, the satins and jewels, the yacht races, and carriages, and operas, but I am happier being a regular Joe in Syracuse, New York But would the Jerome sisters think it was worth it, the financial worry and proscribed personal freedom that were the price they paid for their status in life I think they would, every one of them.

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    A very interesting read part of a cache of books I picked up to prepare myself for when I finally cave to pressure and start watching Downton Abbey I found the family biography format a little strained by the dominating presence of Jennie Churchill, whose social success and distinguished son Winston pull the focus of the narrative in her direction Indeed, the sister I most enjoyed reading about was Leonie, the youngest, to whom the author gives short shrift until the end of the book Of the three, she seemed the only one to have her priorities straight A sign of the book s strength is how invested I felt in these women s lives, getting as exasperated with Clara and Jennie as one might with a real life family member who keeps making foolish choices.

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    Meh This is obviously well researched and I do admit that finding out that Winston Churchills father SPOILER died from syphillis related disease and his mom SPOILER was a little bit of a slut was pretty interesting But this book spent a lot of time with the details of what each of these ladies was bringing in each year from their family inheritances and then how they blew the cash with lavish life styles There was not a lot to admire or find interesting about these women I ve read biographies of spoiled, spindthrift heiresses before Georgianna for instance but there s always a bit accomplishment, or humour, or toughness that makes the women fascinating The most interesting fact about these women appears to have been their marriages and I found myself skimming through the last half of the book.

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    I didn t start out loving this book The writing style is a bit stiff, like a doctoral thesis, but in the end it won me over This book is Jennie Jerome Churchill heavy, but she is the most popular one both in life and in death It was interesting to see Winston Churchill as a most beloved nephew, popular cousin and favorite son His accomplishments only briefly mentioned, but his relationships with his cousins were some of my favorite bits This is also the best description of Jennie s marriage to Montagu Porch who was 3 years younger then Winston Churchill , I didn t realize they spent so much time together since he is usually overshadowed by Jennie s sudden death One thing I have learned, is never trust a Jerome with your money.

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    I stumbled on this book in the library and thought I d take it home for a test drive maybe just look at the pictures I was quickly hooked and enjoyed it very much This is a great read for those who like the Gilded Age, dallying princes and wretched excess in all its forms But in the end, this is a very sad story The sisters were trained for a profession wife of rich titled gentleman , but ended up marrying for love and doing without money, a situation for which they were ill prepared.

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    I read a biography of Jennie Churchill almost 30 years ago so I went into this book recalling some facts about her life but a lot of information had become blurry to me over the years Basically, I recalled her first marriage was a disaster because of Randolph s syphilis and their combined lack of any sort of practicality about money Rather a train wreck, but a fascinating one to read about.This biography of Jennie and her 2 sisters deepened my previous knowledge In short, their lives were all train wrecks to varying degrees and they were all 100% selfish and clueless about money I put the original blame on their mother, who was obsessed with society, wealth and the potential for her beautiful daughters to obtain both via marriage.Their mother ruined Clara, the oldest Clara became creepier and creepier the older she got because she never outgrew her wide eyed girlish, helpless innocence act What was appealing not to me but apparently to others in that era in a youth of 18 became pathetic in a mature woman of 48 I had a difficult time overcoming my natural antipathy to Clara Just a terrible terrible mother and employee to her saintly, overworked servants I felt so sorry for her children They had such miserable childhoods It didn t help that Clara managed to marry someone ever narcissistic and megalomaniac that her Honestly, it is impressive in a way that Clara found such a loathsome husband in Moreton The two fed off of each other s worst traits and brought themselves down down down It was difficult at times to read about all their many mistakes and blunders Moreton is the living embodiment of the phrase If I didn t have bad luck then I d have no luck at all It became laughable after a certain point, how nothing every worked out like when Moreton was finally catching a break, meeting with a partner who was sailing to America with contracts for Moreton to sign Sailing on the TITANIC So of course the man the contract sank to the bottom of the ocean and once again Moreton failed.Jennie s storyline was irritating in a different way Oh, there was the constant scramble for money but it was less traumatic than Clara s life because Randolph Jennie were somewhat successful They could have been so much so, if things had played out differently Really they never should have married It was a short lived sexual attraction that, because of the s of the day, meant they had to marry in order to act upon the desires They should have just had an affair and gotten it out of their system Sadly not an option back then for a nice girl Jennie had the potential to be so much If only she had been born in the future, when she could have had her own career if only she had married someone stable than her, so she could have been supported better in her endeavors if only, if only Ah well Leonie, the youngest, had the least irritating storyline, mainly because she wasn t as grasping for money and social status Oh, there were still money struggles, like all the Jerome girls, but she managed to hold it together better than her older sisters She was also a fairly decent mother, especially for that social class and that time She was also a marvelous aunt to her sisters ignored and abandoned offspring.The best part of the book for me was when it focused on the closeness between the sisters, their parents and their children For all their flaws and struggles, they maintained their love for one another.

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    Today, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement Today, I finished The Titled Americans by Elisabeth Kehoe British Royalty is still infatuated by the American woman.I enjoyed reading about the three American sisters living lives of financial constraint but always able to travel, entertain and wear gowns by Worth How did they manage Winston Churchill comes across as a man with a deep sense of family loyalty and cared very much for his aunts and cousins Family, to him was everything Maybe this tender caring is because his mother really wasn t interested in raising children I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading books by Elisabeth Lehoe.

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    This factual story of 3 American sisters 1870 s to 1950 s illuminates what it meant to be a female member of the British aristocracy during its decline, when incomes were falling but lifestyles were slow to follow the downward spiral The sisters Jennie, Clara and Leonie remained close to each other through 80 plus years of marriages, misfortunes, joy, wars and unrest, and raised successful children that made impacts on the world , each in their specific fields the most famous being Winston Churchill, the 1st born of Jennie.

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    This is a bit of an interesting, if slightly gossipy, read about Jennie Churchill and her two sisters Despite their mother s expectation that they would make advantageous marriages, all three married for love and found those marriages troublesome Indeed Jennie shocked society with her second marriage to a much younger man Only Leonie seemed to make the best of her marriage This was interesting but somewhat light weight.

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    One of the best books I have read Fascinating Very well researched and complemented by the Jerome sisters own words through family letters It s a step back in time that paints a vivid picture of an era where wealthy Americans sought marriage into British aristocracy leading to some famous pairings It also lends insight into British rule and land ownership in Ireland.

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