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    I wrote it so I love it.

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Whiz Tanner and the Phony Masterpiece (Tanner-Dent Mysteries, #1) download Whiz Tanner and the Phony Masterpiece (Tanner-Dent Mysteries, #1) , read online Whiz Tanner and the Phony Masterpiece (Tanner-Dent Mysteries, #1) , kindle ebook Whiz Tanner and the Phony Masterpiece (Tanner-Dent Mysteries, #1) , Whiz Tanner and the Phony Masterpiece (Tanner-Dent Mysteries, #1) d15b40f2e055 This Story Is The Introductory Book To The Tanner Dent Mystery Series It S A Couple Of Weeks Into Sixth Grade And Best Friends, Whiz Tanner And Joey Dent, Just Formed A New Detective Agency They Get A Chance To Improve Their Detecting Skills By Watching Experts At Work When A Traveling Art Exhibit Comes To Town While Getting A Tour From The Security Team, Whiz Notices A Painting He Has Seen Before, But There Is Something Wrong With It He Decides It S Fake, Which Doesn T Sit Well With The Museum Curator And The Head Of Security The Unusual Thing Is That The Painting Is Already A Forgery Of A Vincent Van Gogh Masterpiece A Fake Of A Forgery Can T Be Can It With The Authorities Moving Slowly, Tanner Dent Decide To Do Their Own Surveillance This Doesn T Impress The Local Police Chief, Who Has Warned The Boys To Stay Out Of Police Business Whiz And Joey Find A Suspect, But Nobody Takes Them Seriously So They Begin Following The Clues On Their Own, With The Aid Of A Few Local Kids This Puts Them In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Or The Other Way Around, Depending On Your Thinking Eventually They Find The Real Fake Painting So They Follow It As The Suspect Moves Its Hiding Spot In Their Quest To Make Sure They Really Found The Stolen Painting Before Calling The Police With The Police Chief Already Gunning For Them, The Boys Can T Afford To Bring The Cops In On A False Alarm , Agent M Whiz And Agent K Joey Check Out The Back Of A Moving Van Where They Find The Painting Then, Their Only Escape, The Rear Door, Is Slammed Shut And The Truck Drives Away The Boy Detectives Are Trapped Whiz Keeps His Head And Devises A Plan He And Joey Manage To Hide The Painting In A Virtually Empty Van Those Kids Are Industrious And Escape The Villains Here They Bring In The Local Police To Make The Arrest And, Things Go Just About As Whiz Had Planned But They Still Don T Know Why A Forgery Was Worth StealingIn The Aftermath, When Things Seem To Calm Down To Normal, Whiz Notices A Chip Of Paint Has Come Off The Painting Indicating That There Is Another Painting Underneath Using Technology From The Electronics Company Where Whiz S Father Works, They Are Able To Make Out The Painting Below The Forged Painting It Surprises Everybody Whiz And Joey Become Heroes And The Tanner Dent Detective Agency Wraps Up Its First Big Time Investigation