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Werelock Evolution files Werelock Evolution , read online Werelock Evolution , free Werelock Evolution , free Werelock Evolution , Werelock Evolution 1cb93688e All Books In The Werelock Evolution Trilogy, Available For The First Time In One Convenient, Discounted Bundle He S A Spoiled Alpha Used To Getting Whatever He Wants She S A Stubborn Eighteen Year Old Determined To Disappoint HimFinding Love At First Sight With Your Fated Soul Mate Sounds So Romantic Unless, Of Course, That Mate Happens To Be Your Brother S Sworn Enemy And The Overbearing Alpha Werewolf Warlock Who Has Taken You HostageThings Get Complicated In This Twisty Enemies To Lovers Trilogy About A Stubborn American Girl Who Stumbles Upon Forbidding Paranormal Circumstances When She Travels To Brazil And Finds Herself At The Center Of A Blood Feud Between Rival South American Werewolf PacksThe Task Of Taming A Formidable, Drop Dead Sexy Werelock Has Never Been So Hard And So Hot What Readers Are Saying What Makes This Book So Good Isn T Just The Unbelievably Hot Scenes, Good Writing And Fresh Story Lines It S Also How ALL The Characters Are Interesting Not Just The Main Couple Even When Alex And Milena Aren T In The Same Scene Together, Those Werelocks Carry The Story They Re Scene Stealers All Of Them Phenomenal Hettie Ivers Has Created A Fascinating Magical Werewolf World And Filled It With Characters That Are Worthy Of Our Interest And Love This Had To Be One Of The Most Hilarious Books Ever Oh My, The Romance Was So Hot And Steamy And Just Downright Nasty In A Good Way Grab A Fan And A Cold Beverage Alex And Milena Get It On And On And On And I Loved Every Moment Taking The Genre To A Higher Level Moments Of Suspense And Dark Surprise Are Often Balanced With Unexpectedly Hilarious Ones Wow, The Sexual Scenes Between Alex And Milena Are Scorching Hot I Was Entertained The Entire Time While Reading Since It Is So Different From Other Shifter Worlds I Have Read This Is An Amazing Story That Keeps You Guessing This Author Has A Gift Where The Scene Plays Right Before Your Eyes You Will Not Want To Put This Book Down

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    I have passed over this series so many times while looking through my library, its laughable I picked up my kindle and just swiped down and figured I d wait for whatever popped up and I would pick my next read by eeny minnie miny mo I know, very grown up of me Needless to say this is series was mo.Oh boy I was definitely not expecting the ride Hettie Ivers took me on Thrilling, intense and maybe a little sexy I finished this series in 2 days if that says anything to you I literally could not put these books down I ll sing praises for this series, but I will admit at one time or two the dialogue did seem to drone on and become just a bit repetitive Overall, in my opinion, the Werwlock Evolution is an excellent read So, yes I highly recommend for you to read this series.

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    Before I give my full review, I have to say that this series is my all time favorite one Hettie has become my favorite author quickly and I can so appreciate her very creative story telling Expect the unexpected and enjoy Slip of FateSlip of Fate follows the journey of Milena as she makes the decision to find her brother She has lost her mother and is all alone in the world The one connection she has is to Raul If she can find him, then maybe she can find some sort of order in her life again Maybe she can feel stronger over all Right off the bat, Hettie leads us into the turmoil Milena is kidnapped at the airport when she lands in South America Scared and confused, she has no idea what it is that she s done or why Her kidnappers take her to somewhere and inform her she s going to be a trade off for the live of another She figures that pretty much, this is it This is the end of her life and how can she possibly survive anything She had been assaulted in than one way just in the drive from one destination to another.But now, her path is altered and she finds conflicting emotions of calm, fear, peace, lust and anger Who can she trust Can she trust the two men and woman who say that she can t be handed over to Alex because of her brother She asks all these questions and she can t get a clear answer As the arguments about her status ensue, she meets Alex for the first time It s a meeting that sets the precedence of the rest of the book.Fear the Heart The story picks right up where Hettie left us hanging at the end of book 1 Thank heavens she did Milena has had a rough few months She has lost everyone she loves, dealt with responsibility than any other 18 year old she knows and thrown into the fire so to speak after making a long journey to find her brother But instead of some things getting easier, they go in quite opposite directions She s finding out the truth about her brother Raul and where he has been all of these years The fact that he was involved with the very man she loves likes hates makes it all even confusing My heart hurt for her as she is smacked in the heart with the truth of where she comes from and who she truly is There is no reaction time that sets in She has to take it and sort it later as chaos is going to flood through their paths In this case they better be wearing hip waders to stay dry Since Alcaeus has been around forever and a day, he s able to tell the stories of his family history and where he had met the Salvatella Pack long before But of course with Alcaeus, it s a grand production I mean, he is so theatrical and all Of course that feeds another river of chaos and another and another.Milena struggles to come to terms with all this information How can any of this be true She feels betrayed by the people whom she thought loved her Instead she s not sure who to trust or where to turn The one person she does trust is Lupe Lupe can offer her insight where the others can I LOVE Lupe She s a part of the story as it goes on and one that is sure to be amazing.Revenge of the Wronged If you ve read the previous books you re well aware of whirlwind of emotions that has plagued both characters They re sometimes volatile interactions lead to them giving into what they both realize is a deep love and even devotion With that though comes the raw reality of what darkness they face The blood curse that has brought them to their fated paths threatens to explode and take everything and everyone that stands in the way Who will make it through the storm and who will fall for good Alex has to be the strong one He has to be the leader that everybody expects him to be His Alpha status has always resonated in his attitude being a bit peckish and not the most tolerable After all he has no qualms about ending the lives of those who set to damage his pack A man with little to no weakness now does what nobody expected him to EVER do He has given into his love and adoration for Milena He realizes now that his fate was sealed upon their first tumultuous meeting Now that he s given into the fate, his feelings and his wolf, he ll do whatever takes to keep her safe Even if that means keeping her away from the only family member she has left With the fate of his pack at odds, the life of his mate and his duty, will he be able to save everyone from the biggest, bloodiest and horrendous revenge of all Milena started a journey to find her brother to end up having her whole world shattered She leaves the only home she s known, went on a search for her brother and found out the startling truth of who she is She s thrown even off kilter when she not only has to come to terms to what she s feelings for Alex, but conceding to their fate During all of this battle and revelations, she s reunited with her brother How can she convince him he s on the wrong side of the impending war His choices can cost them both the very things they have been missing for so long Their bond, love and faith in each other is tested to the breaking point once Milena accepts her fate How can she accept Alex and keep a war from happening She s forced to join in the battle from hell, but what happens if she can t stop impending doom brought on by the wronged During all of this back and forth, chaos, love, sex, violence and hatred, appears the one person nobody was expecting to join in Who is she,what the hell does she want and how is it possible SHE is really there The answers that come are so unexpected and breathtaking The hashtag is true, thebestbadguyisawoman.

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    Ooooh LA.LA Werelocks in a BOX Yes Yes, Please.I am one of the lucky ones that actually owns these AWESOME books Jelly I would be I swear they have a permanent place on my night stand Anytime I want to see sexy, I just roll over and drool over the cover of the books The characters and story that Hettie Ivers builds is unlike any I ve come across The angsty I fucking hate you to the lusty I want to rip your fucking clothes off keeps you on the edge of your seat This isn t a book to browse or skim through, this a book you DEVOUR, and I promise it is a DELISH If I could choose one character from a book that I would like to swap lives with, it would be Milena Milena is that MC that isn t a push over She might be young and sometimes a pain in the ass, but damn if she wasn t fun With her FUCK you attitude and FUCK this shit persona If I could choose one male character to be my forever book husband, I would have to go with Alex And if Alex didn t want me so be it, I ll swing for Remy Hell, at this point, I ll just stalk Alex until he realizes I am what he really wants As much as I want to rave and continue writing about these books, I ll stop Anyone looking for the paranormal genre on roids, you have found your match With humor, lust, angst and SHIFTERS, these books will not let you down.

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    A wonderfully addictive series..I loved this series..this is the paranormal genre at it s bestit is dark, with the werelocks being antiheroes than heroes, exciting to read and so funny there is so much great humour captured within these pages.in many ways this is an age old story of family loyalty, infidelity, love, lust and ultimately a struggle between two powerful warring factionsbut the skill of the author to create a believable alternative world with magnificent and despicable magical beings gives it a refreshing and original makeover.Alex, the male lead, is the biggest and baddest werelock of them all He commits some heinous crimes and behaves like a complete and utter a hole at times but there is something so appealing and sexy about him. as for the heroine, Milena, she is feisty, funny and holds up relatively well considering she is exposed to an alternative world of which she had no prior knowledge or experience a world which is full of danger and malevolence.The characters in this book are so well written and the relationships and interactions between them all complicated and fascinating.Alex s family are fabulous their exchanges and their sibling rivalries are hilarious but they are also loyal, loving and protective of those they care about..I particularly love his two brothers Remy and Alcaeus despite their dubious morals and arrogance there is something very attractive and entertaining about their personalitiesThe werelocks and the world they inhabit has a comprehensive back story throughout the series the lore, legend and history of the werelocks is described in detail which is intriguing but also complex at timesI came to the conclusion that a family tree and relationship summary would have helped at some points as pivotal characters were introduced and held sway on the ongoing eventsThis is a captivating paranormal romantic series both magical and dark infused with plenty of humour..there is darkness and steamy, dirty sex and the actions of the werelocks are often reprehensible but to me they are all perfectly imperfectalthough this is the end of the trilogy there are clearly stories waiting in the wings for me to devour.a wonderfully addictive series that just got better and better..

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    Well written but Too ComplicatedI enjoyed much of the mythology of this story It was very interesting in so many aspects, but for me, it became tiresome at times with complication after complication burying the progress of the story I love mystery, and twists in most stories normally, but I felt tired of plodding through this story at times It may be my level of intellect that caused me to feel that I was plodding to the end of the story I don t want to discourage anyone else from reading this book, but for now I m pausing to decide if it s enjoyable to me to continue with this series I still give a 4 star rating to the story because I enjoyed the writing enough to finish the story.

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    There are book series that grab ahold of your heart, mind, and your very soul when the story is well written from one book to the next Hettie Ivers is the author of one such series With her Werelock Evolution Series she brought to life a young woman, Milena Caro, in search of her long lost brother, Raul, following the death of their mother On her journey she encounters than one unimaginable obstacle She also comes face to face with some of the most manipulative, humorous, seductive, intelligent, and strong willed werelocks one could ever imagine These werelocks become many things to her At first they are her captures but over time Alex, Alcaeus, Kai, Remy, Alessandra, and even the human, Lupe, become so much to her They become friends, help mates, and Alex, becomes the object of her affections despite how much they butt heads.Of all the books in the series my favorite had to be Revenge of the Wronged Even if you haven t read Slip of Fate or Fear the Heart Hettie Ivers writes with such detail and depth that you will understand what is transpiring The following is insight into the amazing book that is Revenge of the Wronged, again let me reiterate, although this focuses on the last book in the Trilogy, it captures the brilliance that is Hettie Iver s writing style.In Revenge of the Wronged, Milena s story continues She wakes up to find herself in her own bed back in the States with Alex by her side Alex, the Alpha who has tormented her, threatened her brother s life, all while falling hopelessly in love with her Alex, the Alpha werelock who ignited a fire in her soul and body, so many times he has almost proven to be Milena s undoing because of her incredible desire It s in Revenge of the Wronged that Hettie Ivers finally has pity on Milena, and the readers, by allowing her to finally consummate her relationship with Alex To say that their first physical encounter was a passionate one is an understatement That encounter, and all subsequent encounters, was hotter than a river of lava from a volcanic eruption Revenge of the Wronged isn t only about the passion and love between Milena and Alex It s also about her relationship with her best friend, who we finally meet, and her tenuous relationship with her brother, Raul Revenge of the Wronged is about the blood curse and how it affects the lives of not only Milena, Alex, Alcaeus and everyone working with or for the Reinoso clan It is also about how it affects the Salvatella clan led by Gabriel Revenge of the Wronged is about righting wrongs It is about the return of someone long considered only a memory It is about making the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones you love Revenge of the Wronged is a story that not only makes you hot under the collar, but it also makes you laugh, cry, and want to throw things Hettie Ivers fills the last book in her Werelock Evolution series with an abundance of twists and turns that will afford you with the highest highs and the lowest lows Have I provided spoilers I tried not to because this is a book to be read and appreciated It is a book to be savored It is one book in a remarkable book series that should be read and appreciated many times over I cannot express enough, how this book will leave you yearning for of the wonderful characters Hettie Ivers so flawlessly brought to life.

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    Fabulous story It hooked me in from the very first page Imagine what it would be like to be eighteen years old and suddenly discover that not only are werewolves real, but a whole room full of ridiculously hot and handsome male werelocks werewolf warlocks are eager to mate with you Our heroine, Milena, is funny but bratty, innocent but determined, naive yet strong She remains true to herself and adorably likeable throughout this whole ordeal And Alex, her smoking hot Alpha werelock suitor, is to die for I love the unique werewolf and warlock mythology that Hettie Ivers has created I loved the pace of the story, with enough momentum to keep me engaged but not sacrificing character development or context Main and supporting characters alike are given loving consideration and witty dialogue The writing is brilliant, weaving insight and emotion with an intriguing storyline that gives Milena and Alex s world impressive depth The romance has everything from tummy tickling longing, to heart melting sweetness, to all out panty wetting lust and carnal discovery Hettie Ivers has created a fascinating magical werewolf world and filled it with characters that are worthy of our interest and love I m looking forward to seeing from this great author P.S So good I had to read it twice I m sure this is one story world that I will love revisiting again and again

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    I can t get enough of this series and now the author is offering it as a box set TAKE MY MONEY Hettie does a masterful job creating a world that is so vivid, you re convinced if you went to Brazil it would be there waiting for you If you re like me and bored with the stereotypical werewolf story, this is the series for you.You have a strong, sexy Alpha, Alex, who drives you up the wall with his hardheadedness A young and stubborn heroine, Milena, who doesn t give two shits how hot the Alpha is And both of them are equally rejecting the other, no matter how strong the mating bond is.There s so much I want to say about this series, but I don t want to give anything way Trust me on this, read the books and get a breath of fresh air from an author who has breathed new life into hot werewolf stories Also, feel free to ready my individual review for each book under, JUSTFORFUNReview for Book 1 for Book 2 my personal fave, Review for Book 3

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    Review to come after re reading for a third time I highly recommend for those who enjoy a darker story, new and exciting werewolf stories, young or immature love, or simply an intriguing story filled with new plot twists Disclaimer For those who do NOT like m nage or cheating, like me the m nage occurs mostly with a secondary character not H or h and the cheating occurs while both the H and h are both denying any attraction to one another I personally do NOT enjoy cheating nor m nage in my stories, but I loved this story because these occurrences make sense for the story, in that they give inisght about the particular characters OR how strongly the h is feeling at the time More importantly, for me, the m nage is NOT part of the main plot but is used as a tool to guide the reader through the story.I do NOT know how to explain the above any better without giving away too much about the plot If you are simply dismissing this story due to the above two reasons, please feel free to private message me and I will answer any questions you have I am so happy Hettie decided to publish these stories because I truly do adore them I have read all three twice already and will be reading them again for a third time this summer.

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    Werelock Evolution The Complete Trilogy by Hettie Ivers is a great collection of excellent books at a bargain price This series will totally blow you away A paranormal that is full of love, lust, secrets, family loyalty, anger, revenge, jealousy and fated mates Milena goes searching for her missing brother and finds much than she could ever have anticipated Alex is the pack leader and is shocked to discover Milena is his fated mate This leads to much turmoil and many conflicts between these two characters Alex in his way can come across as a supreme jerk and many times it is so, so easy to hate him for the damage he does with his words and actions This series is full of secondary characters that definitely deserve their own stories Sexy , hot and emotional this is a great collection that I highly recommend I am posting an honest review of an ARC copy of this book.

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