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Trafficked chapter 1 Trafficked, meaning Trafficked, genre Trafficked, book cover Trafficked, flies Trafficked, Trafficked 5b1d0e2b90a31 A Year Old Moldovan Girl Whose Parents Have Been Killed Is Brought To The United States To Work As A Slave For A Family In Los AngelesHannah Believes She S Being Brought From Moldova To Los Angeles To Become A Nanny For A Russian Family But Her American Dream Quickly Spirals Into A Nightmare The Platonovs Force Hannah To Work Sixteen Hour Days, Won T Let Her Leave The House, And Seem To Have A Lot Of Secrets From Hannah And From Each OtherStranded In A Foreign Land With False Documents, No Money, And Nobody Who Can Help Her, Hannah Must Find A Way To Save Herself From Her New Status As A Modern Day Slave Or Risk Losing The One Thing She Has Left Her Life

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    Trafficked is one of those books that should come with a warning It will keep you up way past your bedtime and have you thinking about it every second of every day until you ve finished reading it, and then some It is a superb read Every emotion conceivable is what this book will bring out in you Or at least, that s what it did for me.This book was utterly amazing It was such an eye opener and the level of research done for this novel must ve been astounding because it shows It doesn t get any real than this I don t even know where to start without bombarding you with all that I loved about this book The catch phrase on the back cover reads The American dream becomes a nightmare As appropriate as this proved to be for this novel, that statement is open to interpretation Us privileged people would feel that Hannah was justified to feel the way she did and act in the manner she did, but others less fortunate might feel that she had it easy and would put up with Lillian s abuse with a smile I rooted for Hannah all the way The treatment she endured from Lillian broke my heart into a million pieces, a million times I hated Lillian I seethed at the abuse she heaped on Hannah And every time I thought I saw a little humanity pushing its way to the surface in Lillian, she d turn around and destroy whatever goodwill I tried to feel towards her by hurling insults and unfounded accusations at Hannah And what she did to Hannah s hair is just atrocious, but is nothing compared to what she did to Hannah at the end I seriously had a love hate thing going with this character.Sergey is an all out enigma It was hard to tell whether he was on Hannah s side or what the heck fence he was sitting on At least I liked him a lot than I did Lillian and I kept hoping he would be Hannah s saving grace In a very twisted way he did save her from a lot of things, but even at the end, his actions were cowardly and selfish I would ve liked to know of Sergey s back story and his connection to Hannah s past It would ve been nice if the author had taken the time to develop that line in the story a little so I could have compassion towards Hannah s father and his dealings with the resistance, as well as a sympathetic understanding of Sergey s motives But let s get back to Lillian for a moment What made Lillian such a dangerous character and what I m guessing would make most women such forces to be reckoned with is her jealousy and her insecurity about her husband having cheated on her before That s what I loved about all these characters All of them had relatable motives for their actions Not necessarily justifiable, but motives that would make any reader stop and think how would I have reacted in such a situation This story presents the reader with many such questions What fascinated me most was the contrast between the living standards in America compared to the ones in Moldova which is near Romania in Eastern Europe for those who have no idea where Moldova is it s an extremely poor country It was even shocking because it is real What we take for granted something as simple as soft, white toilet paper, and hot water coming out of faucets are luxuries for Moldovians It was heartbreaking and refreshing to witness Hannah s awe over the everyday, simple things we are so used to I loved the family set up in this novel The kids were adorable, but they were in the background and I would ve loved to see of the contact between them and their father When Hannah was taken on a tour through the family s residence on the day of her arrival, I could easily form a picture in my mind of every room, and this helped me to feel part of the story for the remainder of the book I could even feel the stuffiness of the garage Hannah had to sleep in, in a sleeping bag on the sofa in the unrelenting Californian heat Hannah s fascination and eventual friendship with the boy next door adds a tiny bit of a romantic feel to the story, but I felt it was only included as a plot device to assist in the conclusion However, I was very relieved that it wasn t an insta love thing for Hannah or Colin, and that she befriended him because she needed someone to talk to, not someone to swoon over What I also liked about it is that it introduced yet another flawed character Hannah has crooked front teeth, Colin is overweight and showed that even if you re privileged and have everything you wish for, it doesn t mean that you re happy The story has lots of subtle messages such as this one Trafficked is a wonderful book and it surprised me to no end I felt part of this world and easily walked in Hannah s shoes and felt the frustration she did The writing is simplistic and uncomplicated, which works perfectly well for Hannah s simplistic and uncomplicated character I hated Paavo and his wife, Rena, and feared the horrible things he could do to Hannah or her family back home in Moldova I was intrigued by the mystery of her parents death, Sergey and Paavo s possible connection to them, and I was kept guessing about the disappearance of Hannah s beloved uncle right up to the end This is than the average human trafficking interest story It is different in so many ways and it has heart I recommend Trafficked to anyone and everyone looking for a heartfelt read that leaves you counting your blessings and appreciating everyday conveniences so much .

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    I remember the first time I read about human trafficking My grandmother received Reader s Digest and often had a copy on her coffee table As an ever voracious reader, I often read articles from it since it was the most easily available reading material at her apartment One week I found an article about a girl in her late teens who came to the United States as a domestic servant and was trapped into a life of domestic slavery An illegal alien through no fault of her own, she had no one to turn to afraid she d be arrested if she went to the police.The true story I read in Reader s Digest nine years ago is fictionalized in this book It s not the type of story I ll go around recommending to everyone because it s definitely not a PG rated story Though the author manages to craft the story without writing anything explicit, the main character must deal with multiple untoward advances from the men surrounding her On the other hand, I believe this is an important story Human trafficking is something everyone should be aware of, and I firmly believe that a well told story has huge potential to not only inform, but help people care Though this is basically 400 pages of a young woman working as a maid, it s definitely a well told story gripping because it could happen in the house next to mine and easy to read because of the simple realness of the main character.Throughout the story, the main character s one comfort is the boy next door He s a self conscious American teenager with family problems of his own, but he takes advantage of the few opportunities he gets to be kind to the main character That kindness ultimately provides the sliver of opportunity she needs to escape from a life that keeps getting worse.The lesson I took away from this story came from the boy next door Take time for other people Care about the people you interact with, even if you don t know them well You never know who needs a friend, who needs help, who needs a glimmer of hope that a few kind words can give.

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    Trafficked by Kim Purcell Trafficked is a difficult subject to read about but so important that I couldn t wait to sit down and read it Kim Purcell has done an excellent job and I give her ton s of credit for telling us this story even though it s a fiction novel we all know this is happening today somewhere Kim s words flowed extremely well, character descriptions are written excellent, and I felt so much sorrow for what Hannah is going through There were times I had to stop and remember this is a fiction novel but deep down you know very well that does happen It s hard to believe that there are people that would take advantage of another human being like this We meet Hannah who is a seventeen young woman, who has just signed on to becoming a nanny for a family in America Things start off rough for her but she is hoping once she reaches the family she will be working for things will get better It doesn t take her long to realize things are not what she was expecting In her new home this family is horrible to her, she has to work harder than anyone should, she is threatened and warned what would happen to her if anyone found out she was there illegally The abuse from the mother is endless and only gets worse Hannah is unsure if she is going to survive I have rated Trafficked a 5 star rating, this book is written so well I have to give Kim Purcell 5 stars for sharing an ongoing issue in our world today and she has written it for the YA reader well mature YA reader with class and strength I cannot say enough about this story or the author If you read my review I would say go now and buy this book immediately I would recommend this book to anyone who can read

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    Trafficked was an interesting book I really wanted to love it, but unfortunately it came up short for me I do praise the author for writing a modern day YA novel about human trafficking, though it s a real problem that occurs all over the world, but I don t think everyone knows a lot about it Especially not teenagers who, arguably, should be one of the groups MOST informed It s really sad how situations like the one presented in this novel can go unnoticed and I wish there were YA books about it, to at least raise awareness If nothing else, I think Trafficked is a good educational tool Before reading it, I did know some information about human trafficking But, the plot still brought in different factors that I never realized could play into it It also shed some light on the idea of modern day slavery, rather than just the forced prostitution side, which is what I tend to hear about often It did a good job of showing the various different ways someone can be affected by trafficking.But honestly, I still cannot say that I enjoyed the book It was really slow paced and, despite being nearly 400 pages long, not much even happened Hannah arrived at the house, cleaned, was threatened, and cleaned some The ending was exciting, but nothing happened until the last 100 pages Actually, that was when she finally started talking to the guy There wasn t much action until the last 40 pages or so And then it just ended I guess what irritated me the most was that the summary on the inside jacket was incredibly misleading I believed the book would be a lot gritty, violent, and overall exciting The subject matter is so dark and awful that I was hoping for a book that could represent that well or at least, as realistically as it could in the young adult genre The things that happened to Hannah WERE bad, but not to the extent that I was expecting Also, the summary on GoodReads doesn t seem to do this, but the physical book s description really lead the reader to believe that Hannah would be forced into prostitution I don t mind that it never happened, but it just left me confused, when Hannah was still at the house 2 3 of the way in I kept assuming that the plot would pick up once Hannah was taken from the Platonovs But that never happened, so it only made the book drag out longer for me.I think the lack of action was supposed to be compensated for by the mystery subplot that weaved its way into the story Essentially, while Hannah is working with this new family, she finds out that they re connected to her deceased parents than she realized I actually figured out the mystery pretty early and even if I hadn t, it still would not have interested me This is because we never learned about Hannah s family much to begin with, so I didn t care at all about how these strangers knew them or what secrets they were keeping from Hannah All of the plot twists were predictable for me, actually Things would be revealed to Hannah and the author made it seem like they were such a surprise, when I had guessed them seventy five pages beforehand It just bored me even .Don t get me wrong, there were a few good things in Trafficked I really liked the minor characters Maggie, Collin, etc Lillian was crazy and while I hated her, she played a good villain to bring at least an ounce of excitement to the story I did think that the whole subplot with the creepy husband and Hannah was kind of random, but whatever It sort of made sense, to show how victims can be preyed upon by people that appear to be friendly, but I still thought it was out of place And speaking of Hannah, I never liked her character, either I felt sympathetic towards her, but I thought she was far too naive She wasn t stupid, so she should have caught on to some of the cruelties earlier And then she never did much to help herself I saw a few opportunities she could have taken to get out, but she didn t Instead, she found the worst moments possible to stand up for herself and try to fight back, which really only made things worse It frustrated me.In the end, Trafficked wasn t horrible It just didn t do it for me, so I figured I d write a review to contrast with a lot of the positive opinions on here I think people that are interested in the subject matter might like it and it could be a good book to give a young teenager it s definitely not too explicit There are a couple iffy scenes, but nothing I don t think an 8th grader couldn t handle I d just make sure that if you do read it, you know what you re getting into beforehand It s slow and predictable, but it still has a couple good moments The writing itself was good I just wish the novel had a stronger impact, to go with it s strong subject So, read it if you want It s a lighter start into a deep subject, which might appeal to some I d just advise to borrow it from a library And don t get your hopes up too high.

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    From the publisher Hannah believes she s being brought from Molodova to Los Angeles to become a nanny for a Russian family But her American dream quickly spirals into a nightmare The Platonovs force Hannah to work sixteen hour days, won t let her leave the house, and seem to have a lot of secrets from Hannah and from each other Stranded in a foreign land with false documents, no money, and nobody who can help her, Hannah must find a way to save herself from her new status as a modern day slave or risk losing the one thing she has left her life My Thoughts Hannah, 17, thought that coming to the United States would help her make enough money to pay for her grandmother s badly needed eye operation and she could learn enough English to realize her dream of going to medical school But right from the start, things aren t exactly on the up and up Trafficking of young girls is a real problem these days all over the world Victims of trafficking are kept in conditions where they can t do anything because they have no money, no documents, no friends, no family, and too often, no hope Hannah only wanted to make her life better after being orphaned by a terrorist bomb explosion that killed her parents, leaving her penniless Now in Los Angeles, Hannah is at the mercy of the Sergey and Lillian Platonov and expected to care for their two children, Maggie and Michael, as well as keeping the house immaculate Hannah was to take her meals in the kitchen and sleep in a small room in the basement It doesn t take Hannah long to realize that she is virtually imprisoned in the house, forbidden to go any further than the backyard She is allowed to use the phone and has had no contract with her grandmother or best friend in Molodova As Hannah discovers and about the family she is living with, and their shady friends and dealings, she also soon learns that Sergey knew her father and has held her captive with some information he had about him.The only bright spot in Hannah s life is looking out the window and watching the teenage boy who lives in the house across the way from the Platonovs Eventually she gets to know him and his friendship offers her some respite from her loneliness But she is too ashamed to tell him what is happening to her This is Kim Purcell s debut novel and it is clear she has done some in depth research into the trafficking of young people This gritty story is realistically portrayed and the character are all well drawn, so much so that chills ran down my spine in several places in the novel The conditions that Hannah lived under are getting and familiar to us as we read about people who have managed to escape their captors People like Sergey and Lillian Platonov succeed at holding kids captive by isolating them from the rest of the world, making sure they have no money or contact with anyone who can help and instilling a sense of shame in them about their circumstances And that is exactly how it happens in Trafficked This is a book everyone should read, especially teens and young adults who want to get out and explore the world while also being employed and who might easily be taken in by traffickers An awareness of what It be careful of is always wise This book is recommended for readers age 14 This book was borrowed from the Mid Manhattan branch of the NYPL

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    Was Hannah just naive when she decided to falsify her identity and travel to America to become a Nanny for a Russian American family, the Platonovs She grew up in a marketplace with You are Not a Product slogans on posters to remind her what happens too often to attractive young girls who accept offers that sound too good to be true 400 a month should be plenty for Hannah to send home to her grandmother for surgery No other family survives who will help her, so she accepts and enters a nightmare.Even the journey to the Romanian airport was fraught with humilation, but nothing could prepare her for the abject slavery she faces in the nice surburban Los Angeles home, where she works for a jealous Russian woman desperate to pass tests for foreign trained doctors who needs Hannah to care for her toddler boy and 8 year old girl while she studies Lillian is very demanding, expecting Hannah up before and much later than the children to see to all the meals and to keep the house scrupulously clean Hard work might not bother Hannah so much if she got any money to send her babushka, but there is no pay and only a furtive handful of trips outside the house that is her prison, her room, the garage playroom of the children Threatened with immigration if she goes to the authorities, she is threatened with the hippopotamus man Paavo, who runs unsavory businesses and keeps a stable of a whole different kind of eastern European slaves If she can t keep Lillian happy and father Sergey out of her bed, she might fall into the clutches of Paavo and out of the frying pan and into the fire of a brothel existence.The only window on the world lying just outside her prison is through the neighbor s windows A blond boy named Colin and his brother and mother have a normal life just out of reach, and she takes risks to meet him.Teen girl readers will eat up the angst and pitiful situation of a girl in this sensationalized exploitation It is a little bit of rubber necking to see just what horrors happen to Hannah and girls like her, but it is an issue worth knowing about and if it makes comfortable American girls a little thankful for the easy life so many of them have, that s an additional benefit Recommend to fans of SOLD, maybe Ellen Hopkins, or the morbidly fascinated legions drawn to A CHILD CALLED IT.

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    Trafficked by Kim Purcell follows Hannah a girl from Moldova who travels to America to work as a Nanny She takes the job after her parents disappear because she knows her grandmother can not support the two of them She soon finds things are not as she was promised as the family she works for treats her like a slave, requiring her to work all hours without pay and without the ability to leave.I enjoyed the book although the main character had issues at time with being very very naive This book does do a good job of portraying human trafficking in the US without being to graphic for the audience I remained interested in the book throughout and finished it quickly It has an ending with a solid finale that leaves the reader satisfied Appropriateness This is a tough book that is about a difficult subject While it handled the material in an age appropriate way the topic is still a tough one for teens There is an attempted rape and there is quite a bit of apprehension that the reader feels fearing that the main character will either be raped or sold into prostitution I would recommend this book to readers 14 and younger teens if they have an adult to talk to This is a good book to explore the subject of human trafficking for teen readers, with the focus being on a domestic servant as opposed to one forced into prostitution it makes the story a bit easier to read.

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    I devoured most of this book on an airplane flight and later stayed up half the night to finish Teens and adults alike will be captivated by the plight of Hannah, an illegal immigrant from Moldova, who works as a nanny for a family in Los Angeles Grueling hours, no pay, social isolation, and accommodations in a garage despite an inviting and unoccupied guest room upstairs are only some of the travails she encounters the job gradually spirals into a living nightmare and Hannah s life is in serious danger It s a hard read at times in the sense that details we d probably rather not think about are described, and for that reason I wouldn t recommend it for readers under 15 However, there are moments of humanity and uplift that balance the narrative, particularly in Hannah s recollection of her loved ones left behind in Moldova and her glimpses of a better life next door so close and yet so far away There is also a rich cast of characters in this book internationally diverse and psychologically complex The villains are particularly well rendered Who would suspect a Whole Foods, organic product buying, middle class mom of harboring a domestic slave in her suburban garage TRAFFICKED is a novel that demands to be read A bonus the author is donating 20% of proceeds earned from the book to organizations that work to combat human trafficking.

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    It was a good read albeit not being what I initially thought The synopsis is very misleading.

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    Seventeen year old Hannah travels from Moldova to America with fake documents to be a nanny for a Russian American family Hannah is told that in exchange for taking care of two children and some light cleaning, she ll make 400 a week on top of room and board plenty to pay for her babushka s surgery in no time at all.But America does not turn out to be the land of milk and honey after all And Hannah does not find herself rolling in dough Instead, after a torturous journey, Hannah is virtually imprisoned in a house where she is forced to work long hours, enduring frequent verbal and physical abuse, for no pay Hannah is told that she must work off the cost of her travel before she will receive any wages it could be years before she makes any money at all Not that she would be allowed to leave the house to spend it.Hannah is caught up in a serious predicament with nobody to turn to for help She is isolated in the house, not allowed to use the phone, and the family for whom she works refuses to mail the letters she writes to her family Without money, the proper documents, or the ability to speak much English, Hannah has nowhere to go Further, the family threatens to have her family and friends back home hurt if she tries to escape.Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Hannah keeps hoping that if she just does her job well enough and long enough, the situation will improve But what if it never gets any better after all Kim Purcell s debut Trafficked is a bleak, but eye opening book Written in third person, Trafficked has a relatively matter of fact, straightforward style there s not a lot of fluff or adornment, which is fitting for the book s emotional content One should not begin this novel expecting any harsh realities to get sugarcoated or tied up neatly While there is some hope to be had, the majority of the book is, in all honesty, a bit soul crushing And I mean that in the best way possible I would expect no less from a book based on true stories about human trafficking Trafficked has joined Want to go Private and Room on the list of books about social issues that made me physically ill while reading.It is utterly horrifying to think that this kind of modern day slavery is going on underneath our noses all the time If you think human trafficking is a thing of the past, or that it is restricted to any one cultural group, Trafficked will wake you up Once you have been exposed to the real plight of trafficked teens and kids, it is hard to ignore Trafficked is a book that makes you want to do something Purcell s book is at times graphic, intense, and emotionally charged Though it is by no means easy to stomach, it is the perfect book for teens and adults interested in social awareness and injustice.

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