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The Way the Light Bends summary The Way the Light Bends , series The Way the Light Bends , book The Way the Light Bends , pdf The Way the Light Bends , The Way the Light Bends 94f3906d90 Virtual Twins Linc And Holly Were Once Extremely Close But While Artistic, Creative Linc Is Her Parents Daughter Biologically, It S Smart, Popular Holly, Adopted From Ghana As A Baby, Who Exemplifies The Family S High Achieving Model Of Academic SuccessLinc Is Desperate To Pursue Photography, To Find A Place Of Belonging, And For Her Family To Accept Her For Who She Is, Despite Her Surgeon Mother S Constant Disapproval And Her Growing Distance From Holly So When She Comes Up With A Plan To Use Her Photography Interests And Skills To Do Better In School Via A Project Based On Seneca Village, A Long Gone Village In The Space That Now Holds Central Park, Where All Inhabitants, Regardless Of Race, Lived Together Harmoniously Linc Is Excited And Determined To Prove That Her Differences Are Assets, That She Has What It Takes To Make Her Mother Proud But When A Long Buried Family Secret Comes To Light, Linc Must Decide Whether Her Mother S Love Is Worth Obtaining

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    Thanks so much to the author for providing me with a review copy of this book all opinions are my own As in her previous work, Jensen writes this story in poetic verse, but this time with a great variation in structure THE WAY THE LIGHT BENDS seems to me even poetic in nature, abstract and artistic in form than SKYSCRAPING or EVERY SHINY THING, in a way that definitely requires of the reader This isn t typical fiction written in verse, this is verse that requires a discerning reader with an keen eye Linc s story is complex and her relationship with her adopted sister is unique in my reading experience I definitely appreciate that Jensen utilized well known authors as sensitivity readers in her writing about Linc s adopted twin sister Holly who was born in Ghana I loved the photography storyline and definitely appreciate how flawed Linc is some readers may get frustrated with her ongoing defiance of parental expectations, but anyone who has worked with teens will understand that they often feel no other option than to lie or steal or defy in order to achieve their intended goal, due to adults constantly thwarting their honest attempts to get what they feel is best Did I word that awkwardly Yes, but it s true Highly recommended for library collections that serve teens or grades 7 and up.

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    Thank you so much to Cordelia Jensen for sending me an ARC This book comes out in March 2018 There are things that I absolutely loved about this book, and other things that I thought were just okay This story follows a girl named Linc, who has an adopted sister named Holly She is always trying to live up to her Mom s expectations of her, and she has this constant feeling of letting her parents down and failing to live up to their high standards This story is told in poetic verse, and is beautifully written I was a huge fan of Jensen s debut novel Skyscraping, so I was very excited for this new release Like Skyscraping, this story is a very powerful story about family It s about finding your place in your family, and feeling accepted in your family for who you are I loved the poetry and metaphors in this book that made me fall in love with Cordelia Jensen s writing in the first place I also love the diversity with these characters her sister is adapted from Ghana, and has dark skin, and her best friend is a lesbian So I appreciate the representation in this novel I also thought the family dynamics were really interesting, because Linc is always trying to live up to her straight A s sister Holly, and their Mom is a doctor and has very high expectations for both her daughters, but Linc always feels like she s disappointing them Linc is obsessed with photography and arts, and her parents don t understand it and don t think it s important I definitely related to her and understood her in the way she loves creativity and her art and thinks it s just as important as her education I also related to her with the way she constantly felt alone and like she didn t belong in high school Her sister has a boyfriend, and her best friend has a girlfriend, and she feels so alone most of the time, and I definitely related to that, considering I was always the only one in my group of friends without a boyfriend as well.Now, for the things I didn t really care for Linc s love interest in this story The romance felt so inta love and forced, and I didn t see them chemistry or like him at all I thought he was shady and weird and it felt like they d barely spoken to each other before they were kissing and dating Linc was difficult to relate to at times because she is very naive and makes bad decision after bad decision and at times it made me want to strangle her a little bit But this could also be because I am getting too old for YA stories like this, or see this repetitive behavior in YA books and am getting tired of it Linc always says she wants to do better and achieve so many things, and then she makes careless, stupid decisions all the time and hates herself for it, and she falls into this never ending cycle of that Overall, I did really enjoy this story and I think Cordelia Jensen is a fantastic writer Even though I didn t love Linc as a main character, I still think this is a very powerful, good story about family and finding yourself There is no doubt that Cordelia Jensen is a very talented writer and I will definitely be checking out all of her future books

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    You can find this review and others at arctic booksTHE WAY THE LIGHT BENDS is a wonderfully written free verse novel It s beautiful and genuine, and it s now one of my favorite books I look forward to what Jensen has to offer in the future.This novel focuses on Linc s struggle through high school and her relationship with her adopted sister Holly Linc is incredibly artistically talented but doesn t do well in school, while Holly does, making Linc feel like her biological parents prefer Holly over her Linc also goes through the novelty of relationships, such as those of Linc herself, Holly, and one of her friends.I didn t realize THE WAY THE LIGHT BENDS was written in free verse, but I m glad it is Jensen s poems successfully reflect the raw emotion and personal struggles of Linc The poems are expertly crafted and really captured the story well I can t say myself about the representation of Holly s heritage as she is from Ghana, but If any ownvoices reviewers have anything to say about it, I d be than happy to include links in my review Overall, THE WAY THE LIGHT BENDS is one of my new favorites It focuses on love and art, family and reconnecting This upcoming novel is not one to miss if you enjoyed BLOOD WATER PAINT another amazing novel , be sure to check this one out.Thank you to Penguin for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Mom, you re crying That was the moment I realized how good this book is I felt Linc deep in my heart The sense of wanting to belong I looked at my kids and cried some Because just like Linc s mom, I thought what I was doing was for them When I never ask them what they want My daughter want to be a cheff and my son want to be a gamer And now I knew.This book is not just about Linc finding her place but also a journey for me When a literature help you to see things differently, to question the actions you take, then for me, it s classic.I knew things could go wrong for Linc When she met Silas, untrustworthy he was, in some sense, he helped Linc to discover herself I don t think Linc love him He was a mean of escape from her life.I felt disconnected from Holly Maybe because the story was in Linc s pov and my feeling was projected via Linc But towards the end, Holly emerged and took her place in my heart She too wanted something she could hold on to, some place she could belong.This is about self discovery, not just for the characters, but also the readers.

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    A beautifully written novel told through fluid verse and detailed words A story about sisters, family, success, failure, healing Although it was a seemingly slow story, it only took me a matter of hours to be sucked in through a whirlwind of grief, release, rebellion, acceptance I was not expecting such an amazing story and I m glad I got to read this.

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    Review on I will be the first to admit that I don t read poetry, ever I have never sought it out, connected to it or enjoyed it in any way really it is something I try to avoid if being totally honest That being said, this book was completely written in free verse and it was gorgeous Cordelia was able to convey so much emotional heartbreak, turmoil, love, struggle, and angst, through the use of her words But not only word choice, but word placement on the pages and the font used on the words everything was just so carefully crafted to make the whole I have never read a book like this before and I was blown away by how connected I felt to Linc and her emotions I felt like I was right there with her, through this journey of self discovery and I am still kind of baffled how Cordelia was so skilled with just a few words I highly recommend this completely unique read to any fans of YA contemporary The way The Light Bends was a beautiful layout as well as a highly emotional read full of self discovery and triumphs.I received an early copy of this title for reviewing purposes.

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    Linc and Holly are sisters They re almost the same age and consider themselves twins Holly is adopted and Linc is a biological daughter Linc is the creative sister and Holly the athletic one with academic success Their mother loves everything Holly does, but doesn t approve of anything Linc finds important This makes it hard for Linc to pursue her dreams She d love to go to art school and would like to take photography lessons, but her parents just care about her grades and nothing else.Linc finds a way to prove she is worthy of her parents approval She secretly takes photography lessons and works hard on a school project about Seneca Village and Central Park s rich history Linc is keeping her wishes, plans and goals a secret Photography makes her feel good about herself for the first time However, she knows it will get her in trouble once her parents discover she s done something without their permission Linc s home situation is getting even tenser than it already was and she s in trouble at school, will she ever get out of the dire situation she s in The Way the Light Bends is a beautiful poignant story Linc is a sweet and talented girl I loved her creativity and really liked the way she sees the world Linc s mother constantly pressures her and Linc s life lacks warmth, love and appreciation I had tears in my eyes when I read about the way she s being treated at home She s such a wonderful special girl and deserves a lot than she gets Linc is desperate to get approval and to be loved and therefore she doesn t always make the best choices, this is heartbreaking to witness She learns from her mistakes though and she never stops trying, which is something I greatly admired about her character Cordelia Jensen has perfectly captured what it s like to live with unreasonable expectations and a lack of empathy and I loved the amazing honest and raw way she describes Linc s situation.Cordelia Jensen s words are gorgeous I fell in love with her mind blowing poetic verse from the first sentence The Way the Light Bends immediately captivated me, I didn t want to stop reading and finished this fantastic book in one sitting Because of the stunning writing it s a story I could read over and over again Cordelia Jensen knows how to describe emotion and there are many impressive layers in The Way the Light Bends I was mesmerized by this brilliant book and highly recommend it.

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    Jensen, Cordelia The Way the Light Bends Philomel Books, 2018.Linc is the artistic sister She loves photography, and her mind is always seeing things in motion and the way objects can capture a moment Holly, Linc s sister who was adopted when Linc was just a baby, is the smart one She is doing fantastically at school, is athletic, and constantly pleases their parents Meanwhile, Linc s mom only ever seems to nag Linc and point out how she could be like Holly if she just Tried Harder Linc and Holly drift apart as Linc secretly applies to an elite art school and sneaks out of the house to go to classes, meanwhile trying to figure out how to convince her parents to let her pursue her dreams.This is a novel in verse, and as such may appeal to teens who wouldn t otherwise tackle a book of this length It reads quickly, and the poetic elements are appropriate as Linc is the narrator through the entire story I have taught students like Linc, students who don t excel academically not because of lack of effort, but rather because their gifts lie somewhere beyond acadamia I wasn t that surprised at the big reveal at the end of the story, but as I am not the target audience, I am guessing some teen readers may be surprised I did appreciate how the reveal was treated, as well as the presence of Linc s best friend who is dating a girl Her presence in the story is not a coming out plot or a place to discuss homophobia rather, just like any other pair of best friends, Linc and her friend discuss break ups and hookups and go on double dates, etc Recommended for teensRed Flags one character steals his parents pot lollipops, which he and Linc then eat.Overall Rating 4 5 starsRead Alikes Letting Go of Gravity You ll Miss Me When I m Gone The Language Inside

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    5 for THE WAY THE LIGHT BENDS by cordeliajensen1 thanks to theloudlibrarylady and kidlitexchange for this ARC All opinions are my own _ _ _ _ _ Linc and Holly are virtual twins Linc is white and Holly was adopted from Ghana as a baby And yet, although Linc is biologically related to their parents, she feels apart from the family as the artistic black sheep who struggles academically When an opportunity presents itself for Linc to explore her creative side, she goes for it, but keeps her ambitions secret from her family At the same time, Holly has secrets of her own, as does their mother._ _ _ _ _ I m in love with novels in verse these days and cordeliajensen1 is a master This is a powerful story about knowing yourself and the importance of standing up for your own future despite setbacks and challenges Students will identify with Linc s struggles and will enjoy her journey, which includes a small romance, secrets from her mother s past and This book is out March 27 I think this is great for grades 8._ _ _ _ _ bookstagram book reading bibliophile bookworm bookaholic booknerd bookgram librarian librariansfollowlibrarians librariansofinstagram booklove booktography bookstagramfeature bookish bookaddict booknerdigans booknerd ilovereading instabook futurereadylibs ISTElibs TLChat

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