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Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots (The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids, #1) txt Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots (The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids, #1), text ebook Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots (The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids, #1), adobe reader Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots (The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids, #1), chapter 2 Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots (The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids, #1), Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots (The Adventures Of The Bailey School Kids, #1) 00be11 The Hugely Popular Early Chapter Book Series Re Emerges With A New Look Brand New Eye Catching Cover Art Brings A Modern Feel To This Classic Monster Series For Young Readers The Kids In The Third Grade At Bailey Elementary Are So Hard To Handle That All Of Their Teachers Have Quit But Their New Teacher, Mrs Jeepers, Is Different To Say The Least She S Just Moved From The Transylvanian Alps And She Seems To Have Some Strange Powers That Help Her Deal With These Mischief Makers Her Methods May Be A Little Unconventional, But, Then Again, Mrs Jeepers May Be Just What The Bailey School Kids Need

About the Author: Debbie Dadey

Debbie Dadey is the author and co author of 162 books for children, including the Mermaid Tales series from Simon and Schuster and the beloved Adventures of The Bailey School Kids from Scholastic Ms Dadey is a former teacher and librarian Please like her at

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    February 2016 Updated Review Due to the success of the Goosebumps movie, studios are buying up children s book properties left and right, such as the recently acquired Magic Tree House series Honestly, I d love it if someone made movies out of the Bailey School Kids books and I think the perfect actress to play Mrs Jeepers would be Susan Sarandon.With a Transylvanian accent and a green brooch, I think she would great as the third grade teacher who may or may not be a vampire.There is a really great subtlety of playing on the children s imaginations in these books and that you never have a definitive answer as to whether these adults really are the monsters the children think they are I ve loved these books since the 90s when I was a kid and I ve seen them really get children interested in reading, and if you can take a kid away from video games or television and actually want to sit down and read a book then I m all for it.

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    I got this book to read to my 7 year old niece at night before bed She has been getting into the twilight series and vampires and werewolves, but I find them way to mature for her so I found this book and it is so great It kept her attention It had a little scare here and there but nothing bloody just things poping out at ya It has funny parts that wouldMake her laugh So if you have a young one like me who wants to be into the stuff like the older kids this book is for them It s from the point of view of third graders so it really relates to the preteens

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    I liked at the end because I think Howie knew Mrs Jeepers was a vampire but he was trying to protect her by not telling anyone.

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    Okay, so I read a lot of popular children s book series when I was a kid Goosebumps, Magic Tree House, A to Z Mysteries, and so on But somehow, I wound up skipping over The Bailey School Kids books I honestly don t know how this happened since I was all in for monsters and spooky stories as a kid, but I just never picked up one of these books That is, until now.A big thanks to the infamous and hilarious J for finally getting me into this series It s long overdue, but just because I m 21 does not mean I can t read kid s books Actually, I think I enjoyed this first book in the series Vampires Don t Wear Polka Dots now than I would have even as a kid I am able to appreciate the genius of it and realize just how unique and imaginative this series really is But still, I wish I would have read these books when I was in Elementary School As a kid with an overactive imagination, I would have eaten these books up.One thing I love most about this book is that I never really knew if the Bailey School kids new teacher Mrs Jeepers was truly a vampire or not It could have easily been all coincidence but there are certain creepy occurrences that made me wonder if she was a monster after all The authors leave that up for the reader to decide, and I think that s a great idea.This book is also a very quick read It is super short under 80 pages , so I was able to finish it in one 45 minute sitting It s written very simply, but that s what adds to its charm It keeps you turning the pages to see what adventures the kids will have as they try to figure out what s up with Mrs Jeepers It s also a book I d recommend to kids and adults who are looking for a fun Halloween read It s cute and funny, but it has just the right amount of spookiness for young readers I know I ll be reading many of these books this Halloween season.FINAL VERDICT 5 stars

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    publisher Scholasticmiddle grade fantasyA class of third grade students at Bailey Elementary School are getting a new teacher after they ran off Mrs Deedee They get Mrs Jeepers, an woman from Romania that wears a strange green brooch that seems to glow when she rubs it Over the course of the book, the students learn about her which makes them question whether or not she is a vampire But surely not, right I mean, vampires don t wear polka dots.As I have recently said, I am getting to know several middle grade series that I am aware of but haven t read before This beginning of the Bailey School Kids series was fine There is nothing really remarkable going on here but for a child who loves a series, familiar characters, mystery, and fantasy, they will probably gobble this up.My main problem is that it includes stereotypes Romania is a real country with people that probably want to be known for than Dracula and their strange accent I have been looking at books for kids with an eye on diversity and representation and that really stuck out to me and made me uncomfortable So while this series might be alright for some, I might try to find a good middle grade series that does a better job in that regard I remember really loving Sachar s Wayside books when I was young and wondered how those would read to me today as I attempt to examine through a diversity lens Would those be a good alternative, although there are fewer books to the series Perhaps I should revisit those soon

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    This juvenile fiction book is about a third grade class who drove their teacher nuts Mrs.Deedee had not actually gone nuts, but she had quit her job after she found her top desk drawer full of shaving cream After Mrs.Deedee left, the students got a new teacher who was weird and strange She wore a green amulet around her neck, and the students thought she was a vampire Debbie Dadey, the author, use a great amount of detail On the second page of the book, Dadey describes the incident with the shaving cream by saying She had been looking for a pencil when she stuck her hands in the mint scented shaving cream I can t stand it any Mrs.Deedee screamed She held her hands up like a surgeon and looked around the room A wild look came into her eyes The author did a great job by describing what what kind of shaving cream it was, as well as how Mrs.Deedee reacted As a reader, I was able to picture the incident and follow the story I think that I could use this in my own writing, as well as allow my students to use it in their writing This could definitely be used as a mentor text or in a mini lesson for students to write with detail It is student appropriate and they could learn a lot from the book.

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    I don t remember much about this series, only that I really enjoyed them It was a fun story for young readers and the writing style was great Although, I do remember that I really REALLY loved this one

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    Kallie is reading this whole series, so I read the first book so I could know what it s all about I have a hard time reviewing kids books as an adult I m obviously not the target audience Kallie, however, loves them.

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    When four disparate friends and their unruly third grade class run their teacher right out of the school, the last thing they expect is a vampire to take her place But that s what our tetrad of troublemakers get with Mrs Jeepers, a seemingly kind woman from the Transylvanian Alps who speaks in a thick Romanian accent, lives in the creepiest house in town, sneezes when exposed to garlic, and, oh yeah, shows all major signs of vampirism.But vampires don t wear polka dots, do they That s up to the reader Part of the charm of The Bailey School Kids is the inconclusiveness to each story, and this series opener is no exception If you re looking for a book where every question is answered and every clue is explained, a la Scooby Doo, you ll probably want to steer clear of this series While written for children transitioning from picture to chapter books, this horror comedy hybrid is particularly good for post reading discussion, especially after each chapter What signs point to Mrs Jeepers being a vampire She sneezes at garlic, keeps a coffin shaped box in her basement, and wears a hypnotic brooch around her neck But what signs point to Mrs Jeepers being a regular person Vampires certainly don t walk around in the daytime.Written in two weeks by Debbie Dadey a librarian and Marcia Thornton Jones a teacher after one particularly difficult day on the job, Vampires Don t Wear Polka Dots is satisfyingly moody and than a little amusing The other books in the series follow the same formula with the kids meeting someone new, believing they might be a mythical being, gathering as much evidence as possible to prove it to themselves, and ultimately letting their assumptions die out If you and your growing reader are not impressed with this introduction, you ll probably want to avoid the others But if you find yourself wanting , you ll be happy to know this is the first of over sixty books It s a series that definitely comes recommended to early readers who think they might enjoy being a little creeped out but aren t quite ready to be completely scared out of their wits.

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    I now maintain a blog just for my kid lit reviews Find it at A friend has convinced me to try my hand this year for the first time at writing children s literature but I don t actually know anything about children s literature, so am starting the process among other ways by first reading a stack of popular books that have been recommended to me Today s titles are from yet another of these series of endless chapter books designed for grade schoolers, in this case all of them co penned by a duo of friends who used to be grade school teachers themselves this is one of the types of employment I myself am hoping to find in the industry, to kick out such easy reading 30,000 word titles once a month or so, which is why I m reading so many of them these days Now, admittedly, this particular series is based on a high concept that I find tough to imagine lasting for as long as it has basically, each title features yet another new adult in the lives of our middle class child heroes who may or may not be a mythological creature, exhibiting strange traits throughout the story but never just coming out and saying whether they re a mummy or vampire or whatever And in fact there are almost 75 books in this series now, nearly all of them featuring a different mythological creature, which just on its own is pretty impressive These are very much for the younger end of the chapter book crowd, in my opinion from ages 7 to about 9 or 10, featuring lots of illustrations and a ton of silly humor and to their credit Dadey and Jones are much interested in simply being entertaining than in trying to teach a moral lesson, usually a common trait among books for this age group They re nothing special, but certainly readable and fun, and come recommended for younger readers looking for their first dose of genre excitement but wanting to avoid dark material altogether.

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