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Thinner txt Thinner, text ebook Thinner, adobe reader Thinner, chapter 2 Thinner, Thinner 9e624b Billy Halleck, Good Husband And Loving Father, Is Both Beneficiary And Victim Of The American Good Life He Has An Expensive Home, A Nice Family, And A Rewarding Career As A Lawyerbut He Is Also Fifty Pounds Overweight And Edging Into Heart Attack Country

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Stephen King pseudonym.At the beginning of Stephen King s career, the general view among publishers was that an author was limited to one book per year, since publishing would be unacceptable to the public King therefore wanted to write under another name, in order to increase his publication without over saturating the market for the King brand He convinced his publisher, Signet Books, to print these novels under a pseudonym.In his introduction to The Bachman Books, King states that adopting the nom de plume Bachman was also an attempt to make sense out of his career and try to answer the question of whether his success was due to talent or luck He says he deliberately released the Bachman novels with as little marketing presence as possible and did his best to load the dice against Bachman King concludes that he has yet to find an answer to the talent versus luck question, as he felt he was outed as Bachman too early to know The Bachman book Thinner 1984 sold 28,000 copies during its initial run and then ten times as many when it was revealed that Bachman was, in fact, King.The pseudonym King originally selected Gus Pillsbury is King s maternal grandfather s name, but at the last moment King changed it to Richard Bachman Richard is a tribute to crime author Donald E Westlake s long running pseudonym Richard Stark The surname Stark was later used in King s novel The Dark Half, in which an author s malevolent pseudonym, George Stark , comes to life Bachman was inspired by Bachman Turner Overdrive, a rock and roll band King was listening to at the time his publisher asked him to choose a pseudonym on the spot.King provided biographical details for Bachman, initially in the about the author blurbs in the early novels Known facts about Bachman were that he was born in New York, served a four year stint in the Coast Guard, which he then followed with ten years in the merchant marine Bachman finally settled down in rural central New Hampshire, where he ran a medium sized dairy farm, writing at night His fifth novel was dedicated to his wife, Claudia Inez Bachman, who also received credit for the bogus author photo on the book jacket Other facts about the author were revealed in publicity dispatches from Bachman s publishers the Bachmans had one child, a boy, who died in an unfortunate, Stephen King ish type accident at the age of six, when he fell through a well and drowned In 1982, a brain tumour was discovered near the base of Bachman s brain tricky surgery removed it After Bachman s true identity was revealed, later publicity dispatches and about the author blurbs revealed that Bachman died suddenly in late 1985 of cancer of the pseudonym, a rare form of schizonomia.King dedicated Bachman s early books Rage 1977 , The Long Walk 1979 , Roadwork 1981 , and The Running Man 1982 to people close to him The link between King and his shadow writer was exposed after a Washington, D.C bookstore clerk, Steve Brown, noted similarities between the writing styles of King and Bachman Brown located publisher s records at the Library of Congress which included a document naming King as the author of one of Bachman s novels Brown wrote to King s publishers with a copy of the documents he had uncovered, and asked them what to do Two weeks later, King telephoned Brown personally and suggested he write an article about how he discovered the truth, allowing himself to be interviewed King has taken full ownership of the Bachman name on numerous occasions, as with the republication of the first four Bachman titles as The Bachman Books Four Early Novels by Stephen King in 1985 The introduction, titled Why I Was Bachman, details the whole Bachman King story.Source

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    Some guys a lot of guys don t believe what they are seeing, especially if it gets in the way of what they eat or drink or think or believe Me, I don t believe in God But if I saw him, I would I wouldn t just go around saying Jesus, that was a great special effect The definition of an asshole is a guy who doesn t believe what he s seeing And you can quote me Richie The Hammer Ginelli William Halleck is a damn fine lawyer, a rising star in his firm, and well liked by judges and police officers His life was coming together nicely and without too much extrapolation he could probably anticipate the continuing arc of his success There was really only one thing that he was fighting against on a daily basishis weight The scales were not his friend He was a stress eater, a man who would rather have two Big Macs peeking out of their wrappers than the goosepimple naked Coors Twins cooing his name He is 6 4 and weighs 251 pounds, which isn t exactly fat if you are a professional football player bristling with heavy musculature, but if you are a white collar worker who doesn t exercise and eats high calorie, high carb meals from breakfast until bed, the weight gain is going to settle right around your bread basket I m 6 4 and weigh 200 205 If I were to put on 50 pounds, I would be obese according to all the BMI charts Given the fact that I m retired from any form of athletics except shooting a few hoops in the driveway and going for walks, that 50 pounds would be the worst kind of weight gain, and I would be looking for new pants several sizes larger Some reviewers readers have questioned whether Halleck at 6 4 and 251 pounds was actually obese, which might say something about the current state of the American waistline A nation floating down the river deNILE Halleck was a chubby checker, unable to see his feet when he was standing upright on a scale Pissing was simply an act of faith because for Halleck to see willie perform, he would need to put mirrored tiles on his bathroom floor and walls Libido is usually the first to go when people become overweight Their desires and lusts are exchanged for french fries, strawberry pie, and milkshakes, but Halleck didn t have that problem In fact, at the moment that his life was about to go off course, he was almost ready to cross off a bucket list item right up until the time he hit a woman with his car.His wife, Heidi, out of the wild blue decides to be spontaneous She s not a prude, but she has never given any indication that she was uninhibited enough to go searching for Billy s fishing tackle while he was steering a moving vehicle Now, he didn t just hit any woman Oh no, to completely screw up your life you have to hit a gypsy with a vengeful father Taduz Lemke is a gypsy patriarch who might be anywhere between 106 120 years old He knows things that the rest of the world has forgotten Robert John Burke stars in the 1996 film version.When he touches Halleck s cheek and whispers the word thinner, William starts to lose weight at an alarming rate He has been cursed, not just cursed, but gypsy cursed You were starting to sound a little like a Stephen King novel for a while there Wait, what was that about Stephen King Back in the late 1970s and through the mid 1980s, Stephen King was writing books than could be published In those days publishers believed that an author could only publish one book a year successfully King decided to create a pseudonym as Richard Bachman so he could publish than just one book a year He was also having doubts about his own success Had he just gotten lucky Could he produce a best selling book without Stephen King emblazoned on the cover The Bachman books were doing ok, but they did a lot better after a bookseller named Steve Brown in Washington D.C thought the style shown by Bachman was very similar to the writing style of Stephen King Meet Mr Richard Bachman The actual subject of the photo is Richard Manuel, the insurance agent of Kirby McCauley, who was King s literary agent.The truth was out, and Thinner became a bestseller Brown showed a lot of class He went to the publisher first to show what he had discovered and asked what he should do King called him and asked him if he would like to do an interview to tell the world how he made his discovery For those interested, here is a link to Brown s discussion of the discovery the reference to himself that he put in Thinner was a tongue in cheek, knee slapping moment of poking fun at himself Stephen King and Tom Holland director of the film on the set King had a cameo role as Dr Banger Halleck is now losing two to three pounds a day, and that is with eating as much food as he can stuff into his stomach He is desperately searching for the gypsy caravan so he can convince the prehistoric gypsy to take the curse off, but the flame of vengeance still burns in the heart and soul of Taduz Lemke He is going to need some convincing Halleck knows just the guy Richie The Hammer Ginelli, an Italian mobster whom Halleck helped defend in court, is a man with a code regarding helping friends in need Out of all the people Halleck has tried to explain his situation to Ginelli is the only one who believes him Ginelli is a terrific character He is certainly someone you will not forget I thought that Stephen King, erhh Richard Bachman, put real flesh on the bones of all the characters The plot is taut like a quarter bouncing off a nubile bottom and crackles like a corn crib on fire In my opinion, one of the best Stephen King, erhhh Richard Bachman, books I ve ever read If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    And I thought the Atkins Diet sounded unhealthy William Halleck is a successful lawyer living in upper middle class splendor in a Connecticut suburb with his wife and daughter, and his biggest problem is that he s overweight His perfect life is upset when he accidently ran over an old Gypsy woman when he was ahem distracted behind the wheel Since Billy is one of the solid taxpayers who plays golf with all the right people the whole mess is quickly tidied up in court without him getting so much as a ticket However, another old Gypsy puts a whammy on him and suddenly Billy can t keep weight on no matter how much he eats As he becomes a shadow of his former self Billy sets out on a desperate quest to track down the Gypsy and try to convince him to lift the curse of growing thinner.This was the last of the novels Stephen King released under the pen name of Richard Bachman before his cover was blown shortly after its publication In fact, he gets cute by having a couple of characters describe the situation as sounding like a King novel As with the other Bachman books it seems like Uncle Stevie ran leaner and meaner in this one He keeps the story focused tightly on its key concept, but he s also delivering some nice subtext about American culture We ve got a nicely ironic curse of a man s thoughtless greedy consumption being turned back on him as well as exploring the hypocritical way that the decent folk of New England will have their fun with the Gypsies and then run them out of town.One of the strongest points here is in Halleck as a character Billy seems like a decent guy who genuinely feels guilty about the death he inadvertently caused, and he s got the brains and courage to face up to the bizarre situation and act to save himself However, he also went along with sweeping the whole mess under the rug, and he s willing to turn to a dangerous friend when he s really in trouble So there s a nice mix in him that he s both somewhat willing to take responsibility even as he trying to wriggle out of the consequences of it It s a very solid piece of horror fiction that makes me wish that King would have gotten to do Bachman books before the secret leaked out He has published others under the name, but none were ever quite as good as the early ones.

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    Loved it, it s every bit as good as I remembered and One of my favourites of all time and one of the best creepiest audiobooks Highly, thoroughly and totally recommended.

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    The premise really prompted me to read this novel Aside from the fact that King wrote this, the premise really made me curious as to what the novel was all about It was about a man who got cursed, and now he s losing weight everyday, and he fears that it will come to a point where he ll turn into nothing.Everything was good, but nothing was great That s the main problem of the novel for me While the start of the novel was batshit amazing and fast paced, the middle and the end was a huge dragger and almost made me not finish this The reason he got cursed was witty, but after King revealed that, everything went downhill The events were terribly uninteresting, and there was this fucking chapter, chapter fucking 22 that was so boring at first, and was too fucking long, it made me stop reading the novel for a few days The chapter did improve halfway through, but I m still annoyed with the length, and the boredom the first half exuded The characters were satisfactory, but all I can say is that I only liked 2 characters in the whole novel The main character Billy, and his friend Ginelli All of the others were either mediocre or plain old annoying I ve read a lot of King s books, so I m safe to say that his characters are most of the time spectacular This novel was lacking, sad to say.I honestly can t really commend the plot development because I didn t like the middle to about 85% of the novel It was a lot dragging and a bunch of useless things were said I know the novel is damn short already, but it could ve been shorter The gypsies were a bit interesting, but they also lost their funk sooner than expected.The redeeming quality of the novel after that terrible middle part was the ending It was well thought out and obviously something King would throw in Such a huge turn of events for the main character He just can t seem to win.3 5 stars I almost gave this a two, but like I said above, the ending was good Not my favorite King book, and I m sadly disappointed with this I know a lot of my friends enjoyed this, but it just wasn t for me My favorite thing about the novel was the premise, and that s obviously not a good thing.

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    This was an addicting and enjoyable book to read It s a great revenge novel and I enjoyed reading about how Billy Halleck goes from a big, fat man to something rather morbid.Billy Halleck, an upscale attorney accidentally hits and kills an old gypsy woman in his car when she steps out from the sidewalk Now is he guilty of vehicular manslaughter or not Unfortunately for Billy, an old gypsy man believes he is and puts a curse on him The old gypsy man touches his check and says THINNER.Or did he It seems like Billy s wife, doctor and friends think that he s losing his mind and reaching for why he s suddenly losing weight at a very rapid pace Gypsy curse You re crazy Billy Halleck So, Billy decides to prove them all wrong and contact the others that were involved with the gypsies that fateful day This is a story of revenge, being resentful towards others and having to live with the decisions you make in life.King really did well on the character development in this book and the ending sure blew me away I did not see that coming.This is a must read for Stephen King fans or anyone that loves creepy ass books.

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    Thinner, Stephen KingThinner is a 1984 novel by Stephen King, published under his pseudonym Richard Bachman It was the last novel King released under the Richard Bachman pseudonym Billy Halleck, an arrogant and morbidly obese lawyer in Connecticut, has recently fought an agonizing court case in which he was charged with vehicular manslaughter He cannot seem to lose weight or control his eating While he had been driving across town, his wife Heidi distracted him by masturbating him, causing him to run over an old woman who was part of a group of traveling Gypsies The case is dismissed at a preliminary stage thanks to the judge, who is a close friend of his However, as Billy leaves the courthouse, the old woman s even elderly father, Taduz Lemke, strokes Billy s cheek and whispers one word to him Thinner The word, and the old man s behavior, startle Billy 2012

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    Overweight lawyer William Halleck strikes and kills a gypsy woman who is crossing the street He is acquitted but a relative of the woman touches Halleck s cheek and curses him Now he s losing three pounds a day with no end in sight Can he track down the gypsy man and get him to remove the curse or will he waste away to nothing What s so scary about a fat guy losing weight A lot, it turns out Never has getting a tug job in the car from your wife gotten someone into so much trouble I felt for old William Halleck and his curse I also shared his anger toward his wife because of her reaction to the whole thing.As with most King Bachman books from this era, the story is shorter than his later works, killer and less filler Bachman references Stephen King a couple times, weird since now everyone and their senile grandma knows the two are one and the same The King I read, the I realize he returns to the same concepts repeatedly, be it unprepared people going up against staggering odds, preaching against over reliance on technology, or fascination with drifter carnie culture and people getting shot in the hand with slingshots Different parts of this book seemed like dry runs for parts of Wizard and Glass, Joyland, and Doctor Sleep.If I had to pick out something to gripe about, it would be the involvement of Ginelli It seemed like Halleck just stepped aside and let Ginelli do all the heavy lifting near the end The ending than made up for that, though.Four out of five stars I m going to go eat something.

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    I ve only read a few of Stephen Kings book but I have watched in movies.This is the first one as Richard Bachman.And yes, I did enjoy it and would recommend for anyone who likes dark side light horror.I don t like horror, this is jumpy as you Imagine stuff that happens.I m rating this personally as a 3.5 due to I ve read psychological thrillers worse than this.Great introduction to Bachman s work though.Funny ending As in odd, strange.

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    The older Stephen King novels continue to amaze methis one grabbed me from page one and did not let go When grossly overweight attorney Billy Helleck unintentionally hits view spoiler and kills hide spoiler

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    There is a certain directness, a freight train coming down the tracks quality about Stephen King s early Richard Bachman books that I very much enjoy King writes an unrelenting cause and effect that is terrifying because it does not jump out and yell BOO but rather walks quietly up to you with a mask on and a butcher knife, like John Carpenter s Michael Myers, a slow motion dream scape of fear.Thinner shares these qualities with other of King Bachman books like The Running Man and The Long Walk From the opening pages, we know what the central focus is and King never lets us go, we ve been strapped into the carnival ride, and we re off Like the best roller coasters, we can see the drops and curves ahead, and we re just clink clinking and moving towards the fun.In Thinner, an overweight lawyer runs over an old gypsy woman and his legal friends work it out so he walks Scott free Or does he An old gypsy man seems to have other ideas and perhaps lays down an old fashioned curse Paunchy attorney begins to quickly get thinner.Like so much of King s most successful stories, he plants an otherwise pedestrian idea into the flower pot and then waters it to produce some kind of scary mutant, man eating plant The normal becomes para normal and the everyday becomes Samhain with pagan curses raining down with old testament vigor.King also populates this book with some of his best characters, Richard Ginelli and Taduz and Gina Lemke breathe fresh and vibrant life into this already good story.Relentless, spooky and fun, like the a roller coaster or a freight train coming down the tracks that you re stuck on.

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