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What Angels Fear summary What Angels Fear, series What Angels Fear, book What Angels Fear, pdf What Angels Fear, What Angels Fear 680968e91f It S , And The Threat Of Revolution Haunts The Upper Classes Of King George III S England Then A Beautiful Young Woman Is Found Raped And Savagely Murdered On The Altar Steps Of An Ancient Church Near Westminster Abbey A Dueling Pistol Discovered At The Scene And The Damning Testimony Of A Witness Both Point To One Man, Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, A Brilliant Young Nobleman Shattered By His Experience In The Napoleonic WarsNow A Fugitive Running For His Life, Sebastian Calls Upon His Skill As An Agent During The War To Catch The Killer And Prove His Own Innocence In The Process, He Accumulates A Band Of Unlikely Allies, Including The Enigmatic Beauty Kat Boleyn, Who Broke Sebastian S Heart Years Ago In Sebastian S World Of Intrigue And Espionage, Nothing Is As It Seems, Yet The Truth May Hold The Key To The Future Of The British Monarchy, As Well As To Sebastian S Own Salvation

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    Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says It s 1811, and the threat of revolution haunts the upper classes of King George III s England Then a beautiful young woman is found raped and savagely murdered on the altar steps of an ancient church near Westminster Abbey A dueling pistol discovered at the scene and the damning testimony of a witness both point to one man, Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, a brilliant young nobleman shattered by his experience in the Napoleonic Wars.Now a fugitive running for his life, Sebastian calls upon his skill as an agent during the war to catch the killer and prove his own innocence In the process, he accumulates a band of unlikely allies, including the enigmatic beauty Kat Boleyn, who broke Sebastian s heart years ago In Sebastian s world of intrigue and espionage, nothing is as it seems, yet the truth may hold the key to the future of the British monarchy, as well as to Sebastian s own salvation.My Review BOOK ONE OF ADDICTIVE SERIESYou ve been warned.It s amazing how involving I still find the Regency, even after many and various outrages perpetrated on its remnant mummy corpse People with ultramod unprejudiced tudes bearing titles like Lord Shavingrazorden and the Duchess of Murkwatter,entertaining People traveling to far points without seeming to spend the required months I mean seriously, how did all those East Indiamen get to Fort Thingummy in Malaya in a twinkling Ye Olde Concorde ahem This book does its share of anachronism perpetuating Devlin, our hero, is a straight in all senses ahead 21st century romance hero Doesn t make him unappealing it makes me a little impatient, I guess What makes this book so appealing to me is the atmosphere, the evocation of the London that one writer characterized as diamonds gleaming in the manure pile Rich was better than poor by right titles better than all the masses by right royalty Fuhgeddaboudit.The characters around Devlin are all very clearly delineated, and several recur no spoiler in that, since it s a series mystery with evolving storylines that tie them into a unit in some unexpexcted and, honestly, some surprising and upsetting ways Of course the female characters are single emotion placeholders I say of course because a first mystery usually has this minor and female character flaw, giving them shorter shrift than is advisable early on.Withal the book is very worthy of your shelf space the series is high quality reading and the price of entry paltry compared to the pleasures you ll get.

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    I am always a fan of a good historical mystery so I believe I have just found myself a new series In this first book we meet Sebastian St Cyr, a young man who is good looking, charming, a little bit dangerous and of course rich The setting is Regency England which is another big plus for me Add to all this a good, fast paced story, an interesting mystery and several other sympathetic characters and you have yourself an excellent read Looking forward to the next one.

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    4 starsI won book 10 in this series 2 years ago and liked it enough that I decided to go back and read of the series This book 1 in the series takes place in January, 1811, in London, England The author uses a familiar formula,i.e., an innocent person is accused of murder and sets out to find the real murderer in order to clear himself Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is accused of killing Rachel York, a beautiful actress, found dead in a church with her throat slashed so severely that she is almost decapitated A pistol with St Cyr s coat of arms is found at the scene.The author has woven a tangled web of deceit and lies, encompassing French spies, sexual peccadilloes, blackmail and murder St Cyr does untangle the web At times his numerous escapes from constables seem to stretch reality, but the book reads very well, with a fast moving plot and well drawn characters I read it in 4 days.I recommend this book to historical fiction mystery fans I borrowed it from the library.

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    This was fantastic 4.5 stars I think the series is probably a 5 star one This Regency period murder mystery was very interesting to me I know a lot about the Victorian era, but believed that everything I knew about the Regency period came from Georgette Heyer novels.I am British I studied history I do not consider myself stupid I saw The Madness of King George and have visited the Regents Palace in Brighton I first started reading Jane Austen novels when I was sixteen Vanity Fair is one of my favourite books of classic British literature And yet it took this novel to put this historical period into context Yes, I have ONLY JUST REALISED that it was called the Regency period because there was a Prince Regent DOH Somehow this book has pulled into focus all the different knowledge I had of the Napoleonic wars and the historical and international context Wow Maybe it deserves 5 stars afterall What a treat to discover a whole new series of books to dive into Lucky me

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    4.5 London s cobblestone streets in 1811 are flickering with gas lamps through an endless blanket of yellow foul smelling fog Inside an ancient church, Rachel York is sprawled across an altar quite dead with her throat violently slashed several times leaving the young woman surrounded by a significant amount of blood Once the crime scene has been searched, a pistol is found close by belonging to Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, placing him at the top of the list as the slayer Having the resources of title, wealth, and connections, Sebastian could flee the county and avoid his certain arrest However, he is determined to clear his name and discover the person responsible for Rachel s death C.S Harris has done a wonderful job with her writing skills by drawing the reader into a well written plot, strong fascinating characters, along with the atmospheric setting of London during the 1800 s Highly recommended

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    A young actress is found brutally murdered at the altar in a church and all evidence seems to point to Sebastian St Cyr, Lord Devlin It soon becomes clear to him that there are multiple forces at play, some powerful and political, and he goes on the run to investigate the crime to clear his name This is a well written historical mystery with a strong sense of place and Regency setting The characterizations are outstanding as all of them have multiple layers and dimensions We also watch Sebastian transform throughout the story as he lives the realities of the chasm between commoners and the aristocracy There s so much subterfuge and intrigue, which makes it very difficult to shorten the list of suspects I very much enjoyed the introduction to what promises to be an interesting series While the mystery surrounding the identity and motive of the murderer is solved, there s still much that isn t resolved My only criticism is the abundance of description of time, setting and place I m one of those readers who savors just about every word so I got bogged down, slowing the pace typical for a mystery I finally, reluctantly, had to skim than I would have liked in order to move forward but I guess that s a good problem.

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    Faced with than thirty hours of travel time from Wisconsin to Papua New Guinea, I pondered what reading material to carry with me, first considering and rejecting a book of William Gass s literary essays as requiring too much concentration and thought Next I thought I might choose David Mitchell s Cloud Atlas, a novel I read in 2004 when I concluded that it was a technical tour de force lacking substantive content Recent reviews of the book by a number of readers whom I respect have made me consider that I may have misjudged it, underestimating its ideas But I decided to save that in my checked baggage for later reading on the trip Finally, I picked this present novel as something potentially interesting but light enough to be compatible with interrupted reading during the flights Alas, it was a disappointment.Let me first say what I didn t like Harris s writing itself is banal and not noteworthy, her syntax unimaginative and her metaphors sometimes trite or forced Most of her characters are two dimensional and stereotyped, although a few do develop over the course of the narrative thus, rather than rounded characters developing together, we have multiple layers of flat characters superimposed atop one another Her ear for dialogue is rudimentary and undifferentiated among characters, except perhaps for young Tom, whose Cockney accent she captures well although for a London street urchin of 1811 he is unconvincingly wise and sophisticated The plot is broad, unsubtle, and mostly predictable, a recurrent cycle of fights, chases, romance, and sexual violence, in short a combination of second rate James Bond and bodice ripper.There are a few features that, if not entirely redeeming, do temper my generally negative judgments Harris does convincingly conjure the ambiance of early 19th century London, its fog and dirt and squalor, its extremes of wealth and class And a few details of the plot are a little unexpected, refreshing oases in an otherwise humdrum landscape Her portrayal of a society intent on the acquisition of power, prestige, and wealth while at the same time ignoring and willingly disposing of parts of its population that are disadvantaged rings uncomfortably true of our own society in early 21st century United States Regency England politics was not much different from our political machinations today In that sense Harris has presented a valuable mirror to our own life and times And, yes, there were some acute psychological observations during the narrative, for which I give Harris credit But these grains of wheat are rare enough to raise the question whether it was worth wading through the chaff.So did I make a good choice of traveling reading material No, probably not One sometimes hears the argument that there are times when reading for entertainment can complement or substitute for the reading of well written literature That is an argument I don t buy, there being many works of literature that are both well written and entertaining There is no need to sacrifice one for the other This novel is the first in a series featuring the protagonist Sebastian St Cyr I conclude that the Sebastian may be a gesture of homage to the main figure in Evelyn Waugh s Brideshead Revisited I regret to say that Harris is no Waugh I am little inclined to read subsequent novels in Harris s series.

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    The Sebastian St Cyr series is one I ve meant to get around to reading for ages I like historical mysteries, especially when there s an intelligent, handsome, damaged hero on offer, so these sounded like they d hit the spot There are eleven books in the series now, and there s no way I m going to be able to catch up with them all in print, so I did what I usually do in this situation and turned to the audiobook version instead Narrator Davina Porter is someone I ve listened to before and enjoyed, so I knew I was going to be in safe hands so to speak.This first book in the series introduces our hero, a former soldier whose wartime experiences continue to haunt his dreams and his waking moments Now Viscount Devlin, he is the heir to the Earl of Hendon, Chancellor of the Exchequer, confidante of the Prime Minister and thus an extremely important figure in the government of the day Father and son do not have an especially cordial relationship for a number of reasons, some of which are strongly hinted at in this story and which I am sure will play out in future books Since his return, Sebastian has been reckless and has acquired himself a reputation as a bit of a ladies man, both of which annoy his father, who wants him to settle down and take a seat in Parliament.As the story is a mystery, I m not going to say much about the plot, save that it begins when a young woman a beautiful actress named Rachel York is discovered to have been raped and brutally murdered in the Lady Chapel of St Matthew s of the Fields church Lying beside the body is a pistol that bears the insignia of Viscount Devlin, making him the prime suspect, and naturally the chief magistrate, Sir Henry Lovejoy wants to bring him in for questioning A misadventure sees Sebastian having to run for his life and then determining that he needs to discover the identity of the killer in order to prove his innocence while the authorites think he s their man, they won t bother to look at alternatives With the help of a street urchin named Tom, his friend, ex army surgeon Paul Gibson and his former lover, actress Kat Boleyn, Sebastian utilises the skills gained as a spy during the war in order to interrogate witnesses, find clues and put the pieces of the puzzle together.As the first in a series, there is a fair bit of setting up to be done, but C.S Harris manages to do that without holding up the progress of the story or indulging in huge info dumps The story is well paced and deliciously complex, weaving the murder investigation through a tapestry rich with historical detail and political intrigue There s sex, blackmail, grave robbing and espionage, and the author does a splendid job of recreating the dingier, seedier side of Regency London, although I did have to remind myself at times that the book is set in 1811 rather than the 1840s or later, because some of the descriptions reminded me of the London of Dickens or the Whitechapel murders That said, Ms Harris still succeeds in drawing an evocative picture that puts the reader listener firmly on those dank, smelly streets, and gives her story a very strong sense of place On a negative note, which can also perhaps be attributed to the fact that this is the first in a series, the characterisation could have been a bit stronger, especially of Sebastian himself The story is told in the third person thankfully so we re not in his head the whole time, but I would have appreciated a little insight into his thought processes His father and utterly awful sister are also somewhat underdeveloped, but again, I m hoping that perhaps that will be rectified as the series progresses As I ve already said, the reasons behind Sebastian s strained relationship with Hendon become clear, so I m keen to see where that plotline takes us I m afraid I didn t care much for Sebastian s love interest, though Six years earlier, Sebastian fell head over heels with Kat Boleyn, a beautiful Irish actress, and wanted to marry her Knowing she wasn t a suitable bride for the son of an earl, Kat refused and broke Sebastian s heart, continuing her stage career and having several wealthy protectors along the way The couple resume a physical relationship in this book, and it s clear that they both still care for each other, but I didn t like that Kat had her own agenda which led to her keeping secrets from Sebastian which could have aided him in his search for the killer She does help him in other ways, it s true, but the fact that she hides information in order to protect someone else didn t sit well with me.I m not a great reader of mysteries, so even in books where the identity of the killer is fairly obvious, I don t always see it , but here I d be surprised if even veteran mystery fans had worked it out It s not that it doesn t make sense or that there are no clues as to his identity, but they re well hidden, and I can t quite work out whether to think they should have been just a teeny bit obvious or to applaud the author for keeping things so well under wraps The author s style is very readable and although there are the seemingly obligatory smattering of Americanisms and a few anachronisms in the language, the story is strong enough for those to be fairly easily overcome.Davina Porter s narration is well paced and expressive, and she differentiates effectively between all the characters Her voice falls naturally into the contralto range, so she doesn t have to lower the pitch overly much to portray the male characters, although sometimes there isn t a lot of difference in register between the men and the women Kat Boleyn, for example, is performed at or less the same pitch as Sebastian, but is easy to identify because of the Irish lilt in her voice It s a good and nuanced performance overall, and fortunately she s been retained to narrate the other books in the series, so I expect to be proceeding to the next book fairly soon.

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    This was a proper old school murder mystery and I loved every second of it Move over Sherlock Holmes and meet Sebastian St Cyr 4 Stars I was imaging this book as I TV series and thought hmm how about Tom Hiddleston after chatting with Rachel Adien Turner s name came up and he is soooo much better Sebastian St Cyr has been accused of murdering a young actress Rachel York in a most vulgar way He is an Alpha with extraordinary talents both in and out of the bedroom When I first read the scene with the magistrate Sir Henry Lovejoy and the scene had been compromised I wanted shout FINGERPRINTS get them now CALL MORGAN, GARCIA AND THE TEAM FROM THE BAU Then I remembered it was the wrong time The one thing where I had problems was although I m English understanding the East End, Cockney was a pain but a lot of fun Amazing Characters with a great plot based on the ordeals of the time In 1811 where England was at war with the French where there were spies everywhere and people were trying to find out all the secrets to be blackmailed The Whigs wanted to push the Tories out and the Tories would do anything to stay in power There were so many twists and turns that I couldn t guess what was going to happen and I love that in a book Need to read the next book, fabulous Ms Harris Good job well done.

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    Unfortunately I m not very positive about this first book in the series The protagonist reminded me of James Bond, but then situated in 1811 I had difficulty to stay focussed all those 341 pages I doubt if I will pick up a next one very soon.

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