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The Vanishing Game summary The Vanishing Game , series The Vanishing Game , book The Vanishing Game , pdf The Vanishing Game , The Vanishing Game a410e83199 Seventeen Year Old Jocelyn Follows Clues Apparently From Her Dead Twin, Jack, In And Around Seale House, The Terrifying Foster Home Where They Once Lived With Help From Childhood Friend Noah She Begins To Uncover The Truth About Jack S Death And The Company That Employed Him And NoahJocelyn S Twin Brother Jack Was The Only Family She Had Growing Up In A World Of Foster Homes And Now He S Dead, And She Has Nothing Then She Gets A Cryptic Letter From Jason December The Code Name Her Brother Used To Use When They Were Children At Seale House, A Terrifying Foster Home That They Believed Had Dark Powers Only One Other Person Knows About Jason December Noah, Jocelyn S Childhood Crush And Their Only Real Friend Among The Troubled Children At Seale HouseBut When Jocelyn Returns To Seale House And The City Where She Last Saw Noah, She Gets Than She Bargained For Turns Out The House S Powers Weren T Just A Figment Of A Childish Imagination And Someone Is Following Jocelyn Is Jack Still Alive And If He Is, What Kind Of Trouble Is He In The Answer Is Revealed In A Shocking Twist That Turns This Story On Its Head And Will Send Readers Straight Back To Page To Read The Book In A Whole New Light

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    this book was going to get a full throated five star howl from mebut that ending it was as if the winner of the miss universe pageant, still smiling her vaseline assisted smile, took a sudden, proud dump on the runway.i just i can t.wow.here s the thing i realized once i got to work the other day that i had planned poorly, and the book i had brought with me would be finished on my lunch break, so i needed to borrow something from work that would tide me over, because i do not like looking at people on the subway it is unpleasant so i grabbed a bunch of books from the YA new releases section that i knew nothing about, and this is the one that made the cut.and at first, it was fanfreakingtastic.is her writing flawless no, not by a long shot, but i was so caught up in the momentum of the story, it mattered not one bit this is totally the kind of book i would have devoured in my youth, and i was thrilled to see that it still had the same enjoyment for me seriously word puzzles love them love them when i was little, i burned through all those peggy parish books about liza, bill, and jed where they would receive elaborate clues and follow them to treasure they were the best thing ever and every easter, the easter bunny would come to my house and distribute clues throughout my house which would lead me to my easter basket the easter bunny was a big fan of puns, if i recall and i loved that feeling the moment when i figured out the clue, and i would race to the location of my next clue i was always a little saddened when i got to the end of the hunt, but was quickly consoled by delicious easter chocolate mmmmand last year or whenever, when i discovered the westing game, it was such a wonderful nostalgic burst of that feeling the voyage of discovery, of solving the clues as i read wonderful.and this gave me that feeling a girl who has survived a life of parental neglect and who came up through the foster care system, having been placed in a truly horrible group home, loses her twin brother in a car crash three weeks after his death, she receives a letter that could only have come from him, filled with clues that lead her back on a journey through her past, as she reconnects with a boy who was in the group home with her, and they try to figure out if her brother is still alive, and what he is trying to tell them word puzzles abound logic puzzles abound love story abounds but who cares about that part it is all about the clues, leading them on a genuinely fun for me not them their situation is frequently perilous journey, as the mysteries of their connected past and their bizarre present unfold so fun love it.and then.ddduuuuuummmmmmppppp.wow i mean, there were inklings of IT throughout and i guessed half of IT, because IT was not hidden or anything, but the second half of that twist twisted lemon juice in my eye and i cursed it i suppose it isn t the worst ending ever it does tie up all of the loose bits, so i couldn t feel cheated per se, but i just had to laugh and laugh it was unfortunate, because all of the mystery parts were so much fun and such a joy to me it was like getting to my easter basket and finding it completely gluten free carob CAROB so yeah read this book and enjoy the parts that are great, but understand that at the end, you are going to be the one mopping up that runway wear gloves.come to my blog

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    Original review posted on The Book Smugglers THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS We feel that the book is so ridiculously bad, we need to despoil it in order to save our readers Just a friendly Public Service Announcement Ana s Take I am not going to sugar coat it this is the worst book I ve read in a long, long time If I sound angry, it is because I am I spent my well earned money on this, I spent my precious hours reading it and all of it just feels really wasteful to me I am not naive enough to expect that all books will be incredible but it appears I do still foster the hope that a book will at least be readable I found The Vanishing Game SO badly written, I barely registered the plot or the characters This does make me angry where was the editor of this book How can a serious publishing house SELL this stuff I refuse to count as a positive the fact that the book has no spelling mistakes Standards I can has them.The prose is barely serviceable it is all tell, not show, and the telling is extremely clumsy My twin, Jackson Harte, and I were the only children of our mother, Melody His unwillingness to accept my theories caused my sense of purpose to falter I grabbed the blow dryer, working on my hair It was long and shinny I reached for the knob and felt my adrenalin take a hike, since what lay below was scarier to me than the fire starters in the other room Had Corner Boy s hostile ghost somehow managed to transport me, or had I fallen into a strange fit and traveled up here like a sleepwalker Panic surged through me, and I turned around It relies on extremely cheesy metaphors and wordings that seriously, made me LOL many times reading this book My mouth fell sober Light hearted, I began falling down the deep well of love And in the meantime, why set me up to fall in love with Noah all over again, only to have him stab me in the heart like I was a vampire and he was Van Helsing For a few seconds my confidence that my brother was still alive wavered like a candle frame in a cold draft But then I mentally sheltered that hope, unwilling to let Noah s faithless logic extinguish it Since then, everywhere I went the pain of losing him went with me It wore me like a backpack, slapping a rhythm of heartache against my soul with each step It has many passages that are completely illogical if you think of it The shooting from last night went through my mind again, terrifying than my nightmare, and once I wondered who the dark man at the end of the alley was How had he happened to be there just as Georgie s knife was ready to rip into me, and why had he killed him There seemed to be no answer There IS an answer She just doesn t know it Any theories Maybe one, but it s really out there I leaned forward, intrigued Tell me A couple of times I wondered if someone in the house had abilities What kind Maybe some sort of mental powers I just don t see how that makes sense, I said From everything I saw, it seemed to me that the problem was Seale House itself It was like the controlling and mean Hazel got, and the dangerous Corner acted, the the house became that way too Yes, because THAT makes sense I braced my body against the blast that would bring pain and disfigurement than I could imagine If she can t imagine it, and it hasn t happened yet, HOW CAN SHE KNOW WHAT WOULD IT BRING And so on so forth.Beyond the writing though, I also had problems with the story, the content, the characters, everything The blurb promises a shocking twist in the end Not so much I not only saw it coming from miles ahead, I also think this twist is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese.There is also a significant amount of hate on girls here that made me super uncomfortable any girl who was not the main character was vain , nasty , silly , boring Also, you will be pleased to learn that the only reason why Jocey was not abused by her mother s boyfriends growing up is because she was not beautiful No, seriously This is an actual thing in the book Now, at almost eighteen, I admitted there d been a plus to my unattractive looks back then Considering all the men that drifted in and out of Melody s life, if I d been pretty like my mother I d likely have gone through much worse stuff than I had But because all they saw was a tall, scrawny kid that could ve passed for a boy, they left me alone And also this when referring to a BITE MARK in her arm Probably just a form of stigmata Fear and guilt will sometimes cause a person to self mutilate Stigmata I do not think it means what you think it means.Listen, the book is so bad that not even the appearance of a NINJA no, seriously and of Surprise Telekinetic powers saved it from being deleted from my Kindle as soon as I collected those quotes above.Thea s Take I really, really hate it when Ana and I pick up a book and are super excited to read it, only to find that it well sucks I m sorry, and I wish I could be diplomatic with The Vanishing Game, but it is appallingly bad It s so bad, I wondered if the first draft was posted on NetGalley in lieu of second pass or whatever stage in the publication process from which that the publisher decides to create ARCs Ana actually bought the final book just to make sure we weren t reading some half baked early version, embarrassingly and erroneously released.Unfortunately, Ana found that the final product being sold was, shockingly, the same as the ARC This, dear readers, is no bueno I have made note of a few of my favorite passages from the book excepting the ones that Ana has already detailed , because I believe the showing is so much better than the telling.Please, observe Strange shadows streaked his numb face like tears on a mannequin At the back of the pizza place I scooted into the corner of a dimly lit booth Couples and a few families were scattered throughout the place, eating or talking I envied their associations and their pizza This is my new favorite catchphrase I love a 17 year old girl that thinks to herself I envy your associations and your PIZZA.Further, Ana s note about the attitude towards female characters is actually nausea inducing Take for example this passage Get out of the way, beanpole, Monique said You re blocking the view Nessa laughed yeah Be considerate of us normal sized people Two other, Tabby and Geena, joined in with jeering comments I turned to look down at the four petite girls with their long hair and shimmering eye shadow Oh, I m sorry I thought you were still in the restroom stuffing your bras with toilet paper A few of the boys laughed, including Jack and Noah Nessa s eyes narrowed You don t even wear a bra, do you, freak Nope I don t think you ever will In fact, I think you re just a boy who dresses like a girl At least I m not a girl who dresses like a prostitute I don t think I have the words to express my utter horror, disgust, and RAGE at this kind of mentality being spewed in this book Granted, the main character is actually insane SPOILER ALERT but kind of obvious and has her own slew of personal perception issues, but I can t help but feel that this pervasive attitude towards girls that like to wear makeup and dress in attractive clothes is indicative of a much larger problem This derision towards other females, THIS makes me see red Not only is it dismissive, but it also perpetuates the stereotype that girls who like to wear makeup or go out, or wear short skirts are akin to prostitutes.The computer hacker aspect of the plot is utterly ridiculous It is so ridiculous that I need to reiterate in caps UTTERLY RIDICULOUS You know that scene in Jurassic Park when Lex has to reboot the system to lock the doors and she goes, IT S A UNIX SYSTEM I KNOW THIS Yeah The Vanishing Game is kind of like that sans the awesome dinosaurs, of course.There s an honest to god NINJA that appears in the late chapters of the book, which is also amazingly crazy ridiculous The twist is indeed made of swiss cheese, as Ana says I recently watched the lamentable horror film The Ward, which feels almost exactly like this book full of flawed story logic and with an utterly predictable plot twist that was cool back in the 1990s you know, when Fight Club came out.There are many other quotes and many other problems, but I can t muster the strength or power of will to detail them Suffice to say, The Vanishing Game is a very, very bad book.

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    Mystery, suspense, romance, heartbreak, all rolled into one little novel This was quite the mind boggling read If you enjoyed Dan Brown s Da Vinci Code, I was often reminded of it when reading The Vanishing Game We re taken on an intense, fast paced scavenger hunt where Jocey has to solve clues her brother left for her after his supposed death These riddles are really clever and I had lots of fun figuring out what they lead to.What stands out the most in this novel, is how baffling it all is After the first 25% of it, I was severely creeped out with my eyes bulging out of my head, my mind screaming WHAT IS HAPPENING until I finally needed a break and set it aside From the beginning, we re thrown right into this mystery full of puzzle after puzzle that keeps blowing a tiny bit of your mind each chapter you read You think you have it figured out, but then you turn the page It s fast moving and highly suspenseful.The writing is pretty simple and to the point Nothing to write home about, but the story is so engrossing that you don t really notice it very much I found the romance a bit out of place, though It feels forced at times, and obvious for the most part It s almost necessary to have it included, in a sense, because we re made to expect it, but it doesn t really give any extra charm to the story there are no real sparks between the two Although, I think this may be due to the fact that the book is so dark and disturbing, their apparent crush on each other is never in the forefront of our thoughts I still really enjoyed both characters They make a great team and you never know what s going to happen next to either of them A third character, and the one that is constantly kept at the heart of the story, is the Seale house This exceedingly eerie house seems to have a mind of its own with freaky happenings no one s been able to explain It gives out this unnatural vibe that I would never want to step foot into I definitely got the creeps every time the scene involved this abandoned foster home My heart would pound until they finally left, but it was always exciting.The ending is certainly heartbreaking, and positively mind blowing I would have never figured this out no matter how hard I tried However I m still not sure I m 100% satisfied with it I loved that it took me by surprise which rarely happens I relished in how well thought out it was It s one of those endings that will make you want to reread the whole thing again in a new light But there are still some things that were quickly explained of which I craved for a better understanding.Overall this is probably one of the best YA mystery thriller I ve happened upon It easily kept me absorbed in the story, not knowing what would happen from one sentence to the next If you re looking for a good YA mystery thriller, this has become the first one that I would recommend For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    Four Stars An exciting, thrilling page turning mystery that will keep you guessing until the final pages Jocelyn is still reeling from the death of her twin brother,Jack Two weeks earlier, he perished in a car crash Jocelyn is slowly trying to pick up the pieces, until an unexpected letter arrives in the mail The letter is signed Jack December An alias, her brother used as a kid when he left her clues for treasure hunts Jocelyn drops everything and grabs onto the slim hope that somehow Jack is still alive She quickly finds herself plunged into a exciting and dangerous hunt to solve the puzzle that hopefully leads to Jack Unfortunately, the trail of clues starts at the one place she vowed never to return, Seale House Seale House is her former foster care home, where she and Jack lived for a brief time when they were twelve For the most part, her time there was horrible She has blocked out her memories of many of the events that occurred while living under that dark roof Now, she finds that in order to unravel the clues and find Jack, she must sort through her memories of the past Her first step is to contact Noah, another former inhabitant of Seale House, who was once Jocelyn s and Jack s best friend Will Noah help her after their unfortunate parting Can she unravel the clues in time to find Jack What I Liked If you are looking for a thrilling mystery novel that will keep you riveted, then I highly recommend you pick up The Vanishing Game This book is an exciting page turner, filled with plenty of mystery, intrigue, twists and a bit of creepiness The story will keep you engaged and guessing on the final outcome to the very last pages Hang on for the ending, it packs a big surprising punch I thoroughly enjoyed chasing down all the clues with Jocelyn and Noah I was amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of many of the pieces of the puzzles, solving this mystery was not an easy feat for Jocelyn and Noah I liked uncovering and understanding the keys to Jocelyn s past, especially when you get to the end and see how all the pieces fit I appreciated the creepy aspects of the book I wasn t sure if there were ghosts or some other kind of paranormal element There are definitely some scenes in this book that are a bit scary, which adds to the overall mysterious theme of the book This book is full of surprises There are so many plot twists This book is a page turner You will keep reading just because you can t wait to see what happens next I admired the characters of Jocelyn and Noah Both of them showed remarkable courage and fortitude, in spite of the difficult burdens of their pasts I liked watching the two rediscover and rekindle their old friendship The ending Wow It certainly will surprise you It has a bit of an Alfred Hitchcock type feel to it Hold onto your butt Those final pages will blow you away And The Not So Much Following the trail of clues was definitely one of the highlights of the novel, but there were a couple of times I have to admit that they were a little far fetched No matter, it was still lots of fun This book employs flash backs to explain some of the occurrences in Jocelyn s past and how they connect to the puzzle I liked the use of this technique but there were occasions when the insertion broke up the flow of the story While I was astounded at the final revelations and the solving of the mystery, I can t say that I completely bought into the final explanations, such as the bite marks It definitely stretched beyond believability It was still a great twist though The Vanishing Game, is a terrific debut novel If you are looking for a book that is exciting, thrilling and engaging, then you will love this one Set aside some time to read it, because once you immerse into the mystery, you will find yourself reading fast and furiously to solve the mystery Hang on for an astonishing finish, that may leave you scratching your head Kate Kae Myers is an author to watch I can t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve Favorite Quotations Life is a series of shallow breaths And in any breath, everything can change Since then, everywhere I went the pain of losing him went with me It wore me like a backpack, slapping a rhythm of heartache against my soul with each step Shadows began to glide in and out of the windows like dark, filmy bats The flames etched his face with flickering tattoos During the last few years I d tried to forget what it had been like when life took a group of frightened children through the looking glass, into a world of lunacy Hey, Captain Solo, I m a big girl now and can handle myself outside the Millennium Falcon Light hearted, I began falling down the deep well of love I hoped with all my heart that nothing happened to ruin it A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Bloomsbury USA Childrens via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Originally posted at

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    Review also posted at Ja itam, a ti Even though, I m always going on about how I want to read some mystery stories, I never to Why Well, first they usually aren t that mysterious and well I do watch plenty of TV crime shows, so I kinda of need a break sometimes But it turned out that a real mystery has found me now Go figure Speaking about OTP So, it s not a strange thing that I love damaged characters in my stories, so when I got to meet Jocelyn here we clicked from the start There is just something in that girl that I d love to hug She is been through hell and back, and you can see it She is not your kickass strong girl all the time, she is, to put it simply human Right after she got back and met with Noah I was instantly captivated It s just match made in heaven I really loved how they got back to living with their past and getting to know each other again Well, I kinda went all squee and ahhh whenever they appeared on the page together Mystery is mysterious Yeah, you don t hear this a lot, but honestly I couldn t predict absolutely nothing here I just kept reading and whenever some big twist happened I just had to stop It s everything from slowly revealing their past to the all Jack s mystery clues game Not to talk about the ending, which is simply mind blow Throw in some really good writing and nice organization, when you get past revealed little by little and twist happening one at the time and well you won t be surprised to see my rating I had no idea that I d grow to love this so much But I m so happy I did Hopefully you will too.

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    Vanishing was completely unexpected I found myself immersed from the first few pages, and unable to tear myself away It follows the story of Jocelyn, grieving the loss of her twin brother Jack who was tragically killed Growing up in the neglectful and abusive orphanage, both relied on Noah for guidance and to keep them safe But an incident caused Jocelyn to flee, landing the twins in a loving foster home while they lost track of Noah s whereabouts after the orphanage fire After reconnecting, each night Jack communicated with Noah online, working within The Internet Security company and bonding over late night conversations.When Jocelyn barges back into his life, Noah reluctantly joins the search for Jack s next clue Wavering between the thrill of the adventure and not daring to believe his friend is still alive But with a rogue former employee on their tails, the race to decipher the clues left by Jack will put both their lives in danger Jocelyn was a likable character, although scared, she was determined to face her childhood fears in order to find her brother, despite her own life being in danger.Noah verges on surly and hasn t seen Jocelyn since the night she fled, but allows her to bring him along on the dangerous and deadly adventure that will see them cross borders, and contact children of the former home whilst bringing the two childhood friends together again It was thrilling, reminding me of a mild, young adult version of The Da Vinci Code I couldn t put it down and read long into the early hours of the morning.Unlike young adult thrillers such as We Were Liars and Dangerous Girls, The Vanishing has not only the element of surprise, but the suspense will keep you on edge from cover to cover At times the writing felt a little unpolished, but doesn t distract from the storyline I simply loved it Enthralling and heart stopping suspense that will last long after the final page is turned.

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    What a waste of ink This book is so bad I m not even sure it s worth five minutes writing a review I kept reading hoping for the TWIST at the end that held so much surpise Sadly, I guessed the twist somewhere around page 20, so if I was disappointed reading this uninteresting mess, that s nothing with how I felt when I got to the end Jocelyn has lost her twin brother He has left her clues and so she goes back to the horrible Seale house where they were foster kids together to unravel them She meets Noah, who was with them in the house, and he helps her.I did not give a hoot about Jocelyn or Noah at any point in this story They do not seem real or particularly interesting If they had been blown to bits in a car bomb at the end of the book I would have hardly raised an eyebrow If it had happened in the middle of the book at least I would have been saved from wasting my time on this drivel DO NOT READ THIS BOOK It s not worth your time, trust me.

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    To be honest I really wasn t expecting this story to be creepy but yet as I was reading the first few chapters I couldn t help but be thankful that I had started reading it in the middle of the day when it was still light out and the shadows in the room couldn t reek havoc with my imagination I wasn t really sure what was going throughout this book I will admit that the author had me stumped.Was the house haunted Were their demons Ghosts Was Jocelyn doing it Cole Someone else What in the world was with Seale House Like I said, I didn t see most of it coming I will however say this was a pretty good psychological thriller of sorts I loved all the mystery and clues and yes, even the mysterious happenings that didn t quite all come together until the very end.Truly, this read was brilliant The author is brilliant.I think anyone that enjoys a good creepy mystery read will absolutely adore this book.

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    As soon as I first heard about this one, I KNEW that I HAD to read it The summary made it sound like a delightfully creepy YA thriller The cover was gorgeous as well as eye catching In addition, this had been compared to The Lying Game by Sara Shepard, a book I had read and loved last year Thankfully, The Vanishing Game ended up being just my kind of book Full of thrill as well as plenty of twists and turns, it kept me guessing until the very last page, something that rarely occurs From the first page of this one, I was instantaneously hooked, because Myers threw a curve ball straight up front Jocelyn s brother is deadbut is he That question kept The Vanishing Game moving until the very, very last page, because not only did it lift that plot line as well as others fully off the ground, but it also created lots and lots of character development, something I love just as much as excellent plot lines However, before I get too far into that, let me talk a little about the characters in this one First, Jocelyn was an interesting character from the start I truly never knew what to expect from her, especially towards the end, but that was part of what made it so much fun However, two things I did know for sure were not only did she love her brother but she also loved Noah, the boy who has kept her heart racing for years even if he never seemed to notice Talking about Noah, I really enjoyed reading about him as well He was the total reformed bad boy with quite a few secrets of his own, so once him and Jocelyn meet up to research the death of her brother as well as the letters from the grave, the story really got going.As I ve mentioned before, I really enjoyed the plot line of this one Kate Kae Myers truly knows how to weave a great YA thriller together as well as the perfect cast of mismatched characters that never fail to bring a few surprises with them as well While I would love nothing to go on and on about the plot, I don t want to ruin anything for anyone, because part of what made this book as good as it was not knowing anything, trust me.Creepy as well as frightening, The Vanishing Game is the perfect book to curl up with late at night, but word of warning it won t let you go until you finish, and even then, I m sure you won t manage to get that much sleep Highly, highly recommended Grade A

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    a similar version of this review can be found here at Into the Hall of Books I recently read The Vanishing Game in one sitting and admittedly was a little creeped out It was a suspenseful mystery story aimed at a younger audience, but I enjoyed it nonetheless There was a twist at the end that totally threw me for a loop and it has taken me a few days to work through my my thoughts Here they are 1 The Characters Jocelyn Twin to Jack, bounced in and out of foster care since leaving her mother s care Jack Jocelyn s twin, killed in a car accident which devastated Jocelyn Noah The twins best friend while they were residents at Seale House, a foster care home Seale House I m making the foster care home a character because it truly seems to be alive It is downright creepy at times but always interesting I never knew what this house was going to do Kinda awesome and definitely dark At times, Jocelyn seems to be a smart character and I suppose she really is I mean, she is the one with the faith to kick start the whole search for her recently deceased twin brother, so she gets some points for that But I like Noah the most Noah seems to have risen above his circumstances and has made a life for himself he was doing just fine until Jocelyn showed up at his door talking crazy stuff about her dead brother maybe possibly being alive Even so, he gave her a chance and before too long he had established a faith in her reasons based both on her gut feelings and concrete evidence Noah is mysterious and calm, thinking before acting impulsively With Noah, I almost felt like there was to him than I knew while I was reading, which pumped up his mystery You guys know how I love a mysterious character, right 2 Mystery This is a book that is completely outside of my normal genre I think I would actually call it something like a thriller mystery suspense with some paranormal thrown in It definitely has some of all of those things on the inside In terms of its mystery aspect, I felt like I was given a ton of clues one right behind the other and some of them were even left for me to decipher for myself, which was a little fun I felt like I had to make some of my own decisions with this book, which was just outside of my zone It was different and unexpected, but thrilling nonetheless 3 Adventure The way this book was written the release of clue after clue after clue led Jocelyn and Noah on a scavenger hunt to findsomething Interestingly, they weren t really sure what they d find at the end of the hunt Would Jack be alive Did he leave something somewhere for them But it was a fun adventure and I think that fans of adventurous type stories will love this aspect of the writing This part of the story structure was very well written and smartly done 4 The Setting The setting took place at times inside Seale House, which was dark and creepy and awesome for a setting Loved it The rest of the setting was in the northern US and parts of Canada, which admittedly I have not read too much about It was fun to read new places and visualize the descriptions given during the clues in the scavenger hunt, and I can imagine readers living in the Watertown and Canadian areas mentioned will find this a real treat 5 Plot Driven This is a very plot driven book vs character driven in my opinion, so fans of action sequences rejoice Basically, there was never a dull moment There were gunshots, bombs, fights, bites, choking, and other things of that nature There were also some freaky paranormal occurrences mostly but not always revolving around the Seale House I love action and found this highly entertaining 6 The Ending Friends, I was a bit confused the entire time I was reading this book But I kept on, and the ending PAID OFF I normally am pretty good at figuring things out early, but I didn t this time and WOW The Vanishing Game was one of those books that I had to sit on for a few days and ponder In fact, I still think I m pondering it It is really well written and smart Fans of the mystery and suspense genre will undoubtedly eat it up, especially if you like to read books for a younger audience I think older middle grade and young adult readers will handle this book just fine despite its dark tone and the factor of creepiness The adventure inside is perfect for these readers as well The twist at the end is astounding and left me wanting to talk to someone about the book like, right now I recommend The Vanishing Game to readers looking for something truly fun to read It was creepy and dark and psychological, and that is always fun I borrowed this book as part of Around The World Book Tours in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions I received no compensation for my review.

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