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To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt pdf To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt, ebook To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt, epub To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt, doc To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt, e-pub To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt, To Live's to Fly: The Ballad of the Late, Great Townes Van Zandt d139b15f3cc At Last, The Authorized Biography Of Townes Van Zandt , Who Wrote Such Unforgettable Songs As Pancho Lefty And If I Needed You Born To A Wealthy Oil Family In Ft Worth, Texas, Hounded By Alcoholism And An Unshakable Depression, Van Zandt Pursued A Nomadic Existence Following His Muse, Whatever The Cost To Himself, Friends, And Family Based On Exclusive Interviews With Everyone Who Knew Van Zandt, Including His Best Friend Guy Clark And Colleagues Like Steve Earle And John Prine, To Live S To Fly Is A Compelling Portrait Of A Complex, Haunted Artist

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    When Townes Van Zandt s third wife was scouting for the perfect house in Nashville, she picked one close to the airport, with a liquor store and a mental institution around the corner, figuring it would cover all her husband s needs It says a lot about Van Zandt that his wives and friends stayed loyal to him throughout the years He was a raving alcoholic and junkie who literally gave the shirt off his back to strangers but could be a first class asshat to those closest to him Take the time he shot his second wife s beloved rooster Moe, cooked it and fed it to the cats, then woke her up with Moe s claw Classy, right Yet the ladies adored him One of his friends recalls his own wife being so crazy about Townes that she constantly talked about him with her therapist In frustration the female therapist, after failing to break her patient s obsession with the singer, agreed to go see him perform They went to a gig, and the therapist promptly fell in love with him After that, he was all she wanted to talk about in her therapy sessions That kind of obsession is easy to understand if you ve ever listened to his songs The man was a poet responsible for some of the most beautiful songs ever written Listening to some of his live recordings you re just ready to follow him to the end of the earth Or as Steve Earle put it Townes van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I ll stand on Bob Dylan s coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that Amen The book is based on interviews with the people who knew him, meaning it s full of great stories which may or may not be true Some reviewers have complained that the author himself is too present in the book, and while that may be true for the chapter on Guy Clark it didn t really bother me It s a respectful examination of Van Zandt s life, doesn t come close to explaining the enigma that he was, and how could it The man hardly knew himself, or how he came up with the heartbreaking songs he did It s very readable, and I especially enjoyed getting the story behind the songs and albums It s sad that he was, and still is, so underappreciated If there s anyone reading this and you don t know what I m talking about, go listen to Our Mother the Mountain or High, Low And In Between You won t be sorry.

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    This is a collection of folks who knew Townes talking about his life than a real biography This does not a bad egg make The book actually is really enjoyable in that you get a real sense of who Townes was from those who were closest to him and brief interviews with the man himself interspersed here and there You get to know him enough that it almost painful to read about his passing at the end of the book as well Townes was a brilliant poet and musician, and somewhat of an enigma, that will live forever in his music For those that know of his music this is a very interesting book If you have not heard Townes music I strongly suggest you give him a listen His music really is a treasure and getting to know him, as through this book, was a real pleasure.

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    Well written but depressing at end so talented, yet so haunted

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    Well, I m a big fan of Townes Van Zandt I adore his music, the stories told about him, his thought process and his strange, strange style of writing He moves me, as he moved a lot of people I ve even corresponded with his daughter and wife.John Kruth wrote an interesting book on Townes He told the story of his life, his career, and interesting interviews with people who knew him are scattered throughout It s a passable effort, an interesting study, but it just isn t Townes at the end of the day As others have complained, John Kruth inserted himself a bit too much into the narrative He told the story of his meeting Guy Clark, but never really told anything that came from the interview he had with Clark He spent a lot of time talking about how little appreciated Townes was, but not a lot about the time that Townes spent with those who loved him Why couldn t he tell of the stories in a linear fashion

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    I made it to page 130 but decided to abandon the book its virtue lies in its being the first full length biography of Van Zandt Its failing for me, at any rate lies in its near total lack of insight into its subject mind or soul Kruth s book is good in describing Van Zandt s timeline but he rarely ventures into the man s soul printing Van Zandt s lyrics doesn t equal a thoughtful analysis of the artist On a personal note, I have owned a few of the man s records over the years and have regularly felt that he was the victim of his producers Van Zandt deserved a record like those that Rick Rubin made for Johnny Cash Instead, his songs were regularly given the same unlistenable sonic quality of Johnny Cash s version of Sunday Morning Coming Down Steve Earle addresses this beautifully on his record Townes although I tend to prefer the recordings made solely by Earle The Basics to the versions with other, albeit excellent, musicians If only Steve Earle had been able to produce High, Low, and In Between

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    How does one review a biography Especially when it is the first one read for a given subject Based on a lot of interviews with people who had conflicting memories of Townes, it provided a great overview of his life and career Followed by No Deeper Blue about a year or two later, it will be interesting to compare the two My daughter is currently reading the other bio This biography delves into the artistry of Townes and the inspiration got me back to writing poetry at least for a little while while I process some emotions It is a great read for anyone interested in Townes life.

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    This book is wonderfully written There is so much Texas songwriter history in these pages that I found myself constantly stopping to research a new name, or, song One of the best works I ve encountered chronicling the life of an artist No angle is left unexplored Absolutely worth all five stars

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    This one s sort of a bummer, but it s TVZ who makes it so You listen to so many folks call him a genius, but then watch him blow it at most every turn And then you hear moments in the songs that back up the genius claim, but then see footage of him and realize he was even of a goofball than described in the interviews Kruth seems to have done his research and has the tale told mostly through the recollections of those who knew him I wouldn t have minded tales of his first trip, or the first time he actually shot dope, but I guess those interviews weren t available.It seems TVZ is having his moment now, as the cult continues to grow and his songs turn up in Wild Crazy Heart or True Detective He deserves it I guess there would have to be other biographies to compare this one to before we could really judge the job it does.

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    The best way to read this book is with the albums, listening as you go Start with For the Sake of the Song and Live at the Old Quarter, when he arrives in Nashville listen to The Nashville Sessions, and so on You will hear what TVZ s friends and fans are talking about Then watch the film Heartworn Highways for a taste of Texas music in the 1970s The story itself is one of good time boys hell bent on self destruction and the arc of the cowboy poet It broke my heart and made me feel better, much like TVZ s music itself, for as the author puts it his life and his art were one and the same.

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    Kruth takes on a tough job thsoe who knew and loved Toenes were and are fiercely protective of him the chapter containing Kruth s interview with Guy Clark says about Clark than anything I ve ever read about him Kruth delves, sometimes without much success, into the morass of personal relationships, business dealings and sheer musical brillance that made up Townes Van Zandt s life and what emerges is a portrait of a funny, often wise, and all too screwed up human being There will be other, possibly better, biographies, but kudos to John Kruth for getting there first.

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