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    What a weird, beautiful little book Review to come.This photo is for

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    This is an amazing book about people trapped by their families and their societies, struggling to break free The shadows are very dark, and the world building is fascinating, with no one exactly who they seem to be I gave this one a cover quote last year, so you know I liked it

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    This book is 90% beautiful detailed moody atmospheric world building and 10% very short very thin extremely basic plot to which the narrator is an incidental happenstance at best Which is why I struggled with how many stars to give it 4 stars for world building and 0 stars for plot and maybe like 0.5 stars for distant and indistinct characters So I give the book on the whole 2 stars because it was an extremely unbalanced reading experience.The worldbuilding was fleshed out and immersive to the point of occasionally being confusing and some of the magical systems weren t ever wholly explained The story feels like it takes place in a real world with its own history and society and politics, but I m viewing everything through a window so I just have to take for granted that there is a rich backdrop but I m not going to understand or see everything The language sometimes tries too hard and ends up being florid instead of poetic, but after a while it smoothed out I can definitely see this not being many people s cup o tea though.The protagonist, Felicita, was a very distant narrator, and half the time I didn t know what this girl was thinking even though it s first person perspective Does she actually like her love interests or, you know, love them I was bemused by how quickly she threw herself at Dash and even though her waffling and angst over him were realistic, they didn t feel genuine, if that makes any sense I couldn t see what she saw in him and since she never says what she sees in him, well, there you go.As for Jannik, the entire basis of their relationship and her attraction to him is that the aura of magic around him makes her feel tingly Seriously, that s it Oh, and he s actually nice to her and seems pretty decent But ooh, tingly thrilling magic The entire plot of this book can be summed up in two sentences no spoilers, don t worry , and the weirdest thing is that if Felicita weren t in the book, things would probably have played out almost exactly the same, with only one or two differences and probably pretty much the same ending If you ve read the blurb, you know Felicita is supposed to be involved with some plot or other that might result in the destruction of the city It turns out that Felicita does play an important but not necessarily key role i.e., the master planner probably had an alternative plan prior to Felicita s arrival, and only after she proved useful was the plan slightly altered to use her But if she hadn t been there, the show would ve gone on anyway.So here you have a book where the protagonist actually doesn t matter Is that not odd I find it odd Really quite very odd, actually And not a good thing.What little plot there is revolved around the people Felicita comes to know and not really Felicita herself therefore you never get to witness or learn in detail the plot points and actions and events that lead to the conclusion You only find out about them piecemeal in tidbits talked about by other characters Mostly Felicita stands around washing teabowls, making Bambi eyes at Dash, and occasionally wishing for her drug fix of scriv There were a ton of other characters and people who live with her, but although they started off with distinct personalities, by the end they were a morass of faceless names When the Sea is Rising Red gets an A for world building, a D for characters, and a D for its incredibly simplistic plot.

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    Actual Rating 3.5 stars I love books that surprise me That may seem a strange thing to write from the perspective that, ideally, all the books you read should surprise you in some way Given that we don t live in a perfect world, though, every reader is bound to come across plots, characters, and ideas that come across as predictable or derivative to them That s just the way things are.However, When the Sea Is Rising Red, debut novel from Cat Hellisen, is far from predictable or derivative In a book world of trend waves and overused tropes, this novel is refreshing in that it doesn t stick to any of those things many of us have come to expect from various YA novels but instead strives to pave its own path, free of such restraints and focused on one thing telling a good, imaginative story.In Rising Red, Felicita daughter of the once renowned House Pelim lives in a strange world where the sea can promise curses and death, magic requires the use of an addictive mineral called scriv, and humans try to keep hold of what power they can even as vampire families rise up and gain prominence But Felicita s worries are closer to home she feels trapped under the standards of her strict mother and her cold older brother Only once the death of her best friend occurs does Felicita decide to grab her own chance at freedom and brave the shadowy world of the common people known as Hobs.Beyond strength of prose or tightness of plot, I believe the make or break mark of a good storyteller is the ability to build strong, believable worlds and Hellisen definitely has that mark Felicita s world is striking and haunting, the kind of place where dark fairy tales are the reality and not the nightmare.As much as I enjoyed the world within the novel, though, I can t say my reading experience was always smooth For a time after Felicita settled into a new way of life for herself, I felt as if the plot had reached a snag and lost its focus It didn t help either that I just couldn t jump on board with how much of the bonding Felicita and the Hob characters had occurred during instances where alcohol and drugs were present None of it seemed genuine to me from the perspective that people in general are rarely ever themselves with such substances addling their senses, and thus I felt wary and distrustful as the reader while the narrator herself never was Though those scenes weren t without their purpose in the overall story, they simply didn t sit well with me.On the other hand, I found myself intrigued by some other aspects of the story particularly the character of Jannik, whose appearances throughout the novel are few and far between but who is a remarkably fleshed out character nonetheless The plot itself of the sea rising red really amazed me, even though I wish the sense of danger and mystery surrounding it had been interwoven into the story a bit consistently By the end, I felt satisfied by all that had transpired and found myself longing for a sequel, so that s saying something, isn t it When the Sea Is Rising Red may be a strange beast of a story compared to the usual YA fare, but I would recommend it simply because it has a lot going for it than against it If you re in the mood for a story that blends fairy tale and fantasy and dystopia, then definitely consider giving this one a try Even with its flaws, it is still a story well worth the read.

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    It was bugging me that it kept showing that I WANT TO READ button underneath it because let s be quite honest, I do not want to read it.I ve read it a thousand times only a slight exaggeration When the final copies arrived I couldn t even look at them Haha.This is not a review In case that s, like, not immediately obvious.But here, have a song, it s the closest thing to a soundtrack I had for this

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    I m sure I raised a few eyebrows when I added this to my currently reading shelf If I m not into YA and I m not into fantasy, I am really not into YA fantasy However I am someone who ll read anything that s been suggested to me, so in an effort to expand my reading horizons, I heeded the recommendation of my friend Hadeer and decided to give it a go And I m glad I did When the Sea Is Rising Red is a paranormal fantasy with a vaguely Dickensian vibe Think Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol, and then throw in some magic and vampires This is a moody and evocative book whose real strength lies in the atmosphere that Cat Hellisen creates And on top of that, the world building in this novel is impressively extensive Hellisen has a really phenomenal imagination The problem is, she wasn t always able to translate her visions into a cohesive narrative There are so many incomplete elements to this novel that are full of promise, but they just never manage to come together in a satisfying way.For about 90% of this book, nothing happens And that was fine with me, because I m someone who prefers character driven stories to plot driven stories anyway My problem is that most of the characters were paper thin, and that the ending was incredibly rushed and dissatisfying The heroine of the novel, Felicita, is easily the most three dimensional character She s understandably youthful and naive, and I like that after she runs away from home she frequently considers going back It s just realistic that a girl who grew up being waited on in a lavish home wouldn t be aware of just how difficult it is slumming it, sleeping on a hard floor and scrubbing dishes for ten hours a day Her feelings toward her two potential love interests, the charismatic low born Dash and the vampire Jannik, are likewise believable She s a solid protagonist that holds the story together nicely.But really, she s the only character I even begin to understand I m left with so many questions that I doubt will be answered in the sequel, all having to do with secondary characters loyalties and allegiances If you re going to sacrifice plot for the sake of depicting character dynamics, your reader shouldn t be left wondering what the characters are thinking, or how they feel about one another One of the worst examples of this is the relationship between Felicita and and her brother Owen, which was disappointingly underdeveloped I didn t understand the impetus behind Felicita s decision regarding Owen at the end it involves a change of heart that s never fully examined The whole ending was wrapped up entirely too quickly and neatly it s like the whole book was building up to a scene that ended up lasting about two paragraphs.But ultimately, I enjoyed reading this Hellisen s prose is incredibly mature for YA, and the world she creates here is rich in history and mythos On the surface level, this book is gorgeous and strange and unique and fascinating It s in the details that it starts to fall apart Regardless, I ll probably be interested in checking out the sequel at some point.

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    People do not seem to like this one too much so obviously I, contrary creature that I am, like it a lot I liked how courageous the book and obviously it s author are to present something that is so very different than what is flooding the market nowadays All books try to be different but ultimately conform to the standard Ms Hellison s novel, in my not so humble opinion, succeeds in not just being different but being different in a good way Felicita is a very likable protagonist and as a woman, I immediately felt myself able to empathize with her predicament Whether I would have gone to the lengths she did to extricate myself from the future her brother laid out for herwell, I don t know but the fact that she does, that she has the courage to go forth and take her destiny in her own hands shows the spunk and um, guts she has and I find that very admirable We ll get to you later, Cate The attraction of the book came from the careful and detailed world building There is a strong sense of whimsy, a sense of surreality that surrounds it a parallel universe that is full of magic and strange creatures the imagery is very strong and I found myself easily calling to mind the streets, the beaches and the people described in the novel Felicita s attempt to become Firel, to become someone with a whole lot less than she is used to makes for an interesting read The strange motley of people who give her a home and offer her friendship and new experiences are also fascinating The plot is perhaps my favourite part of the book and I can t say too much about it without giving it away The Sea is Rising Red very much resembles a fairytale come to life with its intriguing mix of legend and supernatural creatures.The reason most people probably have trouble with this novel is the interesting way in which romance is approached If you want fervent confessions of true, everlasting love, you might want to give this one a miss The romance in this is a bit capricious, a bit playful and, maybe only to me, a bit exploratory in tone and even execution There are two love interests but not quite a love triangle I sincerely hope that this is a series because one of the love interests fascinates me None of the characters are superhotbeautifulgorgeous and I love, love, love that You will like this book if you like curious things, if you are open to something different than hot boy notices plain girl, there are fireworks and then a kiss The folklore ish feel of the novel will be a hit with some and a miss with others Ah, if you liked The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley, you will certainly like this one.

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    First impressions Fourteen pages That s how long it took for this book to completely wow me Cat Hellisen creates a beautifully unique world with full and vibrant characters that made it nearly impossible to put the book down.Lasting impressions There were a few moments that had me wailing, Noooooo Despite some of the frustrations with the plot, I still found this to be a well written and unique story.Conflicting impressions It always sucks when the love interest you want is not what you get I had to work to find happiness with the ending, but I grudgingly accept that it was probably for the best of the characters involved Overall impressions This book is being compared to the works of Neil Gaiman and Jacqueline Carey, and though I gasp have yet to read anything by these fabulous authors, I recognize that they are fantasy geniuses So, too, is Cat Hellisen The village of Pelimburg is rich with magic, supernatural creatures, and a protected elite class bearing down on the lower castes The world in this novel is easily imaginable and effortlessly complex.Felicita is caught behind a powerful brother who rules her life and that of her mother In Pelimburg, the patriarchy is strict and unchallenged, and Felicita faces an unhappy arranged marriage with few rights Determined to take control of her own life, she flees to the streets and falls in with a group of poor workers who sometimes also fight against the elite under the charismatic boy in charge, Dash Dash has his own plans, and secrets, that entwine Felicita and her new friend, the vampire Jannik As Felicita gets drawn deeper into Dash s plotting, she struggles with trusting him Does he care for her or is he using her to get his way As the story progresses, things get convoluted and enemies stay firmly in gray areas You never know who to trust in this ragtag group of street kids, which is part of the fun of the novel I thought the plot went kind of crazy all over the place during the climax, and I wasn t satisfied that Felicita found true happiness the way I wanted, but it was definitely a fun journey.I d by lying if I didn t admit that I was mostly disappointed with the love interest Felicita and Dash start something that seems cute and fun, but it s not all it s cracked up to be Things are complicated by some apparent affections for Jannik, her new vampire friend, but for the most part they stay platonic For a story that starts out with fears of arranged marriage, I so wanted Felicita to find love and companionship in someone of her choosing, but I guess we don t always get what we want In my opinion, this would have been a five star read if I d just been able to find Felicita some true love Ah well A highly recommended fantasy read nonetheless

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    I was at the hospital all morning getting all these funky tests done on my right hand need surgery and holding this book in my left hand which is really hard to do try flipping pages while holding a book without using your other hand impossible Long story short my story not the book , I really enjoyed this book Obviously, I practically inhaled it.Review coming in January.

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    If I was going to be completely rational about this book and base my review on content alone, it would probably be get four stars.But because I was absolutely fascinated and entranced by it, I m giving it five stars and all the love in the world.It s a strange, haunting little book fantasy than supernatural There are vampires in it, but it s not exclusively a vampire book The world which I must point out is wonderfully constructed feels very old fashioned but very natural and relatable The tone is dreamy and atmospheric The sea and the storms and the mist are as alive as any character and I think anyone who s experienced living close to the water could really empathise If you ve never been close like that, Cat Hellisen has depicted it so well In this way it reminded me a little of Nova Ren Suma s Imaginary Girls or even Lindqvist s Harbour.with giving so much power to a body of water, but for me it was a lot engaging than them.At the beginning of this book, Cat Hellisen throws the reader into this fantasy world The dialect, the magic, the rules, the society are all new and different and she doesn t waste time with unnecessary explanations or the kind of self indulgent glossaries certain writers are so fond of I m looking at you, Karen Marie Moning She shows the reader the world and trusts them to understand it and this continues throughout the plot She trusts and expects the reader to figure out the plot and the characters and it makes for an exciting, effective reading experience.Felcita Pelim is a member of the upper class in Pelimberg Her family s position is constantly crumbling and they hold on to status on a historical basis rather than true power and influence The port town they live in is, too, struggling as the vampire families gain power, the working classes grow restless, scriv a drug that allows them access to the magic only ruling houses are allowed to wield is in short supply and horrors of the sea threaten to destroy them all.In her class, the women are subservient and after the suicide of her only friend, she runs away rather than be married off to some stranger She s met Jannick, the vampire who intrigues and repulses her, but in order to hide her identity she winds up with a bunch of other misfits on Whelk Street, led by the charismatic Dash slight spoilers from here Dash is a fascinating character He s present before we ever meet him He s commands power and respect but also looks after all the kids in the house He s, in many ways, the typical charming, bad boy but he s got a purpose and sense of vulnerability that sets him apart He s not, we soon learn, the kind of Byronic hero that s changed by the affection of a pretty girl He s too complex for that.Jannick is different He s a vampire but as a male, he s basically powerless within his class He s stoic and it takes time to warm to him.On Whelk Street, Felicita becomes part of Dash s little family and adjusts to the working class way of life She learns a lot of truths about her family and the realities of the world She falls for Dash s charms but soon learns he plans to bring Pelimberg to it s knees and her magic, along with the threats from the sea are how it s going to happen.The setting, which reminded me of reading about the East End of London in Victorian times was just so vibrant The tea shop and the poets and Nalla and Lils were all a joy to read Granted, the plot progression was rather slow while we got to experience this, but it brought so much fun to the story.Nala and Lilya were a wonderful couple and I really liked how their relatinship was so naturally weaved into the story There was never a reaction from F now know as Firell or shock at them being together and I really appreciated this.I also really liked how F s falling for Dash was written He was clearly a cad all along, albeit a likeable one, but you totally get swept along with her The reader realises the truth of the situation before she does and it s all very poignant.The drug use, also, is very well executed The upper class are all hooked on scriv but this is totally acceptable The vampire s consumption of blood and the poor people s use of poisonink and very much frowned upon and the hypocrisy is stark and thought provoking The climax is exciting and messy Nothing works out like people plan or people want it to As thrilling as the fantasy aspect is, this is where the characters really get to shine F becomes stronger Dash shows his most personal self and Jannick becomes a lot human.The stars of this book are Dash and Jannick I always wanted to see of them They haunt every page they re not featured on They are far complex and interesting than Felicita Their bond, relationship, was hardly seen at all but made a massive impact I felt for Felicita, as I would any girl who gets taken in by a smooth talker, but my heart BROKE for Dash and Jannick I was never sure of Dash s feelings for Felicita, if he liked her or saw her as a tool for his war We know of the depth of feeling between him and Jannick, regardless of it s origin or if they really wanted to feel that way and it was all very very sad.Felicita is largely passive throughout the story She doesn t even really have her own name for most of it She has moments of strength, with Dash and her brother, as it climaxes but she hasn t undergone the growth you would expect of a main character Rather, the journey she takes with the Whelk Streeters and Jannick leave her with the tools to become the person she needs to be and we hope that when she leaves Pelimberg she will flourish.I don t know why this book intrigued me as much as it did I ve read it twice in two days, picking it up and starting it again as soon as I was done The second time showed me even how skillfully Cat Hellisen wove this story and I cannot wait to see from her I d love to see in this world but whatever she writes, I will be trying it.Highly recommended.

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When the Sea is Rising Red download When the Sea is Rising Red, read online When the Sea is Rising Red, kindle ebook When the Sea is Rising Red, When the Sea is Rising Red b30f43f08601 After Seventeen Year Old Felicita S Dearest Friend, Ilven, Kills Herself To Escape An Arranged Marriage, Felicita Chooses Freedom Over Privilege She Fakes Her Own Death And Leaves Her Sheltered Life As One Of Pelimburg S Magical Elite Behind Living In The Slums, Scrubbing Dishes For A Living, She Falls For Charismatic Dash While Also Becoming Fascinated With Vampire Jannik Then Something Shocking Washes Up On The Beach Ilven S Death Has Called Out Of The Sea A Dangerous, Wild Magic Felicita Must Decide Whether Her Loyalties Lie With The Family She Abandoned Or With Those Who Would Twist This Dark Power To Destroy Pelimburg S Caste System, And The Whole City Along With It