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To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure files To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure, read online To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure, free To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure, free To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure, To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure c0e1e7d3c To Be Or Not To Be Is A Choose Your Own Path Version Of Hamlet By New York Times Best Selling Author Ryan North Play As Hamlet, Ophelia, Or King Hamlet If You Want To Die On The First Page And Play As A Ghost It S Pretty Awesome Readers Can Follow Yorick Skull Markers To Stick Closely To Shakespeare S Plot, Or Go Off Script And Explore Alternative Possibilities Filled With Puzzles And HumorEach Ending In The Book Is Accompanied By A Full Color, Full Page Illustration By One Of TheMost Excellent Artists Working Today, So Each Rereading Yields New Surprises And Rewards Ryan S Prose Is, As Always, Colloquial And Familiar But Full Of Clever References, Vivid Imagination, And Only The Most Choice Of Jokes Inventive Devices Like A Book Within A Book To Mirror Hamlet S Play Within A Play Take Full Advantage Of The Gamebook Medium And Liven Up The Original Story For Even The Most Disinterested Of Shakespeare Readers To Be Or Not To Be Became A Sensation When It Launched Over , People Backed The Book In Just One Month, And It Remains The Number One Most Funded Publishing Project Ever On KickstarterTo Be, Or Not To Be That Is The Adventure

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    1 Upon discovering this review, you are offered your first choice.Would you rather be reading this Witness this army of such mass and chargeLed by a delicate and tender prince,Whose spirit with divine ambition puff dMakes mouths at the invisible event,Exposing what is mortal and unsureTo all that fortune, death, and danger dare,Even for an egg shell Rightly to be greatIs not to stir without great argument,But greatly to find quarrel in a strawWhen honour s at the stake How stand I then,That have a father kill d, a mother stain d,Excitements of my reason and my blood,And let all sleep while, to my shame, I seeThe imminent death of twenty thousand men,That, for a fantasy and trick of fame,Go to their graves like beds, fight for a plotWhereon the numbers cannot try the cause,Which is not tomb enough and continentTo hide the slain O, from this time forth,My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth Turn to section 2.Or this My name is Hamlet, yo, you better check this composition Just peeped an awesome army boat that of its own volitionIs led by my man Fortinbras a man of great ambition Who lessens me whenever we re seen in juxtapositionAnd who s taken for himself this chosen military missionBut also lacks my frankly odd particular conditionOf being told just who to kill by ghostly apparitionAnd being told to kill a man who by his own admissionHas sent my dear departed regal dad to the morticianNow Fortinbras goes off to war and just to requisitionLand so sad and barren that any given tacticianWould think him crazy well, you see that this new propositionSuggests to me quite clearly my apparent oppositionTo this Revenge Your Dad and Kill Your New Dad expeditionWhen I have motives valid, beyond any inquisitionIs weak and dumb, so I ve got to end this predispositionTowards inaction that I have my stupid inhibitionMust be gotten over fast cuz I got to repositionMyself to kill my new dad right away And in addition,And though I know this carries no small risk of repetitionAnd saying this out loud will only add to your suspicionFrom now on the only things that I will bring into fruitionAre the bloody gory parts of my own personal cognitionThat is to say only thoughts regarding the commissionOf the brutal death of Claudius No exposition Turn to section 3 2 Suit yourself.THE END 3 You have come to the right book Rad Who do you want to know about Hamlet turn to section 4.Hamlet, Senior turn to section 5.Ophelia turn to section 6.The reviewer turn to section 7 If you had chosen section 2 and if this had been it , this would have read Whom section 3 section 2 Who 4 An emo kid, fresh out of uni With too much on his mind, including killing sprees Totally not a decision maker Woe unto Denmark should he assume the crown.Odds increase exponentially if played as Ophelia s sidekick Kissing skills Passable But first make sure he hasn t cannibalized anybody recently Also, beware morning breath Turn to section 8 5 A dead end Ha ha ha Kissing skills Dunno Have you tried him Turn to section 8 6 The protagonist In case you wondered why she the woman was listed after them the men it was a gradation, a bottom up ranking in Awesome, that s why Ophelia is level headed, scientifically savvy is that a word , a quick study with the sword And, okay, a bit slow with chess She is bound for a glorious future, with or without a sidekick Kissing skills You know whatthis is PREPOSTEROUS Next thing, you ll be asking me, But is she pretty Stop reading this review RIGHT away Get out of here Do not come back until you ve learned to treat women as proper human beings Quit objectifying them You re an insult to both mankind and humankind GO You re back Wow, that was fast Turn to section 8 7 What do you wanna know Turn to this page view spoiler ButbutI only wished to ask about his kissing skills Shush blush Pray that my partner doesn t read this hide spoiler

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    After joyfully frolicking through this hilarious book my only question is why the hell did it take someone so long to write a Shakespeare choose your own adventure I know, I know, I know if there was one thing missing from your life it was the chance to determine the fate of Shakespeare s Hamlet for yourself all while enjoying illustrations from a wide variety of super talented cartoonists and artists Me too Well Ryan North has answered our collective pleas and to this I say I am but mad north by northwest when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw Get it That was from Hamlet Okay look its hard to quote Shakespeare in daily conversation so I gotta take my opportunities where I find them Seriously this book is such a trip To over explain an obvious concept this is a very hip, very goofy send up of Shakespeare s classic where you the reader may play through as either Ophelia who according to North is a super smart, assertive, grab em by the balls heroine Hamlet I he likes to start wars or Hamlet a 30 year old emo kid and either send them to their respective deaths as quickly, violently, and hilariously as possible or see if you can get them through to a happy ending Shakespeare may not have actually written but dammnit should have at least considered.At one point the meta reaches such an insane level that you actually find yourself reading a choose your own adventure novel WITHIN the one you re already reading Take that play within a play theatrical device Booyah My husband and I traded this back and forth for a good hour reading various endings to each other The illustrations are terrific and I was thrilled to see two of my favorite artists Kate Beaton of Hark A Vagrant fame and The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman were contributors I could even see this as being a treat to throw your surly teenager when they don t want to do their English homework North may overdue it a tad with the whole hey young people I m down with your jokes thing but by and large this is whip smart and funny as hell You can tell North appreciates and totally understands his source material and honestly this whole thing is clearly a tribute to something he obviously holds very dear.Absolutely worth a look even if you hate Shakespeare.

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    Kickstarter books are always a gamble That s part of the fun Maybe There s the whole Is this book even going to get written and published like the author promised thing NEVER EVEN MIND the Will I even like it thing Well this book got kickstarted and it really happened, right on schedule, and I really like it, it is the one of the most fun books in existence I don t know what exactly I was expecting You hear Hamlet Choose Your Own Adventure and you think A Fun New Take On Shakespeare But really Ryan just used the bones of Shakespeares Hamlet to write a whole new bunch of stories The plot points are there, but all the text is new Ryan didn t reinterpret Shakespeare, he just wrote his ass off I ve only played read through a few times, you can be 3 different characters Once I ended up leading a ghost battle One time I left Denmark to fight terrorists One time I was in a relationship sim This is a whole new, unique thing, that is Very Ryan North The love of science and logic that you see every day in his Dinosaur Comics is here, on every page And the strongly feminist approach he takes to reinterpreting the character of Ophelia in particular is not just fun, but kind of loving It s really great, just read it Also, needs to be said this is the ultimate bathroom book Set aside your Extraordinary Book of Facts and your Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader This is really the only book you need in your bathroom This isx it, the alpha and omega.

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    One of my friends and I endeavored to thoroughly read Ryan North s TO BE OR NOT TO BE A Chooseable Path Adventure over the weekend, and we were bemused to find that when we tried to make sensible decisions, TO BE OR NOT TO BE provided us with a very sensible ending Hamlet Sr didn t try to make his son into a murderer Ophelia invents the barometer instead of dying , which was great.But Even when we tried to make not sensible decisions yes, let s have pirates , TO BE OR NOT TO BE seemed reluctant to push its reader into terrible life choices So that s good, I guess Three cheers for books that promote sensible decision making

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    I am writing a review of this book even though I have not finished it Well, I have finished it multiple times, but I have not read every page of the book I don t know how to get to the chess game Welcome to To Be or Not to Be A Chooseable Path Adventure, Ryan North s amazingly brilliant interpretation of Hamlet It is hard not to use hyperbole when describing this book, but it deserves it like Claudius deserves to die.At a social gathering, I often pull out the book and ask, Who wants to play Hamlet Because that is what you do You can play Hamlet As Hamlet Or Ophelia Or Hamlet, Sr Wait, doesn t he die before the play even starts Yes Yes he does Welcome to this book.As the name implies, the book plays like the Choose Your Own Adventure books of yore, but with a twist Ryan North is your tour guide This book has no fourth wall, and North will mercilessly mock you for choices and sometimes choose for you because you re clearly bad at this Even if you choose the options marked with a skull, the options that allow you to go through the actual events of the play as written mostly , he will look at you askance because DUDE THAT IS SOME SEXIST SHIT MR SHAKESPEARE He makes Ophelia a science nerd because WHY NOT WE NEED MORE SCIENCE GIRLS The entire book is like a conversation between you, Ryan North, the CYOA format, and William Shakespeare not literally, Dinosaur Comics style.The truly astounding thing about the book is that it actually made me understand and appreciate Hamlet better I am not even joking Ryan North unpacks the language of the play and conveys the meaning in a modern, casual way He comments on the characters motivations and highlights their flaws He takes offhand references and expands them into huge action scenes, and then he reiterates that, seriously, THAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THE PLAY.In addition, there are over a hundred endings, and each one is beautifully and hilariously illustrated Sometimes you die, sometimes you end up King of Denmark, sometimes you are a ghost and you fight a ghost army, WHO KNOWS I am not making the ghost army up I thought that was the best ending and then I found one with ghost dinosaurs I have rarely had so much fun reading a book I laugh out loud constantly To read To Be or Not to Be is to experience Hamlet like you ve never experienced it before sitting on a throne rapping the lyrics of the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.To read this book, buy this book.To not read this book, buy this book Look, you didn t think I would let you get away that easy, did you.

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    I ve played through several times, gotten a few grizzly deaths and even a couple of happy endings Unlike the choose your own adventure books I read as a kid this seems to have inexhaustible options and endings to delight and amuse I m waiting for my physical book to arrive before going through everything because, though the ebooks are quality productions it s becoming a little tedious jumping around to find different endings It s just going to be easier with real bookmarks.The book is hilarious, my first play through I mirrored Shakespeare s decisions North s narrative commentary on the play s failings, potholes, and gender politics are a delight Beyond the confines of Shakespeare s story, your different choices open up a multitude of posbility, it s incredible the options North has considered.The biggest change to the narrative is in Ophelia s character view spoiler The story allows you to play through as Ophelia, though obviously she shows up as a character either way North dispenses with Shakespeare s emotionally unstable cypher, instead Ophelia is a cool collected scientist As I said you can choose to pay through Shakespeare s version of events, but if you do the narrator will berate you as Ophelia for accepting the sexist hectoring of Laertes and Polonius instead of opting for slamming the door in their face and eventually take control of the story away from you and make you be Hamlet instead As a said, I haven t played every option but from what I can tell there is no way to play Ophelia s suicide from her pov That s a decision I totally understand The murder parade can be played for laughs, but a young woman s suicide might be harder to pull off.On the other hand you can play as Hamlet and have him kill himself, and that is played for laughs hide spoiler

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    Ryan North is probably still best known for Dinosaur Comics, but he s branched out into publishing before with the Machine of Death anthologies I m halfway through the first one and have been for a couple of years, which is my typical approach to anthologies, but they re interesting and the Adventure Time comics This book, which was Kickstarter funded Kickstarted , is a choosable path choose your own adventure is a copyrighted phrase, apparently re telling of Hamlet It s bananas Ryan North brings the same goofy, clever, ALL CAPS humor to it that he uses in other projects, and that combined with the novel format and excellent illustrations was enough to keep me flipping back and forth to track down as many endings as possible I m technically not done with the book yet, since I haven t tried playing this should probably be reading but it becomes impossible not to think of going through this book as playing as King Hamlet yet SPOILER you get poisoned by your brother on the first page and play as a ghost for the rest of the book , but in playing as Hamlet and Ophelia whose options and outcomes are just as fun crazypants as Hamlet s , I have Lead an epic pirate battles with choosable one liners on especially awesome fight moves Played a deadly game of chess with Queen Gertrude Declined to murder anyone, deciding instead to charge Claudius with murder in a court of law like a REASONABLE PERSON Died, become a ghost, built a time machine, and gone back in the past to hijack alternate timelines Personally murdered every resident of the town there are multiple storylines that let you do this, actually, and given the bodycount of the original play it seems almost canon Decided to forget all about the murder revenge business and just get down to SCIENCE, eventually inventing central heating and living in wealth and comfort until dying of old age Competed with Fortinbras for the throne of Denmark in a Denmark trivia contest Played a turn based mini game involving disposing of a dead body, which I solved by tying hacked apart limbs to improvised hot air balloons and floating them out of a castle window Every ending is illustrated in full color by various talented webcomics people, the whole book captures the cheerily gruesome spirit that I remember these kinds of books having when I was a kid anyone else read the Goosebumps choose your own adventures books , and I love me some irreverent Shakespeare geekery, so this book is basically my jam All thumbs up.

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    4.25 These books are so clever and make Shakespeare so much accessible I also have a feeling that Shakespeare might have really approved of their tone There is no doubt that this book will raise student s interest and understanding of Shakespeare The one drawback is that Shakespeare s perversions that are typically veiled from many in his language are front and center in this format It is reflective of Shakespeare, but it might be a little much for some I know this book makes me want to read Hamlet to see the path the characters really choose and I think it will have the same effect on others as well I hope this is the beginning of a long and successful series because this format definitely makes learning fun.

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    Not my cup of tea.I didn t find it that funny but the concept of it is brilliant It is just not for me Although this book is humongous, I flew through it I finished it in an hour.This is a Hamlet adaptation but a very different experience Here, you can choose which character you want to be It also has illustrations.If you are familiar with Hamlet, you will enjoy it.

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    OMG, hilarious HILARIOUS My husband got this through the Kickstarter campaign and was sooo excited when it finally arrived He s been reading it off and on for the last week or so, every now and then quoting parts at me, and I was kind of like, Ha That s amusing Now back to whatever I was doing before you started reading this quote at me Okay, not quite, butI don t know I wasn t totally convinced.But this afternoon he pushed it at me right before lying down for a nap, so I picked it up to just take a look and see what s so funny about it And then I had to leave the room because I couldn t stop laughing out loud and, you know, he was trying to take a nap and all So I went and sat in the living room and laughed out loud for several hours Yeah, I guess I get it now.So, yes, you do definitely need to have some familiarity with Shakespeare s Hamlet to enjoy this, I think A lot of what s so funny about it is the way North makes fun of it or turns various events on their heads Also, enjoying absurdist humor probably helps a lot, cause there is a LOT of absurdity here Wonderful, wonderful absurdityThe best thing, to me, is what North did here with Ophelia I mean, she is awesome And super smart And gets a lot of happy endings In fact, there are happy endings available for everyone, which is a nice change from the bloodbath at the end of the original play There are also a number of bloodbaths of various sorts available here too though have no fear, if you re into that sort of thing Anyway, I totally got sucked in, and spent waaaaaaaay time with it than I thought I would ever possibly want to I don t think I ve managed to come across every choice in this chunker of a book yet, but I ve come across enough to know that pretty much every one leads to me giggling like a goon.A

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