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10 thoughts on “True Nature (Shape-Shifter, #2)

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    Great series fantastic 2nd installment,interesting and a well design storyline with a few of the same likable cast mixed with some bad ones only made this series so much juicier for readers..recommend to everyone

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    Fantastic follow up good storyline and great mix of characters..encourage everyone to read this awesome series..well written

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    I love days when there s no ARCs that are pressing and I can choose to read whatever I want I took a short break after reading the super long first book in this series, but found myself wondering and wanting to get back to the world of the Wrasa very soon This one clocked in quite a bit shorter, at just over 4 hours for me, and was the perfect sequel to Second Nature I loved seeing characters from the first book again, and really enjoyed the new characters that we got to meet Jae s wonderful at never writing the same story twice, and this series is no exception 4.25 stars

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    This is the third time I read this book and I loved it as much as the first time Jae is a wonderful and versatile writer I enjoy all of her books but the shapeshifter books and stories belong to my favourites Of course I didn t just read True Nature but also the first book in this series of books and stories Second Nature which also deserves 5 stars manhattan Moon is short, like a novella, 4.5 stars.

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    Loved, loved, loved this one The first in series was great but this one is even better If you ve read some of my reviews, you probably know I like longer novels that take time to develop relationships This one definitely does I m hoping the third book is not too far in the future.

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    A fun book Jae is becoming a very good writer and one I look forward to I liked Kelsey a lot as a heroine and was very invested in her by the end when things were getting extremely tense The romance was sweet and very sexy If I had a complaint, it s that there are too many points of view You have whole chapters from the point of view of characters who aren t the two leads and those can drag the book down a bit They aren t bad, don t get me wrong, just not as interesting as the main character s perspectives and I got impatient waiting to get back to the people I cared about the most Still fun and engaging If you love lesbian Wereshifter romances, then check this out.

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    Jae writes great characters I really liked Kelsey and her inner struggles and cuteness As for Rue, she s a good character too, but could have been less transparent so the reader wouldn t know for sure her true intentions for a while Danny annoyed the hell out of me But as I said flawed or not, they re well written characters.Add to that a good plot with a major twist I advise you to turn on your suspension of disbelief and just go with it , and you have a pretty neat novel

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    Loved it I really loved this book It had a well developed plot The characters were also well developed Really liked the story and was riveted by it for the first paragraph Well done

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    Another great story from Jae s books that I enjoyed quite alot, hardly put it down I have to forced myself to stop reading at 3am because I have to work in the morning I like how there were some part that involved main characters, Jorie and Griffin and got a bit of their POV as well.I like how the story goes And I really like Kelsey Kelsey and Rue worked together to find Danny that ran away from home, their adventure, how they got to know each other and things that happened just made me hype most of the time And Danny, while he ran away, he had learned and experienced The life of homeless people It also made him to reconsidered the action that he poorly treat his mom and such.All in all, I like and enjoyed book alots.

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    My favorite in the series Loved the idea of having Rue the human being the dominate and Kelsey as the wolf being the submissive wolf Really well done

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