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    Awesome introduction to this infamous story Again, it would be great to own all of Bruce Coville s retellings of Shakespeare

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    I never formed an appreciation for the writing of William Shakespeare In school we were forced to read a few of his works and my eyes would gloss over the words but take nothing in It might have been helpful to know about A.D.H.D and the extent at which it affected my ability to learn I know reading shorter picture books like this would have been a tremendous help and I so wish they had been introduced to me then Thankfully it is never too late to learn and in doing so also help my daughter in her studies, since she has inherited my focus issues Bruce Coville s scaled down adaptation perfectly lays a foundation for students not ready but willing to work toward reading William Shakespeare.

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    Oversized book looks like a children s book Modern English, narrative retelling illustrations on each page or every two pages Illustrations are large, muted colors would be hard to see the characters if you were reading it to a class and showing them the book.

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    I prefer the Nesbit and or Lamb retellings, but it is nice to have pictures.

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    I m torn on the illustrations for this one Some I quite like Others not so much They all seem a bit dismal, especially if it s supposed to help people think Shakespeare is cool.

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    Coville does a great job in retelling Shakespeare s Hamlet He condenses a complex play into something palatable for even older audiences, and he is adept at using direct quotes from the play itself to not only help the story along, but also introduce the reader to the difficult writing style of Shakespeare I thought the ethereal illustrations were a good artistic choice for the story, and I liked the artist s use of color and shading to express emotions in each scene Since I m not too familiar with other YA adaptations of Hamlet, I don t really have room to make a comparison to other retellings While I think this is a great way to introduce maybe advanced young readers to Shakespeare, I feel like I d rather take them to a play version instead of reading this book I feel like the nuances of Shakespeare s words are left out in order to make the text approachable I suppose I might use this with students that are struggling to simply understand what is going on, and then working with them from there.

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    While I loved the concept of this book, I couldn t help but try to determine its appropriate audience while I was reading it The book, unlike Garfield s, does not coms complete with the true Shakespearian language that only I would say late middle schoolers would be able to comprehend, but the wording is still a bit tough for the average grade school reader to comprehend I found the illustrations to be excellent On that note, I love any book that allows this age group to be introduced to the wonderment of Shakespeare at all and found this a beautiful way to make it happen.

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    Another good adaptation from Mr Coville, though the illustrations are not as good as the others we have read The good thing about picture book adaptations is that the pictures help further the child s understanding of what is written The pictures in this one are beautiful but too murky to add to the child s understanding However, Mr Coville does preserve some of the original lines of Shakespeare It gives me such a chill of delight to read these words to my children.

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    I purchased some of the Shakespeare books adapted by Bruce Coville, mainly because he has written some books for children that I enjoy.I like the idea of bringing Shakespeare to a level that children can understand these classic stories There are illustrations to help with visualization and he even uses some direct quotes from the plays.As Mr Coville states in the introduction, William Shakespeare was a great entertainer and it is nice to have our children learn of his greatness.

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    Although I am not quite sure that my younger brother understood it all, I at least enjoyed reading it to him I really enjoyed the illustrations, they really pull you into the story.A lot of familiar sayings that I quote once in a while are in here, and I was surprised at the context for a lot of them Sweets to the sweet I ve never read any version at all of Hamlet before this, but after this, I ll definitely try to read of William Shakespeare s works.

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