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    This is a great book My mom got it off the author s website Greencloaks.com He autographed my copy, too I love the way he draws the reader into the worlds that he creates I wish I were a Greencloak There are lots of interesting twists and turns to the story, so you never get bored I always wanted to know what became of King Rolin and Queen Marlis after the first book This book is about their adventures when they get trapped in another world with all sorts of dangerous creatures of the forest They don t realize they have been there before, because everything has changed It s a story of survival and how Gaelathane comes through for them in the end.

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    I loved this book After reading the King of the Trees, I wanted to see what happened next to Rolin and Marlis They accidentally climb a different type of torsil that takes them into a world they have never visited before They ve been there before, but they don t realize it I don t want to give away this part In this world, they find out that few people have survived all the terrible creatures that live there Once they figure out what has happened, they have to go back to fix the problem Rolin and Marlis themselves have to be fixed, too Climbing the torsil changed them When you read the book, you ll understand what I mean It s pretty exciting.

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    This was a great sequel to The King of the Trees I loved all the unusual twists and turns In spite of the characters predicaments, they never lose their hope and faith and love as they try to unravel Gaelathane s riddles Great character development, by the way The Christian symbolism shines through in this book, as it does in the first The ending made me cry This is a book I ll want to reread.

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    This book was amazing It pulled me in and I didn t want to leave I loved everything about this story It leaves me wanting .

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    From here and where to there and then This is the explanation of the terms wherren and therren , and best describes the scope of William D Burt s novel Torrsils In Time The concept of torrsils and time travel were introduced in Burt s first novel, King of Trees, and expands in scope and depth in the second novel of the series The characters that were introduced in King of Trees find themselves in dire circumstances rather suddenly However, what they learn as they linger in an in between state of being is the deep truth of God s Word, Behold, I am turning all things hurtful in your lives to the good, weaving the dark threads among the light into a living fabric of grace and glory Rolin and Marlis experience a very trying adventure in this novel Over and over again they must choose to trust the King of Trees in the midst of very uncertain and dangerous circumstances They meet a very isolated family during their ventures, and are allowed to share sacrificially with them and bring them to a point of truth The results Well, you ll have to read the story to find out Believe me, you won t be disappointed This is my second novel experience from Burt s series, and it is a very exciting, very applicable teaching tool for young adults I firmly believe that many young people will be ministered to very powerfully through this series I ve enjoyed my time wherren and therren The Wordsmith Journal strives to guide readers to books of personal interest, with the understanding and respect that what appeals to some may not appeal to others Therefore we attempt to keep our reviews focused on content, genre and style The rating is necessary to make use of Goodreads and It reflects the reviewer s own level of enjoyment, but the review is intended to be informative for the benefit of all readers.

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    I just finished this book It was great I wish torsil trees were real Loved the really cool creatures and all the action It shows how little things can snowball into big problems Good thing Galthane was ready to help.

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